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Wachowski Brothers' Gay Iraq War Love Story

The Wachowski Brothers Andy LanaThe Wachowski Brothers, best known for The Matrix movies and the Speed Racer debacle, and who are now actually the Wachowski Brother and Sister, Andy Wachowski and Lana Wachowski (formerly Larry), have been shopping around a screenplay about a gay love story set in the Iraq War.

The Wachowskis had previously made another movie featuring gay characters, the crime thriller Bound (1996), their directorial debut, starring Gina Gershon and Jennifer Tilly as lesbian criminal lovers.

According to reports – the original source was Deadline.com – the project will be rated R and it'll be shot “cinema verite-style,” set in the not-too-distant future with some sci-fi elements to it, while featuring the ongoing Iraq War catastrophe as a flashback. The two men involved in the love story are a US soldier and an Iraqi civilian.

Eytan Fox The BubbleSome have been calling the new Wachowski project a cross between Brokeback Mountain and The Hurt Locker, but – ignoring all the infantile (at times quite vicious) anti-gay cracks circulating online – what this project reminds me more than anything is Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and Eytan Fox's The Bubble (right).

Fox's 2006 drama revolves around the romantic relationship between two men: one Israeli, the other Palestinian.

Gays, of course, remain unwelcome in the US military. It's also worth noting that since the US-led invasion of Iraq, gays have become one of the favorite targets of Islamic fanatics.

According to an Aug. 2009 Human Rights Watch report, “hundreds of gay men have been targeted and killed in Iraq since 2004.”

“Murder and torture are no way to enforce morality,” said Rasha Moumneh, Middle East and North Africa researcher at Human Rights Watch. “These killings point to the continuing and lethal failure of Iraq's post-occupation authorities to establish the rule of law and protect their citizens.”

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