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WINTER'S BONE, Jennifer Lawrence, George Pistereanu: Stockholm Film Festival 2010 Winners

Ashlee Thompson, Jennifer Lawrence, Isaiah Stone, Winter's Bone
Ashlee Thompson, Jennifer Lawrence, Isaiah Stone, Winter's Bone

Debra Granik's drama Winter's Bone was chosen as the Best Film at the 2010 Stockholm International Film Festival, which wrapped up last Nov. 28. In the last week or so, Winter's Bone also topped the Gotham Awards and earned a slew of Spirit Award nominations. The film's star, Jennifer Lawrence, was Stockholm's Best Actress, while the film itself also received the International Film Critics' (FIPRESCI) prize.

The Best Actor was George Pistereanu for Romania's Best Foreign Language Film Oscar entry, If I Want to Whistle, I Whistle.

The 2010 edition of the Stockholm Film Festival was attended by 130,000 moviegoers who, according to the festival's press release, gave a standing ovation to Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Harriet Andersson (the star of Ingmar Bergman's Through a Glass Darkly), got to watch Gus Van Sant and Stellan Skarsgård slap each other “open heartedly at the Skandia Theater stage,” and witnessed jury chair Holly Hunter as she “raised the festival spirit.”

In addition to the screening of more than 180 films and assorted homages and festivities, Van Sant, filmmaker Shane Meadows, Oscar-winning editor Bob Murawski, and visual-effects artist Gareth Edwards (Best Director at the 2010 British Independent Film Awards for Monsters) held master classes for Swedish filmmakers.

Full list of 2010 Stockholm Film Festival award winners:

Best Film
Winter's Bone by Debra Granik

Best First Film
Phan Dang Di for Bi, dont be afraid

Best Screenplay
David Michôd,  Animal Kingdom

Best Actress
Jennifer Lawrence in Winter's Bone

Best Actor
George Pistereanu in If I Want To Whistle, I Whistle

Best Cinematography
Pham Quang Minh, Bi, Don't Be Afraid

Jameson Music Award
Fred Avril, Magnus Börjesson and Six Drummers, Sound of Noise

Special Mention
Ensemble Direction by Peter Mullan in Neds

Winter's Bone by Debra Granik

Best Short Film
Out of Love by Birgitte Staermose

Short Film Special Mention
Megaheavy by Fenar Ahmad



Telia Film Award
Monga by Doze Niu

Silver Audience Award
The Stockholm International Film Festival Audience Award 2010 goes to This is England '86 by Shane Meadows and Waste Land by Lucy Walker.

The 1 km film schoolarship 2010 goes to:
Hugo Lilja, director of The Unliving

Special Mention 1 km film
Karzan Kader for his film Bekas

Special Mention 1 km film
Michael Bundzen for Something Begins, Something Ends

Winner of ifestival:
Sister by Michael Rittmannsberger and Sonja Aufderklamm

Stockholm Lifetime Achievement Award 2010
Harriet Andersson receives Stockholm Lifetime Achievement Award 2010 with the motivation: With a career spanning over 60 years, Harriet Andersson has shown herself in possession of a face, even in perfect stillness, able to inspire the most profound gratitude for the medium of film. Her wide-ranging portrayals of women have helped expand our concept of onscreen femininity. No one could ever forget the feral Monika, Agnes in her death throws, or the silent cruelty of Gloria? The Stockholm Lifetime Achievement Award goes to a performer seemingly born for the silver screen.

Stockholm Visionary Award 2010
Gus Van Sant receives Stockholm Visionary Award 2010 with the motivation: With a heart that beats for society's outsiders, Gus Van Sant has journeyed from the streets of Portland, to riots in San Francisco, through empty high-school hallways, and down desolate highways along the way to Idaho. He has shown us an America on the other side of the looking glass —a mirror world, both familiar and startlingly alien, designed by a true visionary filmmaker with the sensibility of the poet.

L'Oréal Paris Rising Star 2010 - Alicia Vikander

Photo: Winter's Bone (Sebastian Mlynarski / Roadside Attractions)

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