Los Angeles Film Critics Association member Tim Cogshell is a veteran L.A.-based Film Critic, Media Journalist, Producer, and Filmmaker. For more than 20 years he has written about film for national and regional magazines and newspapers. Presently, Tim is a regular film critic on Larry Mantle’s FilmWeek, the weekly film review and discussion program that broadcasts from Pasadena-based NPR affiliate KPCC 89.3. Additionally, Tim is a regular commentator on KNBC Los Angeles television, the BBC and other concerns. He is also a producer, screenwriter, editor, and documentarian whose films have been featured in the numerous festivals in the Los Angeles area and elsewhere (Sarasota and Tucson, among others). Check out his audio interviews at: https://soundcloud.com/diggit-2

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'Captain Phillips' Movie: Tom Hanks Thriller Misses Forest for the Trees

Captain Phillips movie with Mahat M. Ali, Tom Hanks, and Faysal Ahmed. 'Captain Phillips' movie: 'Incomplete' and 'less than completely satisfying' In Paul Greengrass' thriller starring Tom Hanks, Captain Phillips, the titular Captain is a merchant ship's skipper whose cargo vessel, the MV Maersk Alabama, was hijacked by Somali pirates in […]

'Blue Jasmine' Movie: Cate Blanchett in Woody Allen Biting Social Commentary

Blue Jasmine with Cate Blanchett. 'Blue Jasmine' movie review: Woody Allen is pissed Years ago, the venerable and prolific writer-director and comedian Woody Allen was quick to remind people that he was not one of the Upper East Side elite he had often mocked in his stand-up work and light […]

'Only God Forgives': Ryan Gosling in Darkest Nicolas Winding Refn Film

Only God Forgives: Ryan Gosling stars in Nicolas Winding Refn's “darkest” film. 'Only God Forgives': Ryan Gosling stars in Nicolas Winding Refn's 'darkest and most oblique' film In Nicolas Winding Refn's surrealist revenge thriller Only God Forgives, Julian (Ryan Gosling, of Refn's Drive) and his brother Billy (Tom Burke) run a […]

'Un Flic': Alain Delon & Jean-Pierre Melville Neo-Noir Classic

Un Flic with Alain Delon. Un Flic: Jean-Pierre Melville's 'late noir classic' Jean-Pierre Melville's last film, Un Flic / A Cop (1972), is a late noir classic that features all the central trappings of the genre along with – what was then – a modern sensibility about the nature of […]

'The East' Movie: Brit Marling Thriller Suffers from Unbridled Earnestness

'The East' movie with Brit Marling. 'The East' movie: Thriller marred by unbridled earnestness The East is a didactic polemic couched in a mediocre thriller that takes itself far too seriously to be taken seriously. That isn't to say the concerns of The East's young filmmakers – director / co-screenwriter […]

PARADISE LOVE Review: Sugar Mama Sex Tourism Portrayed in Remarkable Film

Sugar Mama sex tourism depicted in Ulrich Seidl's 'remarkable' Paradise: Love (image: Margarete Tiesel, Peter Kazungu in Paradise: Love) Sugar Mama sex tourism is the subject of Paradise: Love / Paradies: Liebe. Aside from the fact that this is a real thing, which is fascinating, director Ulrich Seidl's remarkable film […]

'Mud' Movie: Matthew McConaughey 'Remarkably Good' Showcase

Mud movie with Matthew McConaughey. Nothing ordinary about Jeff Nichols' 'Mud' movie Ostensibly, writer-director Jeff Nichols' Mud is about the titular character, played by Matthew McConaughey, who's on the run from the law and the family of a man he killed for love of a woman, Juniper, played by a bedraggled […]

'To the Wonder': Ben Affleck in Terrence Malick Redundant Poem

To the Wonder with Rachel McAdams and Ben Affleck. 'To the Wonder': Terrence Malick movie a lyrical but redundant poem Writer and director Terrence Malick's To the Wonder is built from shattered hearts, broken relationships, and unanswered prayers, all better “long since forgotten” rather than pondered on film, yet again, […]

'Stoker' Movie: Matthew Goode Creepily Beguiling in Park Chan-wook Thriller

Stoker movie with Matthew Goode: Creepily alluring performance. 'Stoker' movie: Creepy Matthew Goode in Park Chan-wook's Flawed English-language feature debut The title Stoker, left to stand alone for Korean director Park Chan-wook's and screenwriter Wentworth Miller's psychological thriller, could refer to any number of things, including those relative to vampires, […]

'Like Someone in Love': Abbas Kiarostami 'Intriguing' & 'Stylish' Drama

Like Someone in Love: Abbas Kiarostami drama features Rin Takanashi. Like Someone in Love: Abbas Kiarostami film is 'lovely, intriguing, and stylish' At age 73, Iranian-born director Abbas Kiarostami is among the freshest and most energetic filmmakers working today. A forerunner of the Iranian New Wave, his ideas always intrigue […]