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Bella and Edward Kissing: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Twilight Romance

Edward and Bella kissing Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart Eclipse
Edward and Bella kissing: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in Eclipse.

Edward and Bella kissing in Eclipse

Ramon Novarro biography Beyond Paradise

That’s Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in the by now famous The Twilight Saga: Eclipse meadow scene. Directed by David Slade, best known for Hard Candy, Eclipse is supposed to be a darker, more action-filled installment in the Twilight franchise.

Even so, I believe it’s the meadow scene that most stands out in the teaser trailer. It’s beautifully shot, incredibly romantic, and at the same time profoundly sad. Even in the brightest of sunlights, there can be that “darkness” that envelop two people (or a person and a vampire) who share an “impossible” love. It’s that sort of “darkness” that I’m hoping to find in Eclipse.

I’m looking forward to the final, official Eclipse trailer to be shown on Oprah next Friday. (I’ll have my DVR ready.) I’m curious to see if Summit will emphasize action over romance so as to attract a larger fan base – or rather, non-fan base – to theaters. But no matter how many fight scenes are to be found in Eclipse, or how many times Taylor Lautner parades around shirtless, I’m quite sure it’s the meadow scene that is going to stay with me.

Written by Melissa Rosenberg from Stephenie Meyer’s novel, Eclipse opens on June 30. Meyer’s novels, as mentioned elsewhere on this site, are #5 among the “most challenged” books of 2009 – books that some would like to have removed from libraries.

Also in the Eclipse cast are Dakota Fanning, Bryce Dallas Howard, Jackson Rathbone, Billy Burke, Kellan Lutz, Nikki Reed, Peter Facinelli, Elizabeth Reaser, Anna Kendrick, Catalina Sandino Moreno, and Ashley Greene.

Javier Aguirresarobe provided the great-looking cinematography. Music by Howard Shore.

Photo: Summit Entertainment

Edward and Bella kiss: Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Twilight image

I find Edward and Bella kissing to be one of the most romantic images in movies. I’ve become acquainted with the Twilight series – from the original to New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn – very recently. Even though I wouldn’t call myself a “twihard” – yet – I gotta say that I’ve become enamored of the characters played by Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Gothic or semi-gothic tales about doomed or impossibly difficult love affairs have always been a weakness of mine.

Despite their modern clothing and the fact that their story isn’t set in some ancient cottage on the English moors or some dark castle in Bavaria, Edward Cullen and Bella Swan appeal to me mostly because I don’t see them as 21st-century teens. In fact, I see their romance as something more profound. Actually, that’s not a good word. You can be a (modern) teenager and have “profound” feelings for someone else.

What I mean is that the Bella-Edward romance feels more mature, or rather, more “adult” – despite its high-school setting, and certainly despite Bella’s inner conflicts and apparent selfishness. Perhaps that’s my imagination at work. I’m really not sure how much of what I “see” is on the page or on screen, and how much is inside my own mind.

But think about it. How easy would it be for you to give up your life as you know it for someone else, even if that someone else looks like Robert Pattinson? Couldn’t you at least to a certain extent become confused? Fearful? Perhaps even find another object of desire, however unconsciously or however tentatively? (Of course, it doesn’t hurt if the “distraction” happens to look like a fast-maturing Taylor Lautner.)

If you think that adults can’t – or don’t – act that way, then you haven’t been around many adults in your life.

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I do ardently hope that The Twilight Saga: Eclipse will live up to my expectations. That the depth (and the darkness) I find in the Bella and Edward romance will be there on screen – and not just inside my head. Well, perhaps it’s time I begin calling myself a “twihard,” but I’ll hold off until Eclipse comes out.

Remember, the final Eclipse trailer will be shown on Oprah next Friday. It’ll probably be all over the Internet right afterwards. David Slade’s The Twilight Saga: Eclipse opens on June 30.

Whether you like, love, hate, or don’t care one way or the other about Bella and Edward, Edward and Bella: Do you have a favorite romantic movie couple? Who would that be?

Now, back to rereading Wuthering Heights.

Photo: Summit Entertainment

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Eclipse meadow scene
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, Eclipse meadow scene

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse‘s soundtrack compilation is scheduled to be released in the United States on June 8, or about three weeks before the movie opens on North American screens.

At this stage, what songs will be included in the soundtrack album is most anybody’s guess. According to earlier reports, Muse’s song for the film is out. Others have it that just about everybody, from Adam Lambert to Justin Bieber (dueting with Robert Pattinson…), will be heard on the album’s soundtrack. Placido Domingo anyone? What about Joan Jett?

Band 100 Monkeys’ Jackson Rathbone, who plays Jasper Hale in the Twilight Saga movies, has reportedly also offered songs from his band.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse score has been composed by three-time Academy Award-winner Howard Shore, among whose credits are the Lord of the Rings trilogy; David Cronenberg’s Crash, A History of Violence and Eastern Promises; and David Fincher’s Se7en. Now, that sounds promising.

Although the June 8 date is no longer on the Amazon page for the Eclipse soundtrack – it was removed sometime after it first appeared on Monday, April 19 – it is the correct release date according to MTV, which received confirmation from a representative for Atlantic Records.

Those who want to preorder the Eclipse soundtrack can already do so despite the announcement on the album’s Amazon page that “a release date has not yet been set for this title.” In fact, lots of people have been doing so, as the Eclipse album currently (early hours, April 20) ranks #17 among Amazon’s “music” bestsellers and #2 among its movie soundtracks.

Directed by David Slade from a screenplay by Melissa Rosenberg, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse opens on June 30. The final official Eclipse trailer will be shown on Oprah next Friday.

Photo: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Kimberley French / Summit Entertainment)

April 28

Robert Pattinson faces Kristen Stewart Twilight
Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen faces Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan in Catherine Hardwicke’s Twilight

Writer-director Bill Condon, who won a Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar for Gods and Monsters (1998), has been named the director of the last installment(s) of the The Twilight Saga series, Breaking Dawn, which will bring back Robert Pattinson’s Edward Cullen, Kristen Stewart’s Bella Swan, Taylor Lautner’s Jacob Black, and at least one new – and highly unusual – character to boot.

“I’m very excited to get the chance to bring the climax of this saga to life onscreen,” Condon was quoted as saying. “As fans of the series know, this is a one-of-a-kind book — and we’re hoping to create an equally unique cinematic experience.”

Other Oscar-pedigreed filmmakers previously under consideration for Breaking Dawn were Sofia Coppola, Gus Van Sant, and Stephen Daldry, who has recently been announced as the director of the screen adaptation of Jonathan Safran Foer’s novel Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.

Catherine Hardwicke directed the first movie, Twilight, which wasn’t too warmly received by critics. Even so, the “indie” effort caught everyone by surprise when it became an international box office hit.

Chris Weitz, whose grandmother Lupita Tovar starred in the Spanish-language version of Dracula back in 1931, directed the second, New Moon. That also failed to impress most critics, but it went on to become an even bigger worldwide blockbuster.

David Slade handled the third installment, Eclipse, which opens in the United States next June 30. (The world premiere will be held at the Nokia Theatre in downtown Los Angeles on June 24.) Slade is supposed to have brought a “darker” feel to Eclipse; and approach that can be clearly seen in the film’s official final trailer.

Also, by emphasizing physical over emotional conflict in the trailer – a war pitting an army of nasty new-born vampires against “vegetarian” vampires and werewolves – Summit Entertainment has been desperately trying to erase the “teen girl” stigma attached to the Twilight series. However idiotic, “real men,” won’t be caught dead walking into a theater showing a “chick flick.” That would be not only socially unacceptable, but might also lead to myriad fates worse than death.

Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, who has been criticized by numerous Twilight Saga fans, has penned each film adaptation and is reportedly writing The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn as well.

Twilight Saga novelist Stephenie Meyer will co-produce the movie, along with Wyck Godfrey and Karen Rosenfelt.

Breaking Dawn, perhaps the darkest of the Twilight Saga novels, may or may not be turned into two movies that may or may not be filmed in 3D. Curiously, some quite vocal Robert Pattinson fans don’t want Summit Entertainment to stretch Breaking Dawn into two flicks. It seems that they’re afraid the lengthy shoot will tie Pattinson down, when he could be doing more challenging work elsewhere.

By the way, because of the success of this blog’s Twilight posts, I’ve decided that as the site’s publisher it was time I checked out Stephenie Meyer’s novels. I’m currently reading Twilight and – even though I’m neither a teen nor a girl – I’m finding it thoroughly engrossing. In truth, I’ve been having a lot of trouble putting the damn book down.

Photo: Twilight (Kimberley French / Summit Entertainment)

Bella and Edward, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in Twilight
Bella and Edward in love: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in Catherine Hardwicke’s Twilight

Bill Condon, who will be guiding Twilight Saga leads Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner in Breaking Dawn, is best known for the three feature films he directed in the last twelve years.

Gods and Monsters (1998), was a fictionalized account (based on Christopher Bram’s novel Father of Frankenstein) of the twilight of director James Whale’s life. Additionally, Condon wrote and directed the Alfred Kinsey biopic Kinsey (2004), starring Liam Neeson, and the musical Dreamgirls (2006), starring Beyoncé and Jennifer Hudson.

James WhaleAs I’ve mentioned in a previous post, James Whale (right), the subject of Condon’s Gods and Monsters, would have been an ideal choice for a project like Breaking Dawn. In fact, Whale would probably have been ideal for any of the Twilight saga film adaptations.

Among his quirky character studies disguised as horror movies are Frankenstein (1931), The Old Dark House (1932), The Invisible Man (1933), and The Bride of Frankenstein (1935). All of those feature themes found in the Twilight stories: love, sexuality, revenge, powerlust, social ostracism, the nature of life and death, and what makes a living being “human.”

Boris Karloff’s monster, for one, comes across as more human than most warm-blooded men and women out there; by the same token, so does the lovestruck vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight series.

Unfortunately, James Whale has been dead for more than five decades. Else, the Twilight movies would have been quite different.

Now, the good news for Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, and their fellow Breaking Dawn players is that Bill Condon is a solid actors’ director.

The three feature films he has directed in the last twelve years have earned Academy Award nominations for four performers (Ian McKellen, Lynn Redgrave for Gods and Monsters; Laura Linney for Kinsey; Eddie Murphy for Dreamgirls) and one Oscar victory (Jennifer Hudson, Dreamgirls). Whether or not he’ll have similar success with Summit’s tentpole franchise remains to be seen.

Breaking Dawn is expected to begin filming in the fall.

Note: This is an edited / revised version of an article originally posted in April 2010.

Photo: Twilight (Summit Entertainment)

April 9 post

Bill Condon may be the Chosen One to direct the last installment(s) of the The Twilight Saga franchise, Breaking Dawn, which will bring back Robert Pattinson’s Edward, Kristen Stewart’s Bella, and Taylor Lautner’s Jacob. Plus an assortment of unusual characters and equally unusual relationships.

Catherine Hardwicke helmed the first movie, Twilight; Chris Weitz directed the second, New Moon; and David Slade was the man behind the camera of the third, Eclipse, which opens June 30. Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, who has been criticized by numerous fans of Stephenie Meyer’s novels, has penned each film adaptation.

Bill Condon is one of the Oscar-pedigreed filmmakers approached by Summit Entertainment to tackle The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, perhaps the darkest of the Twilight Saga novels. To date, it’s still unclear if Breaking Dawn will be split into two movies – perhaps shot in 3D, perhaps not.

Other filmmakers under consideration at one point or another were Sofia Coppola, Gus Van Sant, and Stephen Daldry, who has recently been announced as the director of the screen adaptation of Jonathan Safran Foer’s novel Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.

Bill Condon won an Academy Award for his (adapted) screenplay for the 1998 psychological drama/fictionalized James Whale biopic Gods and Monsters, which also earned Oscar nominations for Ian McKellen (in the role of the 1930s filmmaker) and Lynn Redgrave (as Whale’s maid). Though dramatically uneven, Gods and Monsters had a number of memorable sequences, chiefly thanks to McKellen’s and Redgrave’s performances.

Condon’s Kinsey (2004), a biopic about sex researcher Alfred Kinsey, was equally uneven from a dramatic standpoint. Admittedly, it’s nearly impossible to make an effective movie about sex when you can’t actually show much of it, while some of the film’s “audience friendly” concessions diluted the power of Kinsey’s no-holds-barred real-life story. Yet, Kinsey featured several good performances, including those of Liam Neeson in the title role, Academy Award nominee Laura Linney as his wife, and especially Lynn Redgrave in a very touching cameo.

Dreamgirls earned Jennifer Hudson a Best Supporting Actress Academy Award in early 2007, but the much-anticipated musical ended up disappointing both at the box office and the Oscars. A shoo-in for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Adapted Screenplay, Dreamgirls was shut out in all three categories – though it did get no less than three nominations for Best Song. But that was little consolation.

Also, early in his career Condon directed the cheapo horror flicks Sister, Sister (1987) and Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh (1995), and a handful of made-for-TV thrillers.

So, would Bill Condon be a good choice as director of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn? Well, he could indeed be the right guy in case he has absorbed and retained some of James Whale’s vibes after having written and directed Gods and Monsters.

Among Whale’s classics are Frankenstein, The Bride of Frankenstein, The Old Dark House, and The Invisible Man. None of these is an out-and-out horror film; in fact, they’re all quirky character studies dealing with complex themes such as sexuality, madness, revenge, megalomania, powerlust, social ostracism, the nature of life and death, and what makes a living being “human.”

Considering the plot elements found in Breaking Dawn – even if they must be bowdlerized and dumbed down so the film can get a PG-13 rating – Whale himself would have been ideal for the project. Too bad he’s been dead for more than five decades.

Comments about Bill Condon and James Whale initially posted by André Soares.

Photo: Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Summit Entertainment)

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Christie -

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

denaye -

i agree with what most of u said,i just started reading twilght a couple weeks ago so im only on new moon,but soo far im loving the books,and i hate how bella is also in love with jacob,edward is sooo much nicer and hotter ha! “)

SaRa -

Yeah i agree i hate Justin Bieber!

Adrenalina -

‘Scuse me! But sex and babies AND LUST are part of loving someone in a romantic way. It’d have been really weird if Stephenie hadn’t shown us that Bella WAS human, with NORMAL desires including SEX.
There’s nothing filthy about ‘carnal pleasure’ — unless YOU make it so in your own head.
I’m sure the movie will be GREAT if it stays close to Stephenie’s idea.

Ethereal -

Breaking Dawn’s just plain gross. i can’t believe Meyer wrote crap like that. for one thing, she’s completely ruined Edward & Bella’s sweet love. lust & sex & babies- they’re just teens too- so not cool. its not what i thought she’s created at all. she’s practically butchered the whole story.

the plot has so many flaws & so does Meyer’s logic. why did she bother writing Twilight at all if this was what she was driving at?? it started out as something great- a whole new world (a world she never utilized though as J.K.Rowling for instance would’ve done)& the extraordinary, highly complex character of Edward Cullen. but finally it ended up with teen pregnancies, gore & utter meaninglessness.

just how could the deep, unique,almost spiritual love of Edward & Bella end up in ugly craving for carnal pleasure & all that filth??

Breaking Dawn is a huge failure & its one of the worst books i’ve ever read. making it into a movie is gonna be nothing but a huge disaster.

Kristin Stollger -

If Justin Beiber sings on the Eclipse album I will be SO flipping mad. I won’t buy the soundtrack if he’s on it. Now way. Never. Not gonna happen.

Priya -

And Belle..u wanna b my frnd..if yes ,then plz let me know I will giv u my email ID..

Priya -

Belle…I am a seventeen year old girl frm India.U know our culture is so different.We dont date in India(atleast in some of the many states in India like my state Kerala).We believe in loving the only one we marry.I really do beleive in our culture.I havnt loved or dated anyone.So I really cant tell hw this emotion -‘love’- goes.
This was very different frm other Bella and Edward hadnt dated anyone before they met each other and they were like soul mates..they had fallen in lov for the first time and all…but when Stepenie Meyer added Jacob-Bella Romance and other things,it really broke my heart..

Belle -

I don’t think you are crazy Priya. I think you are like a lot of us out there who long for a time when emotions ran deeper, when love ran deeper. A time when to say the words “I do” meant a lifetime of love, support and committment not “I’ll see how it goes and I’ll stay as long as no one better comes along”. I, too, love the characters of Edward and Bella. I am a woman in my 40’s who has raised 3 children on my own since they were aged between 3 to 7. All I have known from men is infatuation, desire, the need to possess and control and the pride at having something attractive on their arm so I look at the character of Edward and wished a man like that could really exist. That a love like that could really exist. I don’t see a love like that amongst my married or involved friends but I have seen it in some elderly couples so I know it can exist. So, like you, I read the books and watch the movies again and again so that for an hour or two I can escape and believe.
Reading over this I think, maybe it is not you who is crazy but me.

Priya -

Yeah Belle…I remember that scene..Jacob explaining to Bella that they had to b together right frm the beginning because of Renesmee..

It might hav been better..if Stephenie had not brought in it the Jacob-Bella Romance…maybe something like inseparable Best frnds by soul or something who cannot b separated frm each other and cares for each other..and then realizes that they were so bonded with each other due to Renesmee.. (so that ‘Bella & Jacob in lov with each other rubbish’ could hav been avoided) would hav provided scope for the story to continue ..Jake hates the Cullens anyway and it hurts him when he realizes that his bestfrnd is gonna marry a vampire and kill herself..and bella finds it very difficult to hurt her best frnd and cannot afford to lose him..but she cant liv without Edward either…and Edward is very upset because he thinks that Bella is hurting herself trying to choose between them( and Edward clearly knows that they r just Best Frnds) and becomes sort of possessive-well we can replace jealousy with possessiveness(that explains him restricting Bella frm going to La push)..
I know that i sound like a lunatic..but when i watch movies or read things that upset me..i change the story into something i want it to b..the one i would hav enjoyed.

And yes Belle..I wonder if Stephenie will write a book in which Jacob and Renesmee will hav a half-vampire-half werewolf child..Woah!!I wonder hw he/she would b..may b the child may possess various Vampire features and also an ability to phase when he wants to….It would b very very interesting..
I know what u r thinking now Belle..
U r thinking that i am crazy ,rite..? I dunno..I just like Edward and Bella so much ..they r the most ideal couple ..and i just dont like those scenes ruining it…ruining something so pure and perfect

bettyel -

Heather, you asked me when Eclipse will be released. In the United States it will open at midnight on June 30th. By the way Rob, Kristen, Taylor and Dakota will be on Oprah on May 15th. Rob will be on Ellen on May 19. (Wonder if his family will be there like they were for his 2 previous appearances. I love seeing his parents and sisters.)
As to which is my favorite book, I am torn between Twilight and Breaking Dawn. I loved the wedding and both honeymoons in BD and I like the whole getting to know each other in Twilight.
I keep reading and re-reading the books and always picture the movie cast in the various parts. I cannot read about Bella and Edward without seeing Kristen and Rob’s faces. I will watch him in anything he’s in just to keep looking at him. I have to admit that I am completely obsessed by the Twilight Saga, books, movies and Robert Pattison. I would like to see Breaking Dawn in 2 movies so that they don’t have to eliminate any scenes Edwards is in and also so that I have something to look forward to after the first Breaking Dawn opens. I hate for the series to end.

Satine -

@HazNuts and Indrani DasGupta,
I am also an older woman of 51, not a teenager and I agree the focus of these stories need to go back to Edward and Bella. I also concur that New Moon made more money because it was a sequel and so many people believed it would be better than Twilight but in its second week at the the box-office it fell 70%, so that should tell you something that we fans were missing the romance between our leads. Don’t get me wrong I like the wolves and Jacob for the wedge they put between the romance to give it interest but not to forsake the love story which is the core of the book. That is why my only problem with Stephanie’s last book is the imprinting. They can change it, the movie is based on the novel, it does not have to take everything literally except the main theme the romance between Edward and Bella. After all Lord of the Rings main romance between Arwen and Aragon was just a cliff note in the books. The director expanded their storyline and it made the film better because of it. They can edit out Jacob’s imprinting and still make a wonderful movie. I can only dream this will happen.

RomanceFan -

I’ve read most of the comments above, and was pleased to find rational and credible comments (as opposed to a lot of the hate that gets posted elsewhere). I, too, resisted this series until November of last year, and that was because of the way the media was painting it (all of the footage of teen girls screaming over Rob, etc.) as a teen thing. When I read the books, and I have done so multiple times (like the commenter above…I finish Breaking Dawn, and then start all over again), I don’t really even see either Bella or Edward as teenagers, and they really don’t come across too much that way in the movies either. I am, however, one of those fans who does not believe that the screenplays have done justice to the love story that is at the core of the whole series. I have come to appreciate the movies more after numerous viewings, but the relationship that Stephenie has created is so deep, sadly, so unique in our self-centered culture, and so special, it just doesn’t come across with that level of emotion in the films. Enjoy reading the books…I don’t think your inability to put them down will wane much!

Indrani DasGupta -

Excellent blog post. I am one of those older fans. I’m 46 and had assiduously avoided the entire Twilight saga until this year, when a male buddy of mine (who happens to have written two Star Trek: Next Generation episodes — Tin Man and First Contact) recommended it. I was curious when New Moon came out and asked around if it was any good. He told me that he liked the indie quality of the first movie and thought it was shot and edited in an unusual manner. Watch it, he told me. Well, I did and loved it. So did my mother (she’s 72). Since then, I’ve read all four books (I liked Twilight and New Moon best amongst the books; Twilight is the better movie, so far) and have turned my mom onto them as well. I really hope that Summit does not continue to shaft the Edward/Bella love story. It’s the heart and soul of the books, and should be the driving force in the movies, as well. Robert Pattinson is a FIND and they ignore his character and his role to their peril. If they have not realized that yet, they need to get their PR policy re-defined. The amount of deleted scenes that had E/B interaction in New Moon had me incredulous. All those scenes were shafted in favor of the wolves! I don’t think Chris Weitz understood the books at all. I think he thought the wolves were the main thrust of the stories. Uh, no. They made for “boring”. As has been said earlier, the reason New Moon made more money was because the fan base grew because of the first movie. The farce that was New Moon — cinematically and in terms of the script — made me ache for the whimsical/feminine/quirky/cougary touch that Catherine Hardewicke brought to the first movie. She gets it. I think women of all ages get this story much faster and more intuitively than most men. So my hat is off to you, Andre. You’re special. Keep reading and don’t forget to read Midnight Sun — whatever there is of it.

Shaun -

Why are Rob fans unhappy? He has nothing to do in most of Breaking Dawn especially the second part. I am a Kristen fan and I want her to be done with Bella ASAP. She has a chance at some great upcoming films if this movie doesn’t muck it up with scheduling.

The only good thing I can say is that she will add another Oscar winner to her list of people she has worked with. Sadly Bella is in virtually every scene except the Jacob parts so any hope that we Kristen fans have of her being done quickly are out the window. It will be cool to see her as a vampire but I wish it was in a better film.

Summit must have given Bill Condon a very good deal to take on these films. Please keep it in one movie. There is no need for two unless you want to bore the audience to tears.

I will see both Eclipse and Welcome to the Rileys, but I’m pretty positive that I will love the latter more.

HazNuts -

Just in case Summit, et al read this article, I hope that you also included that the fans hate the fact that the Edward/Bella love story was shafted in New Moon, then in Eclipse based on the leaked script. New Moon might have double the ticket sales than Twilight but that’s only because the first movie was so well-received by fans and created new audiences by the time the DVDs come out (I’m one of them, as I’ve never seen Twilight at the theater and only read the books after I’ve seen the DVD). New Moon might have had a potential of more repeat viewers (and more box office take) if they continued to stay true to the Edward and Bella love story (and even add to it) and not spend so much screen time on Taycob and the wolves.

Belle -

I found it a bit odd, too, Priya. I realise there is nothing sexual in it until the one they imprint on is an adult but the fact that he was in love with Bella, fantasized about her and kissed her makes it a little weird! There was a part in Breaking Dawn where Jacob implies that it was Renesmee, from the womb, who kept him hanging around and kept Bella needing him around whilst she was pregnant – Chapter: Promise, page 451.
I wonder if Stephenie Meyer will ever write a book about Renesmee and Jacob – do you realise that if they were to have children the baby would be part human, part werewolf and part vampire!!!!

LBear -

Oh, I just read the comments above – yes, it is quite possible that you were reading the IMDb. Rob’s fans over there are not happy about the possibility of BD being made in two movies, at all. Partly because it ties him down to the saga, partly because the novel is strongly disliked by many. It’s really a lose/lose situation.

LBear -

Of course we want only one movie. Breaking Dawn is a horrible, horrible novel, many fans of the saga HATED it. Why would we want to see Rob make a fool of himself in a crapfest like that, TWICE?!

McMilliss -

For the purpose of the books, I think BD needs to be in two parts, but I am more of a Pattinson fan than Twilight fan (altho I do really like the story) and I want him to be doing more challenging material so I really would prefer just the one BD film (albeit long).

bettyel -

Let me chime in as a 74 year old happily married (48 years) grandmother. I love the Twilight Saga books, after being introduced to them by my then 12 year old granddaughters, and have also read each of them multiple times including Midnight Sun (which I wish Stephenie would finish). I enjoyed both movies and am eagerly anticipating Eclipse and then Breaking Dawn. I think Robert is an excellent actor (and one of the best looking, and sexiest men on the planet) and will see anything he is in.
I, too, hope Breaking Dawn is shot in two parts one right after the other, because he needs to look 17 and by then will be 24 1/2. Kristen, Taylor and the rest of the cast are also very good.

I am far from a prude, but it’s nice to read a book that concentrates on the love story and one in which no one curses, smokes, drinks alcohol, has premarital sex etc. Stephenie Meyer also does not have superfluous gore, and doesn’t describe what gore there is in great detail like so many books and movies do today. For me, all of the above are the reasons I am so drawn to these books and almost obsessed by them.
I deeply regret that Summit (after the first movie) has tried to emphasize the action and de-emphasize Bella and Edward’s relationship since I think that is the strength of the series. I hope that Bill Condon will go back to Catherine Hardwicke’s concept and allow Edward and Bella to be the main characters.

Janna -

I resisted reading Twilight for two years despite the countless recommendations from my students. I got sick and the only book left unread at home was Twilight. I finished all four by the time I went back to work three days later.

judith saucedo -

I am a great grandmother fan. I too feel that the movie needs to be done in 2, so you can be true to the book. Too much in it for only one movie. I have the books on cd and listen to them over and over again.I also think that they should be done one right after the other. I don’t care how much time between that they come to the theater’s. Just so they are done so that Robert can go on with his career. It dosn’t matter what movie Robert is in I will be going multible times.He is such a good actor.He can pull of any part. I have read Bel Ami and Water for elephants. Can’t wait for them to come the the theaters.Don’t know anything about the director,guess I am too old to keep up. But don’t think it matters Robert will make the movie what it is,(Great).It can’t turn out anything other then great if Robert is in it.

Elaine -

I can’t want to see Eclipse.Rob and Kristen are perfect couple.

Andre -

>>>It’s nice to know you actually are finding out what we’ve been talking about the books being very enticing LOL!

Two nights ago, I was up until 4am reading it.

>>>>But I think you have it wrong. I don’t know what Twilight sites you’re reading but the fan sites I read want 2 films. The book is big enough for two.

Someone sent me an e-mail several weeks ago, shortly after we posted something on the upcoming “Breaking Dawn” release.

There was a link to a forum where a number of fans were complaining that “Breaking Dawn” might be turned into two movies. They were Pattinson fans. From what I remember, it was a discussion forum of sorts, not a Twilight or Pattinson fan site.

It actually may have been the IMDb. Perhaps the forum on the Pattinson page? Or the “Breaking Dawn” page? I can’t recall.

adree -

True Fans Kristen and Rob did not want two BD movies. We care more for career profession of Rob and Kristen. We Want see Rob and Kristen in other movies.

Denise -

The Twilight fanbase is more than teen girls. I am 48 and have read the books plus all the extras and Midnight Sun. I should add that I have read them many times because the first time through I read so fast I was sure I missed a lot. They really are hard to put down.
Eclipse was my favorite book and I will be at the midnight release on June 30 with my 40 year old friends.
As a fan, I don’t know anyone that doesn’t want Breaking Dawn filmed in two parts. I want to see them stick to the story as much as possible and it would be difficult for that to happen in one 2 hour film.

ShariG -

Just wanted to add one thing. I too am not a teenager. I am in my 40s. The fact that these films have been linked to teenagers is a disservice to the books and the films. A good love story is suitable for all ages. I agree with those who would like to see Breaking Dawn in two films. There is just too much in it for one movie and I don’t want anything left out. After three previous films, they really need to do the finale justice. We waited a long time for some resolution to the Edward/Bella story. I hope they don’t skimp.

ShariG -

I completely can empathize with you in terms of not being able to put Twilight down. I resisted the entire series until last November when I rented the movie and completely fell in love with the Edward/Bella love story. I immediately bought all four books and have literally read them over and over. When I finish Breaking Dawn I start all over again with Twilight. Having seen the movie first, I picture Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in my head while I read. They are the perfect couple to portray Edward and Bella. This is an incredibly popular series of films and books for a reason. A large part is that the stories are compelling, but a large part is also that the actors have incredible chemistry and completely embody the characters. I cannot wait for Breaking Dawn to be filmed, my favorite of the four books.

Benny -

I avoided the Twilight books like the plague. I could NEVER read those books because I am an old girl–in my fifties. Well, I started the first one this year 2010 and then I could not put any of them down. Love the movies too. So there!

Jersey -

Oh I forgot a huge part: Bella learning how to use her vamp powers that Aro had foreseen. That takes time as well. So, I don’t know how it can be just two movies. Stephanie wants two movies; that’s why I think she’s a producer as well.

Just don’t let Stephanie have anything to do with selecting Bella’s wedding gown because the woman has no taste (see her New Moon premiere outfit…she looks like an old school marm, plus Bella’s engagement ring isn’t that great).

Condon has great taste in costumes, production etc… I’m sooo glad he was selected. I love his work. I think the wedding is going to be awesome!! He has a great eye for production. I squeeing like a tween!

Jersey -

It’s nice to know you actually are finding out what we’ve been talking about the books being very enticing LOL! But I think you have it wrong. I don’t know what Twilight sites you’re reading but the fan sites I read want 2 films. The book is big enough for two. The movie cannot fit everything in it, it’s impossible. When you read Breaking Dawn you will see. You have the engagement/wedding/honeymoon; that has to be at least the first hour; then you have to go thru the pregnancy/Jacob becoming an alpha & his involvement with helping the Cullens re: Bella and the pregnancy/the birth. That’s the next hour. We still haven’t dealt w/Bella becoming a vampire/the development and growth of Nessie/the imprinting/Charlie seeing Bella after the change/Alice leaving/the gathering of the vampires for the final showdown w/the Volturi then the showdown with the Volturi. It cannot be done in one movie unless each segment is only 15 minutes long.

So again, I don’t know who thinks it’s going to be done in one movie but they need a clue. Plus, rumor has it that they are filming both movies back to back so Robert will not be tied up. He’ll be doing Breaking Dawn then once that’s completed he’s done.

Robert has several movies being released in the meantime so he has plenty of diverse roles people can see.

Condon is an excellent choice. As for trying to remove the “teen stigma” the PRESS did that. The Twilight fan base is way more diverse than what the press presents. That’s why Breaking Dawn isn’t for tweens and wasn’t written for tweens of young teens. Stephanie initially wrote Twilight for young adults but her publisher made the book into a young teen book.

I’m glad that it’s moving into more adult themes in Breaking Dawn. It’s about time we finally see Edward and Bella together. But I digress.

Eclipse is going to be bigger than New Moon and Breaking Dawn is going to be bigger than them all.

Cindy -

Great article. I’m very excited about Bill Condon. He’s a fine choice and he’s what they need to tackle the highly controversial and intense scenes found in Breaking Dawn. I am also one of those fans who would prefer one long three hour movie. I’ll watch Pattinson over and over again in any movie, but would like to see him move on to other great roles.

DeeBee -

Can’t put the damn book down, huh? See, we told you!

miami -

Exactly how has scummit been trying to erase the teen girl stigma? They forced taycob down our throats for all of the New Moon promotion and alienated the majority of Edward/Bella fans. They are still doing it with Eclipse. The script does not include that much of Edward and Bella…they are focusing on Victoria and Riley and Bella and Jake. I’m so disgusted with scummit and the way they’ve ruined these movies and I’m positive I’m not alone. Just about everyone I know has decided they’re done with it because the Edward/Bella love story is not being told…that’s what fans loved from the books! hello? I watched the Eclipse trailer and I wondered what book Melissa Rosencrap read because my copy of Eclipse didn’t have zombies in it! I predict in BD scummit will have Jake and Bella get married and Edward will fall in love with Leah. Someone will have to tell me about it because I’m never going to see it.

Satine -

Correction, I meant to say Jacob imprinting on Renesmee. I hated it and I hope if they are going to do the imprinting that he would imprint on Leah. I always felt sorry for Leah in the book. I apologize for the error.

Satine -

I like Bill Condon and his adapatation of Gods and Monsters. I think he will do especially well with the intimate scenes between Bella and Edward on their honeymoon. I do hope he and Melissa rewrite the second half of BD because I personally hated the whole imprinting issue, especially Jacob imprinting on Bella.

W. Holland -

Yeah, well there are four books it should take you four days plus go the Stephanie Meyers website to read the out-takes and Midnight Sun.

Priya -

U r right Belle..
I would say that It was a big mistake frm Stephenie’s part..
’cause Edward’s heart is Bella’s and he could nevr imagine anyone else in Bella’s place..Ur words r rite..He is so loyal and accepts her the way she is..he is truly committed to her..
Bella..repeats over and over in the book that she loves Edward and cant liv without him..It makes her kind of fickle and less loyal to Edward,if she has space for someone else(no matter hw small that space in her heart might be for the other person)…If she truly lovd Edward,she would not hav even seen Jacob’s face(like Quil says in breaking Dawn that he doesnt see the faces of other girls).I wonder ,Hw could she see anyone beside her true lov Edward who cares for her, loves her like.. no one has ever lovd anyone as much as he loves her..!!
Abov all..dont u think its kind of wierd..Jacob imprinting on Renesmee..the man who has lovd her mother..Ew!!..its disgusting!!!

Belle -

I have to say my opinion of Bella as a character went down when she has her realisation that she is in love with Jacob too. For me I think that if her love for Edward is as deep and meaningful as she narrates it then there would have been no room in her heart or eyes for another man. Edward, on the other hand, is unfailingly committed and loyal to Bella. The character of Edward loves and accepts Bella just as she is – clumsy, stubborn, shy etc What woman would not rejoice in being so wholeheartedly accepted and loved so devotedly by a man!!!

Shirlene Tong -

I was so happy to read Sharon’s comment.. I feel a lot better.. I an 73 yrs old, a widow and a lifetime romantic . I ‘ve been keeping up with the “Twlight” Saga since the first movie. I have read all four books two or three times each. I think about Rob and Kristen all the time .When I see them together, I get cold chills, their chemistry is so powerful. They make me feel young again. I really believe they are in love. I don’t like to see Robert in another romantic movie.I wouldn’t go to see “Remember Me “Wish he wouldn’t take those parts.

TwilightLovers4eva!!! -

We were just finding out the definition of fruit and vegetables for our food coursework when we stumbled across this article. We just want to say we are compleaty in love with edward and when we grow up we want to meet our very own sparkly vampire. Jacob is going down- he may be hot but he has nothing of Edward’s pure and unflawed beauty!! Edwards and Bellas love cannot be compared to anything else… everyone says that they are up with Romeo and Juliet but in our opinion they are miles above that. There love is true and will last forever.
Edward is the perfect man in every way.

Sue Belvoir -

I’m so happy to read posts from “older” fans of Twilight. I’m 59, and am also completely addicted to the Twilight series. I’m also a fan of Rochester and Jane, Romeo and Juliet, Darcy and Lizzy, Wuthering Heights, Casablanca… and on and on. All of these wonderful stories have true love overcoming all as their basis, and I love that. I have to say that out of all of these wonderful, moving characters, and the people of played them in the movies, I am unconditionally and irrevocably in love with Robert and Kristen. They give me chills, and make me smile when I see them together.

bennetsue -

I love your article – I love Twilight saga – have read the books many times, own the movies – saw New Moon 19 times at the theatre(at least that’s how many ticket stubs I have) I’m 58 and just fell in love with the fantasy. Can’t wait for Eclipse – love Edward and Bella and all the Cullens and rest of the cast – really well done.

Pam -

BEing an English major and someone who has read about all the classics one can think off. I have to say Edward and Bella are my favorite couple of all time followed by Romeo and Juliet, Jane Eyre and Rochester and the couple from titanic. You are right, these two although the book is set in a highschool and they are teenagers, they act as full grown mature adults (Edward is more than 17) but especially Bella I was suprised about how mature she was, maybe this is why twilight appeals to teens, tweens and adults all alike, especially adults like myself. Loved the article

nola -

i love them, :)

Val -

Great article. i have to agree Bella and Edward are my absolute favorite romantic couple in the books and on screen. Their (rob/kristen) chemisty on screen is undeniable. I am looking forward to Eclipse – it will be nice to have Edward back in the picture with Bella.

Sharon -

I am a fifty five year old woman and let me tell you, Edward and Bella are as hot as Romeo and Juliet. When I was a teenager(back in the day)the Romeo and Julie movie starring Olivia Hussey was realeased and was a huge hit, just like twilight. The story and actors make you feel that desperate young love again. I accidentally got hooked on Twilight when I picked up a book at the airport, having forgotten my normal airplane reading material, when I was taking a business trip to Vegas. Not having any teenage girls in my life, and two 30 something sons, kinda left me out of the loop on the Twilight craze. But let me tell you by the time I landed in Vegas, I was hooked. It’s so pathetic…I don’t even have the excuse of being a Twimom. Since then, about a year ago, I have loaned my origianl Twilight book out to so many women my age and up, that it is worn out, the bindings are coming apart, and of course now they are all hooked. The oldest being seventy six. We all talk and try to figure out what it is about the story that hooks up so.
The general consensous is that the way Stephenie Meyer writes and the way the actors portray the characters, you just can’t help being transported back to when you felt your first love. Not that any of us fell for a Vampire, but it feels just as desperate. Those teenage hormones are pumping and you think you’ll die if you don’t see the object of you affection. It’s that desperate high you get when you are young and first fall in love.
It is addictive! We are all simply addicts. That’s my analysis. Or maybe the story just simply gets those long dead hormones active again. We don’t know or care. We love it!

Satine -

I agree with you on your admiration of doomed or nearly impossible romance movies. Here are my top 5 romantic movie couples and it changes but here it goes: Rick and Ilsa in Casablanca, Lucy Muir and Captain Gregg in the Ghost and Mrs. Muir, Edward Cullen and Bella Swan in the Twilight Saga, Sir Laurence Olivier and Merle Oberon in Wuthering Heights, and Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice (Keira Knightly version).

Titanic (1997)(I thought Leo look to young that is why it is not in my top five, however that one scene where they kiss and the sunset is in the background is one of the most romantic scenes)
Romeo and Juliet (Sixties version)
Sixteen Candles (The last scene as they kiss across the cake on the table, so very cute)
An Officer and a Gentleman (The last scene where he is walking through the papermill and swopes her up in his arms as the music swells, what girl wouldn’t want that to happen to her.)
Adam’s Rib (Tracy and Hepburn what a combination)

I could go on but those would be my favorites and can watch them over and over again.

Cindy -

Great article. I really do find their love story in the books to be the most profound, and intense of recent generations. Eclipse is the book I most looked forward to seeing on the big screen. I, too, hope it lives up to my expectations.

Priya -

Absolutely Jo..I am so totally in agreement with u..there was no need for the bella-jacob romance thing..its hav no words..edward and bella r pefect…but bella lov with jake too…it makes me so makes me like the book a little lesser too..actually it spoils my good mood if i read bella-jacob romance the tent and all…the first book(twilight) is and will always b my fav..cause there is no interruption frm Jacob(I dont hate jake..i just hate Jacob-bella romance..their frndship is cool)..
I like watching ‘true lov’ ie. first and only lov.
this series would hav been perfect if stephenie hadnt spoilt it with this jacob-bella romance thing..urgh!

Jo -

I agree! I dislike that in the book, Bella realizes that she’s in love with Jacob too. Although not as much as Edward, I wished it was not the case in the first place. This complication makes me like the story lesser. I fast forward the Bella/Jacob pages too! They seem pointless. The first Twilight will always remain my favourite book/movie.

nicole -

I thinkl robert patterson is so fine but he needs not to be with kirsten stewart that just makes him look ugly

Priya -

You r matter what Jacob Black does Bella’s heart always belongs to Edward only..I like Bella-Jacob friendship scenes,but i totally loath those ‘two scenes’ beteween Jacob-Bella..when i read the book..I never read the scene in which Bella realizes that she is in love with Jake too(though not as much as with in with Edward) breaks my heart every time when I even think about that scene…I lov Edward-Bella…

Jazmin -

Oh my goodness! That picture is SEXY!!! I love Robert Pattinson sooooooo much! I can’t wait until the release of Eclipse. It’s going to be great!


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