Bafta Scotland & Golden Horse Awards: Swimming Across English Channel + Kung Fu

The 2005 BAFTA Scotland (or Scottish Bafta) award winners were announced at the Radisson SAS Hotel in Glasgow on Nov. 13.

In Gaby Dellal's On a Clear Day, a suddenly unemployed middle-aged man (Peter Mullan) whose young son had died from drowning decides to regain his self-esteem by swimming across the English Channel. Brenda Blethyn is his loving wife and Jamie Sives is the couple's estranged son.



Best Film
* On a Clear Day
A Woman in Winter

Best Director
* Festival - Directed by Annie Griffin
On a Clear Day - Directed Gaby Dellal
A Woman in Winter - Directed by Richard Jobson

Best Actor in a Scottish Film
* Festival - Chris O'Dowd
Festival - Stephen Mangan

Best Actress in a Scottish Film
* Frozen - Shirley Henderson
Festival - Daniela Nardini

Best Screenplay
Festival - Screenplay by Annie Griffin
Night People - Screenplay by Jack Dickson & Adrian Mead
* On a Clear Day - Screenplay by Alex Rose

Best Animation
* A Bus Ride and Flowers in Her Hair (Directed by Asaf Agranat)
Cannon Man (Directed by Douglas Neilson)
The True Story of Sawney Beane (Directed by Elizabeth Hobbs)

Best Documentary
* The Holyrood Files (Directed by Stuart Greig)

Best Short Film
* Dupe (Directed by Chris Waitt)
Cotopaxi (Directed by Zack Copping)
Vagabond Shoes (Directed by Jackie Oudney)

Cineworld Audience Award
* Night People
On a Clear Day
A Woman in Winter

Outstanding Achievement in Film
Iain Smith



Best New Work
Bargain (Directed by Gunhild Enger)
* Can't Stop Breathing (Directed by Amy Neil)
The Grandparents (Directed by Ioana Joca)

Best First-Time Director
Ioana Joca - The Grandparents
Andrew Tullis - The Man who Captured Nessie
Andrew Henderson - The Rest is Silence
* Samir Mehanovic - The Way We Played

Best New Screenplay
At the End of the Sentence - Written by David Grieg
* The Immeasurable Joy - Written by Gregor Barclay
Karma Cowboys - Written by Rae Brunton

Best First-Time Performance
* Kelly Anne Farquhar - Monarch of the Glen
Michelle Duncan - Sea of Souls
Tammy Arnold - Sweetie



News & Current Affairs
* Frontline Scotland - Home Truths: The Real Cost of Care
Reporting Scotland

* The Fighting McIlroys
The Gathering Place
The Gospel Truth
This Scotland: Heavy Metal Jr

Days that Shook the World: Hindenburg
Michael Palin & the Mystery of Hammershoi
* Location, Location, Location
Map Man

Monarch of the Glen
* Sea of Souls

* Still Game
Meet the Magoons
Comedy Connections: Monty Python's Flying Circus

* Balamory
Shoebox Zoo

Gaelic Language
Colin & Cumberland
* Eorpa: Arandora Star
Sùgh an Eòrna


* Aig Cridhe Ar Ciùil - Created by Seonaid Macleod, Donald I. Macdonald
Edinburgh Fringe Podcast - Created by Ewan Spence
Graffiti in the House of Lucretius - Created by Dan Norton, ABLAB

42nd Golden Horse Awards - 2005 

Best Film
* Kung Fu / Kung Fu Hustle 
Three Times 
The Wayward Cloud
A World Without Thieves

Best Director 
Tsai Ming Liang (The Wayward Cloud
Johnnie To (Election
Hou Hsiao Hsien (Three Times
* Stephen Chow (Kung Fu / Kung Fu Hustle)

Best Leading Actor 
Tony Leung Ka Fai (Election
Chang Chen (Three Times
Chen Khen (A West Lake Moment
* Aaron Kwok (Divergence)

Best Leading Actress 
Miriam Yeung (Drink Drank Drunk
Chen Shiang Chyi (The Wayward Cloud
* Shu Qi (Three Times
Michelle Krusiec (Saring Face)

Best Supporting Actor 
* Anthony Wong (Initial D
Alex Fong (Drink Drank Drunk
Wong Tin Lam (Election
Yuen Wah (Kung Fu / Kung Fu Hustle)

Best Supporting Actress 
Teresa Mo (2 Young) 
Hsiao Shu Shen (Loves Lone Flower
Liu Yi Jing (Blue Cha-Cha
* Yuen Qiu (Kung Fu / Kung Fu Hustle)

Best New Performer 
* Jay Chou (Initial D
Isabella Leong (Bug Me Not!
Race Wong (Ab-normal Beauty
Luke Lai (Hows Life?)

Best Original Screenplay 
* Yau Nai Hoi, Yip Tin Shing (Election
Chu Tien Wen, Hou Hsiao Hsien (Three Times
Yim Ho, Zheng Xiao (A West Lake Moment
Pang Ho Cheung, Wong Wing Sze (Beyond Our Ken)

Best Screeenplay Adaptation 
* Feng Xiaogang, Wang Gang, Lin Lisheng (A World Without Thieves
Felix Chong (Initial D
Tsui Hark, Cheung Chi Sing, Chun Tin Nam (Seven Swords)

Best Documentary 
* Jump! Boys 
Taiwan Black Movies

Best Animation 
* The Fire Ball 
Ven. Yin Shun

Best Cinematography 
Cheng Siu Keung (Election
Kwok-Man Keung, Venus Keung (Seven Swords
Mark Lee Ping Bin (Three Times
* Anthony Pun (Divergence)

Best Editing 
Liu Miaomiao (A World Without Thieves
Liao Ching Song, Hsiao Ru Kuan (Three Times
Angie Lam (Kung Fu / Kung Fu Hustle
* Yau Chu Wai (Divergence)

Best Original Film Score 
Jeffrey Cheng (The Heirloom
Lo Tayu (Election
* Cin Cin Lee (Blue Cha-Cha
Anthony Chue (Divergence)

Best Art Direction 
Eddy Wong (Seven Swords
Hwarng Wern Ying, Wang Chih Cheng (Three Times
* Wong Yi Fei (The Shoe Fairy
Oliver Wong (Kung Fu / Kung Fu Hustle)

Best Make Up & Costume Design 
Stanley Cheung (Election
Poon Wing Yan, Shirley Chan (Seven Swords
Hwarng Wern Ying, Liao Su Jen, Ms. Gin Oy, Wang Kuan Yi (Three Times
* Shirley Chan (Kung Fu / Kung Fu Hustle)

Best Action Choreography 
Kong Taohoi (A World Without Thieves
Wong Chi Wai (Election
* Lau Kar Leung, Tung Wai, Xiong Xin Xin (Seven Swords
Yuen Wo Ping (Kung Fu / Kung Fu Hustle)

Best Original Film Song 
"Drifting" - Lyrics: Fang Wen Shan; Music, Performer: Jay Chou (Initial D
"Song for Heaven" - Lyrics: Lin Xi; Music: Lo Tayu; Performer: Silver (Election
"Falling in Love" - Lyrics, Music, Performer: Luantan Ascent (Falling in Love
* "Sunlight" - Lyrics, Music, Performer: James Ho (Jump! Boys)

Best Visual Effects 
Victor Wong, Eddy Wong, Bryan Cheung (Initial D
Peter Webb (Seven Swords
Yang Harn Chang, Lin Chih Chao (The Shoe Fairy
* Frankie Chung, Don Ma, Tam Kai Kwan, Franco Hung (Kung Fu / Kung Fu Hustle)

Best Sound Effects 
Kinson Tsang (Initial D
* May Mok, Charlie Lo (Election
Steve Burgess (Seven Swords
Steven Ticknor, Steve Burgess, Rob Mackenzie, Paul Pirola (Kung Fu / Kung Fu Hustle)

Best Short Film 
Eros - The Hand
* Hows Life? 
The Pain of Others

Lifetime Achievement Award: Ge Heung-ting

Taiwanese Filmmaker of the Year: Hou Hsiao Hsien

Taiwanese Film of the Year: Three Times

Audience Award: Saving Face

Pavee Lackeen: The Traveller Girl by Perry Ogden
Perry Ogden's Pavee Lackeen takes a look at poverty in modern Ireland as seen through the eyes of a young girl and her family.

Irish Film Awards


Best Film
Mickybo & Me
The Mighty Celt
* Pavee Lackeen
Tara Road
Trouble with Sex

Best Director
Anthony Byrne – Short Order
Fintan Connolly – Trouble with Sex
* Terry George – Hotel Rwanda
Perry Ogden – Pavee Lackeen

Best Actor
Gabriel Byrne - Wah-Wah
Cillian Murphy - Red Eye
* Liam Neeson - Kinsey
Aidan Quinn - Convicted

Best Actress
Andrea Corr - The Boys & Girl from County Clare
Jillian Bradbury - Winter's End
Winnie Maughan - Pavee Lackeen
* Renee Weldon - Trouble with Sex

Best Supporting Actor
David Kelly - Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
* Sean McGinley - On a Clear Day
Cillian Murphy - Batman Begins
Tagdh Murphy - Boy Eats Girl

Best Supporting Actress
* Charlotte Bradley - The Boys & Girl From County Clare
Nora Jane Noone - The Descent
Deirdre O'Kane - Boy Eats Girl
Tatianna Ouliankina - Short Order

Best Screenplay
Anthony Byrne - Short Order
Pearse Elliott - The Mighty Celt
* Terry George and Keir Pearson - Hotel Rwanda
Terry Loane - Mickybo & Me

Best Cinematography
Seamus Deasy - The Mighty Celt
Brendan Galvin - Flight of the Phoenix
* Seamus McGarvey - Sahara
Owen McPolin - Trouble with Sex

Best Music
Niall Byrne - Short Order
Niall Byrne - Trouble with Sex
* Gregory Magee - Winter's End
Fiachra Trench - The Boys & Girl From County Clare

Best Production Design
Laurent Mellet & Steven Kingston – Trouble with Sex
Tom McCullagh - Mickybo & Me
Anna Rackard - Boy Eats Girl
* Eleanor Wood & Laura Bowe - Short Order

Best Costume Design
Susan Scott - Boy Eats Girl
Marian Smyth - Trouble with Sex
* Hazel Webb-Crozier - Mickybo & Me
Judith Williams - Short Order

Best Short Fiction
George – Rory Bresnihan & John Butler
Jellybaby – Ronan and Rob Burke
Ouch – Ken Wardrop
* Six Shooter – Martin McDonagh

Best Animation
Agricultural Report – Barley Films
* Cúilín Dualach – Cartoon Saloon
Dick Terrapin – Vinegar Hill Productions
Not There Yet — Monster Animation

Breakthrough Talent
Daniel O'Hara - Fluent Dysphasia
Terry Loane - Mickybo & Me
Martin McDonagh - Six Shooter
* Perry Ogden - Pavee Lackeen



Best Editing in Film / TV Drama
J. Patrick Duffner - Short Order
* Emer Reynolds - Shameless
Ray Roantree - Trouble with Sex
Ben Yates - Love Is the Drug

Best Sound in Film / TV Drama
Boy Eats Girl - Patrick Drummond, Tom Johnson, John Fitzgerald & Stuart Bruce
* Pure Mule – Philippe Faujas, Niall Brady & Ken Galvin
Short Order – Ray Cross, Nikki Moss, John Fitzgerald & Peter Blayney
Showbands - Karl Merren, Nicky Moss & Ken Galvin


People's Choice Awards

O2 TV Personality Of The Year Award
* Mark Cagney – TV3
Aoife Ní Thuairisg – TG4
Stephen Nolan – BBC
Gráinne Seoige – Sky News Ireland
Pat Shortt – RTÉ

AIB Best Irish Film
Adam & Paul

* Inside I'm Dancing
Mickybo & Me

International Actor
Christian BaleBatman Begins
Johnny Depp - Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
Brad PittMr. & Mrs. Smith
* Mickey Rourke – Sin City

Best International Film
Batman Begins
* Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
Sin City

Best International Actress
* Gillian Anderson – The Mighty Celt
Drew BarrymoreThe Perfect Catch
Dakota FanningWar of the Worlds
Natalie PortmanGarden State

Lifetime Achievement Award recipient – David Kelly

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