Best Films - 1925

Ramon Novarro, May McAvoy in Ben-Hur
Ramon Novarro and May McAvoy in Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ


d: Fred Niblo (assisted by Christy Cabanne, Alfred L. Raboch, B. Reeves Eason); scr: Carey Wilson, Bess Meredyth, June Mathis; titles: Katherine Hilliker, H. H. Caldwell

The Big Parade
d: King Vidor; scr: Laurence Stallings, Harry Behn; titles: Joseph W. Farnham

Her Sister from Paris
d: Sidney Franklin; scr: Hanns Kräly

Lady Windermere's Fan
d: Ernst Lubitsch; scr: Julien Josephson; titles: Maude Fulton, Erik Yorke

The Merry Widow
d: Erich von Stroheim; scr: Benjamin Glazer, Erich von Stroheim; titles: Marian Ainslee



Stella Dallas
d: Henry King; scr: Frances Marion


Lon Chaney, Mary Philbin in The Phantom of the Opera
Lon Chaney, Mary Philbin in The Phantom of the Opera


John Arnold
The Big Parade

George Barnes
The Eagle

Harry Fischbeck, Harold S. Sintzenich
Sally of the Sawdust

Oliver T. Marsh, Ben F. Reynolds, William H. Daniels
The Merry Widow

Hal Mohr
The Monster

Karl Struss, Clyde de Vinna, Percy Hilburn, René Guissart

Edouard Tissé, V. Popov
The Battleship Potemkin

Charles Van Enger
Lady Windermere's Fan

Charles Van Enger, Virgil Miller
The Phantom of the Opera



John Gilbert
The Big Parade


Norma Shearer, Lady of the Night, Gwen Lee, Betty Morrissey
Florence Vidor, Betty Bronson, Adolphe Menjou, Are Parents People?
Norma Shearer (sitting), Gwen Lee (left), Betty Morrissey in Monta Bell's Lady of the Night (top); Florence Vidor, Betty Bronson, Adolphe Menjou in Malcolm St. Clair's Are Parents People? (bottom). Photos: Courtesy of Derek Boothroyd.


Belle Bennett
Stella Dallas

Eleanor Boardman
The Way of a Girl

Betty Bronson
Are Parents People?

Pauline Frederick
Smouldering Fires

Irene Rich
Lady Windermere's Fan<

Norma Shearer
Lady of the Night

Constance Talmadge
Her Sister from Paris



Edward Martindel
Lady Windermere's Fan


Ronald Colman, Lois Moran, Alice Joyce, Stella Dallas
Ronald Colman, Lois Moran, Alice Joyce in Henry King's Stella Dallas. Photo: Courtesy of Derek Boothroyd.


Renée Adorée
The Big Parade

Alice Joyce
Stella Dallas

Lois Moran
Stella Dallas

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