Best Films of 1928

Evelyn Brent Emil Jannings The Last Command
Evelyn Brent and Emil Jannings in The Last Command


The Crowd
d: King Vidor; scr: King Vidor, James V. A. Weaver; titles: Joseph W. Farnham

The Docks of New York
d: Josef von Sternberg; scr: Jules Furthman; titles: Julian Johnson

The Last Command
d: Josef von Sternberg; scr: John F. Goodrich; titles: Herman J. Mankiewicz

Sadie Thompson
d & scr: Raoul Walsh; titles: C. Gardner Sullivan

Street Angel
d: Frank Borzage; scr: Marion Orth, Philip Klein & Henry Roberts Symonds; titles: H. H. Caldwell & Katherine Hilliker

The Wind
d: Victor Sjöström; scr: Frances Marion


L'Argent by Marcel L'Herbier
L'Argent by Marcel L'Herbier


d: Marcel L'Herbier; scr: Marcel L'Herbier & Arthur Bernède

The Patsy
d: King Vidor; scr: Agnes Christine Johnson; titles: Ralph Spence

Show People
d: King Vidor; scr: Laurence Stallings & Agnes Christine Johnson; titles: Ralph Spence

The Trail of '98
d: Clarence Brown; scr: Benjamin Glazer & Waldemar Young; titles: Joseph W. Farnham

The Wedding March
d: Erich von Stroheim; scr: Erich von Stroheim & Harry Carr

A Woman of Affairs
d: Clarence Brown; scr: Bess Meredyth; titles: Marian Ainslee & Ruth Cummings


Eleanor Boardman, James Murray in The Crowd
Eleanor Boardman, James Murray in The Crowd

Pierre Alcover (L'Argent)
George Bancroft (The Docks of New York)
Lionel Barrymore (Sadie Thompson)
Wallace Beery (Beggars of Life)
John Gilbert (A Woman of Affairs)
Lars Hanson (The Wind)
Jean Hersholt (The Battle of the Sexes)
Emil Jannings (The Last Command)
James Murray (The Crowd)


Janet Gaynor in Street Angel
Janet Gaynor in Street Angel

Eleanor Boardman (The Crowd)
Betty Compson (The Docks of New York)
Marion Davies (The Cardboard Lover)
Marion Davies (The Patsy)
Marion Davies (Show People)
Greta Garbo (A Woman of Affairs)
Janet Gaynor (Street Angel)
Lillian Gish (The Wind)
Phyllis Haver (The Battle of the Sexes)
Dorothy Mackaill (The Barker)
Sally O'Neil (The Battle of the Sexes)
Gloria Swanson (Sadie Thompson)


William Bakewell (West Point)
Harry Carey (The Trail of '98)
Douglas Fairbanks Jr (The Barker)


Olga Baclanova (The Docks of New York)
Olga Baclanova (The Man Who Laughs)
Brigitte Helm (L'Argent)
Dorothy Sebastian (A Woman of Affairs)


Ramon Novarro, Dorothy Cumming in Forbidden Hours
Dorothy Cumming, Ramon Novarro in Forbidden Hours (Courtesy of Matias Bombal)

G. W. Bitzer, Karl Struss & Harry Jackson (Drums of Love)
William H. Daniels (A Woman of Affairs)
Nicolas Farkas (Das Schiff der verlorenen Menschen / The Ship of Lost Men)
Merritt B. Gerstad (Forbidden Hours)
Bert Glennon (The Last Command)
A. L. Golovnya (Potomok Chingis-Khana / Storm over Asia)
Carl Hoffman (Die Wunderbare Lüge der Nina Petrowna / The Wonderful Lies of Nina Petrovna)
Hal Mohr & Ben F. Reynolds (The Wedding March)
Ernest Palmer & Paul Ivano (Street Angel)
Harold Rosson (The Docks of New York)




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