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Meet the Robinsons (Movie 2007): Appealingly Oddball Futuristic Comedy

Meet the Robinsons 2007 Wilbur Robinson LewisMeet the Robinsons (2007) movie: With a certain Pixarish look and feel, Disney’s Stephen J. Anderson-directed animated feature reminds audiences to “keep moving forward.”
  • Meet the Robinsons (movie 2007) review: A series of humorously eccentric characters should make Walt Disney Pictures’ 3D adventure comedy enjoyable to children and adults alike.

Meet the Robinsons (movie 2007) review: Eccentric characters in Disney’s Pixar-like 3D adventure should also amuse adults

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The second 3D animated feature released by the non-Pixar unit of Walt Disney Pictures – the first was Chicken RunMeet the Robinsons combines humor with inventive storytelling as it pulls us into a futuristic world filled with the unexpected.

This energetic and visually enthralling adventure is primarily aimed at a younger audience, but adults will occasionally applaud the film’s witty goofiness.

Based on William Joyce’s book A Day with Wilbur Robinson, the story follows 13-year-old Lewis (voiced by Daniel Hansen and Jordan Fry), a sharp-witted orphan whose passionate interest in designing clever inventions leaves him little time for useless meetings with potential adoptive parents. His latest gadget is the memory scanner, a device that can help him track down his real mother.

Unfortunately, before Lewis can show off his invention at the local science fair – and find out what his mother looks like – the scanner is stolen by the vicious Bowler Hat Guy (Stephen J. Anderson) and his artificial hat Doris (Ethan Sandler).

Make the ‘right’ decisions now

Rescue arrives in the form of the young Wilbur Robinson (Wesley Singerman), a hyperactive brat who persuades Lewis that the only way to retrieve the machine is to travel to the future.

By meeting the Robinsons in the future, Lewis finds the family he never had. From a grandpa who wears his clothes the wrong way to a mother who teaches frogs how to sing, Meet the Robinsons features an array of hilariously eccentric characters.

Directed by Stephen J. Anderson, who previously worked as artistic supervisor on The Emperor’s Groove and Brother Bear, Meet the Robinsons cheerfully reminds you to “keep moving forward.” In other words, people have a bright future ahead of them if they make the right decisions in the present.

As a result of its numerous unexpected twists, the film avoids being simplistic; that alone earns it extra points. Animated flicks don’t require 100 percent action and silliness to please children; the more complex the plot, the better the chances of reaching a wider audience.

Pixar influence

The creative and technical staff at the Walt Disney Animation Studios did a remarkable job in bringing the world of Meet the Robinsons to life. The movie, in fact, looks gorgeous despite a sporadic excess of color. (The Disney team reportedly got quite a bit of help from the Pixar team; John Lasseter is one of the film’s executive producers.)

On the downside, Meet the Robinsons suffers from a slow first act. Though essential to the development of the story, the first 30 minutes or so lack pace.

But as soon as Lewis meets the Robinsons, the fun begins and continues right until the end, with a nostalgic quote by Walt Disney himself.

Meet the Robinsons (movie 2007) cast & crew

Director: Stephen J. Anderson.

Screenplay: John Bernstein, Michelle Spitz, Don Hall, Nathan Greno, Aurian Redson, Joe Mateo, and Stephen J. Anderson.
From the book A Day with Wilbur Robinson by William Joyce.

Voice Cast: Daniel Hansen. Jordan Fry. Wesley Singerman. Matthew Josten. Angela Bassett. Laurie Metcalf. Don Hall. Ethan Sandler. Stephen J. Anderson. Tom Selleck. Adam West. Nicole Sullivan.

Meet the Robinsons (Movie 2007): Appealingly Oddball Futuristic Comedy” review text © Franck Tabouring; excerpt, image captions, bullet point introduction, and notes © Alt Film Guide.

Meet the Robinsons (Movie 2007): Appealingly Oddball Futuristic Comedy” notes

Meet the Robinsons was nominated for two Annie Awards: Best Storyboarding and Best Music.

Meet the Robinsons movie image: Walt Disney Pictures.

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