Best Films - 1970

Il Conformista a.k.a. The Conformist (1970) directed by Bernardo Bertolucci, starring Jean-Louis Trintignant, Stefania Sandrelli, Dominique Sanda
Quite possibly Bernardo Bertolucci's best film, Il Conformista / The Conformist is a first-rate psychological thriller that associates fascistic tendencies with repressed sexuality. Politicians everywhere should take a good look at it. Bertolucci, who also wrote the screenplay from a Alberto Moravia novel, focuses on the story of a Fascist-in-the-making, brilliantly played by Jean-Louis Trintignant, whose lust for power and control has its roots in his totally suppressed homosexuality.

Il Conformista / The Conformist
Five Easy Pieces
The Go-Between
Indagine su un cittadino al di sopra di ogni sospetto / Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion
Little Big Man
A Man Called Horse
Something for Everyone

Bernardo Bertolucci (Il Conformista / The Conformist)
Robert Altman (M*A*S*H)
Joseph Losey (The Go-Between)
Arthur Penn (Little Big Man)
Elio Petri (Indagine su un cittadino al di sopra di ogni sospetto / Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion)
Harold Prince (Something for Everyone)
Bob Rafelson (Five Easy Pieces)
Elliot Silverstein (A Man Called Horse)

Melvyn Douglas (I Never Sang for My Father)
Beau Bridges (The Landlord)
Dustin Hoffman (Little Big Man)
James Earl Jones (The Great White Hope)
Robert Mitchum (Ryan's Daughter)
Jack Nicholson (Five Easy Pieces)
Terence Stamp (The Mind of Mr. Soames)
Jean-Louis Trintignant (Il Conformista / The Conformist))
Gian Maria Volontè (Indagine su un cittadino al di sopra di ogni sospetto / Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion)
Michael York (Something for Everyone)

Sarah Miles (Ryan's Daughter)
Jane Alexander (The Great White Hope)

John Mills (Ryan's Daughter)
Alan Bates (The Go-Between)
Chief Dan George (Little Big Man)
Cliff Gorman (The Boys in the Band)
Van Heflin (Airport)
Trevor Howard (Ryan's Daughter)
Christopher Jones (Ryan's Daughter)

Margaret Leighton (The Go-Between)
Karen Black (Five Easy Pieces)
Jane Carr (Something for Everyone)
Julie Christie (The Go-Between)
Shelley Duvall (Brewster McCloud)
Lee Grant (The Landlord)
Helen Hayes (Airport)
Sally Kellerman (M*A*S*H)
Angela Lansbury (Something for Everyone)
Dominique Sanda (Il Conformista / The Conformist)

Bernardo Bertolucci (Il Conformista / The Conformist)
Robert Anderson (I Never Sang for My Father)
Robert Bolt (Ryan's Daughter)
Jack DiWitt (A Man Called Horse)
Adrien Joyce (Five Easy Pieces)
Ring Lardner, Jr. (M*A*S*H)
Harold Pinter (The Go-Between)
Ugo Pirro & Elio Petri (Indagine su un cittadino al di sopra di ogni sospetto / Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion)
Hugh Wheeler (Something for Everyone)
Calder Willingham (Little Big Man)

Vittorio Storaro (Il Conformista / The Conformist)
Geoffrey Fisher (The Go-Between)
Robert Hauser (A Man Called Horse)
Richard Kratina (Love Story)
Walter Lassally (Something for Everyone)
Ernest Laszlo (Airport)
Giuseppe Rotunno (I Girasoli / Sunflower)
Harry Stradling, Jr. (Little Big Man)
Jean-Jacques Tarbes (Borsalino)
Frederick A. Young (Ryan's Daughter)

Henry Mancini (I Girasoli / Sunflower)
Claude Bolling (Borsalino)
Manuel De Sica (Il Giardino dei Finzi-Contini / The Garden of the Finzi-Continis)
Maurice Jarre (Ryan's Daughter)
Francis Lai (Love Story)
Michel Legrand (The Go-Between)
Ennio Morricone (L'Uccello dalle piume di cristallo / The Bird with the Crystal Plumage)
Alfred Newman (Airport)




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