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2016 Movie: Anti-Obama Documentary a Right-Wing Blockbuster?

2016 Obama's America movie anti-Obama documentary
2016: Obama’s America movie: Anti-Obama right-wing documentary.

‘2016’ movie weekend box office: Solid but at lower end of expectations

Aug. 26 update: The Republican national convention kicks off on Monday, Aug. 27, in Tampa, Florida. Dinesh D’Souza and John Sullivan’s right-wing documentary about U.S. president Barack Obama (photo), 2016 Obama’s America, was a cinematic tie-in to the proceedings, expanding from 169 to 1,091 venues this weekend. That strategy, coupled with some savvy targeted marketing, worked. But only to a certain extent.

Although 2016 Obama’s America topped advance ticket sales on Fandango for three days in a row last week and was the no. 1 movie in North America at early Friday showings, the D’Souza-Sullivan documentary ended up in the no. 4 slot after Friday evening screenings were tallied and, at least for now, is no. 8 on the Aug. 24–26 box office chart according to studio estimates found at Box Office Mojo.

2016 Obama’s America movie box office: Hit or disappointment?

Because of the film’s unusual per-theater-average increases following two weekend-to-weekend expansions, several box office pundits had prophesied that 2016 Obama’s America would gross more than $8 million this weekend. At least one box office soothsayer raised the possibility that the anti-Obama documentary could top the domestic box office chart, i.e., outgross The Expendables 2‘s expected $12-13 million. Needless to say, that didn’t happen. Not even close.

So, does that mean 2016 Obama’s America was a box office disappointment? Not at all. Although lambasted by the New York Times, the Washington Post, and Variety, 2016 Obama’s America was widely praised by the right-wing media. Ultimately, the film succeeded in reaching its target audience. The documentary, which portrays Barack Obama as an idealistic threat to the United States, collected an estimated $6.23 million, averaging a solid – though hardly outstanding – $5,718 per site. That’s less than the $7,365 per-theater take at 169 locations last weekend, but more than the $5,202 per-theater take at 61 venues two weekends ago. And that’s no small feat.

Whether there’s room for further expansions is debatable, as the movie, thanks to its smart wide-release timing, may have reached its box office peak. Don’t be too surprised if 2016 Obama’s America plummets next weekend. We’ll see.

Also, bear in mind that 2016 Obama’s America‘s position at the no. 8 slot could change once box office actuals are released on Monday. That’s because the gap between the Joseph Gordon-Levitt vehicle Premium Rush (no. 7) and the Meryl Streep / Tommy Lee Jones romantic comedy Hope Springs (no. 9) is only $300,000, with the Dinesh D’Souza and John Sullivan documentary sandwiched between those two movies. D’Souza and Sullivan’s film could easily move up or down one spot.

2016 Obama’s America movie vs. Fahrenheit 9/11

Though hardly the movie to catch the American zeitgeist this election year (as some over-excited pundits had claimed), or the right-wing elite’s cinematic equivalent to Michael Moore’s epoch-making anti-George W. Bush / anti-Iraq War / anti-Britney Spears 2004 documentary Fahrenheit 9/11, 2016 Obama’s America‘s $9.07 million cume is nothing to be sniffed at. After all, at least officially the movie cost only $2.5 million. Note: even if accurate, this figure doesn’t include marketing / distribution expenses, which must have been considerable as a result of the film’s wide expansion and heavy-duty promotion. Also, keep in mind that, as a rule of thumb, exhibitors get about 50 percent of a movie’s domestic gross.

2016 Obama’s America movie savvy targeted marketing

Yesterday, reported that the (relative) success of 2016 Obama’s America was due to “savvy marketing on the eve of the Republican National Convention August 27-30. Exhibitors are reporting busloads arriving at theaters around the country in pre-organized trips.”

Deadline added that the 2016 Obama’s America movie marketing team employed similar techniques to those used to plug Christian movies, “understandable since the audience is overlapping.” Additionally, 2016 Obama’s America was pushed nationally on talk radio and cable channels such as Fox News, MSNBC, A&E, and The History Channel.

Barack Obama 2016 Obama’s America movie image: Rocky Mountain Pictures.

Aug. 25 evening

2016 Obama's America Barack Obama president2016 Obama’s America box office: Weekend’s no. 8 movie in North America?

2016 Obama’s America was the no. 4 movie at the North American box office on Friday, August 24. Screening at 1,091 venues, Dinesh D’Souza and John Sullivan’s right-wing documentary about U.S. president Barack Obama (photo) raked in $2.25 million according to studio estimates found at Box Office Mojo. Early estimates had pointed to $2.4 million (no. 3 on the domestic box office chart) on Friday and $6 million by Sunday evening. Considering 2016 Obama’s America‘s more modest Friday take, weekend figures have been lowered as well. (More on that in the next segment.)

Sylvester Stallone / Liam Hemsworth / Jason Statham’s weapon-and-explosion love fest The Expendables 2 easily held Friday’s top spot, grossing an estimated $3.85 million. But that’s hardly reason to set off fireworks.

August 24-26 is expected to be the weakest box office weekend so far this summer – and one of the weakest in 2012. In fact, The Expendables 2 should be topping the domestic chart with a mere $12-13 million, down 55-60 percent compared to last weekend. You can’t go much lower than that. There’s no way the sequel will match the domestic box office take of the original The Expendables.

Friday’s no. 2 movie was the Tony Gilroy / Jeremy Renner thriller The Bourne Legacy, with $2.7 million, followed by ParaNorman with $2.4 million. Rounding out the top five was the Will Ferrell / Zach Galifianakis comedy The Campaign, with $2.21 million.

2016 Obama’s America box office: At lower end of expectations?

Earlier this past week, some box office pundits were predicting grosses north of $8 million for 2016 Obama’s America. At least one such expert raised the possibility that the anti-Obama documentary might end up topping the box office chart, i.e., gross more than $12-13 million. Barring divine intervention, that’s not going to happen.

D’Souza and Sullivan’s documentary – lambasted by the New York Times, the Washington Post, and Variety – is expected to gross around $5.5-6 million, and land anywhere between no. 8-10 on the box office chart. Though hardly the right-wing elite’s cinematic equivalent to Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 or the movie to catch the American zeitgeist this election year, that’s not bad at all for a movie that – at least officially – cost $2.5 million. (Remember, that figure doesn’t include marketing / distribution expenses and that, generally speaking, exhibitors keep about 50 percent of a movie’s domestic gross.) reports that the (relative) popularity of 2016 Obama’s America is a result of “savvy marketing on the eve of the Republican National Convention August 27-30 [in Tampa, Florida]. Exhibitors are reporting busloads arriving at theaters around the country in pre-organized trips.”

Deadline adds that the film’s marketing team employed similar techniques to those used to plug Christian movies, “understandable since the audience is overlapping.” Additionally, 2016 Obama’s America was promoted nationally on talk radio and cable channels such as Fox News, MSNBC, A&E, and The History Channel.

Premium Rush, The Apparition have modest debuts

As expected, the weekend’s two new entries, Premium Rush and The Apparition, performed quite modestly. Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the former earned $1.97 million on Friday (est. $5.5-6 million weekend), while the latter, starring Twilight‘s Ashley Greene, brought in $1.17 million on Friday (est. $3-3.5 million weekend).

Official weekend box office estimates come out Sunday morning. Box-office actuals will be announced on Monday.

Barack Obama 2016 Obama’s America movie image: Rocky Mountain Pictures.

Aug. 25 early morning

Dinesh D'Souza 2016 Obama's America
2016 Obama’s America Box Office: Friday’s no. 3 movie in North America?

2016 Obama’s America, Dinesh D’Souza and John Sullivan’s anti-Obama documentary screening at 1,090 (some sources state 1,096) locations, was the no. 3 movie at the North American box office on Friday, August 24, having collected $2.4 million according to early, rough estimates found at Friday’s top slot easily went to the Sylvester Stallone / Liam Hemsworth / Jason Statham actioner The Expendables 2, which grossed an estimated $3.6 million, while the no. 2 slot has apparently gone to the Tony Gilroy / Jeremy Renner thriller The Bourne Legacy, with $2.5 million. (Image: Dinesh D’Souza 2016 Obama’s America.)

Now, bear in mind that those are unofficial figures. Official studio estimates come out Saturday morning. Only then will we have a better idea as to whether or not 2016 Obama’s America was indeed the no. 3 movie – or no. 2 or the no. 4: the gap between the anti-Obama documentary and The Bourne Legacy / ParaNorman (with $2.3m) is only $100,000.

2016 Obama’s America weekend figures: both above and below expectations?

As expected, 2016 Obama’s America‘s weekend figures will be solid, though, as per Deadline’s “sources,” less rosy than Friday’s. The D’Souza and Sullivan right-wing documentary is expected to gross around $6 million (no. 9 on the chart) by Sunday evening – at the lower end of most pundit’s expectations, though above Deadline’s own early Friday estimates ($3.7-5m). Earlier this week, some had raised the possibility that 2016 Obama’s America might end up topping the – extremely weak – weekend’s box office chart.

Premium Rush, The Apparition have modest debuts

Rounding out the top five on Friday were ParaNorman and the Will Ferrell / Zach Galifianakis comedy The Campaign. As expected, the weekend’s two new entries, Premium Rush and The Apparition, performed quite modestly. Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the former earned $2 million on Friday (est. $6.1 million weekend), while the latter, starring Twilight‘s Ashley Greene, raked in $975k on Friday (est. $2.6 million weekend).

Remember: Those are early, rough, unofficial estimates. Considering how close most figures are, expect some switching around on Saturday morning; some more switching around on Sunday morning (when weekend estimates are released); and some more on Monday, after the weekend’s box office actuals are announced.

Dinesh D’Souza 2016 Obama’s America movie image: Rocky Mountain Pictures.

Aug. 24

2016 Obama's America anti-Obama documentary2016 Obama’s America Box Office: early Friday’s no. 1 movie in North America

According to a New York Times movie chart, its readers are mostly interested in David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis, a bizarre comedy-drama starring Robert Pattinson as a Manhattan billionaire on his way to getting a fateful haircut. Elsewhere, right-wing radio talk-show listeners, Fox News watchers, and Fandango ticket buyers are focusing on another bizarre comedy-drama, this one starring U.S. president Barack Obama on his way to a fateful election. (Image: Barack Obama 2016 Obama’s America.)

In case you didn’t know, there are a lot of Americans out there who believe that Barack Obama is The Other in extremis: a black anti-Christian foreign-born Muslim-colored gay-loving baby-killing anti-military Marxist (or radical Socialist) bent on destroying the United States. Instead of heading to their nearest lunatic asylum, those people are headed to the movies, and Dinesh D’Souza and John Sullivan’s anti-Obama documentary 2016 Obama’s America, screening at 1,090 locations, is their weekend movie of choice.

Could 2016 Obama’s America beat The Expendables 2?

Depending on the box office prognosticator, 2016 Obama’s America, which is based on D’Souza’s 2010 book The Roots of Obama’s Rage and, surely, is also attracting the curious, is expected to gross anywhere between $5.5-8.5 million (or whereabouts) this weekend. One pundit says she wouldn’t be surprised if the movie outgrossed all others, which means a weekend take north of $12-$13 million.

At 169 locations last weekend, D’Souza and Sullivan’s documentary – lambasted by the New York Times, the Washington Post, and Variety – took in $1.24 million, averaging a solid $7,365 per site. And it has continued to perform quite well during the week.

True, whereas most movies on the North American box office chart were up on Tuesday, 2016 Obama’s America was slightly down. On the other hand, whereas most movies were down on Wednesday and Thursday, the documentary was up on both days. In fact, reports that 2016 Obama’s America is so far the no. 1 movie in North America on Friday, though The Expendables 2 is expected to overtake the right-wing documentary this evening. As per Deadline’s, based on very early, very rough predictions, the documentary should end the weekend with $3.7-5 million – if so, that’ll be quite a bit below expectations. We’ll see.

Note: Rotten Tomatoes doesn’t have a top critics’ rating for 2016 Obama’s America as yet; their “fresh” tomato next to the highly critical review by Variety‘s Joe Leydon is simply inane.

Barack Obama 2016 Obama’s America movie image: Rocky Mountain Pictures.

2016 Obama's America movie US president Barack Obama2016 Obama’s America vs. Fahrenheit 9/11: Absurd comparisons

At this stage, it seems highly probable that Dinesh D’Souza and John Sullivan’s 2016 Obama’s America will be a solid first-wide-weekend grosser. How solid, remains to be seen. But those who expect it to be no. 1 on the box office chart are in all probability being much too optimistic (or pessimistic, depending on their political views), while those comparing 2016 Obama’s America‘s popularity and “zeitgeist-appeal” to that of Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 are in dire need of a reality check. (Image: Barack Obama 2016 Obama’s America.)

Back in 2004, Fahrenheit 9/11 opened with $23.92 million (approx. $31 million adjusted for inflation) at 898 locations, averaging $27,558 (approx. 35,600 adjusted) per site. Even if 2016 Obama’s America miraculously ends up raking in $12 million this weekend, that’s only 50 percent of the (non-adjusted) box office take of Moore’s anti-George W. Bush documentary and about 45 percent of its (non-adjusted) per-theater average.

Fahrenheit 9/11: Unheard-of documentary blockbuster

Fahrenheit 9/11 went on to gross $119.19 million in North America and $103.25 million overseas. 2016 Obama’s America will be very lucky if it reaches $35 million domestic and $30,000 internationally. In terms of prestige and accolades, let’s not even go there.

As per Deadline, “Hollywood distribution experts” expect 2016 Obama’s America to follow a similar trajectory to that of Kirk Cameron’s Fundamentalist Christian movie Fireproof. The Christian drama topped Fandango’s advance sales and was no. 3 on opening-day Friday – but was down to no. 6 on Saturday and ended up in the no. 4 slot on the weekend box office chart, with $6.83 million at 839 locations. Ultimately, Fireproof went on to cume at $33.45 million in North America – plus $16,980 in South Korea.

The Expendables 2 to top box office chart

The Sylvester Stallone-Jason Statham-Liam Hemsworth actioner The Expendables 2 should remain on top of the dead-on-arrival domestic box office, grossing around $12 million, followed by Tony Gilroy-Jeremy Renner’s The Bourne Legacy with approximately $8-9 million, and Chris Butler-Sam Fell’s ParaNorman with $8.5 million.

Things get iffier after that: aside from the expansion of 2016 Obama’s America, there are new entries Premium Rush, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and The Apparition, with Twilight‘s Ashley Greene. Both movies are expected to be modest performers, but how modest is unclear. Premium Rush projections range from $5-8m; The Apparition from $2-5 million.

Barack Obama 2016 Obama’s America movie image: Rocky Mountain Pictures.

Aug. 23

2016 Obama's America US president Barack Obama2016 Obama’s America Movie: A right-wing blockbuster in the making?

2016 Obama’s America has to date earned $2.41 million in North America. Released by Rocky Mountain Pictures, the same company that distributed last year’s box office disaster Atlas Shrugged: Part I, the Dinesh D’Souza and John Sullivan-directed documentary expands from 169 to 1,090 venues this coming weekend, right before the Republican National Convention, which runs Aug. 27-30, in Tampa, Florida. (Image: Barack Obama.) (Check out: “2016 Obama’s America Movie: Box-Office Bomb or Arthouse Hit?”)

Based on D’Souza’s book The Roots of Obama’s Rage, 2016 Obama’s America claims to reveal “the real” Barack Obama, while offering dire warnings about what will happen to the United States and the world if Obama is allowed to remain four more years at the White House.

Praised by far-right commentators, D’Souza and Sullivan’s film has been lambasted by both the New York Times (“Not interviewed by the filmmakers are Obama’s political supporters, but this isn’t that kind of documentary”) and Variety (“For the bulk of its running time, [2016 Obama’s America] comes off as a cavalcade of conspiracy theories, psycho-politico conjectures and incendiary labeling”). Elsewhere, 2016 Obama’s America has been all but ignored.

2016 Obama’s America movie box office

Reports about 2016 Obama’s America success at the domestic box office have been grossly exaggerated – and downright misleading.

True, though screening at only 169 locations, this past weekend 2016 Obama’s America was no. 13 on the domestic box office chart. That’s quite remarkable. The top twelve movies, for instance, were all screening at 1,000+ locations.

But if we’re going to claim that Dinesh D’Souza and John Sullivan’s anti-Obama documentary is some sort of “limited-release blockbuster,” then we should be even more impressed by the performance of a Hindi-language actioner, Ek Tha Tiger: no. 14 on the chart, though screening at only 120 venues – and without the assistance of free publicity on right-wing radio talk shows and Fox News. Starring Salman Khan, Ek Tha Tiger‘s per-theater average was more than $2,000 above that of 2016 Obama’s America: $9,495 vs. $7,365.

2016 Obama’s America: The Fandango data dance

Oh, but 2016 Obama’s America is the top ticket seller at Fandango! Isn’t that a testament to its popularity?

First of all, according to Fandango’s own website, “the Fandango 5 is a list determined by the top five selling movies on Fandango from Wednesday to Friday each week.” If the current list reflects this week’s ticket sales (i.e., Wednesday so far) and one blindly accepts that as a “box-office indicator,” then that means 2016 Obama’s America will be North America’s biggest movie next weekend, followed by Tony Gilroy / Jeremy Renner’s The Bourne Legacy (which plummeted 55 percent last weekend), Peter Hedges / Jennifer Garner’s The Odd Life of Timothy Green (no. 7 last weekend), Sylvester Stallone / Jason Statham’s The Expendables 2 (the top movie in the last five days), and Will Ferrell / Zach Galifianakis’ The Campaign (no. 4 last weekend). (On Thursday, the top movies were 2016 Obama’s America, The Bourne Legacy, The Expendables 2, The Campaign, The Dark Knight Rises.)

Now, how many people believe this coming weekend’s North American box office chart will look just like Fandango’s Wednesday (or Thursday) chart? I should note that opening on Wednesday was Dax Shepard / Bradley Cooper’s Hit & Run, and opening on Friday are Todd Lincoln / Ashley Greene’s The Apparition and David Koepp / Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Premium Rush. None of the three films is on Fandango’s top-five chart.

Also, how does one explain the fact that 2016 Obama’s America was one of only two movies – out of about 40 – on the Box Office Mojo chart to have gone down, however slightly (-1.5 percent), on Tuesday, Aug. 21? (The other one was To the Arctic.) Every other movie was up; among the top ten, increases ranged from 8 percent (Whitney Houston’s Sparkle) to 34 percent (Meryl Streep / Tommy Lee Jones’ Hope Springs).

2016 Obama’s America box office performance: Too early to tell

Am I thus saying that 2016 Obama’s America will bomb? Hardly. Instead, I’m merely conveying the facts. And before anyone starts calling the D’Souza / Sullivan documentary a sleeper hit, let’s see how the movie fares in the next two weekends. Only then we’ll be able to truly gauge its box office popularity.

2016 Obama's America Barack Obama's brother George Dinesh D'Souza2016 Obama’s America Movie: No. 2 documentary in 2012?

Claims that 2016 Obama’s America is the no. 2 documentary in 2012 are at best misleading. It all depends on what the commentator in question wants to label a “documentary.” To date, five non-fiction films released in North America in 2012 remain ahead of 2016 Obama’s America: Chimpanzee ($28.97 million), Katy Perry: Part of Me ($25.22 million), To the Arctic ($7.73 million), Bully ($3.49 million), and Jiro Dreams of Sushi ($2.55m). By Friday, 2016 Obama’s America should be no. 4. (Image: Barack Obama’s brother George Obama / Dinesh D’Souza 2016 Obama’s America.)

Something else: claims that 2016 Obama’s America is the all-time no. 12 “political documentary” are at best ignorant. The source for this bit of misinformation is clearly Box Office Mojo – which just as clearly states that its chart covers 1982–present. “Time” didn’t begin in 1982. Really, it didn’t. Just ask the filmmakers of classic political documentaries such as The Spanish Earth, Hearts and Minds, Harlan County U.S.A., The Sorrow and the Pity, and To Die in Madrid.

And finally, a quick glance at the Box Office Mojo chart will tell you that their figures for the ’80s are incomplete. In fact, the only ’80s “political documentary” found on the chart is Michael Moore’s 1989 release Roger & Me.

So, are we supposed to believe that Oscar-winning / -nominated documentaries such as Down and Out in America, Witness to Apartheid, The Times of Harvey Milk, Seeing Red, and Hotel Terminus: The Life and Times of Klaus Barbie each earned less than $1,088* at the domestic box office? That would be ludicrous even if we blithely choose to ignore inflation.

2016 Obama’s America movie budget

2016 Obama’s America cost a reported $2.5 million (some sources claim $2.1 million). Generally speaking, exhibitors keep 50 percent of a movie’s box office gross. If we apply that to Dinesh D’Souza and John Sullivan’s documentary (assuming that the reported budget is accurate), 2016 Obama’s America will have to gross anywhere between $4.2-$5 million to match its production costs at the domestic box office. (That should happen this coming weekend.) Note that the film’s budget doesn’t include marketing and distribution expenses, which should be considerable for a movie that will shortly be presented at more than 1,000 locations.

One doesn’t have to be clairvoyant to foresee insignificant – if any – international sales for 2016 Obama’s America, as the anti-Obama obsession is a characteristic of the American Right. Elsewhere, right-wingers and other nationalists have their own (perceived or factual) “liberal” leaders to hate.

And make sure to check out Ryan Chittum’s 2010 Columbia Journalism Review piece, which called Dinesh D’Souza’s Forbes cover story “How Obama Thinks” a “fact-twisting, error-laden piece of paranoia” and “a singularly disgusting work.”

* That’s the box office cume of the no. 108 political documentary on Box Office Mojo’s chart, The Empire in Africa.


Barack Obama’s brother George Obama / Dinesh D’Souza 2016 Obama’s America movie image: Rocky Mountain Pictures.

Barack Obama 2016 Obama’s America movie image: Rocky Mountain Pictures.

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TimRivers -

@Jennifer72 TimRivers 
Seriously, these guys are more crooked than Chicago politicians in the 20’s and 30’s.
No Ontario budget numbers or policy projections are accurate. They are more cooked than and overdone turkey.

Jennifer72 -

TimRivers If you’re referring to Ontario’s “program spending,” — the lowest per capita in Canada — then your information, figures, and previsions are all wrong. Check this out:

TimRivers -

@Jennifer72 TimRivers 
Sorry your wrong, I live in Ontario Canada and the provinces run the health care here with federal help. Currently the provincial budget has health care as half of it’s budget plus we pay and additional $1200 a year per person to the province as a surcharge because they don’t have enough money to pay the bills. The doctor also can only make so much and every procedure is rated by the government and they can only make so much.  According to trends that are being set if it continues we will pay all the provincial budget for health care by the middle of the century.  This province is currently  over $180 billion in debt due to health care and education costs rising much faster than they can tax people.

Jennifer72 -

TimRivers You’re right that one can dislike or criticize Obama and not be a racist. But you’re TOTALLY wrong when you say that health care in Canada “is currently taking up 50% of the budgets [sic].” Not sure where you got your (way off the mark) info, but Canada spends about 10% of its GDP on health care — vs. 16% in the (mostly privately owned) U.S. You might want to stop getting your info from far-right websites and/or Fox News.

TimRivers -

@Norm T.  Because a person does not agree with Obama’s political beliefs such as bigger government and more government involment in person’s life doesn’t mean that they are racist.. You are right mostly about what you say about Bush but now we have a government that has indebted the nation twice as much as Bush did and now is about to try and have government take over health care Canada style by pushing a system that is bound to fail and then the government will have to pick it up the mess that is left. Health care in Canada is currently taking up 50% of the budgets and accelerating. If something isn’t done soon it will take all the budget in 30 years.   Obama’s foreign policy has been abysmal and it’s his government that is listening in all everything you online or on your phone. They are even building a huge new NSA bunker in Nevada I think that will listen in on everything you do or anyone else in the word including other friendly leaders. This is being done during Obama’s tenure not Bush’s.

Doctor Sandman -

One thing you have to give it to the Left… the perpetual re-write of history and the deliberate lies that you need to go along with their constant attempts to corrupt government and enslave the average American.
Every problem we have ts someone eases fault, i.e., double the income tax, enact hundreds of new, and usually UN-Constitutional “laws” to consolidate their over reaching power over the American people with one hand and point the finger of blame at the “right-wing” with the other.
No president in history has been so power-mad and tyranical and so quick to deny the human rights he demands for this countries enemies.
This man is a bigot and a racist and only gets away with stealing, both billions of dollars and their basic human rights, from the American people by having the ultra-Left press cover up his numerous misdeeds.

Steve S. -

Every American must see this film. We have narrowly escaped total disaster in the past. We may not be so lucky this time. Everyone needs to see precisely who this man is before placing him at the helm of our nation for another four years only to destroy everything we have stood for in our 236 years of freedom. It’s frightening. And, by the way, who is this clown “zivo24” who thinks this is a joke? Because if America doesn’t get wise and elect a leader this time around, everyone including “zivo” is in for a rude awakening. Brace yourselves.

Michael -

— lambasted by the New York Times, the Washington Post, and Variety — If that is the case, then it definitely sounds like a movie I want to see.

Norm T. -

The American economy nearly collapses while George W. Bush is in office. It’s Obama’s fault.

Phones wiretapped without warrants while Bush is in office. Obama is to blame.

The United States becomes enmeshed in two bloody wars - one of which a result of false (or “faulty”) information - that drain the country’s economy, Obama is to blame.

Bush and his cronies create Homeland Security and the Patriot Act and to hell with civil liberties. It’s all Obama’s fault.

Are you people psychotic?

Why don’t you just say outright that you hate and fear Obama because he’s black and was raised in a Muslim country?

Because if you think Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and their fellow power-hungry far-right Christians (Mormons belong to a Christian sect, too) will save the U.S. economy and increase/restore civil liberties, you’re either very stupid or completely totally irrevocably incurably INSANE.

B.Z. -

@Zivo24, you took time out from your busy youtube viewing schedule to comment, I am honored. I understand your fear, if a conservative gets in office you’ll have to find a job and they will undoubtedly cut into your online gaming, but we all must do our part.

Japos -

If this movie makes a lot of money or not. It is real and undeniable and that’s why the media does not want to talk about it. Those of you who continue to deny the truth will see the truth when if he is re-elected he is impeached for trying to turn this country into a state of Tyranny.

I was always a leftist and I now see clearly that it is the leftists that are the threat to our individual freedoms and liberty.

rick ernst -

This movie was thoughtful, and on point. The movie allows you to draw your own conclusion, and states facts about Obama’s mentors. The only problem I have is the psychoanalysis about his father. I do not presume that Obama would feel or think a certain way because his father was non-existent. It is hard to argue against his actions toward lowering the standard of living in America. He has been very successful at this. It would make it hard to tell the truth on the campaign trail though.

Joe -

How is a documentary about ones life anti? So, March of the Penguins must be anti penguin?


High quality cinematography, well researched. I came away feeling greater compassion and sympathy for Obama. D’Souza was quite fair and used Obama’s own words to tell the story. Nevertheless, the truth about Obama’s background and neocolonial based hatred is frightening. It is now clear why Obama hates America and is hell-bent on destroying it. Obama’s fundamental ignorance of Economics and Finance is also explained. Anyone who votes for Obama in 2012 will have to be suicidal.

Mike -

Seriously, comparing this documentary to movies? You fail to mention it is the top grossing on opening weeken in its category…documentaries.

Louise Sultana -

This is a film for people of substance who want to understand who our current President is and why he does what he does. The book THE ROOTS OF OBAMA’S RAGE was like a light going on for me when I read it a year ago, and of course the movie is the same light going on for those who did not read the book. Extremely enlightening. It shows we have a completely irresponsible mainstream media who gave their candidate a complete pass and are still doing so. Sad. Maybe this election we can vote with the KNOWLEDGE of who Obama is. He is NOT the person he pretended to be four years ago. Everything he said back then was to fool the public. He succeeded. In 2012 he may not be so lucky.

Alleghanygirl -

EVERYONE, black and white, left or right, needs to see this movie! Because unless you are one of the Very Wealthy Elites on the Left that the Marxists, Communists, Socialists, Anti-Colonialists, Islamists or whatever name you want to call yourselves who THINK you will be SOMEHOW exempted from loosing your wealth and your home or property when the *hit hits the fan it this president is re-elected you better think again! Look at the “old” history books, if you can find one, and look at pre-cold war USSR and how their citizens lived. Now look at how the citizens of Somolia, Kenya, Sudan, Haiti, Cuba, Brazil, and other third world countries live today. That is how this president wants us to live. He doesn’t care whether we are red, yellow, black or white skinned. He doesn’t care whether we are Democrats or Republicans. He doesn’t even care if we are rich or poor. Because he says, “our poor are rich compared the the poor of third world countries.” He has already just this past Friday, dissolved the missile defense system in Europe. Twelve year old children know that this leaves us defenseless!!! Twelve year olds!! Where are the adults out there? Quit looking for a handout all of the time! John Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln are both rolling in their graves right now!!! I heard President John F. Kennedy say, “Ask not what your Country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your Country!” All of you children of the Baby Boomers, and the tail end of the Baby Boomers, quit whinning, quit looking for an “easy” job and a “hand out”, get off your butt and start trying to save this Country! Because if this man is reelected, we won’t have a country anymore!
Oh, zivo24, go jump in a lake, in Nairobi, Kenya. Because people like you are the reason we are in this mess in the first place!


Just returned from the theater. I have been at a loss to see how our country could be bamboozled into electing a man with zero experience, highly questionable associations, and explain the decisions he has made concerning our place in the world. This movie answers all those questions brilliantly. Anyone who cares about our country and it’s future should see this, there will be no question how you will vote in November.

John Lafer -

Dinesh D’Souza’s Film 2016 Obama’s America

is a film that everyone must see. It is historical and also should

clear up the question;”who is Obama and what are his dreams”.

George Rivet -

Waiting for the release in Lake Charles Louisiana area.

zivo24 -


One, two, three…ok, ALL RETHUGLICANTSS…get ready to regurgitate baseless rhetoric in unison!!!

“Waaah, the liberal media! waaaah waaah WAAAAHHH!!”

B.Z. -

The truth is hard to swallow, especially for the liberal media. The liberal media has had things their way for so long - that they are truly blinded. The liberally media has handicapped itself, and the nation. So sad, and preventable.

Ward Testerman -

I think this review/report misses the point entirely. This is a professionally done film vs the hack job of Michael Moore. The movie house I went to at 12:01am still had 40 or more people in a small theatre. I did not expect a line at that time of night and went because I was leaving town the next day. This is an excellent movie about a communist raised boy who happens to be our president. It has more factual information in it than all the ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and all the newspapers of the US have reported. No one has really looked at his mentors before this. Those who did, refused to report it. Well done, D’Souza and Sullivan!

jeffrey gordon -

saw the movie last night, definitely an older crowd with a lot of couples.

First time i heard that Obama Sr. was already married with two kids when he met the President’s mom and married her-guess the Mormons have nothing to worry about?

At least there is no media bias in his country today towards the left!

The movie reminded me how I along with most white american’s probably found at least some sense of guilt relief that in America in 2008 a nice black man could actually be elected President of the US.

I really understand Hillary’s “its all a fairy tale” comment and Bill’s “He is an amateur” comment better now. I only wish both of them were more truthful today.

Andre Brown -

The fastest way to get your point across and make money while doing is through film. BROVO I SAY BROVO We are are in a time that the figure of the minority and majority has changed the seasons of choice are moveing as they should just as the needs of the people so are the faces of our leadership in America , simply bound for reconstruction; in the end it will look like you and I it will prosper and welcome all as it the melting pot of many. who so ever chooses to watch this movie watches it because they lack the ability to think for themselves good old-fashioned brain washing.

Tyler Cote -

The theater I attended was nearly empty but I live in the most left leaning state in the union, MA. This is a thoughtful, thought provoking film. According to D’Souza, Obama does not want to make America more like Europe, he wanks to make the U.S. pay for what he sees as our theft from the third world. Things like restricting U.S. oil drilling while promoting S. American drilling in the Gulf of Mexico are consistent with D’Souza’s premise. This is not a Moore style hack piece, but a well produced presentation of a theory of what drives Obama’s policies. I think the movie will do very well when the marketing by word of mouth kicks in.

Mel jam -

The theater i went to in the St. louis area had a young girl at the ticket window who was all huffy when she heard “Obama:2016″. She then gave tickets out to different movies. We got tickets to see a movie Sparkle. After we saw the 2016 movie we went and asked for our tickets to be reissued. I believe this ” mistake” happened often. So the numbers for 2016 are squed

Stephen -

I don’t know what movie theater you were looking into, BUT the theater I went to had huge lines. As a matter of fact, I had to return for a later show.

I see that is the trend in most theaters.

Looks like people want real change!

sam -

A lot in his words shows us where he wants to take the country and it does look a lot like today’s Europe. His father’s wish to downsize America as punishment for perceived past actions is more than a threat and he has already started using those (Pelosi, Reid, etc.) that would rather hold onto power than act in the best interest of our future generations.

Sam Wright -

We saw the movie this weekend. It was absolutely excellent. This should be a must-see before November 6 for every responsible American voter!

R.B. -

Jamie, Obama’s been your president for the past four years. If you don’t know him by now, you just haven’t been paying attention.

Patricia Perez -

TODAY Saturday August 25th my husband & I went to see ‘2016 OBAMA’S AMERICA’ here in Berkeley, California…as Liberal as it gets. It was a very good movie that laid out where Obama is ‘coming from’ and where he plans to take this country. People need to see this movie and think about what they want for the future of our country, for ourselves, our kids and our grandkids. We need a leader who will give us more than empty promises and overwhelming debt…we are climbing up to the collapsing point…and nothing is changing for the better. We worry that he will be re-elected and we will be so far gone, we can never get back. Too many people do not realize what is really happening.

Right wing nut jobs -

This film is pure right wing propaganda who went out and bought tickets. Whomever believes any of it is a fool. LOL!

Martina -

The average movie critic is carrying water for the inept Pattinson the same way the mainstream media carries water for Obama. The word is out to promote the movie industry’s designated next acting “hope” and destroy those now out of favor with crushing reviews, deserved or not. Like the prez, Pattinson may be charming but sadly just doesn’t have the skills to get the job done. Surround him with true actors (who make much less than he does) and maybe after about 3 years of rotten films, he’ll eventually become a real actor? Not happening. And in real life he looks more the part of werewolf than anything else. Next candidate, please.

ThinkAboutIt -

Reviewer either hasn’t seen the movie or fell asleep (it did move at a stately, academic pace) because the entire thesis of the film is that all the theories the reviewer notes (Marxist, Socialist, Muslim) don’t properly explain the decisions and actions Obama has taken since becoming president. The documentary’s theory is that Obama accepted a dream of anti-colonialism from his father.. So, he supports the Muslim Brotherhood - not because he’s a Muslim - but because the Middle East was colonized by Britain and is now colonized by America (for the oil). So Obama is seeking to raise (bring justice to) the previously colonized and diminish the colonizers. It’s a theory you can disagree with but a meaningful review would actually discuss the theory of the movie and not just sling a lot of irrelevant but inflammatory rhetoric.

Jamie -

How well do we really know President Obama? A person’s past experiences and relationships certainly define their values. What are his values? What people and experiences in his life have inspired him and established his values? Do his values match up with what makes the United States a great nation and will move our nation forward, or are his decisions driven to limit or to weaken the greatness of our nation? Is D’Souza’s documentary false, or could it possibly connect the dots between the President’s past and his vision to weaken America? Is there sufficient evidence to prove D’Souza’s documentary wrong? Can we take that chance? To answer that question we need to understand what motivates the President and consider what the President has done prior to his presidency and during his first term. Did those decisions make us a better nation? Do we want four more years? If D’Souza is right, can we survive another four years and beyond in an effort to turn back?

aldol -

Saw the movie last week.
Content is good and substantiated, production is slow and boring.
overall it is a must see not so much for the entertainment potential as it is for a the educational potential about Obama’s background and formative years.

Jose -

The purpose of this film is not to compare those two films….but the left wil invent anything to minimize the impotance of this film. People NEED to see this film to visualize and analyse why this president is acting the way he is nd has. No other president in history has taken a road to minimize our place as a super power. This president is not in the best interest of the American people…He must be defeated this November.

Bo Kassa -

I plan on going to see this movie tomorrow. Comparing a documentary (Obama 2016) to a fictional piece of truly biased propaganda (Fahrenheit 9/11) shows the extreme bias the main stream media and Hollywood types not only possess but also promulgate. Fahrenheit was a movie made out of contempt with a vent to destroy a man. 2016 is a factual expose….a really big difference. Evidently Michael Moore was in the theater with Jim Donaught ( Jim Do-Nut, sounds fishy)based upon Jim’s comments.

SDSteve -

There is a BIG difference between the opening of the two. The M Moore movie enjoyed more publicity from a cooperative domestic media and had a much larger distribution for opening when it came out. Even with the success of 2016 are you seeing anywhere near the media coverage that you were bombarded with for the Moore movie?? Except for maybe some negative stuff…

A.W. -

This film is successful in presenting facts in a “it is what it is” kind of way. Of course the NYT and Washington Post (and any other wing of the Obama Admin) are going to chop it down for simply presenting facts that they themselves have been working around the clock to not report.

Though it will be portrayed as a hit piece, it’s quite respectful to Obama in looking to his world view. Critics need to remember that these are facts that Obama, himself, wrote about in his own book. Unfortunately, presenting facts about this president that don’t put him in the “messianic” light give reason for the media elites to start throwing stones.

So, in the end- this is a surprisingly refreshing film that both Obama fans and foes can enjoy. Is that even allowed today?

Mary Patterson -

I am so happy that someone has the courage to let the American people see who this man really is. He came on the scene 4 years ago and mesmerized the Americans and no one knw the man. He did not fool me then and he will not fool me this timw.

steve -

There is nothing anti-Obama in this movie. I suspect there are many who would see this movie as a 100% positive portrayal of the first Half-African president. There’s no doubt he was born in Hawaii. We are at a crossroads, and Americans have to make a choice. Obama’s America is not a place that I want to be.

jim Donaught -

Saw the movie last night — the rest of the audience consisted of six pasty fat white men. And the movie is laughably bad, unless you’re already a brain-dead dittohead.

Al See -

It is not the numbers ($) that counts but what the documentary will effect the person? The difference here is that moore’s movie was based on hate for Bush but 2016 is saving America. Not bashing Obama but showing that his policy is not for the greater good of the country. This documentary great urgency is to save our country (2016) versus an enjoyment of destroying a person. (fahrenheit 9/11). True American will do almost anything to save their country and will go vote; but people whose enjoyment is belittling a person will have its fulfillment and go their merry way and not care at all including not voting. The real test here is will Obama lose by a few numbers or will he be crashed in this coming election. Less than two months to go and counting ……

debbie -

Thought the movie was very informative it makes a lot of sense the reasoning behind some of the decisions he has made, I know one thing I will be at the polls and I hope and pray this will be a record breaking election to get him out of office.

tracng -

Well since the movie has only gone into wide release on 8-24-2012 its a little presumptive to poo poo its box office.

I just saw it here outside Washington DC, and it was sold out, 3rd showing.

The audience stood and clapped at the end, the theatre is located in the HEART of Obama’s multiple appearance swing area of Loudoun Virginia where he stated last week “If we win Loudoun we win the USA”.

I think a lot of peoples eyes were opened as they watched this movie, I predict Obama is going to be soundly defeated in November no doudt in a small part to the truths from this film.

I also noticed MANY old people and I mean 70 80 90, that were being escorted into the theatre by younger people as if their viewing of the film was mandatory before entering the polling booth.

It is going to be very interesting to see how the box office plays out on this now that it is in wide release and virtually unadvertised.

Hans Nearhoof -


How can I purchae this movie.


jmm -

Watching the ” 2016:Obama’s America” movie in Ohio and seeing the packed movie theaters, this may be a landslide election in favor of Romney contradicting the conventional polling. On Nov. 6, we will find out.

R Harris -

I saw this film this afternoon. Everyone in America should see it.

If this had been public knowledge before the last election, Hilary would have been president….and believe it or not, I wish she had.

Obama, is not a left wing extremist, he is far more, and this film will tell you why.

Before you vote…..See this.

Brett -

Left wingers get upset when truth comes out. Very well
Put together movie that should be seen.

Al -

This movie are for open-minded independent people who are willing to take their time to analyze the information presented or gathered; and then have an objective conclusion; abstaining to entertain their emotional tantrum. The movie shows the objectivity in finding the internal (hidden to the public) compass of the character of obama from his childhood into his adult life. The journey takes you to different parts of the world; the people who had influence his life and his character (especially his parent and immediate family member’s ideology); interviews with people who knows his parents and how their mindset have imbedded into obama’s being and thinking. It investigates and expound the sort of people that obama associated with (his role model). The best part about this movie is that excerpts was taken from his memoir “dream from my father” with his own voice narrating the events. The question here is that will his ideology acceptable for AMERICA or the founding fathers. If a person will open their eyes and be objective and not subjective; then a lot can be learn from this movie. A MUST-SEE movie for all AMERICAN. NOTE: If you have not seen the movie; STOP making a FOOL of yourself by commenting on something you have not viewed but trying to make an assumption. IGNORANCE occur because he or she remains STUPID, NARROW MINDED and full of ASSUMPTION but KNOWLEDGE is attained by investigating the facts then supporting or discrediting the information obtained.

Kimberly- Attorney -

The ratings will NOT clearly show the interest because I’ve been searching for times and listings for a couple of weeks and FINALLY there were listings in our area but they were ONLY at 12:01 a.m!!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me? For working people, that is very late to drive to a movie, so it is NO reflection of interest in the topic, instead, it is more likely BY DESIGN that the showtimes are listed at such inconvenient times for “working people”.

Cathy -

My husband and I saw the documentary about 2 weeks ago when it first came out in Orange County, Ca. People stood and clapped at the end of the film and I heard comments of “unbelievable, Wow, everyone needs to see this, I had no idea, this can’t be happening to America etc”.
“2016? is truly a remarkable documentary and I feel, divinely inspired, to be a truthful and timely WARNING of what will become of America if Obama is reelected again. What insight and foresight these film makers had to present this to all those that don’t have blinders on their eyes and really want to know who Obama is, and his plan for Americas decline.
If you care about yourselves, your children, your country, your future, your freedom, your safety, your moral convictions, then RUN, don’t walk to see this film, and take as many people with you that want to hear the truth.
All it takes is for good people to do nothing and not defend or see the coming insurrection that Obama has planned when he is not under constraints of an election. This is exactly how Hitler and many other oppressors came to power. YES, it can happen here.
Wake up, “Rome is burning”. Please find it in your hearts to find out about the real Obama before it’s too late. Pray and do some soul searching and then go vote your convictions.
Please tell others to go see the documentary “2016? and study on your own.
Blessings to you all that promote good over evil. We are at THE turning point. Who will you stand up for?

Don’t let America die…it’s up to you.


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