'Abduction' Trailer: Taylor Lautner Life a Lie

Abduction Taylor Lautner Movie life after 'Twilight'?'Abduction' with Taylor Lautner: Movie life (and thrills) after 'Twilight'?

'Abduction' trailer: Taylor Lautner life a lie

Twilight actor Taylor Lautner is at the center of Abduction. The trailer for the Lionsgate release directed by Academy Award-nominee John Singleton (Boyz n the Hood, 1991) and written by Shawn Christensen (the upcoming Enter Nowhere) is now available online. Check it out below.

'Abduction' trailer with Taylor Lautner.

What if your life has been a lie?

What if your whole life has been a lie? Most people the world over would probably relate to that – but would just as probably be unable to come up with an answer.

Anyhow, Abduction follows Nathan Harper (Taylor Lautner), a young man whose life is turned dangerously upside down after he finds his baby photo on a missing-persons website. And his parents are seemingly shot dead.

Jacob Black in dark thriller?

Does it look like Taylor Lautner will be able to break away from his The Twilight Saga persona?

Well, Lautner's face, body, and voice remain the same, but his Abduction character doesn't seem to have all that much in common with the shirtless werewolf Jacob Black.

Also, the Abduction trailer offers fights, explosions, and what looks like a passionate kissing scene. But come to think of it, didn't they also have at least two of the three in David Slade's Eclipse?

'Abduction' movie cast

Abduction opens on Sept. 23, '11, in the U.S. Besides Taylor Lautner, the cast includes:

Lily Collins. Jason Isaacs. Maria Bello. Alfred Molina. William Peltz.

Three-time Academy Award nominee Sigourney Weaver (lead for Aliens, 1986, and Gorillas in the Mist, 1988; supporting for Working Girl, 1988).

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo actor Michael Nyqvist.

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