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'Captain America: The Winter Soldier': 'Second Best' Marvel Movie

Captain America: The Winter Soldier with Chris Evans. 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier': Marvel films' second best release With each new Marvel superhero film that bullies its way into multiplexes, the magnitude of the company's achievement gets more impressive, if not historic. Focusing just on the Marvel characters controlled by […]

'The Grand Budapest Hotel': Ralph Fiennes Is Most Memorable Character

'The Grand Budapest Hotel with Ralph Fiennes: Wes Anderson's most memorable character. 'The Grand Budapest Hotel': Wes Anderson thrillingly expands his 'thematic and visual palettes' The mid-career winning streak of writer/director Wes Anderson continues with The Grand Budapest Hotel, a thrilling expansion of his thematic and visual palettes. With The […]

'RoboCop' 2014 Review: Curious Ideas Superficially Addressed

Robocop 2014 movie with Joel Kinnaman and Abbie Cornish. 'Robocop' 2014 review: 'More interesting ideas than it can properly address' You'll have to excuse older moviegoers if they feel an almost weekly tinge of nostalgia with the latest announcement that their favorite film from the '80s is being treated to […]

'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit': Chris Pine in 'Moderate Failure'

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit with Chris Pine. 'Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit' review: Kenneth Branagh thriller 'plays everything too close to the middle' It's been 12 years since CIA analyst Jack Ryan made his last motion picture appearance. The movie was The Sum of All Fears, those fears being fully realized by […]

'Inside Llewyn Davis' Review: Effortless Oscar Isaac Is 'Last Folk Singer Who Didn't Make It'

Inside Llewyn Davis with Oscar Isaac as “the last folk singer who didn't make it.” Written and directed by veterans Joel and Ethan Coen (Blood Simple, Raising Arizona), Inside Llewyn Davis offers “their deepest dive into characterization since their inward-looking masterpiece A Serious Man.” 'Inside Llewyn Davis' review: Effortless Oscar […]

'Ender's Game' Movie: Sci-Fier Fails to Explore Its Own 'Disturbing Brutality'

'Ender's Game' movie: Sci-fier displays 'steel-grey self-seriousness,' but fails to explore 'disturbing brutality' at its core Orson Scott Card's sci-fi novel Ender's Game was published in 1985, and in the 28 years that elapsed before the book became a film, the idea of children trained to fight by orders of […]

'The Fifth Estate': Benedict Cumberbatch 'Tasty' But 'Opaque' Julian Assange

The Fifth Estate with Benedict Cumberbatch as Julian Assange and Daniel Brühl as Daniel Domscheit-Berg. 'The Fifth Estate' movie review: 'Tasty' but 'opaque' version of WikiLeaks' Julian Assange Late in the game during The Fifth Estate, Twilight director Bill Condon's long-awaited return to helming real movies, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange […]

'Una Noche' Movie: Cuban Refugees & 'Director to Watch' Lucy Mulloy

Una Noche movie with Anailín de la Rúa de la Torre, Javier Núñez Florián, and Dariel Arrechaga as Cuban refugees. 'Una Noche': Lucy Mulloy debut feature presented with 'urgent, rough-hewn simplicity' The story of three Havana teenagers attempting to escape Cuba for a better life in America is conveyed with […]

'Elysium' Movie Review: Matt Damon in Well-Intentioned But Uneven Futuristic Sociopolitical Adventure

'Elysium' with Matt Damon. 'Elysium' 2013 movie review: Lateral move for 'District 9' director Neill Blomkamp If Elysium were South African director Neill Blomkamp's debut feature film, it would have been hailed as a superior work of speculative fiction, shot through with au courant references to illegal immigration and class […]

'Pacific Rim' Review: Smart Director Makes Dumb Movie

'Pacific Rim' Jaeger 'Pacific Rim' review: Dumb movie made by smart director As summer tentpole films become increasingly reliant on the international box office to earn back their enormous costs, certain elements synonymous with good cinema tend to get left out. Character exploration, clever humor, and well-crafted dialogue don't necessarily […]

'The Lone Ranger' Movie Review: Johnny Depp as Native American Jack Sparrow

Armie Hammer as The Lone Ranger, Johnny Depp as Tonto. The Lone Ranger Movie Review: Pirates of the Caribbean quasi-sequel in Western garb In highfalutin' acting circles, it's said that American performers are trained to work from the inside out, crafting a character's inner life before working on external traits, […]

'World War Z' Review: Movie Zombies 'Breathtaking'

World War Z review: 'Grandest zombie enterprise ever' lacks dramatic cohesion – but zombies come to the film's rescue (image: Brad Pitt in World War Z) If there's one thing harder to kill than a horde of zombies, it's the unceasing horde of zombie movies, TV shows, books, and videogames. […]