Lizabeth Scott: Film Noir Actress & Elvis Presley Leading Lady

Lizabeth Scott dead at 92: Film noir star of the '40s and '50s & Elvis Presley leading lady

Lizabeth Scott, a Paramount star in the 1940s usually cast as film noir heroines, died of congestive heart failure on Jan. 31, 2015, at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Scott, born (as Emma Matzo) on Sept. 29, 1922, was 92. (See also: Lizabeth Scott photo.)

Among the two dozen film featuring Lizabeth Scott – whose hair-style and husky line delivery were clearly inspired by Paramount's own Veronica Lake (along with Warner Bros.' Lauren Bacall) – were the following:

A couple of uncharacteristic Lizabeth Scott movies:

Also of note, Lizabeth Scott was involved in a scandal when Confidential magazine, the 1950s precursor of today's tabloid rags, published a front-page story in its September 1954 issue. The magazine asserted that Scott was a lesbian whose name was found in “the little black books kept by Hollywood prostitutes.”

Scott sued Confidential, but lost due to a technicality.

Lizabeth Scott never married. Her last movie was the 1972 film noir spoof Pulp, with Michael Caine and Mickey Rooney.

This Lizabeth Scott obit is being revised / expanded.

Source for the Lizabeth Scott's death notice: Los Angeles Times.

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3 Comments to Lizabeth Scott: Film Noir Actress & Elvis Presley Leading Lady

  1. Alouis Skrjanc .Jr

    Yes she was one of the grates of the silver screen. And the true last of an era , There will never a gen be some one like her, to fill the void , know left . I am sad that she has left us to the grate beyond . Rest in peace Lizabeth Scoot . your fan for ever .
    Alouis SkrjanC Jr,

  2. Richard

    I loved all her movies. I think she was way under-rated as an actress. As I understand it, she was very responsive to her fans who wrote or sent cards to her up to the end. So, although she had a long life, she will be missed but will live on through her films. Rest In Peace.

  3. jay

    by strange coincidence, my mom died 6 years ago on january 31 2009 and she was also 92.