Marilyn Chambers

by Andre Soares

Marilyn Chambers

Marilyn Chambers, known for her erotic films of the 1970s, died Sunday at her home in the Los Angeles suburb of Canyon Country. She would have turned 57 on April 22. The cause of death is still unknown; Chambers was found by her daughter.

Born Marilyn Ann Taylor (or Marilyn Ann Briggs) in Westport, Connecticut, in 1952, former Ivory Snow soap-box girl Chambers became an adult-film superstar after appearing in the 1972 production Behind the Green Door, which became a sensation of sorts because the actress was seen having sex with a black man, Johnny Keyes. Directed by Artie and Jim Mitchell, Behind the Green Door became one of the first sexually explicit films to be widely released in the United States.

Among Chambers other sex films are Resurrection of Eve (1973); Beyond De Sade (1979); Insatiable (1980), with John Holmes; and A Night on the Town (1983). Additionally, she had the lead in David Cronenberg's 1977 horror thriller Rabid. The year before, she released the disco single “Benihana.”

In 2004, Chambers ran for U.S. vice president on the Personal Choice Party ticket.


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