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Mother-Daughter Bosnian War Drama & Guantanamo Documentary: Berlin Film Festival Winners

Ramon Novarro biography Beyond Paradise

There weren’t many surprises at the 2006 Berlin Film Festival awards. One of this year’s favorites, Jasmila Zbanic’s Grbavica, the story of a 12-year-old girl (Luna Mijovic, above, hugging Mirjana Karanovic) who discovers that she is the end result of a Bosnian war crime – namely, rape – was awarded the Golden Bear for best film.

Also on the political side, Michael Winterbottom and Mat Whitecross took home the Silver Bear for best director for The Road to Guantanamo, which follows three British Muslims held at the notorious U.S. prison (located on the island of Cuba) where suspected terrorists – without having been formally charged and without access to legal representation – have been systematically tortured and abused.

The acting awards went to (equally serious) German performers: Sandra Hüller for Requiem, the tale of an epileptic Catholic woman who believes she is possessed, and Moritz Bleibtreu for his sex-obsessed high-school teacher in The Elementary Particles.

Pernille Fischer Christensen’s A Soap, a dramatic comedy about the relationship between the owner of a beauty clinic and a transsexual, won the best first feature award and shared the Special Jury Prize with Jafar Panahi’s comedy-drama Offside, about the plight of women who happen to be sports fans in Iran, a country where they’re not allowed inside stadiums.

2006 Berlin Film Festival Awards

Golden Bear : GRBAVICA, by Jasmila Zbanic

Silver Bear – The Jury Grand Prix 2006 (ex-aequo): EN SOAP / A SOAP, by Pernille Fischer Christensen, and OFFSIDE, by Jafar Panahi

Silver Bear – Best Director : Michael Winterbottom and Mat Whitecross, THE ROAD TO GUANTANAMO

Silver Bear – Best Actor : Moritz Bleibtreu in ELEMENTARTEILCHEN / THE ELEMENTARY PARTICLES, by Oskar Roehler

Silver Bear – Best Actress : Sandra Hüller in REQUIEM, by Hans-Christian Schmid

Silver Bear – Artistic Contribution : Jürgen Vogel as actor, co-writer and co-producer of the film DER FREIE WILLE / THE FREE WILL, by Matthias Glasner

Silver Bear – Best Film Music : Peter Kam for ISABELLA, by Pang Ho-Cheung

Alfred Bauer Prize 2006 (to a work which “takes the art of film in a new direction”): EL CUSTODIO, by Rodrigo Moreno

Members of the international Jury for the Best First Feature Award : Valentina Cervi, Goran Paskaljevic, and Hans Weingartner

Best First Feature Award : EN SOAP / A SOAP, director: Pernille Fischer Christensen; producer: Lars Bredo Rahbek

Members of the International Short Film Jury: Oh Jung-Wan, Mariela Besuievsky, and Florian Gallenberger

The Golden Bear for Best Short Film: ALDRIG SOM FÖRSTA GÅNGEN! (Nie wie beim ersten Mal!), by Jonas Odell

The Jury Prize – Silver Bear to the Short Film (ex aequo): GRATTE-PAPIER / PENPUSHER, by Guillaume Martinez, and OUR MAN IN NIRVANA, by Jan Koester

Special Mention: EL DIA QUE MORI / THE DAY I DIED, by Maryam Keshavarz

Panorama Short Film Award: TES CHEVEUX NOIRS IHSAN (Dein dunkles Haar Ihsan), by Tala Hadid

Prix UIP Berlin: EL CERCO / THE FENCE, by Ricardo Íscar and Nacho Martín

DAAD Short Film Prize: BARBUROT / SWANETTES, by Rony Sasson

Honorary Golden Bear: Polish director and screenwriter Andrzej Wajda and British actor Sir Ian McKellen


Film from the Competition: GRBAVICA, by Jasmila Zbanic

Film from the Panorama: KOMORNIK / THE COLLECTOR, by Feliks Falk

Film from the Forum: CONVERSATIONS ON A SUNDAY AFTERNOON, by Khalo Matabane


Film from the Competition: REQUIEM, by Hans-Christian Schmid

Film from the Panorama: KNALLHART / TOUGH ENOUGH, by Detlev Buck

Film from the Forum: IN BETWEEN DAYS, by So Yong Kim

International Competition Jury:

Charlotte Rampling (actress, UK), Jury president
Matthew Barney (multi-media artist, USA)
Yash Chopra (producer, India)
Marleen Gorris (director, Netherlands)
Janusz Kaminski (cinematographer, Poland)
Lee Young-ae (actress, Republic of Korea)
Armin Mueller-Stahl (actor, Germany)
Fred Roos (producer, USA)

“German filmmakers have tackled the touchy subject of whether the Allied firebombing of Dresden at the end of World War Two was a ‘war crime’ with a carefully balanced melodrama that got its worldwide premiere on Monday.

“Showing the German point of view of anything in World War Two is always likely to cause a stir – and that’s precisely what the makers of Dresden said they want to achieve.

Dresden, which premiered at the European Film Market at the Berlin Film Festival (website), quickly reopened old wounds about what many Germans privately call a war crime – and even act of terror.” Erik Kirschbaum via Reuters.


Directed by Roland Suso Richter, the made-for-TV miniseries Dresden stars Marie Bäumer, Susanne Bormann, Michael Brandner, Andreas Günther, Jürgen Heinrich, Heiner Lauterbach, and John Light. Thirty-five thousand people died as a result of the fire-bombing of the German city.

When I was in Dresden in the early 1990s, I visited the ruins of a church, left standing as a symbol of the horrors of war. The skeleton of that building remains one of the most haunting images I carry in my memory. “Good” war or “bad” war, the incinerated bodies and cities in ruins are ultimately all the same.

Cinema for Peace

At Berlin’s Cinema for Peace (website) charity event attended by Richard Gere, Catherine Deneuve, Christopher Lee, and Bob Geldorf this past Monday, a one-minute segment from a short video by Sergiu Matei was shown. Matei’s film depicts a Sept. 30, 2006, incident in which Chinese border police opened fire on Tibetan refugees attempting to flee the country.

Gere, a relentless Tibet advocate, stated that as this year’s head of the (do-nothing) G8, Germany has the “responsibility to encourage China to become part of the modern world [where] these kinds of actions and policies can not be tolerated.” (Considering the atrocities perpetrated in and/or by the “modern world,” I’m assuming that Gere must have been joking.)

Cinema for Peace award winners for 2006 were best director Bille August for Goodbye Bafana, best actor Forest Whitaker for The Last King of Scotland, and the “most valuable movies of the year,” Clint Eastwood’s Flags of Our Fathers and Letters from Iwo Jima.

On a lighter note, Cate Blanchett is in Berlin promoting both her out-of-competition melodrama Notes on a Scandal and her in-competition melodrama The Good German. In some of the pictures, Blanchett is accompanied by Notes on a Scandal co-stars Judi Dench and Andrew Simpson.

Richard Gere quote: The Hollywood Reporter

Opening film: Snow Cake, director Marc Evans, with Alan Rickman, Carrie-Anne Moss, Sigourney Weaver, Emily Hampshire

Candy, Neil Armfield, with Heath Ledger, Abbie Cornish

El Custodio / The Minder, Rodrigo Moreno

Elementarteilchen / The Elementary Particles, Oskar Roehler, with Moritz Bleibtreu

Find Me Guilty, Sidney Lumet, with Vin Diesel, Peter Dinklage, Alex Rocco, Linus Roache, Annabella Sciorra, Aleksa Palladino

Der Freie Wille / The Free Will, Matthias Glasner, with Jürgen Vogel

Grbavica, Jasmila Zbanic, with Mirjana Karanovic, Leon Lucev

Invisible Waves, Pen-ek Ratanaruang, with Asano Tadanobu, Gang Hye Jung, Eric Tsang, Maria Cordero

Isabella, Pang Ho-cheung, with Isabella Leong, J. J. Jia, Derek Tsang, Meme Tian

L’Ivresse du pouvoir / Comedy of Power, Claude Chabrol, with Isabelle Huppert, Pierre Vernier, François Berléand, Patrick Bruel, Thomas Chabrol

Offside, Jafar Panahi

A Prairie Home Companion, Robert Altman, with Garrison Keillor, Meryl Streep, Lindsay Lohan, Woody Harrelson, Lily Tomlin, John C. Reilly, Virginia Madsen

Requiem, Hans-Christian Schmid

The Road to Guantanamo, Michael Winterbottom and Mat Whitecross

Romanzo Criminale / Crime Novel, Michele Placido, with Kim Rossi Stuart

Sehnsucht / Desire, Valeska Grisebach

Slumming, Michael Glawogger, with Maria Bill, Paulus Manker and Brigitte Kren

En Soap / A Soap, Pernille Fischer Christensen

Zemestan, Rafi Pitts

Capote, Bennett Miller, with Philip Seymour Hoffman, Catherine Keener

The New World, Terrence Malick, with Christian Bale, Colin Farrell

The Science of Sleep, Michel Gondry, with Alain Chabat, Gael Garcia Bernal, Charlotte Gainsbourg

Syriana, Stephen Gaghan, with George Clooney, Matt Damon, Christopher Plummer, Amanda Peet, Jeffrey Wright, Robert Foxworth, Chris Cooper, Max Minghella, Mark Strong, William Hurt

V for Vendetta, James McTeigue, with John Hurt, Natalie Portman

Wu ji / The Promise, Chen Kaige, with Cecilia Cheung, Nicholas Tse

Closing film: Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid, Sam Peckinpah (digitally restored print), with James Coburn, Kris Kristofferson, Richard Jaeckel, Katy Jurado, Barry Sullivan, Chill Wills, Bob Dylan, R.G. Armstrong, Luke Askew, John Beck

Teddy Award retrospective

“To show a film from Iran about a transsexual, as we did three years ago, was a sensation. We had to take enormous precautionary measures, because this continues to be a highly political issue.

“But its by no means just the Islamic countries. In our neighbouring Poland a man was recently elected president [Lech Kaczynski of the far right Law and Justice party] who has been spreading so much hatred towards gays and lesbians, that a lot of people have been hurt, also physically. At the moment in Poland, gays and lesbians are being attacked by neo-Nazis and the police are doing nothing about it. This shows that we are nowhere even close to where we think we are, when we see a mixed crowd enjoying itself in the bars and on the dance floors here. The basic political situation hasnt changed. The patriarchy is still the ruling power on this planet and in each and every country; and the patriarchy feels extremely threatened by men who dont go along with it.”

Wieland Speck, director of the Panorama sidebar at the Berlin Film Festival, discussing obstacles faced by gays in the early 21st century while reminiscing about the first 20 years of the Teddy Awards – given to the festivals best film with a gay/lesbian theme. For the 20-year anniversary, previous Teddy Award winners will be screened at the Panorama sidebar.

Nastri d’Argento Nominations: ‘Crime Novel’

Ive added another award list, the Nastri dArgento award nominations from the Union of Italian Journalists. Michele Placidos Romanzo criminale / Crime Novel, currently in competition at the Berlin Film Festival, received the most nominations, 10 in all, including Best Director and a combined Best Actor nod for its three male principals, Kim Rossi Stuart, Pierfrancesco Favino, and Claudio Santamaria.

Cristina Comencinis La Bestia nel cuore / Dont Tell, in the running for this years Best Foreign Language Film Academy Award, received a total of 8 Nastri dArgento nominations, including Best Director and Best Actress for Giovanna Mezzogiorno. (Mezzogiorno was the Best Actress at the Venice Film Festival.)

Curiously, theres no “Best Film” Nastri dArgento – the equivalent would most likely be a mix of the Best Director and Best Producer awards. Also, one film may receive combined nominations – as the aforementioned three-part Best Actor nod for Romanzo criminale – or share a nomination with another film for the same award, e.g., Paola Comencini (Cristinas sister) was nominated in the Best Art Direction category for both La Bestia nel cuore and Romanzo criminale.

60th Nastri dArgento Italian Cinema Awards – 2005

The Nastri dArgento (Silver Ribbons) are presented by the Sindacato Nazionale Giornalisti Cinematografici Italiani (National Union of Italian Film Journalists) to Italian films or, at times, to Italian talent in foreign films.

The 60th Nastri dArgento Italian Cinema Award winners were announced at the Auditorium di Via della Conciliazione in Rome on February 7, 2006.

Set mostly in the 1970s, Michele PlacidoCrime Novel follows three juvenile delinquents whose goal is to reach the top of Italys underworld. Compounding matters, an investigator obsessed with bringing them to justice falls in love with the girlfriend of one of the criminals. In the cast: Kim Rossi StuartPierfrancesco FavinoStefano AccorsiRiccardo ScamarcioClaudio SantamariaAnna Mouglalis, and Elio GermanoCrime Novel is the second consecutive Nastri dArgento winner starring Kim Rossi Stuart (photo, left).


Pupi Avati La seconda notte di nozze
Cristina Comencini La bestia nel cuore / Dont Tell
Alessandro DAlatri La febbre
* Michele Placido Romanzo criminale / Crime Novel
Giovanni Veronesi Manuale damore / Manual of Love


Tim Burton La sposa cadavere / Corpse Bride
George Clooney Good Night, and Good Luck.
* Clint Eastwood Million Dollar Baby
Michael Haneke Caché / Hidden
Ron Howard Cinderella Man
Jim Jarmusch Broken Flowers
Hayao Miyazaki Il castello errante di Howl / Hauru no ugoku shiro / Howls Moving Castle
Marc Rothemund Sophie Scholl – Die letzten Tage / Sophie Scholl – The Final Days
Martin Scorsese The Aviator
Aleksandr Sokurov Il sole / Solntse / The Sun

Stefano Mordini, Provincia meccanica
Vittorio Moroni, Tu devi essere il lupo
* Francesco Munzi, Saimir
Fausto Paravidino, Texas
Stefano Pasetto, Tartarughe sul dorso

Antonio Avati (Duea Film), Ma quando arrivano le ragazze? by Pupi Avati (with Rai Cinema) and La seconda notte di nozze by Pupi Avati (with Rai Cinema)
Aurelio De Laurentiis (Filmauro), Manuale damore / Manual of Love by Giovanni Veronesi
Daniele Mazzocca, Cristiano Bortone e Gianluca Arcopinto (Orisa Produzioni), Saimir by Francesco Munzi
Marco Poccioni e Marco Valsania (Rodeo Drive), La febbre by Alessandro DAlatri (with Rai Cinema)
* Riccardo Tozzi, Marco Chimenz, Giovanni Stabilini (Cattleya), La bestia nel cuore / Dont Tell by Cristina Comencini (with RaiCinema and Sky), Romanzo criminale / Crime Novel (with Warner Bros.), and Quando sei nato non puoi più nasconderti by Marco Tullio Giordana (with Rai Cinema)

Antonio Albanese, La seconda notte di nozze
Stefano Accorsi, Provincia meccanica
Roberto Benigni, La tigre e la neve / The Tiger and the Snow
* Kim Rossi Stuart, Pierfrancesco Favino, and Claudio Santamaria, Romanzo criminale / Crime Novel
Luca Zingaretti, Alla luce del sole and I giorni dellabbandono

Asia Argento, Ingannevole è il cuore più di ogni cosa
Margherita Buy, I giorni dellabbandono
Valeria Golino, Texas
Giovanna Mezzogiorno, La bestia nel cuore / Dont Tell
* Katia Ricciarelli, La seconda notte di nozze


Giuseppe Battiston, La bestia nel cuore / Dont Tell
Rodolfo Corsato, Quando sei nato non puoi più nasconderti
Riccardo Scamarcio, Texas and Luomo perfetto
Gianmarco Tognazzi, Romanzo criminale / Crime Novel
* Carlo Verdone, Manuale damore / Manual of Love


Erica Blanc and Lisa Gastoni, Cuore sacro
Silvana De Santis, Tickets
* Angela Finocchiaro, La bestia nel cuore / Dont Tell
Loretta Goggi, Gas
Angela Luce and Marisa Merlini, La seconda notte di nozze


* Roberto Benigni and Vincenzo Cerami, La tigre e la neve / The Tiger and the Snow
Francesco Munzi, Saimir
Ferzan Ozpetek and Gianni Romoli, Cuore sacro
Fausto Paravidino, Iris Fusetti, and Carlo Orlando, Texas
Marco Ponti and Lucia Moisio, Luomo perfetto


* Ugo Chiti and Giovanni Veronesi, Manuale damore / Manual of Love
Alessandro DAlatri, Gennaro Nunziante and Domenico Starnone La febbre
Sandro Petraglia, Stefano Rulli, Giancarlo De Cataldo, and Michele Placido, Romanzo criminale / Crime Novel
Giuseppe Rocca, Laura Sabatino, and Antonietta De Lillo, Il resto di niente
Gabriele Salvatores and Fabio Scamoni, Quo vadis, baby?


Cesare Accetta, Il resto di niente
Luca Bigazzi, Romanzo criminale / Crime Novel
* Fabio Cianchetti, La tigre e la neve / The Tiger and the Snow and La bestia nel cuore / Dont Tell
Pasquale Mari, La Passione di Giosuè lebreo
Italo Petriccione, La febbre and Quo vadis, baby?


Osvaldo Bargero, La febbre
* Esmeralda Calabria, Romanzo criminale / Crime Novel
Claudio Di Mauro, Manuale damore / Manual of Love
Roberto Missiroli, Saimir
Cecilia Zanuso, La bestia nel cuore / Dont Tell


Ezio Bosso, Quo vadis, baby?
Andrea Guerra, Hotel Rwanda
* Fabio Barovero, Simone Fabbroni, Negramaro, Roy Paci, and Louis Siciliano, La febbre
Banda Osiris, Tartarughe sul dorso 
Daniele Sepe, Il resto di niente


Paola Comencini, La bestia nel cuore / Dont Tell and Romanzo criminale / Crime Novel
Andrea Crisanti, Cuore sacro
Luigi Marchione, La febbre
* Bruno Rubeo, Il mercante di Venezia / The Merchant of Venice
Beatrice Scarpato, Il resto di niente


Daniela Ciancio, Il resto di niente
Grazia Colombini and Giulia Mafai, La Passione di Giosuè lebreo
* Francesco Crivellini, La seconda notte di nozze
Nicoletta Ercole, Il ritorno del Monnezza
Nicoletta Taranta, Romanzo criminale / Crime Novel

“Swan” by Elisa, Melissa P
* “Mentre tutto scorre” by Negramaro, La febbre
“Warriors of light Sei o non sei” by Room 108 (Marco Casu e Marco Velluti), Mai più come prima 
“Solo per te” by Francesco Tricarico, Ti amo in tutte le lingue del mondo 
“Tra cielo e terra” Pietro Cantarelli cantata da Tosca, Cielo e terra


Stefano Campus, Saimir
Fulgenzio Ceccon, Quando sei nato non puoi più nasconderti
* Mario Iaquone, Romanzo criminale / Crime Novel
Mauro Lazzaro, Quo vadis, baby?
Bruno Pupparo, La tigre e la neve / The Tiger and the Snow


Passaggi di tempo by Gianfranco Cabiddu
La storia del cammello che piange / Die Geschichte vom weinenden Kamel / The Story of the Weeping Camel by Luigi Falorni and Byambasuren Davaa
* Viva Zapatero! by Sabina Guzzanti
Craj-Domani by Davide Marengo
Unora sola ti vorrei by Alina Marrazzi


Dante Ferretti (production design, The Aviator)
Gabriella Pescucci (costume design, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory / La fabbrica di cioccolato)
Nicola Piovani (music, La tigre e la neve / The Tiger and the Snow)
Pietro Scalia (editing, Memoirs of a Geisha / Memorie di una Geisha)


Barbora Bobulova


Stefania Sandrelli

Hong Kong Film Awards: Johnnie To & Tony Leung Winners

The 25th Hong Kong Film Award winners were announced on February 9, 2006.

The 25th Hong Kong Film Award winners were announced on April 8, 2006.

Johnnie To’s well-received Election revolves around a power struggle within Hong Kongs organized crime during their own election time.

Best Film 
Seven Swords, Beijing Ciwen Film & TV Production Co Ltd, Boram Entertainment Inc, City Glory Pictures Ltd, Executive Producer Tsui Hark, Lee Joo Ick, Ma Zhong Jun & Pan Zhizhong

Perhaps Love, Astro-Shaw, Astro-Shaw, Television Broadcasts Ltd & Stellar Megamedia Group Ltd, Executive Producer Andre Morgan & Peter Chan Ho Sun

The Myth, JCE Movies Ltd & China Film Group Corporation, Executive Producer Willie Chan Chee Kheong, Solon So Che Hung & Barbie Tung Wun Sze

* Hak se wui / Election, Milkyway Image (HK) Ltd & One Hundred Years Of Film Co Ltd, Executive Producer Dennis Law Sau Yiu & Johnnie To Kei Fung

Initial D, Media Asia Films Ltd & Sil-Metropole Organisation Ltd, Executive Producer Andrew Lau Wai Keung

Best Asian Film 
* Kekexili / Kekexili Mountain Patrol, China
Hauru no ugoku shiro / Howls Moving Castle, Japan
Three Times, Taiwan
Sympathy for Lady Vengeance, Korea
Ima, ai ni yukimasu / Be with You, Japan

Best Director
Tsui Hark (Seven Swords)
Peter Chan Ho Sun (Perhaps Love)
Derek Yee Tung Sing (2 Young)
* Johnnie To Kei Fung (Hak se wui / Election)
Adrew Lau Wai Keung & Alan Mak Shiu Fai (Initial D)

Best Actor
Aaron Kwok (Divergence)
Tony Leung Ka Fai (Everlasting Regret)
Andy Lau Tak Wah (Wait Til Youre Older)
Simon Yam (Hak se wui / Election)
* Tony Leung Ka Fai (Hak se wui / Election)

Best Actress
* Zhou Xun (Perhaps Love)
Karena Lam (Home Sweet Home)
Sammi Cheng (Everlasting Regret)
Sylvia Chang (Rice Rhapsody)
Karen Mok (Wait Til Youre Older)

Best Supporting Actor
Alex Fong (Drink·Drank·Drunk)
Hu Jun (Everlasting Regret)
Liu Kai Chi (SPL)
Wong Tin Lam (Hak se wui / Election)
* Anthony Wong (Initial D)

Best Supporting Actress
Zhang Jing Chu (Seven Swords)
* Teresa Mo Shun Kwan (2 Young)
Su Yan (Everlasting Regret)
Karena Lam (Ah Sou)
Maggie Shiu (Hak se wui / Election)

Best Screenplay
Aubrey Lam & Raymond To (Perhaps Love)
Derek Yee Tung Sing & Chun Tin Nam (2 Young)
James Yuen Sai Sang, Jessica Fong & Lo Yiu Fai (Crazy N The City)
Cheung Chi Kwong & Susan Chan Suk Yin (Wait Til Youre Older)
* Yau Nai Hoi & Yip Tin Shing (Hak se wui / Election)

Best New Director
Mathew Tang Hon Keung (Before Twenty. Before Too Old.)
* Kenneth Bi (Rice Rhapsody)
Stephen Fung (House of Fury)

Best New Performer
Fiona Sit (2 Young)
Isabella Leong (Bug Me Not!)
Annie Liu (Ah Sou)
Michelle Ye (Moonlight In Tokyo)
* Jay Chou (Initial D)

Best Cinematography
Venus Keung Kwok Man (Seven Swords)
* Peter Pau (Perhaps Love)
Peter Pau (Wu ji / The Promise)
Cheng Siu Keung (Hak se wui / Election)
Andrew Lau Wai Keung, Lai Yiu Fai & Ng Man Ching (Initial D)

Best Film Editing
Angie Lam (Seven Swords)
* Yau Chi Wai (Divergence)
Wenders Li & Kong Chi Leung (Perhaps Love)
Patrick Tam Ka Ming (Hak se wui / Election)
Wong Hoi (Initial D)

Best Original Film Score 
Kenji Kawai (Seven Swords)
* Peter Kam & Leon Ko (Perhaps Love)
Joe Hisaishi (A Chinese Tall Story)
Lo Tayu (Hak se wui / Election)
Chan Kwong Wing (Initial D)

Best Art Direction
Eddy Wong (Seven Swords)
* Yee Chung Man & Pater Wong (Perhaps Love)
William Chang Suk Ping (Everlasting Regret)
Bill Lui Cho Hung (A Chinese Tall Story)
Tim Yip (Wu ji / The Promise)

Best Costume / Make Up Design 
Poon Wing Yan & Shirley Chan (Seven Swords)
* Yee Chung Man & Dora Ng Li Lo (Perhaps Love)
William Chang Suk Ping (Everlasting Regret)
William Chang Suk Ping, Bruce Yu & Lee Pik Kwan (A Chinese Tall Story)
Tim Yip & Kimiya Masago (Wu ji / The Promise)

Best Action Choreography
Lau Kar Leung, Stephen Tung Wai & Xiong Xin Xin (Seven Swords)
Lee Chung Chi (Divergence)
Jackie Chan, Stanley Tong Kwai Lai & Richard Hung (The Myth)
* Donnie Yen (SPL)
Yuen Wo Ping, Yuen Shun Yi & Ku Huen Chiu (House of Fury)

Best Original Film Song 
* “Perhaps Love” (Perhaps Love)
Composer Peter Kam
Lyrics by Yiu Him
Sung by Jacky Cheung

“Endless Love” (The Myth)
Composer Choi Jun Young
Lyrics by Choi Jun Young & Wang Zhong Yan
Sung by Jackie Chan & Kim Hee Seon

“Wont Do It Again” (Wait Til Youre Older)
Composer Peter Kam
Lyrics by Andy Lau Tak Wah
Sung by Andy Lau Tak Wah

“Drifting” (Initial D)
Composer Jay Chou
Lyrics by Fang Wen Shan
Sung by Jay Chou

“Thugs” (2 Dragon Reloaded)
Composer Joe Lei
Lyrics by Joe Lei
Sung by Ronald Cheng

Best Sound Design
Steve Brugess & He Wei (Seven Swords)
Kinson Tsang (Perhaps Love)
Kinson Tsang (A Chinese Tall Story)
Wang Danrong & Roger Savage (Wu ji / The Promise)
* Kinson Tsang (Initial D)

Best Visual Effects
Peter Webb (Seven Swords)
Wendy Choi & David Tso (The Myth)
Eddy Wong & Victor Wong (A Chinese Tall Story)
Frankie Chung Chi Hang, Don Ma Wing On, Cecil Cheng Man Ching & Tam Kai Kwan (Wu ji / The Promise)
* Eddy Wong, Victor Wong & Bryan Cheung (Initial D)

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I am french.My motherly family suffered very much from german abuse during the nazismus occupation in France in the time of WWII, and yet,on the other side my fatherly family was from Dresden (some people of my family have been always living in Dresden…)There are sometimes necessary wars against barbary, but they are never clean or human.In France also many people add with german abuse had to endure terrible bombing by allies struggling against Hitler ‘s Forces! Yes Germany suffered very much of bombing but please never forget that Hitler and Germans were first responsible of this terrible war and consequences! I know what I am speaking about.
Nethertheless I would like very much to see this film because Dresden is a part of my heart.



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