Golden Age Actresses Homage: From Lupe Velez to Linda Darnell

What better way to start the New Year than by remembering the long-ago past? No, not war and assorted catastrophes, but beauty and romance. The clip above features a montage of about two dozen “Golden Age Actresses” – the actual title of the video is “Forgotten Actresses.”

See how many you can recognize. Here's some assistance:

Anne Baxter, Anne Shirley, Claire Bloom, Constance Bennett, Eleanor Parker, Frances Dee, Gail Russell, Janet Gaynor, Jean Arthur, Jean Peters, Joan Bennett, Kathryn Grayson, Laraine Day, Lilli Palmer, Linda Darnell, Lupe Velez, Madeleine Carroll, Margaret Sullavan, Maureen O'Sullivan, Miiko Taka, Norma Shearer, Patricia Neal, Paulette Goddard, Priscilla Lane, Sally Eilers, Teresa Wright.

There's also one I didn't recognize, wearing a veil over her head. Coleen Gray?

Among the included films are – some of these are tentative titles – 7th Heaven, Yellow Sky, The Fountainhead, The Macomber Affair, The Pride of the Yankees, The Gaucho, The Barretts of Wimpole Street, Unconquered, Bad Girl, Anchors Aweigh, The Man Between, Arsenic and Old Lace, Sayonara, Interrupted Melody, The Voice of the Turtle, Scaramouche, Mr. Deeds Goes to Town, I Walked with a Zombie, Pickup on South Street, O'Henry's Full House, and Night Has a Thousand Eyes.

The great song is MIKA's “Any Other World.”

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11 Comments to Golden Age Actresses Homage: From Lupe Velez to Linda Darnell

  1. Curtis Alcorn

    Alive today?

    Miiko Taka, (Hana Ogi in Sayonara)

  2. Briddan

    Being the creator of this tribute(BSTO88), may I just point out that when I said FORGOTTEN actresses, I meant ones that do not get as much recognition for all of their wonderful films. Even by the wonderful TCM they are left in the dark. Yes some of them are still alive, but some those who have passed did not get day long tributes in their honor after said passing. Not that it was not deserved by Paul Newman, but when he died the whole world recognized it(which in fact made me VERY happy). But where was the People cover when Jennifer Jones died?

    They of course will NEVER be forgotten!

  3. Enrique S.

    Sorry but NONE OF THEM are forgotten. Thanks to TCM….

  4. D J M

    All of those women were class acts, and today in Hollywood there are -few very few-. There are some real gems there but I didn't see Ms. Stanwcyk. I know I misspelled her last name.

  5. Kev E

    Some of my favs were on here…Paulette Goddard, Teresa Wright and Gail Russell…so sad that her studio allowed her to drink to calm her nerves and that led to her death from liver failure.

  6. Don

    They're hardly forgotten. Every night, they are appreciated, and their films are shown worldwide on TCM.

  7. jonathan Lippman

    NONE of them are forgotten by me and five or six are in FACT among my TOP TOP FAVES… LILLI, ANNE BAXTER, ELEANOR PARKER, LARAINE DAY and CLAIRE BLOOM for example……..Margaret O'Sullivan too… in fact I like all but two or three…

    with the passing of Miss Grayson a few days ago only CLAIRE BLOOM and ELEANOR PARKER and PATRICIA NEAL and I believe Miss Tako from Sayonara are still with us.

  8. Andre

    At the beginning of the clip, in order of appearance:

    Janet Gaynor, Norma Shearer, Eleanor Parker, Priscilla Lane, ? (with veil), Jean Arthur, Linda Darnell, Anne Shirley, Teresa Wright, Maureen O'Sullivan, Lilli Palmer.

  9. Andre

    Eleanor Parker, Patricia Neal, and Miiko Taka are still alive.

  10. Tricia

    Teresa Wright, forgotten? No way. Same for Patricia Neal. And I don't know about Anne Baxter either?

    There is a woman at the beginning who reminds me of Jane Wyman. Who was that? Jean Peters maybe?

    I, sadly, agree that Lilli Palmer has been forgotten. But I still remember her. LOVE LILLI PALMER!!!!

    Thanks for a great montage. Who is alive now? Only Claire Bloom, I think.

  11. jim

    Should not have cut out the dialog.