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Doris Day TodayDoris Day today.

Doris Day, who turned 89 last April 3 (she was born in Cincinnati in 1924), was a special guest at the Nancy for Frank show – that's Nancy Sinatra for Frank Sinatra – on SiriusXM Radio channel 71. The Doris Day photo above was posted on Nancy for Frank's Facebook page and on the Frank Sinatra Family Forum. (See also: Doris Day photo, with furry friend.)

The Doris Day special was aired in two parts in late June 2013. The radio show consisted of Nancy Sinatra chatting with Day, in addition to musical interludes featuring Doris Day songs such as “I'll String You Along with Me,” “But Not for Me,” “I'll See You in My Dreams,” and “Hooray for Hollywood,” plus two versions of “I Didn't Know What Time It Was” – one sang by Day, another sang by Frank Sinatra.

Doris Day and Frank Sinatra made only movie together, Gordon Douglas' 1954 musical drama Young at Heart, which has nothing in common with the 1938 Janet Gaynor-Douglas Fairbanks Jr. light comedy The Young in Heart. Instead, the Day-Sinatra star vehicle is a remake of another 1938 movie, Michael Curtiz's family melodrama Four Daughters, with Day in the old Priscilla Lane role, and Sinatra as the John Garfield character. (In the remake, the quartet of daughters/sisters was downsized to a trio, with Dorothy Malone and Elisabeth Fraser as Day's siblings.)

Doris Day's leading men

Doris Day and Frank Sinatra weren't exactly a great screen couple. Perhaps that's why they never made another movie together. (See also: Doris Day on DVD.)

Day's more frequent leading men were fellow Warner Bros. contract players Jack Carson (Romance on the High Seas, My Dream Is Yours, It's a Great Feeling), Gordon MacRae (The West Point Story, Starlift, On Moonlight Bay, By the Light of the Silvery Moon, Tea for Two), and Gene Nelson (The West Point Story, Starlift, Lullaby of Broadway, Tea for Two) in the late 1940s/early 1950s; besides fellow Universal contract player Rock Hudson (Pillow Talk, Lover Come Back, Send Me No Flowers) in the late 1950s/early 1960s, and James Garner (Move Over Darling; The Thrill of It All) also in the early '60s.

Among Doris Day's other leading men at various studios were Kirk Douglas (Young Man with a Horn), Howard Keel (Calamity Jane), Robert Cummings (Lucky Me), James Cagney (Love Me or Leave Me), James Stewart (The Man Who Knew Too Much), Louis Jourdan (Julie), Clark Gable (Teacher's Pet), Richard Widmark (The Tunnel of Love), Jack Lemmon (It Happened to Jane), Cary Grant (That Touch of Mink), Stephen Boyd (Billy Rose's Jumbo), and Rod Taylor (Do Not Disturb). (See also: Doris Day message to AIDS Lifecycle riders.)

When she was handed the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's Cecil B. DeMille Award in 1989, Day expressed her wish to return to the big screen – adding that she wouldn't mind working with DeMille Award presenter Clint Eastwood. That, unfortunately, never came to pass. Day would've made a cool space cowgirl in Eastwood's Space Cowboys. (See also: Doris Day movies.)

Doris Day was nominated for a Best Actress Academy Award for the box office hit Pillow Talk (1959). Day's last movie was the comedy With Six You Get Eggroll, released in 1968. She lives in Carmel, in northern California. (See also: Doris Day remains Honorary Oscar-less.)

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12 Comments to Doris Day Today

  1. Susan Hudak

    Please don't wait until Doris has passed to give her a much deserved and long overdue Oscar.

  2. Bill Roddick

    One of the great movie personalities. I first saw her in Calamity Jane. My sisters played and sang the songs from movie over and over. What a beautiful song Secret Love was. What a great soundtrack. Have read much about her. What a roller coaster of a life she had. More complicated than any film role she ever played. Love Me or Leave Me, just so many hits. Doris became part of our lives and personalities in the roles she played. Doris has always been a survivor.

  3. Esther G.

    As for “CDWahl's” “No proof that the picture is recent.”

    Well, Wahl, we don't need much proof that you're rude, do we? :)

    And same goes for the “Barb” character - “Maybe next year ask her to take off her sunglasses.”
    Barb is a good name for you, barb.

    Doris, one of your housekeepers was also my grandmother's housekeeper! We've always been fans. We love you !!!!


    I AM 75years old and have loved your work for 60 of those years. God bless, my best to you.

  5. CDWahl

    No proof that the picture is recent! ;)

  6. Carl Espy

    I don't mind saying that I love everything about Doris Day: her range as an actress (my favorite is Young at Heart), her service given with obvious love toward animals, her energy for life, but most of all for her music,….all of it. I grew up hearing her songs and remember stopping what I was doing at the moment to give them a careful listen. Doris Day's music removes me from the turmoil of the moment. What more can an artist hope to do for her audience.

  7. Barb

    Next year, maybe ask Doris to take off her sunglasses?

  8. Isabelle. Hill Collins

    Doris Day! Happy belated birthday to you and may you have many more. I just finished watching”CLamity Jane” on TCM. What a movie! I grew up in northeastern Montana and our countryside looked a lot like that in the movie. I remember going to the movie and our whole family singing the songs all the way home as we drove the dusty country roads home to the ranch. I was nine and its still one of my favorite movies. Thank you for all the joy and delight you have given by sharing your talent and joy and love of life with so many. You well deserve not just one Oscar, but many! You have such a natural acting talent, one of the most beautiful singing voices and one of the best figures of any woman in the world ever.
    Love, life and long life to you, Isabelle Collins

  9. Bonnie Murphy

    Ian a 57 year old woman who have loved you my whole life! Always wished I were blondes but it never stopped me from wantinug to be like You. Thank you for all yo have given me in my in my life! You are very dear to my heart.

  10. Andre


    Thank you. I'd got Doris Day's birth year — 1924 — mixed with her birth day.
    The text has been amended.

  11. Karen Severino

    Ms. Day turned 89 on April 3rd. Please correct your date.
    There is still a lot of optimism to give this fabulously talented actress the Oscar she deserves.

  12. girlyinthenorth

    Love her and her films. Thanks for this xx