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Beyond Paradise: The Life of Ramon Novarro: Tragic Gay Star

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Beyond Paradise The Life of Ramon NovarroBeyond Paradise: The Life of Ramon Novarro: Biography of the tragic gay Hollywood star, whose credits include Scaramouche, The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg, Mata Hari (above, with Greta Garbo), and the problem-plagued mega-blockbuster Ben-Hur.
  • André Soares’ Beyond Paradise: The Life of Ramon Novarro chronicles the life and times of the gay actor.
  • A teenage refugee from the Mexican Revolution, Ramon Novarro went on to reach the pinnacle of Hollywood stardom after playing the title character in the problem-plagued production of Ben-Hur, which turned out to be the biggest global blockbuster of its time.
  • However unfairly, he’s best remembered for his bloody death at his Hollywood Hills home on Halloween eve 1968.

Beyond Paradise: The Life of Ramon Novarro tells the ultimately tragic story of the gay actor best remembered for the blockbuster Ben-Hur and for his brutal death

Ramon Novarro Beyond Paradise

André Soares’ Beyond Paradise: The Life of Ramon Novarro recounts the tragic story of gay Hollywood star Ramon Novarro, best remembered for playing the title character in the mammoth silent era blockbuster Ben-Hur and for his brutal death on Halloween eve 1968.

Born Ramón Samaniego in Durango, Mexico, on Feb. 6, 1899, the future movie star fled the Mexican Revolution of the 1910s, eventually settling in Los Angeles. Shortly thereafter, he began appearing as an extra in Hollywood productions.

His big chance came when Rex Ingram, one of the most prestigious and most influential filmmakers of the silent era, cast him as the suavely villainous Rupert of Hentzau in Metro Pictures’ 1922 version of The Prisoner of Zenda.

Ingram, who had helped to turn Rudolph Valentino into a major star by way of the previous year’s The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, had been looking for a “replacement” to the Italian actor, with whom he had had a falling out during the making of their second film, The Conquering Power. The newly renamed Ramon Novarro was his choice.

Ramon Novarro movies

Ingram and Novarro would work together on four other titles in the next three years, most notably the 1923 box office hit Scaramouche, an epic tale of the French Revolution that turned Novarro into a major Hollywood star.

After Rex Ingram moved to the south of France in the mid-1920s, Ramon Novarro remained in Hollywood. His career, however, didn’t falter. To the contrary. The second-in-command at the newly formed Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Irving G. Thalberg selected Novarro to replaced George Walsh as the title character in the runaway production of Ben-Hur, which MGM had inherited from Goldwyn Pictures.

One of the most problem-plagued productions in Hollywood history and up until then the costliest movie ever made, the mammoth Ben-Hur went on to become the most successful worldwide blockbuster until Gone with the Wind.

By then one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood, Novarro would star in several other major MGM productions of the late silent era, most notably Ernst Lubitsch’s bittersweet The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg (1927), costarring future Best Actress Academy Award winner and Queen of MGM Norma Shearer; George W. Hill’s military actioner The Flying Fleet (1929), with the Mexican-born star as an all-American navy pilot; and W.S. Van Dyke’s The Pagan (1929), a major international commercial hit in which Novarro introduced the immensely popular “Pagan Love Song.”

Ramon Novarro Lovers? Alice TerryRamon Novarro in Lovers? with Alice Terry: Novarro’s most frequent leading woman was the real-life of director Rex Ingram. Lovers?, however, was directed by John M. Stahl (Magnificent Obsession, Leave Her to Heaven).

Early talkie hits followed by end of stardom

Notwithstanding his slight Mexican accent, Ramon Novarro, playing a variety of ethnicities/nationalities, from French to Chinese, made an easy transition to sound.

An aspiring opera singer, he was particularly successful in early MGM musicals like Sidney Franklin’s Devil-May-Care and Charles Brabin’s Call of the Flesh. His biggest talkie hit, however, was George Fitzmaurice’s romantic spy melodrama Mata Hari, in which he was cast as a Russian aviator enamored of Greta Garbo’s titular spy.

After several box office underperformers – including the 1934 all-around disaster Laughing Boy and the costly musical The Night Is Young – MGM declined to renew Novarro’s contract. From then on, he would make sporadic film and television appearances until his death in 1968.

Catholicism vs. homosexuality

As depicted in Beyond Paradise, Ramon Novarro’s personal life was a difficult one.

Besides the frustration of having his operatic dreams shattered and the disillusionment after discovering that his trusted secretary (and former companion) Louis Samuel had left him all but penniless (as compensation, Novarro was handed what would become the landmark Lloyd Wright-designed Samuel-Novarro House in the Los Feliz Hills), there was the fact of Novarro’s sexual orientation.

Although not “openly” gay at a time when homosexuality was seen as a perversion and gay sex acts were against the law throughout the United States, as a young man Novarro seems to have been able to make peace between his devout Catholic faith and his sexual orientation.

He attended gay director F.W. Murnau’s gatherings, refused to get married or date women for appearances’ sake, and began a relationship with top Hollywood columnist Herbert Howe, who, during their time together, also acted as his (unofficial) publicist. (Following their split, however, Howe wrote a scathing article – an extreme rarity during that period – about his former lover.)

As the years went by – especially following the death of one of his brothers and the demise of his Hollywood stardom – Novarro became increasingly torn between his religious beliefs and his sexual urges. His acting career in disarray, his looks fading fast, should he devote himself to the priesthood? Or should he drink himself into a stupor?

In the last three decades of his life, Novarro would be involved in several near-fatal drunk driving accidents. Usually intoxicated, he would also seek the company of young men for hire.

Gay actor Ramon NovarroRamon Novarro: Besides Greta Garbo and Alice Terry, among the gay actor’s leading women were Barbara La Marr, Norma Shearer, Renée Adorée, Joan Crawford, Dorothy Jordan, Helen Hayes, Myrna Loy, Lupe Velez, and Jeanette MacDonald.

Death on Halloween eve

Following a manhunt and a sensational trial, two of these young men – brothers Paul Ferguson, 22, and Tom Ferguson, 17 –would be convicted of torturing and killing the former MGM star at his Hollywood Hills home on Halloween eve 1968.

Decades later, in interviews with Beyond Paradise author André Soares, both Paul and Tom would affirm that there had been no torture, and that Tom had not been involved in Novarro’s death.

Paul, for his part, would blame his Catholic upbringing for his anti-gay bias in his youth, which had resulted in Novarro’s death.

Ramon Novarro legacy

As it happened, the star of Scaramouche, Ben-Hur, and The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg became known for the bloody manner of his death, which would later be mocked – with the addition of a nonexistent dildo as the death weapon – in the bestseller Hollywood Babylon.

Beyond Paradise: The Life of Ramon Novarro attempts to rectify that historical injustice by presenting the actor’s life in all its complexity, while making clear the crucial role the former Mexican refugee played in American cinema history.

Beyond Paradise: The Life of Ramon Novarro in paperback

Update: The hardcover edition of Beyond Paradise: The Life of Ramon Novarro was published by St. Martin’s Press. The paperback edition was published by the University Press of Mississippi in spring 2010. Both editions are available at (hardcover, paperback).

Beyond Paradise is also available on Kindle.

Beyond Paradise: The Life of Ramon Novarro: Tragic Gay Star” notes

As discussed in Beyond Paradise, tales of a gay love affair between Ramon Novarro and Rudolph Valentino have absolutely no basis on the available evidence.

Ramon Novarro lived in the Samuel-Novarro House in the 1930s. Future residents included Diane Keaton and Christina Ricci.

Ramon Novarro and Greta Garbo Mata Hari movie image: MGM.

Ramon Novarro and Alice Terry Lovers? movie image: MGM.

Beyond Paradise: The Life of Ramon Novarro: Tragic Gay Star” last updated in September 2023.

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David (Paris) -

Dear Mr Soares,

I like very much Ramon Novarro ; his play, his beautiful face, his smile, his voice are so fascinating and when I see his movies he is so present..I like very much your book ; I wrote it in english but it would be nice to have a translation of it in French.
An other point is that its difficult to see movies with Ramon in Europe. Many movies are not available on dvd and its the same with the songs… ! I like very much “Devil may care”, its so “charming”…. and the Shepherd’s serenade is so sweet….
The end of his life, his secret and that tragic end are so sad.. Its an other reason to love him more..
Thank you for that beautiful book, its more than a book..
(excuse my bad english)

Martin Hoyos -

Also I meant to add to my previous note about your book that I felt this deep sadness for Mr Novarro when he was murdered. Honestly I can understand his complexities particularly when it comes to his sexuality and it’s very sad to see how alone he must’ve felt in his old age. In the end, happiness is in our own hands but when we have demons haunting us throughout our lives, we forget how to try to obtain it. I think perhaps that was his issue as well as his heavy drinking which didn’t help.
It was a very sad ending indeed and like you already stated in your book, most of it was his own fault including when his film career began to diminish. I agree with you how he could’ve had another successful movie with Greta Garbo. Perhaps there was truly a lack of focus from Mr Novarro.

Thanks again for writing a great book!


Martin Hoyos -

Dear Andre,

I love reading biographies but yours took the cake for me. I recently bought it and couldn’t put it down for the next week or so. Thank you for shining a light on a figure who deserves to not be forgotten for his contribution to old Hollywood. Apart from being a very handsome man, Ramon was also a great actor. I recently purchased some of his films and loved him in The Red Lily, The Pagan, and even The Flying Fleet. I thought he was miscast on The Barbarian to be honest but you pointed that out already several times in your book about him being miscast in several of his films.
I only wish there was a compilation of sorts on CD where his best recordings can be heard all in one shot. I’d have to look into that a little further. I find him a pleasant singer based on what I heard in his films.
The ending was brilliantly executed. You didn’t glamorize his murder like many other publications. You simply stated the facts as much as you were able to from your research.

Ramon Novarro was a complex man like many of us but even though he was only 5’6 boy was he mighty in front of that camera!

RIP Ramon.


Andre -

Hey, Martin,

Thank you very much for writing. Glad you enjoyed “Beyond Paradise.”
I think my favorite Novarro is the one in “The Pagan.” I also really like him in “In Gay Madrid,” but many find that romantic comedy one of his worst films…
A compilation CD would be cool. I’m assuming Time Warner owns the copyright to the songs.
If you find out something about this issue, please let me know.
Thanks again for writing.

jessy -

Ramon Novarro was a great actor .

carolyn hoyt -

Was not aware of this book until last week so just ordered it and am looking forward to reading it.

Surfing the web today and was pleased to see that Mr Navarro is remembered on many sites for his movies and great good looks. The tragic end of his life should never be allowed to overshadow this talented man’s memory.

gustavo -

Mr Andre Soares

Your boock is very interesting. I was read in Durango Mexico, and i think about your investigation was very hard


Gustavo Melero
P.S. I have many fhotografies of Ramon, Dolores, Andrea and Julio Bracho

Andre -

Thanks, Gustavo!

Ken Speth -

Andre, I just want to thank you for writing the wonderful book “Beyond Paradise – The Life of Ramon Novarro”. I recently ‘discovered’ Mr. Novarro, and really knew nothing about his life until I read the book. He was truly a great actor & singer, and I wish I could have been born earlier in the 20th century so as to possibly have met him in person (I was 5 years old when he died that horrible death).
I also find myself wondering how different his life might have been, had he not started drinking and let alcohol take over, especially during his last years. I can only pray that he is now at peace, with no more demons to haunt him.
Thank you again for writing such a sensitive and informing book.
Ken Speth


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