Marion Cotillard Naked and Doomed: More Nudity in 'Psycho' Shower Scene Homage

Marion Cotillard Psycho shower scene screamMarion Cotillard 'Psycho' shower scene scream.

Marion Cotillard naked and screaming in 'Psycho' shower scene

A few years ago – more exactly, in Feb./March 2008 – Vanity Fair published a series of images honoring Alfred Hitchcock movies made in Hollywood. (His British oeuvre was completely ignored.) The images weren't from the movies themselves; instead, they were somewhat faithful recreations featuring early 21st century stars, including several of that year's Oscar nominees. And that's why you get to see above – and further below – a wet and nude Marion Cotillard recreating the iconic Psycho shower scene.

Cotillard took home the Best Actress Oscar at the 2008 ceremony for her performance as Edith Piaf in Olivier Dahan's La Vie en Rose / La môme. 1950s peaches-and-cream heroine Janet Leigh, the original star of Hitchcock's Psycho, was shortlisted for the 1960 Best Supporting Actress Oscar, but lost to another good-girl-gone-bad: Shirley Jones as a sex worker in Richard Brooks' Elmer Gantry.

More nudity, less horror

Looking at the Marion Cotillard Psycho images, which were circulating on Facebook earlier today (Dec. 18, '15), a couple of things come to mind:

  • Janet Leigh opened her mouth much wider; in other words, her scream must have been more genuinely horrific. (Perhaps Cotillard wasn't screaming at all; maybe she just had her mouth open.)
  • We get to see quite a bit more skin in the 2008 Psycho recreation than in the 1960 movie.

As an aside, Jamie Lee Curtis – daughter of Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis – recently recreated Leigh's Psycho shower scream – mouth wide open – right in time for Halloween. You can see it further below.

Hollywood 21st century: Seth Rogen as Cary Grant?

The other images in the Vanity Fair Hitchcock series range from what if…. (Naomi Watts in the Tippi Hedren role in Marnie; Jodie Foster in the Hedren role in The Birds) to good thing they weren't available (or, in most cases, born) at the time.

The other actors featured in the Alfred Hitchcock homage were:

More Marion Cotillard 'Psycho' images

Check out a few more Marion Cotillard Psycho images below.

Marion Cotillard Naked PsychoMarion Cotillard naked and doomed in 'Psycho' shower scene.
Marion Cotillard Psycho about to meet her makerMarion Cotillard in 'Psycho': About to meet her maker.
Marion Cotillard dead but with make-up intactMarion Cotillard dead – but with make-up intact.
Jamie Lee Curtis Psycho Shower scream homage to mother Janet LeighJamie Lee Curtis 'Psycho' shower scream: Homage to her mother, Janet Leigh.


Jamie Lee Curtis Psycho shower scream was recreated for the series Scream Queens, featuring Curtis, Lea Michele, Emma Roberts, and Skyler Samuels.

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