Interracial Gay Romantic Comedy, Oscar Winners as Lesbian Lovers: Indianapolis LGBT Film Festival Awards

gay romantic comedy Elliot Loves Fabio Costaprado Jermaine MontellGay romantic comedy tops Indianapolis LGBT Film Festival

The Indianapolis LGBT Film Festival screened a handful of features and about two dozen shorts over the November 9-11 weekend. Earlier today, the jury winners were announced on the festival's Facebook page. Elliot Loves, a romantic (and mother-son) comedy by first-time feature-film writer-director Terracino, and Douglas Horn's Coffee & Pie, a comedy short in which a jilted woman discovers that revenge is sweeter when pies are involved, were the festival's top movies. (Image: Jermaine Montell, Fabio Costaprado Elliot Loves.)

The Creative Director's Award, given “to the film that demonstrates creativity and the spirit of LGBT issues” went to Kai Stanicke's short Cold Star, in which a menacing group of people pushes a boy onto a diving platform, where he finds unexpected help from a mysterious man.

The Bob Dietrich Memorial Award given to a short comedy film went to Jason Sax's Do You Have a Cat?, which, as per the festival's website, “examines the trials of bisexual dating and pet ownership.”

Road movie featuring two Oscar winners as elderly lesbian lovers on the run is audience favorite

Additionally, the Indianapolis LGBT Film Festival announced Audience Awards in various categories. The Favorite Gay Feature Film was Douglas Langway's Bear City 2: The Proposal, a sequel to Bear City, which follows the personal adventures of a group of “bears, boys and cubs” in New York City and, in the sequel, Provincetown. The Favorite Lesbian Feature Film was Thom Fitzgerald's Cloudburst, a road movie starring Academy Award winners Olympia Dukakis and Brenda Fricker as lovers on the run, and Ryan Doucette as the hustler they pick up while en route to Canada and legal marriage.

Coffee or Tea? and Do You Have a Cat? were, respectively, the Favorite Gay Short Film and Favorite Lesbian Short Film. And finally, the Favorite Documentary Feature was Robert Camina's Raid of the Rainbow Lounge, about the vicious beatings by Fort Worth cops (initially defended by the local chief of police) during a 2009 raid at a local gay bar, while Nathan Gillock's Of an Armed Cavalieri, about Tommaso de Cavalieri's role as the inspiration for some of Michelangelo's work, was the Favorite Documentary Short.

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