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Gay Brothers’ Incest Tale From Beginning to End Premiere Postponed

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Gay brothers incest tale: Rafael Cardoso João Gabriel Vasconcelos From the Beginning to End
Gay brothers’ incest tale From Beginning to End with Rafael Cardoso and João Gabriel Vasconcelos.
Ramon Novarro Beyond Paradise

Brazilian filmmaker Aluízio Abranches’ Do Começo ao Fim (From Beginning to End), which revolves around a love affair between two brothers, has generated quite a bit of discussion in Brazilian online forums even though the film hasn’t been released, yet. Those waiting to check it out at the upcoming Festival do Rio, Rio de Janeiro’s international film festival, which runs Sept. 24-Oct. 8, will be disappointed.

Abranches has declared that his film won’t be ready in time for its scheduled screening. (Eliane Caffé’s O Sol do Meio Dia [The Midday Sun], about a dangerous love triangle in the Brazilian hinterlands, will take its slot.) As a result, Do Começo ao Fim will reach Brazilian screens only in November.

According to Rosangela Dantas of the Rio daily Jornal do Brasil, who lauds Abranches’ effort to shake things up with his latest film, Brazilian cinema “has had its trajectory marked by prudishness and hypocrisy. Polemical subjects have almost invariably been treated in a superficial manner, making the movies in question prisoners of an absurd moral conduct.”

In the Do Começo ao Fim cast: Rafael Cardoso, João Gabriel Vasconcelos, Gabriel Kaufmann, Lucas Cotrim, Júlia Lemmertz, Fábio Assunção, Jean Pierre Noher, and veteran Louise Cardoso.

By the way, more than 300 films from more than 60 countries are scheduled to be screened at the Festival do Rio’s many sidebars, among them Premiere Brasil, Global Panorama, Gay World, Limits and Borders, and Midnight Movies.

About 90 of the aforementioned films will come from France, as 2009 is the Year of France in Brazil. The French film series will include a mini-retrospective dedicated to Isabelle Huppert and an homage to Jeanne Moreau.

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Joseph -

After watching this movie, I decided to translate the whole movie into my native language, Vietnamese. I reeditted the movie and subtitled it. I thought about contacting the producer and share with him. To be honest, I have a theology degree and grew up as a catholic. This movie gave me a beautiful understanding human nature and love has no border. Of course, I don’t think incest love is moral yet the other hand I asked two question: if it s true that God says love has unconditional then why are we having a condition if two persons fall in love. Is there such thing as moral? Moral is pretty much a group of society believe it s not set in stone for nature law. Asians eat dog, cat but not in Europe or in America.

Georgia -

I saw this with the English Subtitles and I completely agree with Nelson that it lingers in your mind for days after… I watch just about anything but it is very rare that I find a film I can sit down and watch again and again, and yet I found it in this.
So many amazing films are unapreciated because they contain a gay-theme to them or are low budget. It is worse too with films where the dialogue is not in English, I love foreign films however it’s so hard to find good ones because they are often rejected by the big names.
This film is beautiful and emotional and all I want to do is go and watch it again… wonderful

Nelson -

I have recently watched this movie and lingers for days in your mind. I have watched it three times now and would still like to watch it again. When you see the relationship between there is nothing more you can say than that it is pure love. The homosexual incest part is nothing compared to the great relationships they have together. The actors are surely hot and have carried the script well.

Lisa Cuddy -

I saw this movie, it really is Beautiful “from Beginning To End, just like it’s title promises. Bravo!

Jeff -

Will this ever see the light of day? Come on already! Release it on DVD so the rest of us can enjoy it!

Chraspy -

The movie was release in France just a few weeks ago. With frencf subtitles only, I think.

It’s an excellent movie and I’m surprised it doesn’t have more succes around the world.

If you think of buying the dvd, go for it. It’s worth the 20 euro’s ….


jc -

Any more word on a DVD release? It’s been forever it seems!

Joseph -

I watched it with English subtitle. The movie is beautiful. I decided to translate the subtitle of the movie to Vietnamese. I got the translation of the subtitle in English. I hope I can get this right.

martyn smith -

I live in Portugal and we tend to only get “established” films shown over here. Any idea when this will be on DVD and where I can get it in European format?

Maurizio -

Andre! Thanks for the quick reply.
After writing to you I saw that it has been shown in Torino!
I’m so disappointed I missed it!

Well, I guess I only need to patiently wait for the DVD release!

Thanks again!

Maurizio -

@ Andre: Hi… any more news on this movie? It has been months now since it has been released in Brazil. Surely it will not make it to the too-strict-Italy (where I am from) but maybe if it gets a US distribution, we can find it somewhere…

Andre -

Hello Maurizio,

“From Beginning to End” *was* shown in Italy — but at the Torino GLBT Film Festival. That was a couple of months ago.

According to the IMDb:
PRO-FUN media Filmverleih will distribute it in Germany/ Switzerland / Austria.
TLA has the theatrical rights for the US.
Optimale for France.

Baxter -

Thanks Andre! If you find some reviews send them along, I’ll have to google myself too. Wondering if its getting bad reviews due to the subject matter or its just not a good story/acting. FYI, although not a theatrical film, belami has a pretty wild film featuring the Peters twins. Not sure how I feel about it, but have to admit they’re nice to look at.

Baxter -

Any more info on this? Been following it but seems like its disappeared.

Andre -


It’s doing extremely well at the Brazilian box office for an arthouse film screened at only a handful of theaters across the country. So far, 80,000 tickets have been sold.
The two reviews I read, however, were not positive. I’ll be posting something on “Do Comeco ao Fim” in the next couple of days.

leo -

This movie looks GREAT! When is the release? I can’t wait to see it!


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