Brazilian Cinema & Carmen Miranda MoMA Showcase + Liv Ullmann Returns

Ludmila Dayer Vida de Menina Diary of a Provincial GirlBrazilian cinema at MoMA

Brazilian cinema will return to New York City's Museum of Modern Art in July. MoMA will be presenting the third edition of “Premiere Brazil!” between July 1–10. (Image: Ludmila Dayer Diary of a Provincial Girl.)

This year, “Premiere Brazil!” will feature three top award-winners at the 2004 Rio de Janeiro Film Festival: Lúcia Murat's Almost Brothers / Quase Dois Irmãos, a solid, socially conscious Rio de Janeiro-set prison drama that will have a week's run at MoMA; Marcos Prado's documentary Estamira, about a schizophrenic woman who makes her home at a landfill; and Helena Solberg's period drama Diary of a Provincial Girl / Vida de Menina.

Carmen Miranda remembered

Celebrating the centennial of Carmen Miranda's birth (well, a little too early, as Miranda was actually born in 1909), “Premiere Brazil!” will also screen Alô Alô Carnaval (1936). The Brazilian musical revue along the lines of early, all-star Hollywood talkies – e.g., The Hollywood Revue of 1929, Paramount on Parade – will be introduced by independent curator Fabiano Canosa and by the daughter of Alô Alô Carnaval director Adhemar Gonzaga. (The Alô Alô Carnaval screening is probably in honor of Carmen Miranda's death of a heart attack fifty years ago, on August 5, 1955, in Beverly Hills.)

Most films in the “Premiere Brazil!” series will be introduced by their respective directors. All movies are in Portuguese with English subtitles.

Ludmila Dayer Diary of a Provincial Girl photo: Museum of Modern Art.

Liv Ullmann has new film project

Aftenposten reports that actress and filmmaker Liv Ullmann, 67, has written a new screenplay about a middle-aged British resident who returns to her roots in Iceland. Flashbacks reveal the reasons behind the woman's initial flight from Iceland and for her eventual return.

Ullmann said that she has signed a contract "with a female Oscar winner" who will play the lead role, adding, "It's a well-known name. It's a powerful role." The production, to be filmed in England and Iceland, will be supervised by producer Steven Haft, whose credits include Dead Poets' Society.

This past weekend, Ullmann was a guest at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in the Czech Republic, where she was awarded a Crystal Globe for her film career. Other honorees were actor-director Robert Redford and actress Sharon Stone.

Last month, the Tokyo-born (to Norwegian parents) Ullmann was honored with Norway's prestigious title of Commander with Star of the Order of St. Olav.

Awards and assorted honors aside, Liv Ullmann remains committed to the art of filmmaking. Despite financial setbacks, she still hopes to come up with a new film version of Henrik Ibsen's A Doll's House, and a dramatization of the life of Norwegian violinist Ole Bull.

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