Bush Documentary vs. Google + Chinese Politics vs. 'The Go Master'

Bush documentary Google controversy
Bush documentary The World According to Bush.

George W. Bush documentary producers' lawsuit vs. Google: 'The World According to Bush'

The French movie production company Flach Film has taken legal action against Google for making freely available William Karel's 2004 European Film Award-nominated documentary The World According to Bush / Le Monde selon Bush. (Image: The World According to Bush's George W. Bush Pinocchio nose.)

At a Paris commercial court today, November 23, 2006, Flach Film issued a writ against the U.S.-based Internet search engine giant and its French subsidiary, Google France, for copyright infringement.

'The World According to Bush': The French 'Fahrenheit 9/11' of sorts

Based on Eric Laurent's bestseller La guerre des Bush : Les secrets inavouables d'un conflit (“The Bushes' War: The Shameful Secrets of a Conflict”), and co-written by Laurent and director William Karel, The World According to Bush focuses on U.S. president George W. Bush's Iraq War, which followed his father George Bush's own Iraq War a dozen years earlier. Treading on territory similar to that of Michael Moore's Palme d'Or-winning Fahrenheit 9/11, The World According to Bush discusses the ties connecting the Bush and Bin Laden families.

Before the opening credits of The World According to Bush, Norman Mailer says:

“We have the worst president in U.S. history. He's arrogant. He's stupid in all ways but one: He's immensely shrewd about the American people, particularly the less intelligent half of America – they're very happy with him because they realize how stupid he is and they say to themselves, 'If that stupid guy can be president, so can I.'”

If Mailer is right, then that's a whole lot of “less intelligent” Americans. In 2004, George W. Bush was reelected with 62 million votes.

In the Parisian daily Le Monde, Jean-Luc Douin declared in his The World According to Bush review: “If Michael Moore deserves one Palme d'Or, William Karel deserves three of them.”

Picture of The World According to Bush's George W. Bush Pinocchio nose: Flach Film.

The Go Master'The Go Master.'

'The Go Master' withdrawn from Taiwan's Golden Horse Film Festival

Fortissimo, the Hong Kong distributor of Tian Zhuangzhuang's The Go Master / Wu Qingyuan, has withdrawn the film from Taiwan's 2006 Golden Horse Film Festival. The story of Go game master Wu Qingyuan, The Go Master has been nominated for four Golden Horse Awards, including Best Actor (Chang Chen). Pressure from mainland China officials is reportedly the reason for the abrupt withdrawal. (See also: “Tsai Ming Liang's 'I Don't Want to Sleep Alone' pulled out of the 2006 Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival.”)

Golden Horse Awards: Best Film nominees

Among the 2006 Golden Horse Award nominees in the Best Film category, the odds-on favorite is Peter Chan Ho Sun's Perhaps Love / Ru guo · Ai, which has garnered twelve nominations. In the top categories, besides Best Film Perhaps Love is also in the running for Best Director and Best Actress (Zhou Xun, this year's Hong Kong Film Award and Hong Kong Film Critics Award winner). Curiously, the film's screenplay, which revolves around a love triangle formed during the making of a film musical, failed to be shortlisted.

The other Best Film nominees for the 2006 Golden Horse Awards are the following:

  • Ning Hao's box office sensation Crazy Stone / Fengkuang de shitou, a caper comedy-thriller that has been referred to as the Chinese Ocean's Eleven.
  • Su Chao Pin's Silk / Guisi, a supernatural thriller in which a team of scientists capture the energy of the ghost of a child. Silk is reportedly the most expensive locally produced film in Taiwan's history.
  • Johnnie To's gangster flick Exiled / Fong juk, featuring Anthony Wong Chau-Sang, Simon Yam, Nick Cheung, and Francis Ng.
  • Patrick Tam's After This Our Exile / Fu zi, a father-son drama set in rural Malaysia that received seven nominations.

The Go Master image: Century Hero.

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