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'Troubadours' with James Taylor and Carole King Wins Santa Barbara Film Festival Award

James Taylor Carole King TroubadoursJames Taylor and Carole King in 'Troubadours.'

James Taylor and Carole King documentary 'Troubadours' wins Santa Barbara Film Festival Audience Award

The winners of the 2011 Santa Barbara International Film Festival were announced Sunday morning, Feb. 7, at the Fess Parker Doubletree Resort. Notable among them was Audience Award winner Troubadours, featuring the likes of James Taylor and Carole King.

Directed by Morgan Neville, the documentary offers a portrait of the Los Angeles music scene from the late '60s to the early '70s, focusing on the still popular Troubadour nightclub in West Hollywood.

Besides Taylor and King, also featured in Troubadours are Jackson Browne, David Crosby, Bonnie Raitt, Kris Kristofferson, Steve Martin, and Elton John.

See full list of Santa Barbara Film Festival winners further below.

Australian 'courtroom' drama 'Face to Face' wins SBIFF's Spirit Award

The Panavision Spirit Award for Independent Cinema, “given to a unique independent feature made outside mainstream Hollywood,” went to Michael Rymer's Face to Face, an Australian “courtroom” drama – held outside a courtroom. At a “community conference,” a group of people are supposed to decide the fate of a young construction worker who rammed into the back of his boss' car after being fired.

The Best International Film Award went to Nathan Collett's Togetherness Supreme, a Kenyan drama based on true events at the time of that country's 2007 riots, while Alicia Vikander received a Special Jury Mention for her performance as a 20-year-old woman who discovers the power of Mozart's music in Lisa Langseth's Swedish-made Pure.

Face to Face meeting'Face to Face' meeting with Sigrid Thornton.

2011 Santa Barbara Film Festival winners

Panavision Spirit Award for Independent Cinema: Michael Rymer's Face to Face.

Best International Film Award: Nathan Collett's Togetherness Supreme.

Special Jury Mention: Alicia Vikander for Pure.

The Nueva Vision Award: Nostalgia for the Light, Patricio Guzmán.

Best East Meets West Cinema Award: Patisserie (Coin de rue) by Yoshihiro Fukagawa.

Best Eastern Bloc Award: If I Want To Whistle, I Whistle by Florin Serban.

Best Documentary Film Award: The Boy Mir: Ten Years in Afghanistan by Phil Grabsky.

Bruce Corwin Award for Best Live Action Short Film: West of the Moon by Brent Bonacorso.

Bruce Corwin Award for Best Animation Short Film: The Lost Thing by Andrew Ruhemann and Shaun Tan.

The Fund for Santa Barbara Social Justice Award: When I Rise by Mat Hames and Nostalgia for the Light by Patricio Guzmán.

Santa Barbara Audience Choice Award:Troubadours by Morgan Neville.

2011 Santa Barbara Film Festival Jury

  • Actor Christopher Lloyd (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Back to the Future).
  • Santa Barbara Film Festival originator Phyllis de Picciotto.
  • Actor Billy Baldwin (Gossip Girl).
  • Writer/director Paul Brickman (Risky Business) and wife Jennifer Brickman.
  • Writer/producer Rusty Lemorande (Electric Dreams, Captain EO).
  • Producer Frank Donner (Deliver Us from Evil).
  • Actor Anthony Zerbe (The Liberation of L.B. Jones, The Matrix) and wife Arnette Zerbe.
  • Director Andrew Davis (The Fugitive).


James Taylor and Carole King Troubadours image: Tremolo Productions.

Sigrid Thornton Face to Face movie image: Face to Face Productions.

Santa Barbara Film Festival website.

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