Clint Eastwood Speech: Bizarre RNC Highlight

by Zac Gille

Clint Eastwood speechClint Eastwood speech at Republican National Convention

It was less a bizarre “Clint Eastwood Speech” than a bizarre “Clint Eastwood Performance Art” at the Republican National Convention (RNC), which was held last week in Tampa, Florida. Eastwood was one of a few – very few (Midnight Cowboy's Jon Voight, who lambasted Hollywood “Liberals,” was another) – Hollywood personalities present at the event. More than Mitt Romney's Bain business deals or Paul Ryan's views on the ideal daily workout, the media – especially abroad, where Romney and Ryan are nonentities, whereas Clint Eastwood is a celebrity – focused on the bizarre sight of a Hollywood icon making incoherent, rambling, and often untrue statements while chatting with an empty chair. (Check out the Clint Eastwood speech video below.)

Needless to say, despite Eastwood's 12-minute anti-Obama diatribe (a.k.a. “Eastwooding”) – blaming Obama for the Afghanistan War and the economic collapse, both triggered while George W. Bush was in power; deriding Obama for his law degree when Mitt Romney himself also has one – Barack Obama has already expressed his boundless admiration for his world-famous detractor. Be that as it may (politicians are consummate bullshitters and Obama is no exception), let's see what Eastwood has to say about Obama's “fan talk” once he starts plugging the upcoming Trouble with the Curve.

Anyhow, though unforgettable, Eastwood's RNC performance was also a letdown; after all, this is what Hollywood's tough guy chose not to say to his right-wing (overwhelmingly Christian) audience. [See also: “Clint Eastwood / Invisible Obama or No: RNC TV Ratings Plummet.”]

Clint Eastwood: Trouble with the Curve

Clint Eastwood's upcoming movie, Trouble with the Curve, opens on Sept. 21. The baseball / family flick co-stars Amy Adams, Justin Timberlake, and John Goodman. Robert Lorenz (assistant director in Eastwood's Mystic River and Million Dollar Baby) directed from a screenplay by newcomer Randy Brown.

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Clint is racist -

Clint Eastwood disrespected the first African American President by cursing and looking down at him (invisible or not) in the most racist way. People can call it funny or bizarre if they want, but what I saw is an 80 some odd old white man talking down to a black President.

It was disgraceful and people need to call Clint Eastwood's performance for exactly what it was, “a racist rant against a black man.”

Gene Abner -

Clint was hilarious. LOL!!


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