'I Killed My Mother' Tops Jutra Awards

Xavier Dolan, Anne Dorval I Killed My Mother
Xavier Dolan, Anne Dorval I Killed My Mother

Xavier Dolan's J'ai tué ma mère / I Killed My Mother may have fared quite poorly at Canada's Genie Awards – it was totally shut out of the competitive categories – and at the Oscars, having lost out on a Best Foreign Language Film nomination. At the 2010 Prix Jutra ceremony, however, Dolan's comedy drama about a gay son and his mother received top honors, taking home the Prix Jutra for best film of 2009 on Wednesday, March 31.

Additionally, I Killed My Mother earned Dolan the Best Screenplay Award and Anne Dorval the Best Actress Jutra. The film was also voted the most popular local production outside Quebec's borders.

Denis Villeneuve was chosen the Best Director for Polytechnique, the story of the 1989 Montreal massacre of several female engineering students. As the mass murderer, Maxim Gaudette won the Best Supporting Actor Jutra. Polytechnique, in fact, received the highest number of awards: five in all.

Sébastien Ricard was voted Best Actor for Dédé à travers les brumes / Dédé Through the Shadows, a biopic of Quebecois composer-singer André Fortin, who died – officially a suicide – at the age of 37 in 2000.

The Best Supporting Actress was Sandrine Bisson for 1981.

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