Best Films - 1990

Porte aperte a.k.a. Open Doors (1990) directed by Gianni Amelio, starring Gian Maria Volonte, Ennio Fantastichini
A film by one of the world's best directors, Gianni Amelio, the Academy Award-nominated Porte aperte / Open Doors tells the harrowing story of an assistant judge who tries to save a murderer from the death penalty in 1937 Palermo. As a bonus, the picture offers outstanding performances by veteran Gian Maria Volonté, as the judge, and by the lesser-known Ennio Fantastichini, as the condemned killer.

Open Doors is no gooey, phony The Shawshank Redemption or The Green Mile. Written by Vincenzo Cerami, Gianni Amelio, and Alessandro Sermoneta, Open Doors is raw and real – and deeply moving.


Porte aperte / Open Doors
The Company of Strangers / Strangers in Good Company
Dark City
Edward Scissorhands
The Field
Internal Affairs
Mr. and Mrs. Bridge
Mountains of the Moon
Reise der Hoffnung / Journey of Hope
Das Schrekliche Mädchen / The Nasty Girl

Gianni Amelio (Porte aperte / Open Doors)
Chris Curling (Dark City)
Mike Figgis (Internal Affairs)
Agnieszka Holland (Europa, Europa)
James Ivory (Mr. and Mrs. Bridge)
Xavier Koller (Reise der Hoffnung / Journey of Hope)
Bob Rafelson (Mountains of the Moon)
Cynthia Scott (The Company of Strangers / Strangers in Good Company)
Jim Sheridan (The Field)
Michael Verhoeven (Das Schrekliche Mädchen / The Nasty Girl)

Gian Maria Volonté (Porte aperte / Open Doors)
Necmettin Çobanoğlu (Reise der Hoffnung / Journey of Hope)
Koen de Bouw (Han de Wit)
Robert De Niro (Awakenings)
Richard Gere (Internal Affairs)
Richard Gere (Pretty Woman)
Richard Harris (The Field)
Paul Newman (Mr. and Mrs. Bridge)
Al Pacino (The Godfather: Part III)
Michael Rooker (Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer)

Joanne Woodward (Mr. and Mrs. Bridge)
Victoria Abril (¡Átame! / Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down)
Kathy Bates (Misery)
Laura Dern (Wild at Heart)
Kerry Fox (An Angel at My Table)
Whoopi Goldberg (Ghost)
Gong Li (Ju Dou)
Susan Sarandon (White Palace)
Lena Stolze (Das Schrekliche Mädchen / The Nasty Girl)
Meryl Streep (Postcards from the Edge)

Sean Bean (The Field)
Willem Dafoe (Wild at Heart)
Gabino Diego (¡Ay, Carmela!)
Ennio Fantastichini (Porte aperte / Open Doors)
John Goodman (Arachnophobia)
Al Pacino (Dick Tracy)
Austin Pendleton (Mr. and Mrs. Bridge)
Joe Pesci (Goodfellas)
John Turturro (Miller's Crossing)

Cissy Meddings (The Company of Strangers / Strangers in Good Company)
Kathy Baker (Edward Scissorhands)
Lorraine Bracco (Goodfellas)
Glenn Close (Reversal of Fortune)
Constance Garneau (The Company of Strangers / Strangers in Good Company)
Winifred Holden (The Company of Strangers / Strangers in Good Company)
Mary Meigs (The Company of Strangers / Strangers in Good Company)
Catherine Roche (The Company of Strangers / Strangers in Good Company)
Nur Sürer (Reise der Hoffnung / Journey of Hope)
Uma Thurman (Henry & June)

Xavier Koller, Feride Çiçecoğlu & Heike Hubert (Reise der Hoffnung / Journey of Hope)
Henry Bean (Internal Affairs)
Vincenzo Cerami, Gianni Amelio & Alessandro Sermoneta (Porte aperte / Open Doors)
William Harrison & Bob Rafelson (Mountains of the Moon)
Agnieszka Holland (Europa, Europa)
Ruth Prawer Jhabvala (Mr. and Mrs. Bridge)
David Lau (Dark City)
Jim Sheridan (The Field)
Caroline Thompson (Edward Scissorhands)
Michael Verhoeven (Das Schrekliche Mädchen / The Nasty Girl)

Takao Saito & Masahuro Ueda (Yume / Akira Kurosawa's Dreams)
Gu Changwei & Yang Lun (Ju Dou)
Stefan Czapsky (Edward Scissorhands)
Roger A. Deakins (Mountains of the Moon)
Stuart Dryburgh (An Angel at My Table)
Tonino Nardi (Porte aperte / Open Doors)
Jacek Petrycki (Europa, Europa)
Tony Pierce-Roberts (Mr. and Mrs. Bridge)
Elemér Ragályi (Reise der Hoffnung / Journey of Hope)
Vittorio Storaro (The Sheltering Sky)

Zbigniew Preisner (Europa, Europa)
Nick Bicat (The Reflecting Skin)
Carmine Coppola (The Godfather: Part III)
Danny Elfman (Edward Scissorhands)
Michael Nyman (Le Mari de la coiffeuse / The Hairdresser's Husband)
Richard Robbins (Mr. and Mrs. Bridge)




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