European Film Academy Ambassadors

Maria de Medeiros
Maria de Medeiros.

The European Film Academy (website) (EFA) has enlisted a group of Ambassadors of European Film to cooperate in the promotion of European cinema and the European Film Awards.

From the European Film Academy's press release, the EFA Ambassadors are:

Moritz Bleibtreu, actor, Germany
One of the best-known German faces in international cinema, Moritz Bleibtreu first shot to international attention as Manni in Tom Tykwer's RUN LOLA RUN (1998). He was nominated in 2001 for the EFA People's Choice Award for THE EXPERIMENT by Oliver Hirschbiegel and is now nominated for European Actor for his role as Andreas Baader in THE BAADER MEINHOF COMPLEX by Uli Edel.

Stephen Daldry, director, UK
Ever since the nomination of BILLY ELLIOT for the European Film Awards 2000, Stephen Daldry has been connected to the European Film Academy. His film THE READER is nominated for the 2009 European Film Awards in three categories (European Film, Actress, and Actor).

Maria de Medeiros, actress / director, Portugal
The Portuguese actress (TRÊS IRMÃOS by Teresa Villaverde, IL RESTO DI NIENTE by Antonietta de Lillo, Guy Maddin's THE SADDEST MUSIC IN THE WORLD, Quentin Tarantino's PULP FICTION) and director (CAPITÃES DE ABRIL, JE T'AIME…MOI NON PLUS) is a true, multilingual European artist. Together with her Catalan colleague Juanjó Puigcorbé, she hosted the European Film Awards 2004 in Barcelona.

Mads Mikkelsen, actor, Denmark
Be it as a nominee (2006 for AFTER THE WEDDING by Susanne Bier, 2008 for FLAME AND CITRON by Ole Christian Madsen) or as a presenter (2007 in Berlin, 2008 in Copenhagen), the Danish star (known from Nicolas Winding Refn's PUSHER films, THE GREEN BUTCHERS by Anders Thomas Jensen, and the James Bond film CASINO ROYALE) very much enjoys the company of his European fellows every time he is attending the European Film Awards.

Cristian Mungiu, director, Romania
After several short films and the feature OCCIDENT, Cristian Mungiu was the great Romanian discovery for the international audience when his film 4 MONTHS, 3 WEEKS & 2 DAYS won the Palme d'Or in Cannes two years ago and the award for European Film 2007 at the European Film Awards.

Kim Rossi Stuart, actor, Italy
Having started his acting career at the age of five, among Kim Rossi Stuart's latest works have been Gianni Amelio's THE KEYS TO THE HOUSE, Michele Placido's CRIME NOVEL, and now Francesca Archibughi's A MATTER OF HEART. In 2006 he wrote, directed and acted in the film ALONG THE RIDGE.

Belén Rueda, actress, Spain
The Spanish actress received her first Goya for her role as Julia in THE SEA INSIDE by Alejandro Amenábar and has been a friend of the European Film Academy since her nomination for THE ORPHANAGE by Juan Antonio Bayona last year. With Spain, she represents a country where the Academy experiences great enthusiasm and interest in the European Film Awards.

Johanna ter Steege, actress, the Netherlands
After her dream debut in THE VANISHING, for which she was awarded in the very first European Film Awards in 1988, Johanna ter Steege prospered in films by internationally renowned directors such as Robert Altman and István Szabó. Among her many films are J'ENTEND PLUS LA GUITARE by Philippe Garrel, SWEET EMMA, DEAR BÖBE by István Szabó, PARADISE ROAD by Bruce Beresford, and Dutch titles like GUERNSEY by Nanouk Leopold and AU REVOIR by Heddy Honigmann. The Dutch actress Johanna ter Steege has been a very faithful ally of the European Film Academy since its beginnings.

Maciej Stuhr, actor, Poland
The popular Polish actor and comedian Maciej Stuhr has had roles in films by renowned directors such as Andrzej Wajda, Krzysztof Kie?lowski, Agnieszka Holland and Krzysztof Warlikowski to name but a few, and among his latest films are titles like THE WEDDING and 33 SCENES FROM LIFE. Together with French actress Sophie Marceau, he hosted the 2006 European Film Awards Ceremony in Warsaw and has been a much-appreciated guest at the European Film Awards ever since.

Danis Tanovic, director/screenwriter, Bosnia & Herzegovina
His film NO MAN'S LAND won the European Film Awards 2001 (Screenwriter) and a total of 42 awards, and brought the absurd reality of war to the conscience of people across Europe and the world. He went on to make L'ENFER, based on the script by Krzysztof Kie?lowski and Krzysztof Piesiewicz, and, most recently, TRIAGE, starring Colin Farrell, Paz Vega and Christopher Lee.

EFA Ambassadors Moritz Bleibtreu, Stephen Daldry, Johanna ter Steege, and Maciej Stuhr will be among those present at the 2009 European Film Awards ceremony on 12 December in Bochum, Germany, which will serve as the international launching pad for the European Capital of Culture RUHR.2010 “Essen for the Ruhr.”

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