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Kristen Stewart (Unfortunately) Apologizes for Rape Metaphor

Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart Eclipse meadow scene
Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart together in Eclipse meadow scene
Ramon Novarro biography Beyond Paradise

June 3: Kristen Stewart has opted to issue an apology for her use of the word “rape” as a metaphor for having her personhood unrelentingly assaulted by paparazzi no matter where she goes.

That is an unfortunate – for Stewart, who didn’t ridicule or denigrate rape victims, or call anyone any names; for people’s right to express their feelings as they wish – though hardly unexpected turn of events. After all, David Slade’s The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, in which Stewart co-stars with Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, opens in a few weeks. There’s a lot at stake, Stewart’s “people” must have been telling her. (Admittedly, it could also be that Stewart truly felt sorry.)

Here’s what Stewart, who played a rape victim in Speak (2004) and who has done public service announcements for the advocacy group RAINN, told (It’s unclear whether Stewart’s quotes were said in the order posted below – or with nothing else in-between them):

“I really made an enormous mistake – clearly and obviously. And I’m really sorry about my choice of words.”

“I’ve made stupid remarks before, and I’ve always reasoned: ‘Whatever. They can think what they want.'”

“’Violated’ definitely would have been a better way of expressing the thought.”

“People thinking that I’m insensitive about this subject rips my guts out. I made a big mistake.”

The media – and as a result, much of the public – had lambasted Stewart in a manner they would never have dared to do had she dropped an A-Bomb in Teheran. Had the latter incident taken place, all sorts of excuses would have been found for the deed. But in our increasingly p.c.-obsessed, hypocritically goody-goody world, if you’re a celebrity you have to measure your words and deeds every step of the way.

Remember the foaming-at-the-mouth reaction following the leaking of Miley Cyrus’ photo showing the young actress-singer and friends doing a “slanted eye” joke among themselves (there was an East Asian guy in the picture as well) – in private, no one’s fucking business? Someone actually sued Cyrus for that. (The lawsuit was later dismissed.)

I find it surprising that no one has sued Stewart for using the rape analogy, claiming it has led to “severe emotional distress” or some such.

[Update: Paraphrasing my response to a commenter below, had Stewart said instead: “When I’m surrounded by paparazzi taunting and screaming at me, I feel like I’m in a war zone.” I wonder if anyone anywhere would have bothered to criticize her for her insensitivity. “How dare she use the word ‘war’ to apply to her own little personal problems?” But hey, it’s only war …]

Now, before anyone accuses me of being insensitive to rape, let me remind you that the matter at hand here isn’t women or men being brutally forced into sex. The issue here is an individual’s freedom to express his/her feelings using words s/he finds appropriate.

Additionally, unlike the p.c. crowd, whose focus tend to be on sex matters and “inappropriate” use of words, I’ve never been one to condone or ignore violence of any kind – whether it involves naked people or people wearing shining military uniforms.

So, it does piss me off that people would spend time berating a famous 20-year-old actress for using a (in my view perfectly appropriate) “rape” metaphor, when there are so many more pressing – really, urgent, life-threatening – issues taking place around the world. Issues that are and will go on affecting for the worse the lives of this planet’s inhabitants (human or no) in a manner that Stewart’s remark never, ever could.

The media, of course, is to blame for this circus-on-fire spectacle. I’ve read numerous articles about the Stewart “rape” to-do, and nearly every single one of them distorted her words, telling their readers she compared “being famous” or “being photographed by paparazzi” to rape. That’s not what she said.

But hey, you gotta give it to those guys. They can smell blood from a distance; and they know that nastiness, the ensuing self-righteous outrage and the public humiliation of the celebrity in question sell even more than The God Sex itself. I mean, Chace Crawford, arrested for allegedly having pot with him in Texas, is one of the hottest news of the day. (By Zeus, pot smoking? It’s the end of the world as we know it.)

Wrapping this up … It’s good to remember that no matter what you say or do, someone somewhere will get (quite possibly deeply) offended. But you can’t go through life apologizing for expressing your feelings. Only you can know how you feel. If others don’t like it, so be it. They also say (and/or think) stuff that would offend others – but no one cares about those people, so you don’t get to see their purported faux pas online or in print.

In the case of Kristen Stewart and her rape metaphor, that should have been a non-issue. But had that been the case, there wouldn’t have been a mega-story, right?

P.S. Chace Crawford shouldn’t despair. Robert Mitchum spent time in jail for smoking pot as well – back in the late ’40s. Even in those days, that didn’t affect Mitchum’s film career in any way. In fact, the scandal may have helped his on-screen “rebel” image.

“Rape metaphor” text above originally posted by André Soares.

Photo: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Kimberley French / Summit Entertainment)

Previous post

Kristen Stewart, torn between Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner in David Slade’s upcoming The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, graces the cover of the July issue of Elle UK, which came out on Wednesday, June 2.

While interviewed for the magazine, Stewart made the mistake of speaking her mind. Worse: she made the grievous faux pas of comparing fame to rape. The Internet – the gossip buzzards are ever ready – has been teeming with articles berating the actress for her “unfortunate,” un-p.c. analogy and “poor choice of words.” [Correction: Stewart was actually comparing the paparazzi assault, not fame, to rape.]

Here’s what she said, via The Huffington Post:

On the media:

“It really bothers me when people write nasty shit about me and the perception is that I don’t give a fuck. It could not be further from the truth. Your little persona is made up of all the places that people have seen you and what has been said about you, and usually the places that I am are so overwhelming in the moment and fleeting for me ­ like one second where I’ve said something stupid, that’s me, forever.”

On the paparazzi:

“What you don’t see are the cameras shoved in my face and the bizarre intrusive questions being asked, or the people falling over themselves, screaming and taunting to get a reaction. The photos are so … I feel like I’m looking at someone being raped. A lot of the time I can’t handle it. It’s fucked. I never expected that this would be my life.”

I may be one of the few who found Stewart’s fame/rape analogy both intelligent and graphically to the point. I’ve seen the paparazzi at work. It’s both disturbing and repulsive. Those criticizing Stewart have been twisting her words, making the 20-year-old actress sound insensitive and immature. Actually, what she said is anything but.

Unfortunately, most people don’t have the mental capability (or the willingness) to understand either metaphors or the fact that one can be emotionally and psychologically raped, insisting that the word be used only when relating to vaginas or anuses. Those people are incapable of grasping that rape – painful intrusion, invasion, aggression, disrespect – can and do occur all the time in ways that have nothing to do with sex. Much like the most obscene forms of behavior occur when people are fully clothed. And I’m not referring to kinky sex here.

Bankers didn’t take their clothes off when they raped the world economy (and the livelihood of millions of people) not that long ago. The Gulf of Mexico is being raped by British Petroleum’s oil geyser. People can have their psyche raped by, say, religious dogma – just try growing up gay while attending a traditional, say, Christian or Muslim school.

Now, this is one section of the Elle interview in which Kristen Stewart doesn’t sound all that convincing:

On Robert Pattinson:

“People always ask me if I’m dating Robert. It’s beyond annoying. People say that if I just tell them everything they’ll leave me alone, but God, you think if I tell people they’ll leave me alone? They pick up every little scrap, and that’s much worse.”

Uh … no. I can’t help but think there’s some kind of coaching going on when it comes to the Stewart-Pattinson deal. I just don’t know what kind of coaching. Keep’em guessing and they’ll come watch The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn?

In the old days, people thought, e.g., Janet Gaynor and Charles Farrell were two lovey-dovey lovebirds because they looked so real when they made love (kissing chastely) on screen in hits such as 7th Heaven and Street Angel.

Well, the so-delicate-she-could-break Gaynor, the very first Best Actress Oscar winner, was into women – Margaret Lindsay was her lover at one point, and Mary Martin was connected with her for decades. (Costume designer Adrian was Gaynor’s husband from the late ’30s to his death twenty years later.) Farrell, gay rumors notwithstanding (perhaps thanks to a squeaky, high-pitched voice?), married actress Virginia Valli.

In other words, the Gaynor-Farrell “affair” was something that only existed in the imagination of fans – fueled by smart studio publicists. If fans believed the on-screen couple were lovers in real-life, then the actors’ on-screen lovemaking would seem more real. Voyeurism would make more people want to pay to see Gaynor and Farrell in Sunny Side Up, Delicious, etc. That was the studio’s logic.

Regarding Stewart and Pattinson, I can’t figure out what or whose logic – or lack thereof – it is. But I’m willing to bet they’ll come clean once the last Breaking Dawn movie comes out. Not that I think they must. Stewart’s and Pattinson’s private lives are their own. It’s their business who, when and where they date, hate, mate, and so on.

P.S. I’ve just read that Stewart regrets having used the rape metaphor. I’m not sure if that’s true. (I couldn’t find a reliable source for it.) If it is, I find that regrettable.

P.P.S. In the next couple of weeks, I’ll be posting a couple of articles with my views on the Twilight Saga books and movies. Overall, I liked the first book very much; the three sequels I found highly readable but ultimately disappointing both in terms of plot and character development. In Eclipse, for instance, Bella nearly brought out the axe-murderer in me.

Now, I’m really not a gambler, but … I’m also willing to bet that were Twilight perceived as a male-oriented franchise instead of one geared to females (teen females to boot) there would have been nothing like the current backlash against the books, the movies, and the performers. It’s glaringly obvious that there are a lot of people eager to see Stewart, Pattinson, and Lautner fail – chiefly Pattinson, the early 21st century’s biggest “matinee idol” – merely because of their association with the Twilight movies. Had those three been blowing people up on screen, they’d have earned the respect of many (most?) of their detractors. And as a result, you can be sure that Pattinson would have received better reviews – or at least fewer nasty ones – for his performance in Remember Me.

Note: “Kristen Stewart (Unfortunately) Apologizes for Rape Metaphor” is an edited version of three Kristen Stewart posts first published in June 2010.

Photo: Matthias Vriens / Elle UK

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Eclipse poster
Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse poster

“The ECLIPSE soundtrack – which includes Muse, Fanfarlo, and The Black Keys – is streaming on the official soundtrack website for the next 24 hours!” announces a tweet on the Twilight Twitter page. There’s even one track belonging to the upcoming film’s Oscar-winning composer Howard Shore: “Jacob’s Theme.”

‘Eclipse’ cast

Based on Stephenie Meyer’s bestselling novel, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse was adapted by Melissa Rosenberg and directed by David Slade.

Besides Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner, the Eclipse cast features:

Bryce Dallas Howard (replacing Rachelle Lefevre as a vampire bent on destroying Bella).

Peter Facinelli. Elizabeth Reaser. Xavier Samuel. Dakota Fanning. Kellan Lutz. Ashley Greene.

Jackson Rathbone. Nikki Reed. Booboo Stewart. Billy Burke. Daniel Cudmore. Michael Welch. Jodelle Ferland.

Cameron Bright. Christian Serratos. Kirsten Prout. Sarah Clarke. Tyson Houseman. Charlie Bewley. Kiowa Gordon.

Leah Gibson. Julia Jones. Alex Meraz. Jack Huston. Chaske Spencer. Tinsel Korey. Bronson Pelletier. Iris Quinn.

Gil Birmingham. Paul Jarrett. Justin Rain. Justin Chon. Cainan Wiebe. Ben Geldreich. Alex Rice.

Best Actress Oscar nominee Catalina Sandino Moreno (Maria Full of Grace, 2004).

Best Supporting Actress Oscar nominee Anna Kendrick (Up in the Air, 2009).

Eclipse opens in the U.S., Canada, and about a dozen other countries on June 30, ’10. The world premiere will be held at the Los Angeles Film Festival on June 24.


1. Metric – Eclipse (All Yours)
2. MUSE – Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)
3. The Bravery – Ours
4. Florence + The Machine – Heavy In Your Arms
5. Sia – My Love
6. Fanfarlo – Atlas
7. The Black Keys – Chop And Change
8. The Dead Weather – Rolling In On A Burning Tire
9. Beck and Bat For Lashes – Let’s Get Lost
10. Vampire Weekend – Jonathan Low
11. UNKLE – With You In My Head (Feat. The Black Angels)
12. Eastern Conference Champions – A Million Miles An Hour
13. Band of Horses – Life On Earth
14. Cee Lo Green – What Part of Forever
15. Howard Shore – Jacob’s Theme

Bonus Tracks:

16. Battles – The Line
17. Bombay Bicycle Club – How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep
18. Fanfarlo – “Atlas” (Remix) (Digital Bonus Only)
19. Cee Lo Green – “What Part Of Forever” (Remix) (Digital Bonus Only)

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner doing a press junket for The Twilight Saga: New Moon in Paris [the original video has been deleted]. I wonder how Pattinson’s absence from this year’s international press junket (he’s busy filming Water for Elephants in Los Angeles) will affect the popularity of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse overseas. Perhaps it’ll make no difference, as Stewart and Lautner seem to be getting lots of publicity – even if some of it unwelcome – in their tour.

Pattinson is his usual humorous self in this New Moon junket set in Paris. When asked about resisting temptation, he replies: “I’m pretty good at resisting almost any form of temptation, to be honest. I have very, very few interests, so… [laughs] There’s not much … I’m kind of a stoic.” Lautner’s biggest temptation on the set was food. Food he couldn’t eat so Jacob Black could look buff and beefy in New Moon.

“In my opinion, as much as they’re always trying to control themselves and as much as the relationship is strained,” says Kristen Stewart about Edward and Bella, “if they were really denying themselves something, they would take themselves out of the situation completely. They wouldn’t be with each other. They’re willing to do anything … anything no matter how badly it hurts to stay together. … It is definitely a sexualized movie, but in a different way.”

The clip ends with three very, very unstoic Twilight fans, who seem all too eager to give in to temptwition.

Directed by David Slade, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse opens in the United States and about a dozen other countries on June 30. Melissa Rosenberg adapted Stephenie Meyer’s bestselling novel.

Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson, Eclipse poster
Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Eclipse poster

David Slade explains why he took on The Twilight Saga: Eclipse in an audio interview at Earth’s Mightiest Fansites.

“It was just that I’d done two very intense films,” the director of Hard Candy and 30 Days of Night says over the phone. “One was an outright horror film, one was a thriller. … There were a lot of films around that I could’ve done … but no one was offering me something different.”

Slade added that Summit wasn’t scared he might make Eclipse “too scary,” and that he focused on exploring the core of the fantasy aspects of the Twilight Saga so as to make them look real on screen. That way, audiences would be able to accept both the characters’ emotional entanglements and the fantastical elements found in the story.

“There was a certain degree of mythology that was really interesting to me and that I really liked … that I could bring a sense of … awareness I think hadn’t been addressed before. How do these things work when it comes to vampires? Why do they sparkle? What is it about them that does that and how does that work? Those kinds of things were really interesting to me. Those things were explored a little. There aren’t as many sparkly shots, but I think you get a sense of the physics of the whole thing … On the one hand, you have this intensely naturalistic romantic drama … so when it comes to the kinds of fantastic elements, to me it was important that they didn’t rise above the level of magic realism. You had to accept them as natural, as the next thing.”

Note: The David Slade interview was found thanks to a tweet by “The Twilight Examiner.”

Photo: Summit Entertainment

The latest Twilight Saga: Eclipse TV spot, “Something New” (as in: “there’s something new to fear”) emphasizes the action segments found in the film, much like another previous TV spot. The romance between Robert Pattinson’s and Kristen Stewart’s characters take a back seat to the violent scenes, whether featuring Riley (Xavier Samuel) being turned into a vampire or the war between good vampires and werewolves vs. the thirsty newborn vampire army.

One curiosity is that in this one you get to see a close-up of Jackson Rathbone as Jasper Hale. Peter Facinelli can also be spotted, though if I remember correctly we’ve already seen him in previous Eclipse trailers/promos.

Jodelle Ferland explains in the recently released clip “Introducing Bree Tanner” that “Bree is a newborn vampire, which means a newly turned vampire.”

In Stephenie Meyer’s The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Bree is the young vampire who has a tough time resisting the human Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart). Bella’s beating heart and the scent of her blood drives Bree crazy, but she must behave if she’s to be pardoned and taken in by Carlisle Cullen (Peter Facinelli).

Bree had taken part in the fight pitting Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), his family, and the local werewolves (led by Taylor Lautner’s Jacob) against the newborn vampire army. In the movie, they’re led by Riley (Xavier Samuel), who himself was a creation of the vindictive Victoria (Bryce Dallas Howard).

Ferland (pronounced Fer-LAND) goes on to explain that Bree “wants to be good, but nobody gives her a chance. She doesn’t know the rules, so how can you follow rules that you don’t know?” That means Bree will play a larger role in the movie version than in Meyer’s novel, as Bree is only very briefly seen near the end of Eclipse.

Not abiding by the rules of the vampire world, of course, ends up being a major problem for Bree. “So, it’s not her fault,” Ferland adds, “but she gets punished anyway.”

Not too long ago, Stephenie Meyer, who’s seen in the clip near the end, announced that she was going to publish a short piece on Bree, entitled “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner.” Pure speculation: Perhaps some of what’s seen in the movie version of Eclipse will be found in Meyer’s new book as well?

The novella comes out on June 5. It’ll also be available a couple of days later at Meyer’s website.


June 8

Kristen Stewart Bella Swan look: Hair and jacket in ‘Eclipse’

New Eclipse photos have been released by Summit Entertainment. Directed by David Slade, Eclipse stars Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan, the teenage human sandwiched between the lovestruck vampire Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) and the cocky werewolf Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner). Eclipse opens on June 30. (Image: Kristen Stewart donning Bella Swan hair and jacket in Eclipse. Scroll down to check out the “larger” version of Stewart’s Bella.)

Kristen Stewart was recently mired in some pointless controversy following a comment in which she used the word “rape” (or rather, “raped”) to describe her experiences with rabid paparazzi. On the brighter side, for her severely depressed, adrenaline junkie Bella Swan in Chris Weitz’s The Twilight Saga: New Moon, Stewart was the Best Actress winner at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards. Additionally, Stewart shared the Best Kiss Award with fellow New Moon player Robert Pattinson, whose life she saves in dramatic fashion. (And for her efforts, almost becomes Volturi meal.)

Eclipse is the third installment in the Twilight movie franchise, following New Moon (2009) and Catherine Hardwicke’s Twilight (2008). Next in line is Breaking Dawn, the final chapter in the immensely popular franchise.

Kristen Stewart Bella Swan hair jacket EclipseKristen Stewart: Bella Swan hair and jacket in Eclipse

Kristen Stewart with Bella Swan hair and jacket in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse photo: Kimberley French / Summit Entertainment.

Unbound Captives, which is supposed to star Robert Pattinson, Hugh Jackman, and Rachel Weisz, and to be directed by Madeleine Stowe, was announced about a year ago. Pattinson has since signed on to do Francis Lawrence’s Water for Elephants, which is currently being filmed in Southern California (Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz co-star), and should start filming Bill Condon’s The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn in the fall.

Nicola Peltz, who has a role in M. Night Shyamalan’s upcoming The Last Airbender, has reportedly been cast in Unbound Captives, a drama set in the old American West. Peltz will play Pattinson’s sister, with whom she grows up among the Comanches after they were kidnapped as children.

As quoted at, Peltz says that “our mom [probably Weisz] looks for us forever until we’re about fifteen. We don’t even know her when she comes by. And one—well, I can’t give you the whole thing—but one of us stays in our tribe and one of us goes back with her.”

Peltz added that filming of Unbound Captives should start “soon,” but no dates were provided.

Photo: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Kimberley French / Summit Entertainment)

June 10

Directed by Oscar winner Bill Condon, and starring Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn will be two movies, Summit Entertainment has officially announced on Thursday, June 10. Considering that Breaking Dawn is a long book, not to mention all the contractual negotiations, especially what went on between Summit and Ashley Greene (Alice Cullen) and Kellan Lutz (Emmett Cullen), this bit of “breaking news” should come as no surprise to anyone.

Additionally, the Twilight Saga is Summit’s fat cash cow. The more mi$k they can get out of that cow, the better. (Think Warner Bros.’ Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 and Part II.) And of course, fans will be thrilled to have more Edward, more Bella, more Jacob, more – ugh – Renesmee.

Breaking Dawn Part I will hit US theaters on November 18, 2011. According to some early reports – rumors, if you will – Part II should be released in summer 2012.

Melissa Rosenberg is currently working on the screenplay. Breaking Dawn parts I and II should begin production in the fall; the films will be shot back-to-back – or perhaps “simultaneously” might be a better description of the shooting schedule, as one assumes scenes will be shot according to locations, logistics, costs, etc.

Author Stephenie Meyer will be one of the film’s – or rather, films’ – producers.

The real announcement I’m waiting to hear has to do with Renesmee’s casting. Will they get a weird baby to play the fast-growing, mind-writing half-human, half-vampire hybrid? Or will Renesmee be a cgi creation like the werewolves? I’m hoping for the latter option. That should be really creepy.

Photo: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Kimberley French / Summit Entertainment)

Robert Pattinson’s Edward Cullen squares off against Taylor Lautner’s Jacob Black in Twilight Saga: Eclipse. This looks like a follow-up to a previously released photo featuring Pattinson, Lautner, and Kristen Stewart’s Bella Swan. ()

I’m not really sure which scene this is supposed to be. The Edward vs. Jacob confrontation set in the school parking lot, which was recently seen in a clip shown at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, is totally different in terms of ambiance, lighting, and clothing.

In the novels, of course, Jacob is much bigger than Edward. He’s 6’5” or something like that. Perhaps even taller by the time Breaking Dawn comes to a close. Obviously, that’s not the case in the movie adaptations. But I think that makes Jacob a more believable match for Bella – and thus more of a threat to Edward.

Robert Pattinson was interviewed on Access Hollywood around the time Twilight came out in late 2008. Though nearly a couple of years old, the Pattinson interview is illuminating in that you can see where he was then – in terms of fame; his approach to the character of Edward Cullen – and where he’s now.

The interview has some very funny moments (“bite me!”), but I found that the most interesting things about it were the “revealing” details. For example, when Pattinson admitted to having written an “ass-kissing” e-mail to Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke, explaining how much he’d like to do the part of Edward Cullen and how he’d play it.

And that it was his audition with Kristen Stewart that opened his eyes to the way Edward should be played. Stewart remained with the franchise, but I wonder how Pattinson felt when he found out Hardwicke had been replaced in The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

Check it out, if you haven’t already.

June 14

Robert Pattinson on keeping ‘real romance alive’

June 14 update: This past weekend, Robert Pattinson, sitting next to Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, took part in a panel “discussion” at the official The Twilight Saga: Eclipse convention held in Century City, in Los Angeles’ Westside. Pattinson, Stewart, and Lautner were there on Saturday.

In the clip above, Pattinson explains that something like the Twilight Saga‘s popularity “gives you hope to think that – this is so lame – that there are still a lot of people in the world who really want to … desperately want to keep real romance alive.”

Pattinson’s remarks are followed by loud, wild, uncontrollable screaming. Perhaps that’s some people’s idea of keeping “real romance alive.” Perhaps that’s their way of agreeing with what he said: instead of applauding, they scream. Or perhaps those fans just needed any excuse they could get to vent their excitement at being in the same room with their idol.

Kristen Stewart, for her part, didn’t scream. It’s unclear whether or not she wants real romance dead, but she just fidgeted with her hair and looked very intensely at her hands. Taylor Lautner looked amused. Once again, it’s unclear whether Lautner’s amusement was a result of what Pattinson said or the loud reaction that followed.

Robert Pattinson means serious business

I’m serious!” Pattinson exclaimed. “We live in an age where everything looks kinda lame and everybody is cynical and you see what Twilight fans [?] … You know, everybody loves this stuff because of the relationship between people that are completely in love with each other.”

Someone then hollers: “WE LOVE YOU ROB!!” More loud, wild, uncontrollable screaming follows.

Stewart says something to Pattinson at that point (“Damn, I forgot my earplugs”??), but her remark is inaudible thanks to all the screaming.

Scream fest

Lautner then says that what he has learned from this Twitastic experience is to “stay true to yourself and not let anything change who you are,” adding that Stewart and Pattinson haven’t changed a bit since the first movie. Pattinson retorts that neither has Lautner, who then exclaims, “This is a love fest in this room!”

More like a scream fest, as more loud shrieking followed that remark. Even though, one assumes, Lautner’s words were not to have been taken literally.

Whether you love, hate, or is indifferent to Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, or the Twilight books and movies, the video above is a hilarious must.

And believe it or not, this is history in the making. Two, four, ten, twenty centuries from now, if clips such as these (and human beings) are still around – not likely, but stranger things have happened… – they’ll serve as samples of popular culture and modes of behavior in the early 21st century. I’m not kidding.

‘Drive to succeed’

In the generally excellent interview seen in the clip above, Robert Pattinson explains, among other things, that he spent a lot of time on a “giant treadmill” learning how to run more “solidly” for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. (The full transcript of the Robert Pattinson interview can be found at Collider.)

The questions are hard to understand sometimes – only Pattinson has a microphone, but his answers are loud and (mostly) clear.

Pattinson laughingly says that his “drive to succeed” is his “fear of failure and an inadequacy complex,” explains he’d never find himself in Jacob’s position (as someone eager to wreck another couple’s relationship), and discusses at length the vampire Edward Cullen’s character development – his perceived “flaws” – in the Twilight Saga stories.

He also says that unlike Edward he does believe in the existence of the soul. “’A soul and a heaven must exist,’” he quotes (I don’t know who, he can’t remember who), “’because good people aren’t rewarded enough on Earth.’ [laughs] I always liked that idea.”

Edward in ‘Eclipse’: ‘A completely different character’

About working with David Slade:

“After doing the first [Catherine Hardwicke-directed] Twilight … everyone had very specific ideas and everyone was butting heads the entire time, and you can kind of feel that in the movie; it’s a different energy, with everyone – ‘This is what it’s all about.’

“And when Chris Weitz came in for New Moon, he basically came up with the opinion that he liked the first one, he liked what the actors were doing, so [he] just followed along that road.”

“And then when David came in he said, ‘I want to do everything completely different. Not like the first two.’

“We talked about the character development and the consistency from the first two. ‘It doesn’t matter,’ [David said.] ‘Let’s just do something completely different,’ which is good because then it’s challenging. It’s easy to get stagnant if you think you’re just playing the same character … On Eclipse I felt like I was doing a completely different movie and a completely different character in a lot of ways.”

Robert Pattinson drives rental cars

June 12: Robert Pattinson was the last The Twilight Saga: Eclipse star interviewee at the official Twilight Saga: Eclipse convention in Century City on Saturday morning. Daniel Fienberg live-blogged the momentous occasion at

In the transcript, Pattinson talks about working with Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart, explains that David Slade “was really fighting to make it not so… what’s the word… solemn, I guess?” and that most of the fighting scenes with Bryce Dallas Howard (actually, a “stunt blonde” in Howard’s place) consisted of “rolling around and grabbing on to each other.”

Ah, most important of all: Pattinson drives “rental cars.”

Why should people go see ‘Eclipse’?

Here’s a snippet from the Robert Pattinson press conference:

12:14 p.m. Why should people go see this movie? “Why not?” He thinks for a bit. “It’s grown so big that it’s become part of the cultural environment, unless I’m just imagining it,” he thinks. He pauses, “I guess if you don’t know what the story’s about by now, you’ve probably never been to the cinema, so why not just go to the cinema for once?” On a more serious level, he praises the movie for its accessibility. He admits that after rewatching Twilight the other day, he realizes that that movie might have been a little bit less accessible.

Robert Pattinson Twilight Eclipse WallpaperRobert Pattinson ‘Eclipse’ wallpaper: White-faced vampire Edward Cullen.

‘Eclipse’ kinkiness: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart kiss, hot Taylor Lautner gets bothered

“Doesn’t he own a shirt?” Robert Pattinson’s Edward Cullen asks Kristen Stewart’s Bella Swan.

Edward is referring to Taylor Lautner’s Jacob Black, leaning against his car in a manner that makes him look as if he’s got a six-pack not only on his stomach, but also on his chest, arms, legs, etc.

Edward then approaches Bella and gives her a long, long, soundly wet kiss. Jacob, shirtless because of his high body temperature, attempts to avert his eyes, but…

Once the smooching is over, Bella – like a toy (or a ping pong ball) – goes from the arms of one man to those of another. More specifically, from the arms of a male vampire to those of a male werewolf.

Gothic XXX flick?

If it weren’t for the presence of Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, readers might understandably think this article is about a Gothic-themed XXX-rated movie.

Far from it. What’s described above is a PG-13-rated scene from David Slade’s The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, the third installment in the Twilight movie franchise. Check it out in the clip below.

I should add that Kristen Stewart, who has received considerable praise for her performances in films such as Adventureland and The Runaways, deserves better than the way she has been directed to play Bella. The Bella seen in the Eclipse clips desperately needs a big, deep, and painful vampire bite to bring her to life.

Melissa Rosenberg on ‘Breaking Dawn’

Melissa Rosenberg, the screenwriter on Catherine Hardwicke’s Twilight, Chris Weitz’s New Moon, and the upcoming Eclipse, talked about the currently-in-the-works project Breaking Dawn – to be split in two parts, both directed by Academy Award winner Bill Condon (Best Adapted Screenplay for Gods and Monsters, 1998, which he also directed along with Kinsey, Dreamgirls).

For the film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s fourth and final installment in the phenomenally popular Twilight Saga franchise, Robert Pattinson will return as Edward, Kristen Stewart as Bella (who undergoes a radical transformation about halfway into the book); and Taylor Lautner as Jacob – who becomes deeply “attached” to Edward and Bella’s child, Renesmee.

‘Different kind of story’

Melissa Rosenberg is quoted as saying at Screen Crave:

I believe it is filmable, and I believe there is a great story to be told in that. It was a very bold move, what Stephenie did and where she took her characters. … I think it lost some of the audience who wanted to continue the other things, the fantasies and the desire. Now she’s got it all, and what do you do with it? So it’s a very different kind of movie, I think, and a different kind of story. I think there’s definitely material enough for two movies in these books, but there’s also, for the first time, a little breathing room. There’s room to explore a little bit and to expand. I’m excited about that.

Twilight Saga directors have come and gone, but Rosenberg has stayed on despite the fact that the Twilight movies haven’t reaped all that much critical praise. In addition, a number of fans have complained that her first two screenplays failed to capture the spirit of Stephenie Meyer’s novels.

Robert Pattinson Eclipse image: Summit Entertainment.

Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Eclipse clip: Summit Entertainment.

June 15

Eclipse cast members, among them Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Xavier Samuel, Dakota Fanning, Nikki Reed, Kellan Lutz, Peter Facinelli, Bryce Dallas Howard, Ashley Greene, Julia Jones, and Elizabeth Reaser, were at The Jimmy Kimmel Show on Monday, June 14. (The [bottom] clip above just shows the Eclipse stars at the taping; there’s no sound.)

“Your fans are very enthusiastic,” says host Jimmy Kimmel to Kristen Stewart, when she appeared on his show at the time Mary Stuart Masterson’s The Cake Eaters opened in March 2009. (Adventureland opened the following month.)

Talk about understating the facts. In this old (but very interesting) clip, Stewart was greeted with wild applause and (female-sounding) screams. That’s one thing that’s curious about Kristen Stewart: she seems to be much bigger among women than among men. That must be (I think…) because the Twilight Saga movies are perceived as “girl flicks.” Since Stewart is the one who has brought Bella Swan to life, girls and young women can relate to her. Those are my two bits…

In this interview, Stewart, who clearly looks uncomfortable being in the spotlight, gets to talk about her passion for the Twilight books, working with Masterson (“a role model”), the plot of The Cake Eaters, and Adventureland (“it’s kind of funny … it’s very funny, hopefully. It’s really funny. [laughs]”)

The Adventureland clip is good. Stewart is quite good in it.

Addendum: Twilight and Stewart fans, you gotta check out those movies – in addition to The Runaways, the upcoming Welcome to the Rileys, and other indies in which Stewart has been featured. You’re so numerous. You could turn those small movies into major hits. No kidding.

Jackson Rathbone is the star of this “Fight Training” clip from David Slade’s The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

Rathbone’s cool vampire Jasper Hale takes on Kellan Lutz’s Emmett Cullen, who ends up biting the dust despite his brawn and determination.

Then Jasper observes Robert Pattinson’s Edward Cullen and Peter Facinelli’s Dr. Carlisle Cullen tackle one another while Kristen Stewart’s Bella Swan and a werewolf get a close-up.

The background song is UNKLE’s “With You in My Head.”

Rathbone has had two major box office hits this summer. In addition to Eclipse, which has grossed close to $240 million in North America, Rathbone also has an important role in M. Night Shyamalan’s fantasy/adventure The Last Airbender.

Despite being massacred by critics, The Last Airbender has earned more than $100 million domestically.

Bryce Dallas Howard and Xavier Samuel are featured in this The Twilight Saga: Eclipse clip.

In the role of the vindictive vampire Victoria, who wants Kristen Stewart’s Bella Swan very, very dead, Howard seduces/warns newborn vampire Riley.

The seduction takes place so Riley will do exactly what she tells him to. In that regard, Victoria is no different than femme fatales found in old film noirs.

The warning has to do with the Cullen family – that’s Robert Pattinson, and fellow Cullen Clan members Peter Facinelli, Elizabeth Reaser, Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz, Nikki Reed, and Jackson Rathbone.

Several Cullen family members have “special powers” that go beyond the ability to suck people dry. Pattinson’s Edward, for instance, can read minds, while Greene’s Alice can predict the future once a decision has been made.

Directed by David Slade, and starring Pattinson, Stewart, and Taylor Lautner, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, has grossed more than $235 million domestically. It’ll cross the $250 million milestone at the North American box office within the next couple of days.

Adapted by Melissa Rosenberg from Stephenie Meyer’s bestselling novel, Eclipse also features Dakota Fanning, Billy Burke, Daniel Cudmore, Anna Kendrick, Jodelle Ferland, Charlie Bewley, Gil Birmingham, Kirsten Prout, Sarah Clarke, Christian Serratos, Chaske Spencer, Booboo Stewart, Julia Jones, Michael Welch, Kiowa Gordon, Bronson Pelletier, Alex Meraz, Tyson Houseman, Cameron Bright, and Catalina Sandino Moreno.

June 16

Kristen Stewart Bella Swan: Breaking Dawn Split Point

Kristen Stewart, Bella Swan-Cullen in the upcoming two-part The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, told AP Television that “it’s so obvious where you break it up. It’s as soon as [Bella Swan] turns. … [Y]ou open your eyes to this different world, right? That would be amazing.”

Kristen Stewart came up with the Breaking Dawn split while she, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner were publicizing the upcoming The Twilight Saga: Eclipse last weekend. The cliffhanger would take place when the human Bella is transformed into a full-fledged vampire after giving birth to hybrid baby Renesmee. Pattinson’s Edward Cullen is the troublesome baby’s vampire father.

About the Twilight Saga movies, Stewart added, “This story is constantly weighing on me because it’s not done. So I can’t wait to finish it.”

Next for Kristen Stewart’s Bella Swan: Eclipse

Written by Melissa Rosenberg and based on Stephenie Meyer’s fourth and last Twilight novel, both Breaking Dawn movies will be directed by Bill Condon (Gods and Monsters / Kinsey / Dreamgirls). Breaking Dawn – Part 1 is scheduled to open Nov. 18, ’11.

Other recent Kristen Stewart movies include Sean Penn’s Into the Wild, with Emile Hirsch and Hal Holbrook; Floria Sigismondi’s The Runaways, with The Twilight Saga‘s Dakota Fanning; and Jake Scott’s Welcome to the Rileys, with James Gandolfini and Melissa Leo.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse / Bella Swan Kristen Stewart picture: Kimberley French / Summit Entertainment.

In the Los Angeles Times, Melissa Rosenberg talks with Matt Donnelly about the difficult, painful, bloody birth of Renesmee (will she be a cgi creation?) – the interspecies daughter of human Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) and vampire Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), and the object of werewolf Jacob Black’s imprinting (Taylor Lautner). in Stephenie Meyer’s Breaking Dawn.

“On the fan site, on Facebook, all the comments are, ‘It has to be R rated! You have to show the childbirth! Gore and guts and sex!’ For me it’s actually more interesting to not see it. You know, you can do childbirth without seeing childbirth. … It doesn’t mean it’s any less evocative of an experience.”

Twilight and The Twilight Saga: New Moon screenwriter Rosenberg is adapting Breaking Dawn for the screen – Oscar winner Bill Condon will direct the movie version, to be split into two parts – but the ultimate decision will eventually lie with Summit Entertainment, one assumes.

Do you believe they would want Breaking Dawn to be an R-rated movie that will potentially keep the Twilight Saga‘s millions of under-17 fans away from theaters?

Also, about Kristen Stewart, Rosenberg says: “Kristen Stewart is really, I think, tremendous. And one of the reasons why we got Bill Condon. And [New Moon‘s] Chris Weitz, for that matter; they all want to work with her.”

Robert Pattinson talks to MTV interviewer Josh Horowitz in the clip above [sorry, it’s been deleted]. Pattinson goes on to explain his various ideas for the onstage kissing performance with Kristen Stewart at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards.

Pattinson and Stewart were the expected winners for the Best Kiss Award for their lip-locking in Chris Weitz’s The Twilight Saga: New Moon. When they got onstage, they did a “clumsy kissing” bit that ended with an apparently real smooch somewhere on Stewart’s face. (Pattinson had his back to the audience.)

“The idea of doing this big romantic kiss,” Pattinson says, “… like, what’s his name – Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams did. I couldn’t do that. I’d be so embarrassed. So, I was thinking I’d better do something dumb. And then … huh … Kristen didn’t want to do something dumb.”

In case Pattinson and Stewart win again next year (for this year’s The Twilight Saga: Eclipse), Pattinson worries “there are only so many variations” of what you can do onstage. Next year, if they win he apparently plans to just roll his eyes and flail his hands.

Directed by David Slade, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse opens in the United States and about a dozen other countries on June 30. Melissa Rosenberg adapted Stephenie Meyer’s bestselling novel.

Also in the Eclipse cast: Taylor Lautner, Bryce Dallas Howard, Kellan Lutz, Xavier Samuel, Dakota Fanning, Peter Facinelli, Nikki Reed, Jackson Rathbone, Ashley Greene, Elizabeth Reaser, Billy Burke, Daniel Cudmore, Anna Kendrick, and Jodelle Ferland.

Update: The original source for the video featuring Robert Pattinson promoting Eclipse has been deleted. Above [sorry, the original has also been deleted] is another Pattinson appearance on the The Tonight Show, from July 2011.

On Tuesday night, Robert Pattinson was a guest at Jay Leno’s The Tonight Show. He chatted with Leno about this and that while promoting David Slade’s upcoming The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, the third installment of the Twilight franchise in which Pattinson co-stars with Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner.

The clip above doesn’t offer much movie information. Pattinson talks about his father (sitting in the audience with Pattinson’s mother) and replicates a hand-grabbing-wrist gesture that French show business icon Yves Montand made at the Oscars. (Montand sang and danced at the 1960 Academy Awards ceremony; that year, his wife, Simone Signoret, won the Best Actress Oscar for Room at the Top.)

On The Tonight Show, Pattinson also talked briefly about appearing naked in Bel Ami, in which he co-stars with Uma Thurman and Christina Ricci, and about working on Eclipse. Of late, Pattinson has been working on Francis Lawrence’s Water for Elephants, opposite Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz.

Also on The Tonight Show, Emma Roberts (Valentine’s Day) remarked that she preferred Taylor Lautner’s Jacob to Pattinson’s Edward, to which Pattinson replied, “You’ve just revealed yourself to have absolutely no taste.”

Kristen Stewart in Chris Weitz’s The Twilight Saga: New Moon

At TheWrap, Brent Lang explains how tracking Twitter users may be more reliable than more old-fashioned tracking systems such as the Hollywood Stock Exchange.

According to Bernardo Huberman, who co-authored a study about the Twitter box office effect, “If you looked at what happened with New Moon and The Blind Side, you might see the same trend. There was a lot of activity on Twitter leading up to New Moon, but the amount of negative feedback increased after the opening weekend when people saw the film. The opposite was the case with Blind Side, which saw its second-weekend numbers increase.”

In another piece, David Frankel tracks box office tracking – which has been way off lately.

Addendum: Toy Story 3 is currently “trending” – thanks to a promotional plug by Disney-Pixar. Proof of Twitter Power…

June 18

Twilight Saga screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg has assured her Facebook followers that Breaking Dawn, to be directed by Bill Condon and to be released in two parts, will indeed have the birth scene, sex scenes, feathers, and blood. Just not BUCKETS of blood (or feathers?).

“Hi y’all! Not sure where some of you got the impression I intended to leave birth scene out of Breaking Dawn, but it’s inaccurate. Of course the birth scene will be in there! And the sex scenes! And the feathers! And the blood! Perhaps you misinterpreted what I said about not needing to see BUCKETS of blood in order to convey the terror of the birth scene. But rest easy all!”

In the eLos Angeles Times, Rosenberg had been quoted as saying:

“On the fan site, on Facebook, all the comments are, ‘It has to be R rated! You have to show the childbirth! Gore and guts and sex!’ For me it’s actually more interesting to not see it. You know, you can do childbirth without seeing childbirth. … It doesn’t mean it’s any less evocative of an experience.”

Via: The Twi-Examiner.

Photo: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Kimberley French / Summit Entertainment)

The focus of those new The Twilight Saga: Eclipse mini-clips – bits from scenes joined together for E! News – are the newborn vampire army led by the menacing Xavier Samuel and the fight scenes between good vampires and bad vampires, and between bad vampires and good werewolves.

As Jasper, the well-trained fighting vampire of the Cullen clan, Jackson Rathbone gets quite a bit of footage in this one. The clip’s last line is his: “Never lose focus.” Kellan Lutz can also be seen doing a little fighting/training, along with Peter Facinelli and even Robert Pattinson.

Kristen Stewart’s Bella is the newborn vampire’s target.

“Bella [Kristen Stewart] had been getting close to Jacob [Taylor Lautner] throughout New Moon,” Robert Pattinson explains in his introduction to this new The Twilight Saga: Eclipse clip, “Blood Is Thicker Than Water,” featuring Bella and the Cullen family (Peter Facinelli, Kellan Lutz, Jackson Rathbone, Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, and Elizabeth Reaser).

“And now they have a very strong bond,” Pattinson continues, “and Edward is still relatively resentful of that and becomes increasingly – openly resentful throughout Eclipse. But eventually he’s called upon to accept [Jacob’s] help and the rest of the wolfpack’s help to defeat Victoria’s army of newborns.”

Victoria is the vindictive vampire who wants to kill Bella Swan because Edward had killed her lover (played by Cam Gigandet in Twilight), who himself wanted to kill Bella – who is always getting herself in a jam. The powerful and deadly newborn vampire army is led by Riley (Xavier Samuel), who, at least in Stephenie Meyer’s novel, becomes Victoria’s surrogate companion. (Though both appear very briefly – albeit in crucial roles – in the novel.)

In “Blood Is Thicker Than Water,” the Cullens and Bella discuss who was the vampire sniffing about Bella’s house. A newborn? Victoria? The Volturi? When Bella says she’ll have protection at the end, guess who she means… (Clue: Edward won’t be very happy.)

Unfortunately, although I still have high hopes for the movie itself, the Twilight Saga: Eclipse clips I’ve seen so far haven’t been the greatest. Considering that David Slade is the film’s director, I’m expecting thrilling action sequences, but the human drama keeps falling flat.

As in his two previous clips – the two confrontation scenes between Edward and Jacob – Robert Pattinson delivers the most believable performance in “Blood Is Thicker Than Water,” though Peter Facinelli is fine as well. (Admittedly, most of the other performers get to say half a line.)

Kristen Stewart’s Bella, however, seems quite stilted. In fact, I much prefer Stewart’s performance showing her middle finger to paparazzi – and I still think she’d be really good in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

I’ve mentioned before that it’d be great if her Bella in Eclipse had a little Joan Jett in her. After all, in Stephenie Meyer’s book Bella can be quite decisive when it comes to danger, among other things. But clearly the powers-that-be have opted to have Stewart play Bella as your usual soap-opera teen.

Hopefully things will be different in Breaking Dawn. Bill Condon will be handling the actors, and Stewart’s Bella will become a powerful vampire. Maybe then we’ll get to see some of the actress’ underused edgy side.

June 19

The most amazing thing about the various video clips showing Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner being interviewed in Italy as part of their international Twilight Saga: Eclipse promotional tour is that the hostess/interviewer actually feels the need to tell the screaming crowd: “A little more enthusiasm!”

Kristen Stewart, as usual, looks like she’d rather be somewhere else. Anywhere else. Taylor Lautner, as usual, is all smiles and seems to be enjoying himself tremendously.

“Buona sera, benvenuta. Come va?” Translation delay. “We’re really great!” says Stewart. Quick translation: “Benissimo!” [Screams. AAAAAAaaaaaaaah.]

Lautner then says “I’m doing fantastic.” [More screams. AAAAAAaaaaaaaah.]

(I find it fascinating that no matter where you go, the screams are always the same. You never hear an EEEEEeeeeeeehhhhhh or a WEEEeeeeeeeehhhhh. I’d say that proves human beings’ primeval nature fully transcends language and cultural barriers on certain occasions.)

Answering the interviewer’s question about what she remembers about her visit to the Rome Film Festival to promote Twilight two years ago (and the difference between then and now), Stewart says: “I have to say that out of everywhere we’ve gone, you guys have been – huh, and this I mean in the most positive way – the loudest.”

At that point, the interviewer didn’t feel the need to ask for more enthusiasm, explaining instead that the sage Madonna (the singer, not the saint) once said, “Italians do it better, even the loud.”

Later on, Kristen Stewart starts to answer a question but is prevented from going on by more loud screaming. By then, the hostess has clearly decided the crowd has displayed more than enough enthusiasm. “She hasn’t even said anything!” she tells them.

Those clips should be preserved for all posterity. They’re wonderful anthropological studies.

As for Stephenie Meyer, Stewart explains that the Twilight Saga author used to feel uncomfortable being around the set, but now “she’s gotten much more involved,” adding that Meyer’s approval “is the ultimate validation.”

One interesting bit of information: Meyer changed the blocking of the Jacob-Bella kiss (“she taught us to kiss,” says Lautner) to match what she had imagined while writing Eclipse.

The young woman, in tears because “to talk to you two is an honor,” also asks if it’d be possible for her to get an autograph. The interviewer/hostess says that she’s sorry, but that would not be possible because there are too many in the audience who would like an autograph.

Kristen Stewart is the first to answer:

“My favorite scene, just because it’s so different to any moment that ever happens in the whole series is when Bella finally kisses Jacob. [Screams] Just as much, my other favorite scene is the one that comes right after that, which is talking to Edward. You know, it’s a little awkward. He just saw me kiss [dramatic pause] Jacob and I love how they – it’s weird. But I love how it changes their relationship. Suddenly they’re not just blindly in love with each other. She’s actually seen something else and she’s choosing him. [To Lautner] Sorry.

The interviewer then tells the audience that Taylor Lautner will answer the last question of the q&a: his favorite scene – “and who knows, he may say it includes the one in which he kisses Bella.”

Lautner then says that his favorite scene is the tent scene in which Jacob, Edward, and Bella are together “just because it’s so tense and yet so funny because of the situation.”

Lautner and Stewart were recently in Australia, where Stewart caused a sensation by smoking and by flipping off the paparazzi. In the clip above, Lautner looks happy and smiley as the fans scream when they get to see Jacob Black. Stewart looks like she’d rather be somewhere else. Anywhereelse.

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HappySue -

I’m with you Catrina! Don’t ruin the book, don’t change anything! Put it all in but you can do it tastefully. Hope Kristen can keep from getting PG before BD is done. Rob just appears to be nuts about Kristen. Not too sure about Kristens feelings for Rob. Love them…

Catrina -

oh my god, she has no idea what the readers want. “why not skip the whole pregnancy? you can have a child without being pregnant, i think it could be just as evocative, you know, having a newborn baby in your arms out of nowhere…why not skip the whole conceiving scene…or honeymoon…or wedding…no, the whole book!”
sorry about that, but just stick to the book. skipping the most wanted scenes has led to nothing but trouble.

Taystenite -

Yes, Jaden and The Karate Kid were TT so I knew it would be a hit. Toy Story 3 also trended. Eclipse is talked about a lot and trends some days. It’s going to do well.

delaney -

another comment i was also raped but i did not take offense at what she said because i knew what she meant so did everybody else but some chose to get on there soapbox keep goin on kristen

delaney -

the only thing kristen you should apologize for is staying with r pattison you are whip smart so gorgeous got it going on and he treats you like shit get rid of him darlin you will be so much happier i am so sick of everybody saying how perfect he is hopefully he will just go away

undrgrndgirl -

according to merriam webster the word “rape” can also include: “an outrageous violation”

terry counts -


simran -

How ever was it, I loved the movie , excited to watch the next.It was AWESOME!

sean -

i want aaron johnson or daniel radcliffe or taylor lautner to play phineas not this uncle robert pattison and they r young to play opposite hugh jackman and rachel weisz as their son

KathyID -

They handle this so well. Taylor is only 18 and Kristen is only 20. Many adults would run and hide. Summit got lucky in finding such great leads for their franchise.

WillB -

I think it’s interesting to show this side of their press coverage. It helps give the reader/fan a better understanding of the less glamourous side of stardom. Certain media and commenters can be too judgemental at times when a celeb complains or remarks about this type of pressure.

Taystenite -

Good luck Kara. They are holding auditions for Breaking Dawn in L.A. now. I think the details are on the movie’s main page.

Kristen never had to really audition. Catherine Hardwicke worked with Emile H. He recommended Kristen to her. Catherine held an informal audition on the set of Adventureland. She said Kristen nailed it so she cast her as Bella. The rest is box office and movie history.

Taystenite -

Jackson is great. I hope The Last Airbender does good but not as good as Eclipse. He could be a huge star if he has two blockbusters this summer.

nelly -

Actually, kristen was trying to stop rob from even talking about the romance bit and when the crowd started screaming he hit kristen arm like he was trying to tell her he was on the right track and it was ok, like people were getting into it! but she just did not want him to talk about it and when he mentioned the two people in love she really looked down and started getting all shy about it and that is when everyone started with the aww… for kristen! I think he wanted to address the fans and let them know he understands why they are so into him and kristen due to everything that is bad going on and he loves that others just like him want to keep real romance alive and he appreciates the love. and I also think he was talking about kristen and his relationship and how obessed the fans are with them. but it was cool! just to loud!

Chervil -

Fine then, let the friendly guys fill the theaters. I don’t recognize this Underworld 4 meets The Rock without an Uzi on daytime Tv soap opera. They can have it.

miranda -

why would they wait so long to come out with Breaking Dawn. i am a big Twilight fan and i cant wait to see it but it sucks that i have to wait for a year and a half to see it.

Kara Powers -

Love twilight!! I wish I had been in LA to audition for Kristin Stewarts role back in the day, damnit! Anyone have any ideas where I can audition for stuff? I found one website on the web where you can audition for real movies (google i made a movie) but am having trouble finding any more… Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Nancy -

That is true. A lot of young women see her as the starlet today. Carey Mulligan and Anne Hathaway seem too sweet and staged. Kristen trips, smokes, gives the finger, and is generally a real girl. She makes mistakes but that makes us love her more

Ironically, since she played Joan Jett and kissed Dakota Fanning a movie, she’s getting more male fans. She made FHM’s sexiest women lists all over the world and a lot of sites sexiest women of the summer list. I think Welcome to the Rileys and On the Road will really get her a lot of male fans. A lot of men have only seen her in Adventureland and Into the Wild, but she made quite an impression in that.

Nancy -

Melissa Rosenberg, the writer of the movies, said that one of the reasons they were able to get Condon is because he wanted to work with Kristen Stewart. Her favorite bands find themselves on the soundtrack. Clearly she has some power when it comes to these films. I hope Condon will listen to this and split it here. I love Kristen. Thanks for doing good stories about her.

Matt -

I think it’s important to note that a lot of young women hold Kristen, not Bella, as a role model. They appreciate her staying true to herself and not falling prey to the depravities of Hollywood.

BeckG -

Kristen is so cute. I’ve read that she hums and sings between break time on sets and photoshoots. It’s funny that she’s kissed everyone in the front row. Rob looked kind of lonely because Kristen kept turning to talk to Dakota. Besides the Twilight movies, Adventureland is my favorite Kristen film.

JannaCohn -

Kristen hater! You are on the list, Mr. Gille.

All kidding aside Kristen looked lovely, she smiled, and made lots of jokes at the convention. She and Taylor will be heating up Sweden and Rome next. No one takes Pattinson seriously. The audience laughed even when he wasn’t making a joke.

JannaCohn -

I agree Maddy. Rob’s Edward is too depressed. He needs to find a center before the last one. The background is scary. I loathe Summit’s makeup team.

Maddy -

I believe new moon had a better adaptation to the books but twilight didn’t have the life and romance the book included twilight exaggerated some of my favorite scenes into an intense dramatic part of the movie instead of how romantic and quiet it was in the moon was way better though. One thing that still bothers me though is that Edward isn’t as playful and happy as I pictured him while reading the books.other than that I give the movies two thumbs up and I am SUPER excited for eclipse!!!!!!!! :)

Alicia -

I agree with this article minus the kristen hate, she was just nervous and you forgot to mention rob hit kristen arm and she at that point got nervous and everyone said awe and she really put her head down. in my mind he was refering to him and kristen and letting them know this and when taylor got in on that love train…. history was made! and he said rob and kristen have not changed at all! and you can see that!! I wish people let them be happy and love each as they see fit not as some would want! because I was at the twi convention and they truly have eyes for each other, which ever way that is for them… it’s real!

MaryChu -

Yeah Melissa R is a bad writer, but most fans love Kristen’s Bella. She does what she can with what was given. That’s why she can continue to make independent projects where she shows her acting chops. That’s why the critics don’t rag on her like they do the boys. I do think Taylor has gotten much better. No comment on the other one. Bill Condon is doing the last one and he has great writing skills. Since that movie is a Bella showpiece I have high hopes. Condon knows hot to get great performances out of actresses.

Ben Kramer -

Boy, I really agree that Stewart’s portrayal of Bella is not well directed and the scripts are bad. The first two films showed that. I have seen Stewart in other movies where she was much better.

Swarnima -

jacob must be taller or may be equals to the height of Edward.. :D

Alicia -

I am sorry I disagree with the kristen hate. I am going to judge kristen on her previous work and not twilight because if I read the book right, they could not have picked a better bella! that is not kristen fault at all! I have heard all the negative and positive over kristen acting or lack of and I decided to watch all of her films: the cake eater..stellar performance! she played the hell out of Georgia and I almost could not believe that was the same girl in twilight! speak… excellent!! she was the perfect person to play that part! into the wild… another good one, not great, but good because she captured the indie feel of the movie with her looks and mystery, fierce people.. wonderful acting I was so surprised at how adult she seemed in the movie, in the land of women.. another ok but not bad, adventureland.. she was really good with ryan reynolds! I thought she was in her early 20’s not knowing how young she was and she pulled that character to life! the messenger… horror flick,really good! the yellow handkerchief.. it was good, I liked it! she showed a different side to her acting, she played easy and slow with a southern innocents. the runaways was the best to date for kristen! the best! she killed joan jett!! and was not that bad of a musician! it was her performance that carried the movie. panic room.. she nailed it to be so young! I can go on and on but she is a serious actress in her own right, film C. Roger E. said it best” she is a great actress who does A work and took on B- material by accepting the lead in twilight. and I don’t care what anyone says in New Moon she carried the whole movie. jacob was eye candy and rob was MIA in the film basically as he should have been, but she performed as best she could with that crappy script MR wrote. rob did his best work in 2 maybe 3 films #1 little ashes.. he was great!! #2 bad mothers handbook..if anyone watched that movie, that is the real robert pattinson, a cute, smart, sweet hearted dork!and who better to play yourself!#3 twilight.. he made the damn thing work because kristen sucked in that one! I don’t know who told her to act that way, but they should have been slapped first, for making us watch it and fired for making us pay to watch it! rob needs more experience, but with time I see good things for him besides his looks and charm! taylor… just don’t do it for me, but he is young and maybe action will suit him best! I agree he is to stiff and perfect to be a man!!!

Chervil -

I’d rather watch Aliens or Dog Solidiers and squee over the thinking person’s romance in those currently.

Chervil -

Quick note: This is truly one of the better and more interesting articles I’ve read on the subject to date. Thanks again. I realize after some thought on Eclipse, I would have gladly traded a great deal of production value in exchange for Edward and Bella’s connection to be represented well or featured dynamically without defaulting to Harlequin romance cues. If the two should meet with Condon – then excellent! If I crave another active thrilling vampire or werewolf story – there were plenty of those to be had and some of them even have compelling romance or tension that excels the Eclipse peeks.

Yoandra -

?bettyel you are right she will be an awesome producer ….. and you are not alone on the scene when bella leave edward behinde to go with jacob i cant wait for the movie but i wont like that scene just the clip made me sad =(

Melanie -

Thank you so much! Great job. I’m glad, there are people understanding allegories and comparisons.

Does no one see this was her way to tell how she feels about the paparazzi and how they invade her privacy.

I guess she knew what she was saying. Remember Speak?

Who likes being tracked and photographed everyday – especially on bad days?

Jen -

I love Rob and am excited to see Eclipse!!

Chosen -

Yawn, they are both gay. They are leaning in to kiss each other. This movie should have been called Brokeback Meadow. Life imitates art, so it’s hard for Lautner or Pattinson to play a straight male.

Albert Pendre -

They look more the Gay Guy and the Goth Dude having an argument about their musical taste.

Gay Guy (Taylor): How can you say Lady Gaga is not really a musician but more of a model/designer?? Look at you: your wear foundation!!!

Goth Dude (Pattinson): Yeah, but her musico lacks SOUL dude! nothing you know about!! All you care about is appearence and designer wear!!!

Qwonique -

omg i am geting mad when is it coming out hurry up

bettyel -

I have to respectfully disagree with Kristanfan. I think Stephenie Meyer being a producer will assure that the romance is kept in and intensified. That’s her theme throughout the books. It probably won’t be shown graphically, at least the sex scenes won’t, but the romance will definitely be a large part of the movie. I hope Breaking Dawn is divided into two films, because I hate to see the series come to an end.
I am a lot more upset at the Eclipsd scene previewed, where Bella rides away on the motorcycle with Jacob, leaving Edward standing there. It’s completely out of character for Bella who would absolutely never do that and it never appeared in the book.

Kristanfan -

Breaking Dawn will be worse with Stephanie Meyers as producer. Now not only will we have Rosenberg’s horrible writing, we will also have all the romance sucked out of the story. People will probably wonder how Bella got pregnant when all she and Edward do is hold hands a lot. The book was a major fail so the movie can only be the same. I have low expectations for Eclipse.

I only see these films to support Kristen Stewart because her other movies are great. As long as she does this, she can remain the indie Queen. Also I hope the money she makes allows her to buy an island so she can get away from all the robtards, robsessed, nonstens, shippers, and Twi-hards. I read the books to see what the hype was and I’m still wondering.

jen -

Nicola is so beautiful. She is perfect for this role. What a great cast!!!

admin -


The previous comment was approved as we saw it as more of a comment on Summit and its “Eclipse” p.r. machine than on bettyel’s previous remark.

Let’s keep the discussion courteous and respectful.

Chervil -

Stewart’s gold band? I think it means there’s a personal life sideshow that could easily distract a fan from the sucking disappointment that is looking like Eclipse. It eclipses Eclipse. No matter what their personal inspiring relationship – both “Team he’s single and into me maybe,” and “Team PattiStew 4-eva” are leveraged into the theater and they all know this. Suckers. I feel if Summit could charge you for your inspiration they would. If you were disappointed they’d sell you a mud wrestling pit and ruffled knickers to duke it out in while retaining filming and distribution rights to the matches. Everybody and everything wins. Not. I forgot to consider integrity. Pesky risk that simple subtle transparent integrity. So, I guess I have no comment on the gold band as long as it provides you with something special for your time, energy and dollars. Hugs (I’m actually a romantic, but I’m not sure that comes across well when I feel sassy).

bettyel -

I wonder why no one has commented on the fact that Kristen was wearing a gold (wedding?) band on her left index finger at the MTV awards. What do you think that means?

guest -

I don’t think this movie will be filmed this year because Hugh’s schedule looks booked. He is filming “Real Steel” from June 11 to Sept28 and I think after that “Selma” in the fall. Robert begins shooting Breaking Dawn in the fall.

Chervil -

I feel you and agree. Thank you for the article. Judging from clips and trailers Slade has an autism with the nuance of reel character connection and instead defaults to daytime TV soap opera. His dialogue scenes are blocked and cut counter- intuitively and it makes me dizzy much less engaged. I don’t think he gets it – at all. Eclipse was the torrential river in setup for BDawn wish fulfillment, but Slade imprinted it with personal ego or something Twi-insulting. It’s just another movie now – spell breaking. I so agree about Stewart as Lisbeth Salander – such a natural fit, and commercially she inspired my GWTDT book purchases from casting rumors of her. Love ’em – so thanks for that!

Linda, Houston, TX -

I think Rob can work this in as I don’t think he is the main star. Most of the moview will be back story of the kidnapping and Hugh and Rachel looking for Rob and Nicola and romancing each other. Of course, Rob will steal the scenes he IS in!!!!!!

Chervil -

Most likely late July to early August if this year with Pattinson. Sometime between WFE and BDawn if he’s still in. Some events hinge on Eclipse, but he’s well positioned brand-wise having spread his exposure risk there pending audience reaction. His crossover career specialist has done a good job in that.

thebiz -

Thank you for this! Finally someone in the media with reading comprehension and some sense. Kristen’s statement was taken out of context. All of the people saying she always makes stupid comments, show me. Were you saying that when Robert Pattinson said he was ‘allergic to vaginas’ and people were calling him a woman hater? If you were then go ahead. The media picks and chooses what it wants to be PC about.

Rush Limbaugh puts his foot in his mouth on a daily basis, so does Perez Hilton. They have said far worse offensive things, but the media never calls them on any of it. This week Bill O’Reilly compared being gay to being a member of a terrorist organization. He has already said he won’t apologize. Why is it okay for these people to actually incite hate, but the minute a girl uses the word ‘rape’, the media goes nuts.

I saw her comment on CNN. With all the problems in the world, they had time to debate this? The advocacy groups should be ashamed of themselves. They finally got some media attention, but instead of using their fleeting minutes of fame to discuss actual issues, they flame Kristen Stewart and demand an apology. It’s stupidity on all parts.

Then there are the Twi nuts who believe that Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner might fall in love with them if only Kristen wasn’t present. Some of them have left posts here. Those women are far more offensive to society than Kristen Stewart using the word ‘rape’. I saw a little boy on Oprah say that his mom loves Edward Cullen more than him. Nothing Kristen said made me feel as offended as that.

Kristen didn’t need to apologize. I’m sure she did it because she believed she could have hurt some victims. I commend her, but I deplore the media that made such an apology necessary. I guess we want women to only be asked questions about fashion and hair. God forbid any female celebrity have an actual thought in her head. Give them the Snookie’s and Heidi Montag’s of the world and let the lemmings read their drivel about breast implants and fake tanners. This issue is bigger than Kristen Stewart. I’m glad to see some smart people in the media calling people out for this. Great article, Mr. Soares. You have a new fan.

siluro -

You should be on national TV. I’m serious :)

Lisa -

Really interesting article. The only thing that has kept me interested in the movie version of the books is Rob Pattinson. He seems to have that “It” factor going on for him. Like you, I hate the Bella character in Eclipse. What a little ****tease she was. I also can’t understand the whole Team Jacob thing. Is it just the abs? Jacob was a manipulative hot-headed little prick. I have to say too that the promo so far for Eclipse is lacking. Too much of the Jacob/Bella concentration. They seem to have lost the focus of the books.

But anyway, I’m on the fence when it comes to whether or not Rob & Kristen are a real item. Kristen has been acting with Taylor during this whole NM & Eclipse promo the same way she acted with Rob during the Twilight promo. She was practically dry******* Taylor during the photo rollcall in Korea. Maybe she really is a method actress & plays it up with both of them, just like Bella did. During the Korean leg, there’s a video of an interview & Kristen & Taylor were asked if they could date for real. Strangely, neither one would answer the question. Just a smile & giggle. Now, if she were really dating Rob, wouldn’t she give some kind of answer in the “no” variety? Just seemed really odd.

Georgina Clutterbuck -

I wish them all good luck at the MTV awards and i think they will all do amazingly well! I can’t wait until the release of Eclipse, unfortunately i think the UK have to wait longer for it to come out!! (9th July) I’m really looking forward to it’s release and i think as the movies go along they get better and better, and all the actors become even more talented! i haven’t seen a movie by the new director David Slade so i think this something else to look forward 2! ;) x

lily -

Here’s my take on things.

The word rape is used euphemistically in many a context. Those who bind it to a sole meaning of sexual assault are clinging to its victimization. The truth is, historically, and even in modern vernacular, it has more than one meaning, and has been used thus.

On other boards and in other comments I’ve read on other media sites, the majority of people who have stood up for Ms. Stewart claim to be victims of sexual assault or rape.

Most stated that by demanding an apology of Ms. Stewart for her use of the word, they are, in essence, continuing to allow that word – and EVERYTHING it stands for – to hold power over its victims, instead of empowering those victims to move upwards and overcome their own personal demons.

I understood her meaning the second I read in, and given the context in which is was used, especially considering videos I’ve seen of how she is treated by the paparazzi and the full-out assault she is subjected to every time she steps away from the confines of her home. (Remember Lady Di, anyone)?

Anyone who has seen these videos has seen how the paparazzi are VIOLENTLY INVASIVE towards her. Pure and simple. They goad and taunt while sticking their cameras in her face, invading her personal space and making vile and often sexually suggestive (or downright sexually crass) remarks to her. Their behavior can only be described as an assault – a VIOLENTLY INVASIVE assault. If not a “rape” of sorts, it is most certainly a abuse – both mentally and physically. And this to a 20-year old girl who is known for being particularly shy when she is not in a working environment.

It’s her right as a citizen to pursue happiness in any way she chooses to achieve it. It’s also her right to expect a certain level of privacy, regardless of her chosen profession. The paps violate this right again and again and again and are protected by the First Amendment (although in my opinion they are not worthy of the title “press”).

From a PR perspective, the apology was necessary. We live in a culture where society expects anyone who makes a negative remark or egregious lapse in judgment to apologize publicly and show contrition. From politicians, to religious leaders to sports stars to actors, this has become the US way. Apologize and everything is okay. It’s become the US way. But is it really? Are these apologizes sincere, or are they just a mechanism so as not to further stain their image.

In Ms. Stewart’s case I believe it was sincere. Afterall, this is an actress who has not only played the victim of date rape, but she has also done a PSA advocating against it.

Somewhere in our quest to find political correctness, we’ve conditioned ourselves to the idea that almost anything is an offense worthy of an apology. People cannot speak honestly about a subject anymore without risking offending someone and having to apologize for that remark.

The media picked up on the ranting statements from extremist advocacy groups and used it to churn and otherwise slow news cycle. And the way in which they attacked Ms. Stewart again – was adding insult to what was really, in my opinion and the opinion of many persons who have been victims of sexual assault – very little injury.

kat -

She used a metaphor. Why did she have to apologize for this I will never understand. I don’t see people blaming paparazzi for constantly violating her privacy and rights. The case of Kristen is clearly biased started by people who dislike her. I hope this doesn’t get her down. I feel sorry that she has to apologize for something that she didn’t do wrong at all. I hope this doesn’t stop her from speaking her minds. She has great mind. It would be a tragedy if she stops being herself and become even more afraid to express herself freely because of this stupid incident. I love her.

Survivor -

I’m a rape survivor and I support Kristen 100 percent! I’m smart enough to understand what she meant and I have compassion for her!

Those of you posting hateful and negative comments should walk a mile in her shoes before you judge her. I dare you to experience what she goes through everytime she goes out in public and then come back on this blog and tell me that she’s wrong for feeling violated!

I am angry that RAINN chose to force her to apologize instead of defending her and offering her support against the abuse she experiences!

They IGNORED the very principles they claim to stand for! They are just as bad if not worse for causing her to negate her feelings! I will never support this bogus organization again!

I also want to say I totally support the comments made by an individual named “dancer1” in the Gossip Cop story. Very well said!

Heather -

I agree with you. Kristen did NOT need to apologize for trying to find a way to express the personal invasion and abuse she suffers on a regular basis by the paparazzi. She was justified in her emotions, and CORRECT in the use of the term. Rape is NOT only sexual violence. Any time I hear lectures on rape, they say that it’s not about the sex at all but the power and control that one exerts over another. So if rape isn’t about the sex act, then why are people claiming it’s incorrect. She IS being violated as a person. Rape is a violation of a person. She IS being raped, but it is not in sexual manner. I read the article, and knew immediately that she was trying to find a way of expressing to others what it feels like for her to have to endure people throwing themselves at her, chasing her car, shouting all kinds of nasty things at her as she goes about her job and her personal life. It’s horrible to see this happen to a shy girl that only wants to act, not be a celebrity. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.

It’s a travesty that the media has made such an issue out of this, but it’s easier to pick on a twnety year old actress than deal with REAL issues of the day. (They might offend someone with their reporting.) Why are they not upset with the paparazzi for their abusive assault tactics? Why does the media ignore the mob of cameras and paparazzi pushing in on her when she has to travel for her job? One young woman against a mob is a scary prospect.

Have people already forgotten what happened to Princess Diana? She was hounded, assaulted, and abused by the paparazzi, too. I pray that the same fate does not befall anyone else simply for a photograph. That’s inhuman.

Thank you for the thoughtful article. You are absolutely right that a person has the right to express how they feel, regardless of the chance that someone else might be offended. Without that open exchange of thoughts and ideas, we cannot ever have a meaningful dialogue about anything.

Sophie -

You are spot on. as another poster said – you are a voice of reason in all this madness. thank you for this piece. I esp like your point about if she’d said war zone instead.

I know you’ll be facing criticism for this piece, but I hope you’re aware of how many ppl (mostly twi fans let’s be honest) support you.

Puaena -

I was very relieved to see this article and the previous article on this subject. While I believe that Kristen Stewart did what she felt was right in apologizing for her use of the word, I am disappointed in how Stewart’s use of the word was deliberately misconstrued. It wasn’t misunderstood. It was misconstrued and used by news sites, gossip sites, and, yes, advocacy groups to gain attention.

But I am particularly disappointed in the advocacy groups who never even bothered to ask why this young woman, who has a history of being involved with rape and abuse advocacy groups, would use such a word to describe her feelings. Some people say she should just stop whining but if we look at the past year, Stewart has been hounded by paparazzi. Look at June 2009 when she was surrounded several times by swarms of paparazzi at gas stations and a club where she had gone to do research with Dakota and Floria. These paps are not “just taking a pic”, they are often hurling vile comments at her. Comments that no one should have tolerate. In some instances, her physical well-being was threatened. I don’t care if she is an actress. No one, not even an actress, should have to tolerate that kind of abuse.

Yes, it would have been more comfortable for everyone if Kristen Stewart had used a more palatable word to describe what she experiences when paparazzi gang up on her to take her pic. And maybe it would be even better if she just took it and didn’t say anything so as to keep us even more comfortable at looking at this pictures without wondering if there is a psychological cost to it.

It should not be acceptable to say that a famous person should tolerate the behavior because that’s ‘the cost of fame.’ Saying that just excuses the behavior of the abusers and they keep going and get even more and more bold.

Yes, her level of fame may taper down after Twilight is finished but the effect of what she has experienced can go on for long after that.

That is why I am disappointed with these advocacy groups who were so quick to jump on Stewart. Instead of trying to find out why she said it, they reinforced the myth that it is okay to abuse a person who just happens to be famous in pursuit of a picture.

In that sense, they failed. They failed her in her right to express herself and her right to say, “This is wrong.”

Nani -

DSV: I think what is most appropriate is for Kristen’s quote to be properly presented to the public, because if that happened, then survivors of rape would better see what she was attempting to describe and see she was not using the term thoughtlessly.

She wasn’t. Read the whole quote. She’s explaining that the paps coerce a reaction out of her, freeze that moment, and that’s what is presented to the public as her. There’s videos, DSV, of what she goes through. The paps corner her in when she’s trying to drive at night, blocking her way. They surround her car, asking her how big her costars male member is, and other sexual questions. Toward the end of one video, as she’s trapped in her car, she’s crying trying to call someone on the phone.

Are you okay with that? A nineteen year old girl being accosted like that? Rape’s definition is not exclusive to sexual violation–nonsexual violations can be defined as rape as well. It can speak of a violent seizure, a plundering.

What if all this was explained along with the apology? Wouldn’t that be more fair to Ms. Stewart?

KStewAngel -

As a RAPE victim… ( my position may surprise you)

I agree with her statement. I’m sorry, but what she goes through regularly is repetitive and violating in so many ways and I feel that if you stack it up it adds up to something as horrific as rape. Now let me state right off the bat that I am not a Kristen or Twilight fan. In fact I feel that Kristen should put her energy and fame into doing charity work. I think it would fulfill her, help her deal with pain and stress of fame by turning it into a positive and give her the sense that she has some control and can give back and use her fame in a positive way instead of feeling victimized by it. I also think if she did a lot more charity work and used her fame to become a big activist for something she cares about she would also silence a lot of the critics, paying it forward is remarkably cathartic and I believe it would help her. In any case that’s a bit off topic, but the point is I’m not a worshiper who thinks she’s flawless so when I agree with her about the rape statement I mean it wholeheartedly and not because I like her. I don’t like or dislike her because I don’t know her, but I feel for her and the abuse she is experiencing.

Now back to the issue. I guarantee the paparazzi are constantly trying to take up skirt pictures of her, trying desperately to catch her with her legs uncrosses for split second, trying desperately to push her and see if her top comes down, they even have a word for these types off photos (a nip slip). It’s sick and I can bet you anything they ask her vile questions about her sex life, grab and touch parts of her body and then even her fans who scream and cry in her presence. I’m sorry but add that all up and look at the fact that it happens almost every time she leaves the house and I’d say she been just as violated as I was when I was raped.

The same women that are screaming at her in anger have not spent one second living her life or trying to imagine what it feels like to be REPEATEDLY violated and blaming her for what is done to her is like blaming a rape victim for wearing a short dress. It’s total and utter *beep*. Look I’m one of the first people to complain about how much celebrities make compared to people who work just as hard and provide far more important services, but regardless of how much you earn or how pampered you are these sick acts of violence, harassment and violation are inexcusable and 100% unacceptable. The fact that fellow females are attacking her makes me sick to my stomach.

KStewAngel -

As a Kristen Stewart fan, I am very thankful for your take on this issue. Unfortunately, something that was coming from Kristen’s heart turn into something negative. I understand what she was trying to say and it is unfortunate that people are interpreting her intentions the wrong way.

I thought below is another excellent take on what a lot of Kristen Stewart fans are feeling about this issue.

This was a comment made my dancer1 in the comment section of the @GossipCop article today in response to Kristen having to apologize for her “Rape” comment:


dancer1 says:
June 5, 2010 at 5:54 pm

I am posting what I wrote to “RAINN” the Rape, Abuse & Incest victims advocate group because I find what their behavior towards Kristen Stewart to be absolutely outrageous!! I don’t understand why people think when the paparazzi is “sexually assaulting” Kristen VERBALLY, that this is ok. She is constantly being “raped” by the words they use. For anyone to say differently is sick.


Here’s what I wrote NOTE: Use of words in a sexual nature is verbal sexual abuse; I needed to make that statement more clearer than I did to RAINN:

@RAINN01 I’m tweeting you because of your “acceptance” of Kristen’s apology today. Huh? What? Really? Did I read your tweet correctly?

Your acronym means “Rape, Abuse, and Incest”. Here’s the scenario:

– A 17/18 year old female is standing at a gas station pumping gas into her car. She is surrounded by at least 15 strange men jamming cameras in her face while filming her and taking her picture while saying vile things out of their mouths to her.

– A 18/19 year old female coming out of a restaurant surrounded by at least 15 or so men & woman jamming cameras in her face taking her picture and filming her as she tries to run and board a cab, she is verbally harassed and called a “bitch” amongst other things.

– A 18/19 year old female runs out of a cab and is chased into her hotel by a strange man carrying a camera who proceeds to film her as she tries to hide behind another individual clearly upset and the man continues to film her until the door closes.

– A 20 year old female traveled 12 or more hours to another country. In an attempt to relax, she goes onto her hotel room’s balcony. She’s subsequently greeted with a large group of unknown men with cameras with long lenses pointed at her room where she showers, changes her clothes, sleeps, walks around nude…cameras…cameras being held by men taking her picture in the privacy of her room’s balcony.

– A 20 year old girl chased by numerous of unknown strange men thru the streets of this country screaming some of the most vile things at her while taking her picture and filming her.

– A 20 year old girl returning home walking from the plane to the car surrounded by strange men screaming vile things at her after she just completed a promotion tour…mind you she wasn’t working at the time.

– A 19 year old female is coming out of her trailer on the film set. A photo is taken of her with her pants unbuttoned. This picture was placed on a country’s national gossip magazine claiming she’s PREGNANT! A 19-year old un-wedded girl’s picture being broadcast around the world claiming that she’s pregnant. *shakes head in shock*

– An 18 year old female being secretly filmed in a hotel parking lot along with her mother speaking to a friend. The girl doesn’t even know that she’s being filmed by strange men hiding somewhere near by until the video and pictures were posted on the internet.

– An 18 year old female is standing on the balcony of her friend’s hotel room having pictures taken of her while pictures are being taken of her friend actually through the window of the hotel room. There were more intrusive pictures taken of them having lunch etc… at the hotel.


At the age of 17, 18, 19 and 20 this female can be seen in pictures and film running, ducking attempting to hide from hordes of strange men screaming vile things at her. She is so scared that she is afraid to drive her car because strange men are chasing her and are assaulting her verbally and assaulting her space denying her privacy.

This same female has continuously made every attempt to avoid any place where these hordes of men hang out but yet they find her and attack her at every chance they get. She’s not seeking them out in any way.

What I find offensive by you wanting an apology is the fact that you failed to protect- speak out against those who are assaulting this female. A female who feels “raped” by the process. “Raped” and “used” by “the system” just to make money off of her image and her private life which she goes to tremendous lengths to protect in any way she can.

YOU FAILED TO PROTECT AND DEFEND PUBLICLY A YOUNG LADY WHO’S BEING ASSAULTED. What? Verbal assaults don’t count. Being harassed and having vile things screamed at you doesn’t warrant your protection?

Oh, I see, it just because they haven’t committed a “sexual” act it is ok for these men to assault in other ways. I see. As long as men verbally assault you it’s ok. Not to mention pointing cameras into your hotel room and chase you into hotels and restaurants and surround your car while you’re driving it’s all good.

AS a female I am embarrassed and insulted by your organization. How dare you think it’s ok
for a men to “rape” a female in a non-sexual manner physically but have at her verbally and while you’re at it, film it in the process.



Kristen = The Abused….Paparazzi = Assaulter

“Abused” as defined by

– to treat in a harmful, injurious, or offensive way;

– to speak insultingly, harshly, and unjustly to or about; revile; malign;

– harshly or coarsely insulting language;

– bad or improper treatment; maltreatment

I have to say this but WTF are you thinking to asked a female, Kristen, to apologize using the word “rape” when in essence anyone with half of a brain knows she wasn’t saying she was sexually assaulted but being “raped” by the paparazzi…Her privacy is being “raped”.

Understand definitions. A “place” can be “raped”. For example, when Michael Crichton wrote in “Jurassic Park”: “Discovery is always the rape of the natural world. Always.”

Did you protest him? Did you protest his use of the word “rape”? How can a world be “raped”? How can a world be “sexually assaulted?” If you did protest him, you’d be wrong. defines “rape”: to plunder (a place); despoil.

This is what Crichton was discussing. However, Kristen was stating her feelings, I believe under this portion of the definition:

“to seize, take, or carry off by force.”

The paparazzi takes her pictures by force; by placing her under seizure by surrounding her and then verbally abusing her in the process.

KRISTEN HAS NO REASON TO APOLOGIZE!! She’s RIGHT!! She’s being “raped” not in the sexual nature but by the actions of the paparazzi.

Kristen is cerebral. She was expressing angst with the paparazzi in an intellectual manner but not to insult or hurt or trying to place herself as an actual “rape victim” but as a victim of a “rape of her privacy”. Of her self-being.

Kristen is hurting inside. She’s calling out for help and all you did to her today was have her being “raped” over and over again by the press.

You should be defending her. Protecting her. Sticking up for her and telling the paparazzi to stop what they’re doing. Stop surrounding her and verbally assaulting her. And yes, they are physically assaulting her at times as well by pushing and shoving into her body guards trying to get a stupid picture.

What you did today to another female who is hurting is unforgivable. This young woman is trying to do the right thing by not going places where the paparazzi are known to be. But when she has to do her job as an actress and go out in public for meetings, appearances, filming etc…that’s the only time they can find her.

Kristen is not trying to be FAMOUS. She’s trying to be an actress. And yes, the paparazzi are raping her. Everyday…

YOU OWE HER AN APOLOGY! Her, as well as me and every other female you are supposed to be defending and protecting from abuse…and not just sexual abuse either.

The hypocrisy is palpable. Your acronym means Rape, ABUSE, and Incest. My best friend was not only physically ABUSED by her ex-husband but verbally ABUSED by him as well. Apparently, it’s ok for stranger to verbally abuse Kristen.

What you did to Kristen today was worse than what any paparazzi has done to her. You failed to protect her. You failed to defend her. You failed to recognized a female who is hurting, who is reaching out for help…SO the words may not be the best way of expressing herself although I think I pretty much debunked that theory, however, you FAILED to defend her. You FAILED to protect her. YOU FAILED.

Bouffant -

When a woman is told by the paparazzi “Smile, or I will shove this camera up your ass”, I have no problem with her using the word rape to describe the experience. They say that, and they say worse, and they are physically threatening. Unfortunately, most people aren’t aware of paparazzi tactics.

Thank you for an intelligent response to this whole miserable episode. I see that some readers STILL don’t grasp that Kristen’s statement was not about fame, but was about the experience of being papped. You can lead a horse to water…


This article in itself is a bigger offense than Stewart’s choice of words.
To the author: has it ever occurred to you that maybe it wasn’t only people obsessed with political correctness who protested against that comparison? Can you even begin to imagine how a real rape victim feels to see an actress who got herself in the situation she complains about (being so famous is leaves no place for private life anymore) use that comparison?
I don’t care that the media overreacted. Yes, they did. but let me put it this way: it’s an annoyingly typical question, I know, but have you or someone you love been a rape victim? I’m not saying you don’t have the right to talk about it if the answer is “no”, just that maybe you should think what happens in real life to a real person with a real trauma who sees her experience being compared to something so petty as fame.
Apologizing was the right thing to do, no matter if it was for personal and honest or professional, pr-related reasons.

Tanner -

This was a perfect example of the media having a slow news week and having to make news up on their own to keep people’s attention.

You would have thought the kid skinned a puppy live on TV the way all the media people were going on about it.

It’s a joke, and watching people actually buy into the fake outrage is social psychological thesis waiting to be written. And the irony of it all is this kid is saying she’s feeling violated. And then ADVOCACY groups swoop right in, pontificate and feign false outrage knowing full well they are taking her comment out of context, all for the sake of getting some attention for their group. That’s one of the more unsavory aspects of the whole story-advocacy groups letting this kid get crucified(do I need to apologize to Christians now?) in the press, and letting her be collateral damage, because it serves their “greater good.”

And people are calling her the drama queen.

Tiny Dancer -

I do agree with your thoughts Andre! At the same time, I understand why Kristen Stewart apologized for her use of the word rape. But, in fact, she used the word accurately. According to the American Heritage Dictionary, one of the definitions is “abusive or improper treatment; violation.”

There is something about Kristen Stewart that makes me want to know more about her. I love watching the videos of her, she’s very compelling.

However I have become much more discerning in the sites I visit. I try not to visit those which take what she has said out of context, they’re just bad journalism! Of course it’s not surprising that there were 972 sites listed under the topic of her apology just on Goggle. There is money to be made. If a site has advertising, it gets money/pennies each time someone clicks on the site. And when there is money to be made, sometimes ethics, truth, common decency and basic grammar fly out the window.

Thanks for an intelligent post. I also like the thought-out comments here.

Alwayssmiling -

I think Taylor and Rob are together and Kristen is the cover up…..just sayin

catrina -

oh, and i forgot one more: smoking in public doesn’t really help the subject matter either, if she really would want to stay out of the headlines, here’s a hint: don’t show middlefingers all the time. soo tired of making excuses for her attitude.

Monica -

They hate her for be with Robert pattison period. There is no reason wy has to apoloysed. I was rape and I can not said
Anithigh when acwas 14 year old . If you hate her who you fil expeesing your filling?better ? no. Rape is the worse thing hapen to humans, but hate is worse for a woman of 20 year old
And you know the real reason. Kristen Stewart I stand for you. Don’t change anithing we love you for who you are .

carmelita -

Bravo to the Writer!

I have come to admite Ms Stewart so much and this reinforces it. The level of scrutiny every word she utters is met with is bizaare. The twilight fandom is viscious.

Regardless of the immature behavior of her detractors i have no doubt she will have a long career while they continue to hide behind their computers being the losers that they are

Keith -

Well done. Note also that the “outrage” is coming from many of the same sources that attacked her for a single cough at the Oscars. The fact that the intensity of the attack is exactly the same shows the utter hypocrisy of their offence. I am totally disappointed that serious organisations allied themselves with this cheap-shot campaign of hate. How is the irony lost on them that they side with, among others, a gossip site owner who has been viciously sexually abusive to this girl since she was underage? Her PSA record was used against her instead of being used to point out how ridiculous and unfair the allegations were. They have done themselves and those they help a great disservice here. It will also serve the media right if she clams up and sticks totally to empty trivia pre-approved by a publicist. Her natural demeanour and personality has been what’s moved magazines etc. more than anyone else. She doesn’t need their money but they may have just collectively bitten one of the best hands that have ever fed them.

Kathy -

Excellent post. I agree that there was nothing wrong with the way this young woman expressed herself, but one cannot state this without also allowing the same for those women who may have a viscerally negative response to the word selection. While it may be a sad comment on our society, I am glad that she has apologized for the sake of her career. It’s good to know that she has guidance on how to navigate these polluted waters.

I have a tremendous amount of respect and sympathy for these very young actors caught up in this phenomenom and really wish that fans of this series would just get a grip. Personally, I love the story, but loathe the ineptitude of the writing of Ms Meyer and the stiff-necked morality and suppressed sexuality imposed upon the characters, especially the repression of the feminine sexual agression in scene after scene.

Ms Stewart and Mr. Pattinson are doing tremendously good work with the portrayal of these characters, such as they are, and Mr. Lautner is fine. Unfortunately, Ms. Stewart’s Bella character is very interior. It’s the nature of the character and not Ms. Stewart’s portrayal of the character that critics of her performance seem unable to appreciate. I am filled with admiration for them all for realizing that the intensity of what is happening to them is due to fantasy rather than reality.

I’ve been very impressed with the talent of these leading actors for a long time (and blown away with Pattinson’s performance in Remember Me).
I hope they know that they have fans who do not scream. And who will be around to pay to see their performances for a very long time, no matter how they express themselves.

catrina -

no, that’s the point – i can’t stand watching her interviews any more or read anything about what she has to say, and still she manages to appear everywhere without me looking out for her. she wants privacy, but even when i try to avoid her she manages to be in the headlines all the time, through showing her middlefinger, stupid comments, appologizing, her non relation to that guy, she’s always there and claims she doesn’t want it. why doesn’t she just get lost then.

Maile -

You totally expressed my thoughts on the matter. How literal and flat minded we’ve become as a society. How self righteous too, so insistent on being offended, to the point that you have to twist one’s words and meaning to make it offensive at all.

Kristen’s WHOLE quote was actually very insightful. She said everyone’s seeing one moment in time of her, and that’s her forever. And what no one understands is that one moment captured comes about by instrusive means, paps who force a reaction out of her, by upsetting her on purpose. When she looks at the picture, she doesn’t see a surly girl, but a record of her being coerced into the photo.

Thank you for putting her remarks in context, when no one else has. There’s nothing more offensive to me than political correctness taken to such degrees that someone will always be offended by what you say, so you don’t say anything at all. That’s the lesson learned by Kristen Stewart today–don’t be honest, don’t say what you feel. Follow the script you’re given, smile, and sound like every other bobblehead in Hollywood instead.

Great lesson for young girls to learn about self expression, eh?

Lola -

catrina-is kristen cornering herself–or are you spending too much damn time following her every move? That’s the big problem with all the twihards-they always complain about this girl. And yet maybe if you didn’t stalk her every move, every quote, every interview, every soundbyte in interviews and youtube and twitter, maybe you wouldn’t have this false illusion that you KNOW her. I read her rape quote-and she’s talking about the fact that the paps coerce a reaction, then take a shot of that reaction and then feed it to the public as if that’s who she is–and it isn’t.

You are basically arguing her point, you know that right? You’re acting like you know her, when all you know is gossip, soundbytes most likely taken out of context, hearsay, and inneundo.

Seems Kristen’s more clever than people give her credit for after all.

catrina -

she has cornered herself by constantly making stupid comments. she has brought up a lot of people against herself over the last few months by whyning and complaining and bitching. the rape comment was just the top of the iceberg, and finally for her ungrateful attitude she gets what she deserves. she had it coming.

Alicia -

well said! bravo!! I am a survivor of sexual abuse.. I was sexually abused @ the age of 3.
I in no way took offense to what she said! everyone has watched this child be ridiculed for the last year because she refuses to be the next hollywood slut! refuses to smile like a puppet for the camera and she wears her heart on her shoulder! she is the definition of strong because I don’t think I would have made it that long putting up with people taunting me and teasing me the way she did! nothing she says or does will ever make the robsessed adult women and teen fans of robert pattinson happy because they want to be kristen and they wish they had what she has! if you read the comments of spewed hate they touch on the “rape” word and go right into the hate of her personality! spoiled, ungrateful, bitchface, mind you that was a child people were calling those nasty vile things to! she deserves more from woman and I am ashamed that this even had to come to this! I am not offended and I know a lot of other sexually assaulted people were not as well! the public has been trying to find a way to openly bash kristen for over a year! and her expression of being personally violated was the loop hole women have been waiting for! this is a chick film and if it were male and female based film,and for teens and kids like the potter movies and not something grown women can love and get into because of the eye candy “boys” in the film this child would have been able to lead a normal life.. just like the potter kids! she has been crying out for help with the public to give her some privacy and we turn our backs on her and side with the freelance photographers that don’t give a damn about you or your two cents if they are trying to get a story! I appreciate her apology, but I wish she had not.. because women and advocates want the apology for personal reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with rape, but a hell of a lot to with hate and wanting her man! ROBERT PATTINSON. keep your head up kristen and dust your shoulders off!! oh, and don’t think you made her what she is today, she was offered the lead role because of her previous work in into the wild by emile h. and she had money prior to any of these films sitting in a trust because a child star in only entitled to some of their earnings until they reach 18. cha ching! and her parents are in the business and well of as well. hate is far worse than the word rape!

Kate -

I agree with the author. How unfortunate that people are so d*mn self righteous that they pick celebrities apart for everything that they say. It’s clear Kristen never meant to offend any rape victims. Chances are Kristen will not want to do any more interviews.

kim -

It’s obvious that her comment is to express her frustration over the constant harassment of papz. She didn’t mean any malice. It’s a wrong choice of word. I’m glad that she apologized and I admire her for doing that. Let’s leave all of this behind and move on.

I love you, Kristen.

Laura F -

Rape is just simply NOT a word to be used as an adjective to describe frustration. It’s a loaded word because of the true nature of what it means. There are plenty of better choices,she blew it,and apoligized. Its non-empathetic peoples reactions to this that make me so upset-she at least recognized the power of that word.

bozzqi -

i almost cry watched kristen apologize, it seems like using metaphor will make us in trouble, oh come on people BE A GROWN-UP!!!

emma -

She’s trivializing rape by using it in the context of being photographed by paparazzi. It was offensive and I’m happy she understood that. I respect her much more after the apology today. At least she gets it. Men don’t seem to understand just how vile an act rape is and for someone to trivialize it like Kristen did was just deeply wrong.

Julie -

I guess you must also approve of people calling President Obama ‘Hitler’ because they don’t agree with his policies. Right? Rape is a crime against humanity, it is not a word to be used as analogy to other difficulties in your life. 1 in 4 women in America have gone through this and it affects every single part of their lives for ever. Getting your picture taken does not leave emotional pain that makes you afraid to be around your husband, your brother-in-law, your male co-workers,and strangers. Playing a rape victim for the movies is not the same thing as being a rape victim. You as a man will never have to understand what it means to be raped. Kristen Stewart realized her mistake and has apologized, if only you could do the same. I guess she is the bigger of the two of you.

Andre -

>>>>>>>>>>I guess you must also approve of people calling President Obama ‘Hitler’ because they don’t agree with his policies. Right?

huh. No.
I guess you must have skipped my article — and just read the title?
(Beginning of second paragraph: “Personally, I find that an unfortunate — for Stewart, who didn’t ridicule or denigrate rape victims, or call anyone any names…”

>>>>>>>>>Rape is a crime against humanity, it is not a word to be used as analogy to other difficulties in your life.

And so is war. Had Stewart said instead: “When I’m surrounded by paparazzi taunting and screaming at me, I feel like I’m in a war zone.”
I wonder if ANYONE ANYWHERE would have criticized her for her insensitivity: “How dare she use the word ‘war’ to apply to her own little personal problems?”
How many would have berated her for that?
But hey, it’s only war…

>>>>>Getting your picture taken …

That’s NOT what she said.

>>>>>>>You as a man will never have to understand what it means to be raped.

I’m not sure on what planet you dwell, but here on planet Earth (where I dwell), men can be — and many have been — victims of rape.
Not only physical rape (that, too), but also emotional/psychological rape. Oh, but here I am using an “inappropriate” metaphor once again.

>>>>>>Kristen Stewart realized her mistake and has apologized, if only you could do the same. I guess she is the bigger of the two of you.

That could be indeed true, but not in that regard.

rsd -

Disagree. She should apologize, but probably only did because was told to do so. She is a dramatic teen, constantly staring at her own belly button. Should also apologize for flipping people off on camera. Very vulgar, rude and offensive to viewers. Paparazzi don’t care; probably got a kick out of it, and made a lot of $$ selling the pic to top it all.

Tom -

Finally a voice of reason in this madness, with all these haters over-reacting to something that would make sense in a conversation, I just about gave up on humanity. Especially when there are ALOT of other GENUINE problems in the world.


Julia -

I agree with you again, dude. Very well said.

Indranee -

Rob and Kristen — if they ARE together — do not owe their fans, paps, or legit reporters any spills re their relationship. Hollywood and the mouths that feed it need to learn to leave other people (yes, Rob and Kristen are PEOPLE too) alone and get a life.

Remember Me (and Rob with it) was crucified by jealous bloggers and critics because it dared to portray 9/11 for what it was for many of us here in America — a personal loss that shot out of the clear blue sky. That story needed to be told. How long are we going to shove our collective heads up our arses and pretend as if we can’t deal with it? This is an adult nation (ya think?) with enough skeletons. We can deal with one more loss. Many, many Remember Me’s are gonna be told in the next 50 years, so those poor, traumatized, haranguing critics need to sit back and learn to live with it.

antoinette -

Quote: Unfortunately, most people don’t have the mental capability (or the willingness) to understand either metaphors or the fact that one can be emotionally and psychologically raped, insisting that the word be used only when relating to vaginas or anuses.

It’s not that people lack the mental capability to draw a correlation between rape as a metaphor for the belligerent behaviour of the paparazzi and Kristen Stewart’s comment. The issue is that most people are intelligent enough to think of better metaphors and find Kristen’s use of the word as idiotic. To reduce other people’s arguments and offense to Kristen’s rape analogy to a lack of intelligence or understanding shows your own simplification of the debate. While the actress has been unfairly criticised before, this is one time she has actually managed to be truly offensive.

I also take issue with another poster’s comments that “Not many people are well read like Kristen”. I wasn’t aware that reading made you morally superior and gave you a right of passage to make inane remarks. I would assume with a PhD under my belt, I would be as well read as Kristen, maybe even more so. I am educated enough to know what a metaphor is too. And I still find her comment offensive.

Jamie -

Great posts… i’ve actually heard this all the time, that Rob and Kristen are interesting people… and its true… they always get the attention of people even the nontwi fans regarding on what they might say in interviews… unpredictable but REAL… i love them

Jamie -

I did not have any single doubt that these Twi leads will gain more hate as much as having strong love and admiration from their fans… everything famous is being hated simply because they are famous… Michael Jackson? Britney Spears? Justin Bieber (see now the backlash?)? Twilight is not exception… the response for this Saga is unbelievable… i haven’t seen this before even with Harry Potter…

So i guess, all the actors and all the fans of Twilight should just deal with it positively…

DNicole -

Thank you so much for this article! I fail to understand how Perez, someone who has dealt with criticism due to his sexuality, continues to criticize Kristen! I mean it’s crazy how people how have been singled out can do the same to another person, especially someone so talented and humble as Kristen!

Esheepa -

A phantastic article. Thank you very much for some common sense on the subject. It is rare enough.

PrunieD -

Andre, the reason you don’t get why R and K refuse to discuss their relationship is because you’re viewing it thru the veil of H’wood history. They have a simple and all-too-modern reason for the secrecy–they were protecting feelings in the beginning (and avoiding media dissection), and then just stuck with the strategy.

Wendy -

As far as I can see,the only crime Kristen Stewart has committed is to credit the public with a greater grasp of the English language than is evidently the case.The term “rape”,in the context she used it,is absolutely correct and fair.Unfortunately,given the modern connotation the word tends to create a very emotive reaction. I find it extremely sad that an intelligent young woman should be pilloried in the media for making a very valid and long overdue,point. She is not the only celebrity to experience this unacceptable level of press intrusion, she was simply misguided enough to forget momentarily that everything she says is taken completely out of context. I find it amazing,given the number of ludicrous and far more inappropriate comments, made by some of her less articulate contemporaries,often intended purely to generate additional publicity for themselves, that this genuinely likeable,thoughtful and caring young woman should be subjected to this kind of backlash for simply being honest. Perhaps she simply hit a little too close to home for some sections of the media.

Tiny Dancer -

Thank you Andre for all your intelligent posts regarding the Twilight phenomena. I started obsessively reading about the stars about a month ago and have gotten truly disgusted by the way the actors’ words have been misquoted and misinterpreted. It is lovely to read someone (you) who can write well, understands what the stars have actually said and provides smart analysis. Keep up the good job!

Susie44 -

That’s funny because Taylor is the only one with the correct attitude. I am so sick of watching interviews with Robert or Kristen where they are asked a simple question but they pull on their hair exhale loudly and act like you just asked them for the answer of life. Kristen saying she feels raped when someone takes a picture. Which I guess makes her a prostitute because she doesn’t complain when she’s paid for the picture.
I’m sorry but Kristen has ruined this entire thing for me. I find her acting so bad I left during New Moon later watched it on On Demand so I could fast forward through anything that had a lot of her in it. Now, this whole thing she’s pulling to get more attention is so over the top Kristen Stewart takes first place as the biggest drama queen.
Change of subject, I agree with you on the books. Eclipse could and should of ended the series because Breaking Dawn had me grinding my teeth getting through it. I felt the same about New Moon. I don’t care whether Robert and Kristen are together I do believe if it turns out they are it will ruin his career but that’s because this girl destroys everything she touches. I feel like Twilight made it despite her not because of her. Kristen’s other three non Twi movies have all bombed majorly! Acting with her is a kiss of death!

Dilos -

Great post, I couldn’t agree more. I think it was a perfect metaphor that, to me, obviously had nothing to do with the sexual definition of rape. So many people willfully ignore the point she is making as well as the existence of metaphors.

I think it is sad that she felt the need to apologize for this. Stifling of intellectual progression if you ask me.

rsd -


lmi -

Thank you, I came to the same conclusion that you did when I read about Kristen’s comment on rape and fame. Glad to know that I was not the only one.

Becca -

People watch the movies because they’ve read the books and want the story to come to life. It is irrelevant whether Rob and Kristen are dating or not. I think the box office record for the saga speaks for itself. It is hilarious to me that the media thinks it is so important to know….who really cares?

Crystal -

Interesting how the posting rules states no rude and abusive comments and that different opinions are welcomed, yet in your article you put down the people who don’t share your opinion about Kristen’s remark by making a snide remark about their mental capability.

It’s doubtful that if someone came on here and said that about you and others who see nothing wrong with the fame/rape metaphor, you wouldn’t find it rude and abusive.

annie -

I specifically liked this passage, “Unfortunately, most people don’t have the mental capability (or the willingness) to understand either metaphors or the fact that one can be emotionally and psychologically raped.”

I first read Kristen’s comment in its origianl context and I instantly knew that “most people” would holler and misconstrue – don’t worry Kris – there are intelligent women, hardcare feminists even, who got it, get it, and love you.

BeingReel -

Thank you so much for the article. I am a survivor of domestic abuse and I appreciate it. Few may understand the invisible aspect of regular verbal and emotional assaults, but they are the most damaging and difficult to heal for me. I still struggle with it long after the bruises faded and the physical assault was mostly behind me. I couldn’t smile or leave the house the next day like she does, or face any scrutiny and I’m inspired by her. She helps me as an example; so, I never thought an apology was necessary. On the contrary, I’d like to thank her no matter what “advocacy groups” may claim in my name.

babeth -

You nailed it Andre..I totally agree..People should be aware that rape is not exclusive to sexual assault, and i think that the word “rape” based on the context of what Kristen Stewart said was not even politically incorrect. It was used as a “figure of speech”to describe the atrocities that she experienced in the hands of paparazzi. It’s kind of similar, but on a different spectrum, on how author Iris Chang used the word rape in the title of her best-selling book “The Rape of Nanking”, the book was critically acclaimed and no one was offended by the word “rape”.

People are just too sensitive to make a big deal out of what Kristen Stewart said. We cannot fault her for being honest and real (she’s one of the few in Hollywood). I admire her more because she was never superficial, never sugarcoat her words and definitely not a fame/cam whore .

Indranee -

Yes, the fanboy hatred toward Twilight is really amazing in its vitriol. It’s so funny that there are so many sucky fanboy franchises that infest the planet, but one little saga that caters to women… and oh. my. god. the sky falls. unbelievable.

interestedbystander -

Pattinson gave an excellent performance in Remember me and did get good reviews. It was the male geek blogs who talk about comic book films that criticised him but then I suspect these are guys too fat to get out of their armchair or have a girlfriend and are green with envy.

Pattinson needs a role to get these geeks respect. Something like a role in a film based on a graphic novel. Not the cheesy spandex ones but the ones that require more thinking. I like the idea of the Crow reboot but as its filming soon and Rob has to endure the Breaking Dawn films he must be off the market for any other roles for some time.

He’s a fascinating man and a marketing dream. Infact his marketability in terms of fashion/music/ etc havent even begun yet. There’s huge potential as he brings class to anything he touches.

Lautner bores me rigid. He’s over rehearsed and robotic. No spontaneity at all. Also his voice grates on a lot of people (Ive seen endless comments on sites) which must be a hindrance. I have absolutely no desire to see anything he appears in. Catching a grape in your mouth is not what I’m looking for in an actor.

Stewart again doesnt interest me or any of her drab low budget films. Far too worthy and charmless. Her personality is a huge turn off. Ive seen nothing to like whatsoever. I also feel Ive seen her performance over and over. There’s a lack of originality. She’s like a stuck record. I find her acting souless.

Sarah -

I agree with you – her words are being twisted and now posted even on the AT boards. I don’t see how an apology is needed for this. Thanks for sharing this. I’m sure she appreciates it too.

sol -

Just perfect. Congratulations on your excellent article

Kelly H. -

I think most intelligent people understood what she was trying to say. Some people just choose to take her words at face value and twist them around because it’s easier that way to make a news story. She is a very talented actress and I know of no one who was offended by her comment. The paparazzi do violate people on a daily basis and I’m glad she is taking such a strong stance.

Lola -

really great points. I get why it’s forbidden to use that word publicly like she did–it’s a loaded word that can only mean one thing to many people, thus not the best word choice. But you are so right in your points. I agree-learn how to use a metaphor.

filmgirl -

I would just like to follow up on my comment by outting myself as a bit of a market trend Beta. Generally, historically I’m like your canary in the mine shaft. It’s what I appreciate about and what attracted me to this article.

filmgirl -

Thank you for the wide perspective and your article. The Twi neuromarketing gets thick and when the oxytocin kicks in it feels nothing like sanity. All these audience niches are catered to on every possible belief they could have currently. Anyone can choose from a Twi cafe assortment of info, disclosure and community they are comfy with today as they pay and pay. All are available except integrity and BS lite in stark contrast to the actors “authenticity” and “humble” brands. Remember we’re talking about women’s hearts, so risk is a given beyond those Eclipse prepaid credit cards and Pandora doesn’t like to dwell in that box. People do hit a threshold with manipulation of perception. How that plays out – no one knows, but timing of disclosure despite consequences to the box office (before profit) I assume would at least make a difference to the actors’ careers. It turns out that people (me) value honesty and simple truths – even in the face of challenges and tortured emo plot-lines. It’s why we came to this dance in the first place. The studio suits may want to graph that or put it in a rolling disclosure focus group first though…

lalala -

200% agree!! why don’t others have a positive thinking like us and sadly the grown-up are the most criticized her.
sorry for my bad english ^^

christina -

I see the typos and sorry for them!

christina -

I think people are making a big deal out of nothing she used the word figuratively and nothing is wrong with that! and funny hiow people are saying she said she was raped, she did not she said compared it to watching someone get raped! I personally think she are robert are together and people are jealous and want to know if they are or not and are using all these artcles to get them to tell. I agree with taylors image it is annoying and kristen is the lion who wears her heart on her sleeve and people don’t like she is bold! they want to see her fail and I think someone should write in about this!

christina -

I like this article!

Kristi -

Obviously, you haven’t been following Rob and Kristen very long, because she has been saying a version of the same thing for almost a year now, right after her former boyfriend was no longer spotted with her. I don’t think it is coached, but it probably has been well-thought out and planned.
If Rob and Kristen are doing this for PR, they aren’t doing a very good job. For the last year, no one has been allowed to ask questions about their relationship. However, if you watch closely, there are clues. Fans and normal people are the ones confirming this relationship, not media outlets. For example, a fan picture places them on the Isle of Wight together for NYE. A business man’s tweet (with a picture) places them in Ohare airport airline club holding hands. An actual English politician sees them kissing in a pub in England.
Rob and Kristen pride themselves on honesty and their fan base knows this. If they later come out that this was all for PR, they will lose a huge portion of their fan base. I think they know this. So really it makes no sense at all for them to pretend to be in a relationship. The twilight series has a huge fan base. It really doesn’t need the PR.

jennifer -

Well said. Wonderful article. Reading Comprehension and not taking things out of context. VERY Wise.
It’s a shame a few choose to bash her over whatever they can. That shows their maturity level.

Chris -

Wow, I’m amazed to read an intelligent article by someone who gets things like metaphors. I was trying to argue this point with someone the other day. I found her use of the word rape to be perfectly legitimate and well used. I’m disappointed that we are seemingly not allowed to use words people don’t like even when it’s used correctly. Well, the way the paperazzi works these days is a type of rape. Definitely obscene. I’m not a proponent of the mindset that says since you’re famous you have to put up with photogs no matter how obscene or intrustive they might be. I think they owe us the best performance they can give. Maybe even a photo shoot or two. Anything else is icing and to say that they no longer have the basic human rights most of us have is just insane. Thanks for recognizing that these two, Stewart and Pattinson, in spite of their youth, beauty and wealth, are the underdogs in this hollywood game. There are too many who feel that anything goes when it comes to Twilight.

Great article.


Thank God there people like you! Your article fantastic!

JL -

Thank you for such a thoughtful post. You have provided an intelligent, succinct summary of the EXACT way that I feel, both about Kristen’s metaphor and about Kristen and Rob in general. Your points need no further embellishment.

And I would much, much rather read the authentic – if sometimes bumbling – words of someone like Kristen Stewart than the bland, plastic messaging that some of her over-trained peers offer.

Thanks again. Many of us don’t have an outlet to express our views widely; seeing this article makes me feel like we’ve been given a vicarious voice.

Kelly -

Thank you, thank you. I have been shocked at the ridiculous ranting and raving about what Kristen said. She was absolutely right in what she meant.Rape is a violation of the mind, body and soul. Kristen has been cornered, yelled at and provoked by the paparazzi. If i were her i would have bashed one of them by now. She is a very intelligent girl and a very good young actress. Unfortunately, like any girl who dates or is in close contact with the current hunk she is picked on and analysed to death.

Well screw them. Thank you again

kim -

I agree with everything you’ve said. Not many people are well read like Kristen. They only see the word rape as one thing and one thing only. I understood what she was trying to say. It’s too bad others who don’t or even those who did, but took the opportunity to try to degrade her because of their hate for her. Envy at it’s worst.

Alyssa -

I love how you seem to think that anyone who thinks it’s a bad analogy just doesn’t get it. Actually, you think they don’t have the mental capacity to understand metaphors or the idea of emotional/psychological rape (for the record, the context of her analogy, saying it’s like watching someone being raped, that did imply physical rape even if the analogy was being used to compare the emotions involved).

I’ve been defending Kristen when people make hater comments about her poor word choice – but I can defend the girl without approving of her analogy. It was a bad analogy to use.

I know her comparison was referring more to the feeling of violation (which would’ve been the perfect word choice for her to use, actually) but the similarities end there. Rape is a brutal and violent crime and there is no good side to it. Paparazzi are one of the downsides of fame, but there’s the flip side of the coin where she’s getting to do what she loves and gets paid a hell of a lot of money to do it, there is no bright side of rape, it’s all bad.

Being in this business was her choice, she’s grown up in a world where we’ve seen what the paparazzi and tabloids can do, we’ve all seen people like Britney Spears being torn to pieces and broken down by them. That is one of the possible consequences of fame (as messed up and awful as that may be), but every famous person made the choice to be in the business anyway. Rape victims had no choice at all and rape goes way beyond just a sense of violation.

I understand Kristen’s analogy and that she didn’t mean to belittle the suffering of rape victims, which is why I defend her and why I don’t think she’s an awful person because she messed up with that poor word choice, but it was a bad analogy for her to use (and that applies to anyone using rape analogies in that kind of context, not just Kristen).

sollee -

great post indeed!

tina -

Thank you-at last ONE intelligent and with a simple and quite obvious explanation of the sheer hypocrisy article!I’m appalled with the attacks this young girl has been getting because she just expresses her feelings as if she doesn’t even have the right to do so. The hypocrisy in full force…

Julia -

Very well said Andre. I absolutely agree with everything you said.
And it’s very good and a relief to know that there are still very intelligent and talented young actress, like Kristen Stewart, out there (even if they are just a few).

Mar -

Thank you for such an insightful article. As a woman, I didn’t take offense to her usage of the word. I applaud Kristen for what she said about the paparazzi. People need to be mature and understand the context of how she described the constant invasion of her space.

jenny -

great post, I’m rooting for them too.


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