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Most Influential People Robert Pattinson + Lady Gaga & Ashton Kutcher?

Robert Pattinson Emilie de Ravin Remember Me
Emilie de Ravin, Robert Pattinson, Remember Me

April 29: Singer Lady Gaga, actor Robert Pattinson, artist Banksy, Apple entrepreneur Steve Jobs, Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh, talk-show hostess Oprah Winfrey, actor-tweeter Ashton Kutcher, talk show host Conan O’Brien, artist Zaha Hadid, filmmaker James Cameron, and Nelson Mandela’s wife Graça Machel have all been included in Time magazine’s 2010 list of the world’s most influential people.

The “Heroes” section – kept apart from the “Thinkers” section – is particularly eclectic: action film star Jet Li, former US president Bill Clinton, tennis player Serena Williams, World Health Organization’s Goodwill Ambassador Liya Kebede, ChildCount+’s Matt Berg, and Night at the Museum actor Ben Stiller, among others.

Obviously, no one in his or her right mind would take those things seriously. The essays written on each of the Top 100 have been penned by fans of varying degrees of repute and ill-repute, grace and disgrace:

Henry Kissinger drools over Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew, who is credited for turning the tiny Southeast Asian city-state into a financial powerhouse (no mention, of course, of Lee’s firm belief in stuff such as curbs on personal and media freedom, and “corporal punishment,” i.e., torture); the invariably trustworthy Tony Blair gives kudos to Palestinian prime minister Salam Fayyad; Michael Moore idealizes Workers’ Party Brazilian president Luiz Inacio da Silva (a.k.a. Lula), while fully ignoring Lula’s thoroughly pro-business policies, his disregard for Brazil’s environment, and the myriad corruption scandals that have plagued his government.

Also, Sarah Palin throws hosannas at fellow far-right, anti-social justice advocate Glenn Beck; Gael Garcia Bernal has some good things to say about Alter Eco’s founder Tristan Leconte, Cyndi Lauper goes all out for Lady Gaga, and Betty White praises this year’s Best Actress Oscar winner and about-to-become-divorcee Sandra Bullock’s determination and physique (but not her newly adopted child; that came later).

Ben Stiller got an essay from Robert De Niro, with whom Stiller starred in Meet the Parents and Meet the Fockers – the latter, one of the worst movies ever made anywhere in the universe.

Robert Pattinson was the topic of The Twilight Saga: New Moon director Chris Weitz (“I love you, Rob! Call me!”). Stephen Daldry wrote about Elton John (“he is also the best friend anyone could possibly hope for”) while John penned the mini-essay about billionaire Ukrainian businessman Victor Pinchuk, who “shows his love of our planet and makes the world a better place to live.”

More from Chris Weitz on Robert Pattinson:

And though I am continually impressed by the aplomb with which he handles the hysteria, I occasionally think he would take it all back if given the chance. Because essentially, Rob, 23, is a reserved, bookish sort of specimen, a guy who’d rather spend the night at the corner table in the pub with friends – a bit of a weirdo, frankly, in the best sense.

It’s been argued elsewhere on this site that “that’s why Pattinson was able to incarnate Edward Cullen, another ‘bit of a weirdo in the best sense,’ so believably.”

Even before I looked at his page, I just knew that Sigourney Weaver had been the one who had written the paean to James Cameron. There could have been no one else.

Here’s a telling remark about the maker of Avatar: “But the truth is — although he has extraordinary abilities, appetite and drive,” Weaver explains, “Jim simply does not recognize human limitations in himself or anyone else. … Please don’t anyone ever cast him in a movie. If he finds out that he can act too, we’ll know for sure the guy is a mutant.”

Missing from Time‘s final “most influential” list: early popular entry Shahrukh Khan.

Text above initially posted by André Soares.

Photo: Remember Me (Myles Aronowitz / Summit Entertainment); Avatar (Mark Fellman / 20th Century Fox); Spread (Dale Robinette / Barbarian Film Group LLC)

April 29

Robert Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin, Remember Me
Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Javier Beltran, Robert Pattinson, Little Ashes
Robert Pattinson as a young rebellious New Yorker, Emilie de Ravin in Allen Coulter’s Remember Me (top); Robert Pattinson as the young-looking (but old) vampire Edward Cullen, Kristen Stewart in David Slade’s The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (middle); Javier Beltrán, Robert Pattinson as the young Salvador Dali in Paul Morrison’s Little Ashes (bottom)

Note: This is an as-yet-unedited amalgamation of several Robert Pattinson-Bel Ami posts.

I haven’t read either Guy de Maupassant’s 19th-century novel Bel Ami or Rachel Bennette’s screenplay adaptation, so I don’t know exactly how old Robert Pattinson’s Georges Duroy, social/sexual climber extraordinaire, is supposed to be.

But looking at videos and photos of Pattinson in costume as Duroy, the soon-to-be-24-year-old actor surely looks quite a bit older in Bel Ami than in his other film roles (see above).

That’s not a disparaging remark. I much prefer Pattinson looking mature than looking like a “boy.” One of the reasons I – and at least some others, I’m sure – enjoy his interviews is that Pattinson comes across as much more mature than your average (or even above-average) 23-24-year-old. (Admittedly, Pattinson has never looked like a “boy” to me, though I still haven’t seen any of his pre-2008 efforts.)

Anyways, I have high hopes for Bel Ami, chiefly because Pattinson and other real good actors are in it: Kristin Scott Thomas, Uma Thurman, Christina Ricci, and Colm Meaney.

Robert Pattinson, Bel AmiScreenwriter Rachel Bennette and directors Declan Donnellan and Nick Ormerod are basically all film newcomers in their respective capacities, though Donnellan and Ormerod have both done extensive and quite prestigious stage work. Among the plays they have staged are works by Shakespeare, Chekhov, Pushkin, and Tennessee Williams.

Who knows, perhaps Donnellan’s and Ormerod’s film debut will be as warmly received as those of fellow stage directors Nicholas Hytner (The Madness of King George) and Rob Marshall (Chicago). If so, that should translate into solid box office receipts as well.

As an aside, in Albert Lewin’s 1947 film The Private Affairs of Bel Ami, Duroy is played by future Oscar winner George Sanders, who was 40-41 at the time. I’m assuming that was (at least) a little older than de Maupassant’s character was supposed to be. The novel is in my to-read list.

Robert Pattinson will next be seen in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, which opens on June 30.

Photos: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Kimberley French / Summit Entertainment); Remember Me (Myles Aronowitz / Summit Entertainment); Little Ashes (Regent Releasing); Bel Ami (Optimum Releasing / RAI)

Robert Pattinson’s Bel Ami is the subject of a Hungarian TV show (I couldn’t get the name). Unfortunately, I can’t speak a word of Magyar, but I was able to catch the international word “paparazzi” at least once and the just as international name “Robert Pattinson” here and there.

Unlike many of the cell-phone and amateur camcorder video clips showing the Bel Ami set in Budapest, this clip looks quite professional, for obvious reasons. The picture is crisp, and you do get to see Pattinson up close here and there.

The clip also features scenes from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and the Twilight films, including the one with Edward and Bella (Kristen Stewart) lying together.

Also featured in the clip are Kristin Scott Thomas, Uma Thurman, and Christina Ricci in various movies.

It’s just too bad that it doesn’t come with subtitles in some language I can understand…

Also, I noticed that most of the fans standing near the Bel Ami set were women. No big surprise there. But I saw at least one shaven-headed guy in there, too.

Robert Pattinson will next be seen in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, playing opposite Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Dakota Fanning. David Slade directed from a screenplay by Melissa Rosenberg. Eclipse opens on June 30.

Robert Pattinson gets married in Budapest – well, at least that’s what his character Georges Duroy does in the latest film adaptation of Guy de Maupassant’s Bel Ami.

In addition to Pattinson, who can be seen in costume arriving on the set, others featured in the clip are Holly Grainger as the bride Suzanne, Colm Meaney (or someone who looks like him standing next to her; Meaney plays Suzanne’s father), Uma Thurman, and, of course, numerous classily dressed extras. I wasn’t able to spot Kristin Scott Thomas (who plays Suzanne’s mother).

The video clip, which offers a really cool look at what takes place on a movie set, is divided into a few segments:

The extras waiting for Pattinson to show up; Pattinson showing up in a dark vehicle (he doesn’t wave at any of the fans standing around; instead, he just looks straight ahead, marching on his way to work); the bride (Grainger) entering the church; Uma Thurman leaving the set (she gets some applause and briefly waves at the fans); Pattinson arriving (again), from a different angle and from a distance.

The wedding scene was shot in Budapest’s Egyetem ter district. I’ve been to Budapest. It’s a beautiful city. I can see how it could easily “pass for” Paris.

Nope, there’s no evidence that Kristen Stewart was on the set disguised as an extra…

Ah, Pattinson and Grainger were both featured in The Bad Mother’s Handbook back in 2007.

Guy de MaupassantRobert Pattinson is seen in a Bel Ami scene (no rhyming intended), playing Guy de Maupassant’s (right) antihero Georges Duroy. This is indeed the sequence in which Duroy, an ambitious journalist, watches rich people eat at a fancy Parisian hotel – though actually shot at Budapest’s New York Palace Hotel.

Pattinson’s Duroy stands outside the restaurant looking in, but is told to beat it by the local security man. Clearly, although Duroy looks quite dapper, money is something he doesn’t have anywhere inside his fancy-looking clothes.

The video clip was recorded from far away. It doesn’t seem to have in any interfered with the shooting of the scene – else, the production’s security people would have told those guys to beat it.

In de Maupassant’s novel, Duroy ends up as a cunning social climber, using women of influence as steps on his ladder to success in 19th-century Paris. The novel was published in 1885.

Directed by Declan Donnellan and Nick Ormerod, Bel Ami co-stars Uma Thurman, Kristin Scott Thomas, Christina Ricci, and Colm Meaney. The screenplay adaptation was written by Rachel Bennette.

Robert Pattinson will next be seen with Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner in David Slade’s The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, which opens June 30.

Robert Pattinson’s work on the Bel Ami set in Budapest is the subject of this news report from Hungary’s “RTL Klub.” What is being said, I have absolutely no idea. I get a “Roberto” or something here and there, and that’s about it.

There isn’t much that can be said about the images except that it’s hard to believe they got much work done on Bel Ami considering the number of people surrounding the set with cell-phone cameras and video recorders and the like.

Worth checking out: a Vanity Fair piece in which author Julian Sancton wonders where is Georges Duroy’s mustache. Duroy, if you don’t know, is the ambitious social climber played by Pattinson in Bel Ami. In Guy de Maupassant’s novel, Duroy’s mustache plays a prominent role. No, Duroy doesn’t accidentally strangle himself with his own mustache, nor does he set it on fire.

It’s just that Duroy is thus described: “Tall, well-built, fair, with blue eyes, a curled mustache, hair naturally wavy… he recalled the hero of the popular romances.”

In his piece, Sancton quotes several mentions of Duroy’s mustache found in de Maupassant’s book. One of them reads: “After changing his five-franc piece Georges Duroy left the restaurant. He twisted his mustache in military style and cast a rapid, sweeping glance upon the diners.”

Personally, I think it’s a good thing that Pattinson is hiding Duroy’s mustache inside his top hat. In de Maupassant’s book, Duroy seems to be always twisting his darned mustache. I hope that Pattinson’s Duroy will have better things to do with his hands.

Directed by Declan Donnellan and Nick Ormerod, Bel Ami co-stars Kristin Scott Thomas, Christina Ricci, Colm Meaney, and Uma Thurman. The screenplay was written by Rachel Bennette.

Robert Pattinson speaks Hungarian in the clip above, shot in late March while Pattinson was filming Bel Ami in Budapest. I can’t understand Hungarian, but even if I could there’s no way I’d have understood what he said. Nothing wrong with his accent, mind you. (At least not that I can tell…) It’s just that the clip doesn’t have great sound.

His Hungarian fans went nuts. I thought he’d said something like “Hungarians are the greatest people in the whole wide universe,” but according to some comments I found online, Pattinson actually said, “thank you that you were in silence.”

I assume he was thanking his fans for keeping quiet while the Bel Ami shoot was going on so there would be no need for retakes because of out-of-control, screaming fans. It could also be that he was thanking them for keeping their mouths shut while he was signing autographs, but that wouldn’t make much sense.

As usual, Pattinson comes across as a natural charmer. Unaffected, friendly, courteous. No wonder he is so popular wherever he goes.

Directed by Declan Donnellan and Nick Ormerod, Bel Ami co-stars Kristin Scott Thomas, Christina Ricci, Colm Meaney, and Uma Thurman.

The screenplay was written by Rachel Bennette, from Guy de Maupassant’s classic novel.

Pattinson’s Remember Me is currently playing in various European territories. To date, it has grossed more than $45 million worldwide. His next release is The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, in which he returns as Edward Cullen, the vampire who fights for the love of the human Bella (Kristen Stewart), who is also desired by a werewolf (Taylor Lautner).

Robert Pattinson in Bel AmiRobert Pattinson is pictured in Budapest, while on the set of the latest version of Guy de Maupassant’s classic novel Bel Ami.

The film tells the story of an ambitious young man, Georges Duroy, who climbs the social ladder in 1890s Paris by combining his cleverness with his sexual prowess and good looks.

Directed by Declan Donnellan and Nick Ormerod, from a screenplay by Rachel Bennette, the period comedy also stars Kristin Scott Thomas, Uma Thurman, Christina Ricci, and Colm Meaney.

Apparently, there were few images coming out of the Bel Ami set while the film was being shot in London. But when production moved to Budapest, photos and videos began showing up online with alarming speed.

Here’s hoping that neither of the two photos posted here ruined any Bel Ami takes. The high-resolution images can be found at Splash News Online.

April 27

Taylor Lautner The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Taylor Lautner, the future Stretch Armstrong and winner of the Kids Choice Award for Favorite Movie Actor, confronts Robert Pattinson in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, which opens in the United States on June 30. Both Lautner, as the werewolf Jacob Black, and Pattinson, as the vampire Edward Cullen, are after Kristen Stewart’s Bella Swan.

On to other Taylor Lautner news:

Jay A. Fernandez says in The Hollywood Reporter that Jeffrey Nachmanoff (The Day After Tomorrow, the upcoming Johnny Depp-Angelina Jolie thriller The Tourist) has been hired to work on Shawn Christensen’s original screenplay for Abduction, Lautner’s other project-in-the-works.

To be directed by Academy Award nominee John Singleton, Abduction is a thriller about a young man who flees home after discovering his baby photo on a missing persons website.

Lily Collins (Phil Collins’ daughter) is set to co-star with Lautner, who is also producing Abduction. Lionsgate wants filming to start in July so Lautner can be done with it before shooting on Summit Entertainment’s Breaking Dawn begins some time in the fall.

Photo: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Summit Entertainment)

April 26

Daniel Radcliffe, 21 next July, and Robert Pattinson, 24 next May, are two of the richest British denizens under 30, according to the Sunday Times.

Thanks to the Harry Potter franchise, Daniel Radcliffe earned £25.6 million last year – more than 100 times what he got for his appearance in the first HP movie, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (2001). Radcliffe’s fortune is now estimated to be £42 million.

As per the Times report, Radcliffe has donated money to help children’s hospices and last year made a “major donation” to the US-based Trevor Project, which runs a helpline for troubled lesbian, gay and bisexual youth.

The report adds that fellow Harry Potter alumni Emma Watson, who just turned 20, is now worth £22 million, while Rupert Grint, 22 next August, is worth £20 million.

Robert Pattinson, Twilight‘s vampire Edward Cullen, is on the list as the 14th richest person under 30. Pattinson’s assets are supposed to total £13 million. The report adds that “only a few years ago” Pattinson considered giving up acting and was none too successful at pursuing a music career.

Best quote from the 14th richest person under 30: “Last year, if I went out, I’d have to fight to chat someone up. This year, I look exactly the same, which is really scruffy, and yet lots of people seem to have just changed their minds and decided I’m really sexy.”

Topping the Times list is Arthur Landon, 28, who inherited £200 million.

Photos: Twilight (Summit Entertainment); Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Murray Close / Warner Bros.)

April 25

May 5 update: The Robert Pattinson melodrama Remember Me has likely crossed – or at least is quite near – the $55 million mark worldwide. In the United States and Canada, Allen Coulter’s romantic melodrama starring Pattinson, Lost‘s Emilie de Ravin, and Pierce Brosnan, has grossed $19.025 million to date. Overseas, box office figures found at Box Office Mojo add up to $33.139 million. Total: 52,164 million.

However, as I’ve mentioned in a previous post about Remember Me‘s international box-office performance, Box Office Mojo’s figures for foreign countries are incomplete.

Less than half the countries listed have fully updated box office totals (Sunday, May 2), while key markets such as Brazil, Australia, Russia, and “near-major” markets such as the Netherlands and Poland haven’t had their figures updated in weeks. Also, Swiss figures are unavailable.

Additionally, British and French box office numbers for Remember Me are a week old.

Remember Me has done particularly well in the UK – the London-born Pattinson was present at the movie’s premiere in his native city – grossing $5.494 million (includes Ireland).

Although that doesn’t mean Remember Me was a runaway hit in that country, it does mean that it did quite well for a “non-commercial” intimate drama. Obviously, Pattinson was the chief reason for the film’s box office pull.

Other key Remember Me markets are: France with $3.534 million, Russia/CIS with $3.396 million, Germany with $3.311 million, Spain with $2.566 million, Italy with $2.358 million, Brazil $1.893 million, Belgium/Luxemburg with $1.288 million, and Australia with $1.216 million.

Remember Me has yet to open in three major markets: China, Japan, and South Korea. It opens in Hungary, where Pattinson filmed parts of Bel Ami, today.

Next, Robert Pattinson will be seen as the vampire Edward Cullen in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, directed by David Slade, and co-starring Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner.

Photos: Remember Me (Myles Aronowitz / Summit Entertainment)

May 2: After eight weekends, Robert Pattinson’s Remember Me has reached the $19 million “mark” at the North American box office. After losing 86 theaters, the Allen Coulter-directed romantic/psychological drama grossed an estimated $46K, according to figures released by Box Office Mojo. To date, Remember Me has taken in a total of $19.019 million in the U.S. and Canada.

Considering that it lost about half its theaters (it’s only playing at 118 venues now), Remember Me‘s 44 percent drop-off rate wasn’t bad.

Worldwide, the $16 million drama has grossed more than $50 million.

Robert Pattinson will next be seen in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, which opens in the United States on June 30. Pattinson was recently in Vancouver with fellow Eclipse players Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner for several “pickup” shots with director David Slade.

Also in the Remember Me cast: Emilie de Ravin, Pierce Brosnan, Chris Cooper and Lena Olin.

Photo: Remember Me (Myles Aronowitz / Summit Entertainment)

Michael Caine’s Harry Brown opened with a solid $180K at 19 theaters, averaging a good – though hardly exceptional – $9,474 per screen, according to studio estimates found at Box Office Mojo. Directed by Daniel Barber, Caine plays a vigilante of sorts, out to avenge his best friend’s murder.

Nicole Holofcener’s urban comedy Please Give, which features Rebecca Hall, Catherine Keener, Amanda Peet, and others, performed even better than Harry Brown on a per-theater basis. Released at only five locations, Please Give grossed $128K, averaging $25,600 per theater. (All things being equal, the fewer the number of theaters the higher the per-theater average.)

On its seventh weekend out, the Kristen Stewart-Dakota Fanning rock biopic The Runaways collected $81K at 122 venues. Its drop-off rate of 45.4 percent was perhaps higher than it should have been, considering that the film lost only about 25 percent of its number of theaters. Total: $3.41 million.

Also of interest: Juan Jose Campanella’s Oscar-winning Argentinean drama grossed $365K at 45 theaters ($8,511 average). Total: $1.09 million. The Benjamin Bratt vehicle La Mission drew $96K for a total of $500,000.

Also, James Ivory’s The City of Your Final Destination, starring Anthony Hopkins, grossed $52K. Total: $184K.

Compare the above figures – from movies that at least try to have something to say – to the debut-weekend figures of A Nightmare on Elm Street and you’ll want to either cry or scream or move to another planet.

Photo: Harry Brown (Dean Rogers / Samuel Goldwyn Films); Please Give (Piotr Redlinksi / Sony Pictures Classics); The Runaways (Apparition)

April 25 update

Among the films currently in limited distribution, one of the surprises this weekend has been the minor resurgence of Robert Pattinson’s romantic drama Remember Me, which jumped nearly 17 percent after adding 42 theaters in North America.

As per Box Office Mojo, Remember Me grossed $80K at 402 sites on its seventh weekend out, averaging $392 per theater (last weekend, in fewer theaters, it was $436). To date, the $16 million production has grossed $18.93 million domestically and approximately $50 million worldwide.

More good news:

The Oscar-winning The Secret in Their Eyes, starring Ricardo Darin, jumped 121.6 percent after adding 20 theaters. At 33 sites, the Argentinean drama earned $372K, with a solid $11,273 average. Total after ten days: $605K.

Not so good news:

James Ivory’s The City of Your Final Destination, starring Anthony Hopkins, jumped 178 percent after adding 21 theaters (it was playing at only one location last week). But it grossed only $68K, averaging a poor $3,091 for a movie playing in so few theaters.

The Kristen Stewart-Dakota Fanning vehicle The Runaways dropped 52 percent after shedding 73 screens. The rock biopic grossed $145K ($853 average), for a cume of $3.26 million.

Also of note: Roman Polanski’s The Ghost Writer ($486K; total: $13.97m); Hubble 3D ($416K; total: $3.94m); Demi Moore’s The Joneses ($294K; total: $989K); Julianna MarguliesCity Island ($285K; total: $1.21m); and Letters to God ($250K; total: $2.45m).

Also: Ben Stiller’s Greenberg ($189K; total: $3.69 million); Banksy’s Exit Through the Giftshop ($149K; total: $391K); Benjamin Bratt’s La Mission ($100K; total: $359K); Julianne Moore’s Chloe ($80K; total: $3.76m); and Jacques Audiard’s A Prophet ($64K; $1.9m).

Among the 40 or so movies listed on the Box Office Mojo chart, Exit Through the Giftshop had the highest per-theater average: $13,545.

No figures were available for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo at Box Office Mojo.

Photos: The Secret in Their Eyes (Maria Antolini; Sony Pictures Classics); The City of Your Final Destination (Screen Media); The Runaways (Apparition); Remember Me (Myles Aronowitz / Summit Entertainment)

Previous post

Robert Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin, Remember Me
Robert Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin, Remember Me

Robert Pattinson’s Remember Me, the $16 million production referred to by some (those who have trouble with the Pattinson/Twilight phenomenon) as a “box office flop,” has grossed about $50 million worldwide.

According to figures provided by Box Office Mojo, Remember Me has taken in $18.852 million (as of Apr. 22) in the United States/Canada and more than $30.09 million overseas.

I say “more than” because Box Office Mojo’s chart for Remember Me hasn’t been updated for several markets, including key ones such as Australia (Mar. 28), Italy (Apr 4), The Netherlands (Apr 11), and Russia (Apr 4). Also, the most recent data available overall is from April 18, or a week ago. (Box Office Mojo hasn’t updated their international total – shown on top – for the movie since April 11.)

By now, Pattinson’s Remember Me has undoubtedly already crossed the $50 million mark worldwide. And it still hasn’t opened in foreign territories such as Japan, China, and South Korea.

Outside the U.S. and Canada, Remember Me‘s top markets are: the UK ($5.168 million), Russia/CSI ($3.396 million), Germany ($3.019 million), France ($2.848 million), Italy ($2.358 million), Spain ($2.319 million), Brazil ($1.893 million), and Australia ($1.216m).

By now, Pattinson’s first tryout as an “actor-executive producer” has probably crossed the $1 million mark in Belgium/Luxemburg ($988K, Apr 18), and perhaps in Mexico ($916K, Apr. 18) as well.

Directed by Allen Coulter, Remember Me stars Pattinson as Tyler Hawkins, a rebellious young man at odds with his wealthy father (Pierce Brosnan). Also in the cast: Emilie de Ravin, Chris Cooper, Lena Olin, and Ruby Jerins. Will Fetters wrote the screenplay.

Photo: Remember Me (Myles Aronowitz / Summit Entertainment)

Robert Pattinson and Pierce Brosnan interview about Remember Me, with Dutch subtitles. The five-minute clip was broadcast in March, but it’s quite interesting and well worth a look.

Initially, Brosnan explains that his character “is a bit of a prick,” but has “feelings” after all – as is shown later in the film.

Pattinson, for his part, tries to put into words his approach to the character of Tyler, the rebellious young man at odds with his distant father (Brosnan). He particularly emphasizes the sense of “hysteria” Tyler feels when he finally gets to let it all out.

Others interviewed are director Allen Coulter and co-star Chris Cooper, who plays leading lady Emilie de Ravin’s tough-cop father. Cooper surely sees the film’s ending in a totally different way than many critics, calling it “a sort of love letter to New York.”

In Pattinson’s view, the ending “does overshadow everything, and it gives a different significance to every single moment in the movie. And I think that’s why it makes it a different type of movie.”

Among the Remember Me scenes shown on the clip are a family scene in which Brosnan’s patriarch tries to subtly assert his patriarchal authority, and the confrontation scene between father and son in front of some very embarrassed businesspeople.

Remember Me was written by Will Fetters. Lena Olin, Ruby Jerins, and Tate Ellington are also in the cast.

Robert Pattinson will next be seen in David Slade’s The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, co-starring Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, which opens on June 30.

April 6 update

Robert Pattinson, Tate Ellington Remember Me
Robert Pattinson, Tate Ellington Remember Me

Is the Robert Pattinson star vehicle Remember Me a true “independent film” or not?

One commenter wrote the following about Remember Me:

“Some of the posters need to look up ‘indie’. … To be truly indie you need a budge [sic] of less than ten mil, not to ever open on more than 500 screens, and have less than three mil in marketing. From what i [sic] understand (honestly don’t really care) this movie had none of that. I just wanted to define what indie means.”

The commenter does have a point. However, “indie” definitions vary widely.

The commenter says that a movie must cost less than $10 million.


This is what the Spirit Awards, the topmost “indie” film award, has to say regarding a film’s eligibility as a bona fide “indie”:

“Cost of completed film, including post, must be less than $20 million. Any variations are at the sole discretion of the nominating committee.”

Remember Me cost $16 million. Therefore it’d be considered an indie by those standards.

Here are a couple of eligibility criteria for the NY-based Gotham Awards (also for indie films):

“Films made with an economy of means.”

“The release can be through a specialty division of a studio, an independent distributor, or via self-distribution. The film must be screened for paid admission in a commercial motion picture theatre in New York City and/or Los Angeles County. The film must run for at least seven consecutive days. The film must be advertised and marketed during the New York and/or Los Angeles County run in a manner considered normal and customary to the industry. The film must be publicly exhibited by means of 16mm, 35mm or 70mm film, or in a digital format, delivered to the screen by an image and sound file format suitable for exhibition in existing commercial cinema sites.”

So, neither the Gotham Awards nor the Spirit Awards have anything to say about specific marketing costs or number of screens.

Summit Entertainment, which has distributed Remember Me in the US, is considered an “independent distributor.” Else, Summit’s The Hurt Locker wouldn’t have been nominated for the Gotham Awards last year or for the Spirit Awards the year before.

Remember Me‘s $16 million price tag would be considered “an economy of means,” as The Hurt Locker cost $15 million.

In other words, Remember Me would have been eligible as a true “indie” for both awards. Summit opened it wide because by the time the movie was released Robert Pattinson had become a household name. But Pattinson signed on to make the film before his meteoric rise to fame.

Also, it’s worth remembering that the independently made The Hurt Locker was screened at more than 500 theaters at one point in summer 2009. And I betcha its marketing campaign cost more than $3 million.

Here’s another example: Little Miss Sunshine, shot independently, was later bought by Fox Searchlight. Total indie, right? Well, at one point the movie was screened at more than 1,500 theaters in North America. To be exact: 1,602, as per Box Office Mojo.

Wanna bet Fox Searchlight spent more than $3 million pushing that film?

Just making sure one thing is clear: I’m certainly not putting down the commenter’s remarks. It’s just that the word “indie” can be used for movies made for $20,000 and for movies made for $20 million.

A multimillionaire entity like Summit Entertainment is considered an “independent” distributor. What about really tiny ones like First Run Features, Icarus Films or Cinema Libre?

Remember Me is an “indie” when compared to Green Zone, Repo Men, Alice in Wonderland, The Bounty Hunter, Hot Tub Time Machine, or even She’s Out of My League.

Remember Me is a big-budget film when compared to In Search of a Midnight Kiss, Everything Strange and New, August Evening, La Mission, and Shotgun Stories.

Perhaps there should be another label for movies made under $10 million or $5 million or $1 million. And distributed by entities worth less than $x million.

But in the overall scheme of things, i.e., when compared to Hollywood productions, Remember Me is an “indie” structurally, financially, and thematically.

April 12 update

Robert Pattinson’s Remember Me opened in Argentina, France and several other European countries this weekend, landing at #6 in Paris and its suburbs. The romantic drama’s international weekend take was $4.7 million at 2,302 screens in 36 territories. The international total currently stands at $27 million.

Remember Me, which cost $16 million, has thus far grossed $18.7 million in North America. Worldwide total: $45.7 million.

Up to April 4, the film’s top foreign markets – no doubt thanks to Robert Pattinson’s Twilight Saga-propelled stardom – were Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, $3.15 million; Italy, $2.35 million; Germany, $1.9 million; Brazil, $1.71 million; the UK/Ireland/Malta, $1.5 million; Australia, $1.21 million (up to Mar. 28); and Spain, $1.1 million.

Other markets where Pattinson’s Remember Me has grossed more than $250,000 are: Mexico, $684,000; Greece, $423,000 (up to Mar. 28); Sweden, $405,000 (up to Mar. 28); Portugal, $347,000; Poland, $333,000 (up to Mar. 28); Austria, $301,000; and The Netherlands, $276,000.

Remember Me will be opening in Chile and Turkey in the coming weeks. It has yet to open in a few major markets such as China, Japan, and South Korea. It’ll surely earn more than $50 million worldwide; possibly as much as $60 million. Not bad for a mixed-to-poorly received “small” movie featuring an as-yet unproven star in an unlikely role.

In Remember Me, Robert Pattinson stars as Tyler Hawkins, a young man at odds with his father (Pierce Brosnan). Eventually, Tyler falls for a young woman (Emilie de Ravin), but all sorts of problems arise.

Also in the film’s cast are Lena Olin, Ruby Jerins, Chris Cooper, and Tate Ellington. Remember Me was directed by Allen Coulter from a screenplay by Will Fetters. Jenny Lumet did some (uncredited) rewriting.

April 4 update

Robert Pattinson, Tate Ellington Remember Me
Tate Ellington, Robert Pattinson Remember Me

Robert Pattinson’s Remember Me grossed only $483K at 906 theaters in North America this Easter Weekend. Average per screen: a very low $533. After losing more than 1,000 venues, the romantic drama lost 75 percent of its revenues from a week ago; that’s a very sharp drop. Total to date: $18.2 million.

About ten days ago or so, it seemed that Remember Me might be able to reach $20-22 million at the U.S. and Canada box office. Now I find it unlikely that Pattinson’s film will even get to $20 million before it ends its run, as it’ll probably be shedding hundreds more theaters next weekend. It may cume at $19 million. We’ll see.

At least Remember Me is doing better overseas, undoubtedly because of Robert Pattinson’s box office appeal. It’s no major blockbuster, mind you, but foreign box office revenues have already nearly surpassed those in North America.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, this weekend Remember Me grossed $4.7 million – nearly ten times what it did in the U.S. and Canada – at 2,485 screens in 33 markets. The per-screen average isn’t great: only $1,891, but that’s a mix of both new and old territories – e.g., Remember Me opened in the UK this weekend; but it has been out in Brazil, Sweden, and Australia and other countries for about three weeks.

Overseas total to date: $17.2 million. A week ago, the international box office total hovered around $10.5 million. Worldwide total to date: $35.4 million.

Remember Me has yet to open in several major and mid-size markets including China, Japan, France, Denmark, Turkey, South Korea, and Argentina.

Directed by Allen Coulter from a screenplay by first-timer Will Fetters, Remember Me stars Robert Pattinson as a young rebel at odds with his wealthy father (Pierce Brosnan). Emilie de Ravin plays Pattinson’s romantic interest. Also in the cast: Chris Cooper, Lena Olin, Ruby Jerins, and Tate Ellington.

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Emilie de Ravin and Robert Pattinson in Remember Me

Robert Pattinson’s romantic drama Remember Me has taken in approximately $10.5 million at the international box office up to March 28 ’10, according to figures found at Box Office Mojo. (Australia and Bulgaria, March 21.)

After being greeted by mixed-to-negative reviews, Remember Me has earned a total of $17.7 million in the United States/Canada up to April 1. Its worldwide cume currently stands at about $28.2 million – actually more than that; as stated above, international figures are one week behind.

To date, Remember Me‘s top international markets have been Russia* with $3.159 million, Brazil with $1.476 million, Italy with $1.043 million, Australia with $916,000 (March 21), and Germany with $843,000. Apparently, Robert Pattinson has a large following in those countries.

Next in line are Greece (423,000), Sweden ($405,000), Poland ($333,000), Mexico ($270,000), Portugal ($229,000), and New Zealand/Fiji ($216,000).

Remember Me, which was executive produced by Pattinson, officially cost $16 million. Summit Entertainment should get about half of the film’s worldwide gross (if $28.3 million, that would mean approximately $14 million or so for the studio; the box office split, however, can vary depending on the film and the territories where it has played).

As I’ve said in previous posts, even after including advertising and distribution costs, Remember Me will most likely end up in the black after worldwide box office rentals and ancillary revenues are added up.

In fact, this latest Robert Pattinson vehicle is already close to covering its production costs at the global box office even though it’s just now opening in major markets such as the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, and Spain.

Remember Me has yet to open in Japan, China, France, South Korea, Denmark, Turkey, and Argentina and many other large and mid-size territories.

Directed by Allen Coulter from a screenplay by Will Fetters, Remember Me stars Robert Pattinson as a young rebel at odds with his father (Pierce Brosnan). Emilie de Ravin plays Pattinson’s romantic interest. Also in the cast: Chris Cooper, Lena Olin, Ruby Jerins, and Tate Ellington.

* Actually, the Commonwealth of Independent States, which includes Russia and most of the old Soviet Union republics.

Photo: Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin in Remember Me (Myles Aronowitz / Summit Entertainment)

‘Remember Me’ DVD

Robert Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin Remember Me

Robert Pattinson’s Remember Me will be released on DVD on June 22 – eight days before The Twilight Saga: Eclipse opens in theaters.

For now, I wasn’t able to find any details regarding extras. Here’s hoping that deleted scenes, outtakes, and a good commentary featuring Pattinson, director Allen Coulter, and first-time screenwriter Will Fetters will be included in the Summit Entertainment release.

It’d be good to hear what they have to say about the making of the film, especially what they feel about the critical reaction to the controversial ending.

Remember Me, a romantic drama co-starring Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin, and Pierce Brosnan, was released in the US on March 12 to wildly mixed reviews. To date, the film has grossed $17.7 million domestically (that includes Canada) and about $10.5 million at the international box office up to March 28.

Pattinson is currently shooting Bel Ami in Europe. According to reports, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn (which may or may not be two movies) will start shooting in the fall.

Also in the Remember Me cast are Academy Award winner Chris Cooper, Academy Award nominee Lena Olin, Tate Ellington, and Ruby Jerins.

Photo: Remember Me (Myles Aronowitz / Summit Entertainment)

March 25

Robert Pattinson’s Remember Me has been called a downright box office flop by some. That isn’t correct. A box office disappointment, sure, but definitely not a flop considering its $16 million price tag.

Even if Summit Entertainment spent that same amount – or several million more – promoting and distributing the film, Remember Me will most likely end up in the black after worldwide box office rentals (not grosses, as exhibitors keep about 50 percent of the share) and ancillary revenues are added up.

At the domestic box office – United States and Canada – Remember Me has grossed $14.5 million after 12 days. Day-to-day revenues have varied widely, with increases and decreases at times reaching 20 percent.

Overseas, Remember Me has opened in only a handful of major movie markets since March 11. According to country figures found at Box Office Mojo, Remember Me has grossed $5.42 million at the international box office as of March 21. That places its worldwide total at about $20 million.

The three top markets have been Russia with $1.824 million, Brazil with $1.118 million, and Australia with $916K. Further down the list are Greece with $316K and Sweden with $279K.

Remember Me will open in major markets such as Japan, China, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, South Korea, Mexico, and France in the coming weeks. Expect revenues to soar even if Remember Me doesn’t turn out to be a bona fide success.

Photo: Remember Me (Myles Aronowitz / Summit Entertainment)

April 22

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson in David Slade’s The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Kristen Stewart may [italicized] be replacing Angelina Jolie if [italicized] there’s a sequel to Timur Bekmambetov’s box office hit Wanted, which paired Jolie with James McAvoy. At least that’s what E! Online has to say.

As per the report, Stewart would play “a young, ass-kicking assassin in the Fraternity.” Since her Joan Jett opposite Dakota Fanning’s Cherie Currie in Floria Sigismondi’s The Runaways, everyone – well, at least some people – seem to be looking at Kristen Stewart as a completely different actress.

Instead of the indecisive – “should I go for Robert Pattinson or should I go for Taylor Lautner” – Bella Swan of the Twilight Saga movies, the new Stewart is now perceived as a potential tough gal. I mean, you can’t get much tougher than Angelina Jolie’s movie characters. She’d make Mel Gibson’s Mad Max pee in his undies.

Stewart, of course, has also been mentioned as a possibility for the American remake of the Swedish thriller The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, fiercely played in the original by European Film Award nominee Noomi Rapace.

Money and time issues have thus far prevented Jolie from signing onto the project – which may not even get off the ground. But if it does, then Stewart might be the one to keep the potential franchise going. (Jolie’s character dies in the original Wanted, but she was supposed to have been brought back for the sequel somehow: an ass-kicking clone? an ass-kicking twin? an ass-kicking ghost?)

Scheduling, however, may be an issue for Stewart, as the final installment in the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn, doesn’t have a set shooting date as yet – probably as early as October ’10, but that’s about it for the time being.

As an aside, rumors about Kristen Stewart ending up in the hospital after getting beaten up by three guys following a car accident are totally untrue.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Kimberley French / Summit Entertainment)

April 5

Robert Pattinson Time most Influential People Kristen StewartRobert Pattinson on ‘Time’ ‘most influential people’ list seen atop a tree branch while influencing Kristen Stewart in ‘Twilight.’

‘Time’ magazine ‘100 most influential people’: Like MTV Movie Awards, your vote counts

Singer Lady Gaga, figure-skater Yu-Na Kim, singer-actor Rain, late-show host Conan O’Brien, American Idol competitor Adam Lambert, cricket batsman Sachin Tendulkar, actor Shah Rukh Khan, actor Robert Pattinson, the Penny Arcade cartoonists, and fighter Dana White. These are the current top names found on Time magazine’s chart of the – so far – 100 most influential people of 2010 in the world of politics, arts, sciences, and technology.

Ice-skating is an art form and so is hitting a cricket ball and punching one’s opponent in the ring. American Idol is high art, as we all know. It’s so highbrow, in fact, that I’ve never watched it and didn’t know Adam Lambert from Adam (of the Missing Rib) until I read the Time piece.

Science and politics

Unfunny late-night jokes help cure insomnia, so that’s a refined form of science. Jay Leno and David Letterman should have been in there as well.

I’m assuming Lady Gaga is on the chart for her technological advances (didn’t she invent Twitter, or was that Ashton Kutcher?).

Robert Pattinson was surely included for being such a consummate politician in the Twilight movies, keeping humans, vampires, and werewolves living in (sort of) harmony. And even reining in his worst instincts for the sake of a (pretty) human being about eight decades younger than him.

That’s much more than most other politicians have been capable of in 2010 or any other year.

Paleface Robert Pattinson

My vote goes to Robert Pattinson’s low-key vampire. With Shah Rukh Khan, for daring to speak out and piss off nationalist fanatics, a close second.

According to Time, Pattinson has been included because “the Twilight saga has been a boon for the British heartthrob, who plays sparkly, sexy vampire Edward Cullen in the hit franchise. The third installment, Eclipse, comes out this summer, ensuring that Pattinson’s face – however pale – will be omnipresent.”

Now, can Robert Pattinson truly end up as one of the “100 most influential people of 2010”? Quite possibly, as Time magazine – like the MTV Movie Awards and the People’s Choice Awards – allows its website visitors to vote for whom they believe is, has been, or will be “influential” this year.

Besides Lady Gaga, Rain, and all the influencers listed above, other potential choices include:

Banksy. Sandra Bullock. Nicolas Sarkozy. Vivienne Westwood. Muammar Gaddafi. Preity Zinta. Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Kaká.

Beyoncé Knowles. Warren Buffett. Oprah Winfrey. Hugo Chávez. Anna Wintour. Sarah Palin. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Rupert Murdoch.

But where are these influencers?

Shockingly missing from the Time magazine list of potentially “most influential”:

Ricky Martin. Osama bin Laden. Miley Cyrus. Pope Benedict XVI. Woody Allen. Prince William. Anna Paquin. Jesse James. Christoph Waltz. Silvio Berlusconi. Sasha Grey. The Jonas Brothers.

Of course, to call these lists inane would be quite an understatement. But those who’d like to see Robert Pattinson and/or Shah Rukh Khan included in Time‘s top 100 can have their say.


Image of Time magazine “most influential” contender Robert Pattinson and possibly influenced Kristen Stewart in Catherine Hardwicke’s Twilight : Summit Entertainment.

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Heather Gawn- Miller -

definatly will vote robby. i wouldnt pick anyone else

Heather Gawn- Miller -

this bicture was the best part in the scene. it was beautiful and totally out of this world you would think he was going to eat her. if someone told me that they couldnt stay away from me… i would like totally melt into my shoes.

Heather Gawn- Miller -

I mean in the book:):)

Heather Gawn- Miller -

Holy cow!!!that was my favorite scene!!! it was beautiful

Val -

Will definitely vote for Rob. He has much right as the other celebs to be there. Actually more in my opinion. Rob seems so down to earth and unhollywood. He is very talented and smart! He seems like an all around great guy!

Juliette -

I have watched this movie more than 10 times already because of Pierce Brosnan and Robert Pattinson, in this movie Robert shows he is a good actor and Pierce Brosnan has been my best for ages!

clementina -

ASHTON and ROBERT is very special for me !

Molly -

Yes, I did notice the same painting of a man with a beard was on his wall and at the end in the museum. Not sure what that meant or what the significance was.

Natalie -

IT was AMAZING OMG ROB PATTISON IS AMAZING like i cant describe, i felt rly related with this movie, *history* and yeahhh WE WANT MORE OF ROBERT PATTISON!! fuck twilight he sould do more of these kinds of moviess!!

sabeen -

Shahrukh Khan has charming personality, He is famous by his acting in bollywood movies.

Kim -

It’s now leaving the theaters for good in my country (France) but it did quite well in a month and I even have the feelings that some critics who had predicted it would be a failure were a bit in a huff over the good figures. Ha. How stupid can you get? Critics bashed the film here as almost everywhere else, but the huge majority of viewers loved the film. There’s been a kind of grassroots movement, people commenting everywhere to protest against the nasty critics…

Jamie -

Wow, congrats Rob!!! luv ya!

Jayzee -

I also cant wait for the DVD to come out! Wow before you know it REMEMBER ME will make more than $60m once its opens to countries like Japan; China and Korea.
Good job on Will; Rob; Allen and the cast!!!

Belle -

Keeping proving your critics wrong, Rob. As Chris Weitz said “we haven’t seen a tenth of what you can do on screen” I’m looking forwad to follwoing your career for many years to come. Remember Me is a great movie and will certainly be added to my DVD collection.

bettyel -

Remember Me deserves to be seen by a lot of people. It was a wonderful picture and Robert Pattinson (as well as the rest of the cast) was wonderful in it.

grace -

RM is a success..the movie is amazing

Becca -

Nothing much to add….ya’ll said everything that needed to be said. I just wanted to say that I love this film. I never could get my husband to the theatre to see it with me. Can’t wait for my DVD. I really think that my husband is going to like it. It is a well-made movie, with good, solid performances by all involved. (Also, the RM score, by Marcello Zarvos, deserves an Oscar!)

pc -

First off I was a Rob fan who was introduced to Twilight when he became involved in it. I always laugh when Rob haters automaticaly assume all Rob fans are Twilighters or all Twilighters are Rob fans. Do they conveniently forget how vehemently the Twilight fan base rejected the idea of Rob playing Edward? He wasn’t good looking enough to play the mighty Edward.

However, I read the books and the scripts suck. They have yet to produce a cript in the series that truly captures the essense of the books. I’m still waiting.

As for being bombarded with all things Robert I think the site administrator did a better job of explaining what I meant than I could.

I will add that I saw several appearances where Rob & Emilie were suposedly promoting RM, but Most of the questions were about Twilight & Lost. She was asked repeatedly about Lost and how it’s going to end. Plus there was the endless drip drip drip of clips by Summit pimping RM as a chick flick. I think they should have involved the more seasoned actors like Chris, Pierce, Lena more in the promotions. I understand it is a difficult film to promote b/c it’s not the typical feel good joy ride. However, if they did a more comprehensive promotion and it failed, at least they could say they gave it their best shots.

nikki -

Thanks again Michelle, for your reply on the comment of Dorothy. I wouldn’t say it is the studio’s fault, Remember me is a difficult movie to market ’cause it doesn’t fit in any genre. Not everyone likes this kind of movie and I think the understanding of and the love for the film and his story is more a question of personality than a question of age and gender.
Should the end’ve been told in the marketing strategy? Again, this depends on the vision. Will Fetters told in an interview that they’ve choosen to let the audience unknown of the end as neighter the characters in the movie (nor everyone in real life) weren’t aware of what was going to happen. I can agree with this vision and I see nothing exploitative or manipulative in it. It makes this film unique.
I understand not everyone shares this vision, I understand not everyone loves this film. What I don’t understand is the connection many reviewers and others (Dorothy?) make with Twilight. What have Twilight and Remember me in common exept their leading man? Is it a commonplace refering to another movie when reviewing a new one? So when a critic reviews Alice in Wonderland, is it than normal that he talks more about Pirates of the Caribbean? Because that’s what happened whith Remember me. What I don’t understand either is the cruelty reviewers used to bash the film, without even explain what was so wrong exept the ending. Being a critic doesn’t give you the right to behave as an impudent chap (okay, looked for this in dictionary) as no one has the right to do, it makes life difficult to live in. When you don’t like something than try to explain in a respectful way why. When you don’t like someone (an actor as Rober Pattinso f.e.) than let him be,don’t read about him, don’t comment about him, don’t waste energy on criticizing. Believe me, Robert Pattinson has more politeness and integrity in his little finger than many of his critics have in their whole body.
And for all these reasons Remember me has got a worldwide fan base who’ll defend the film and who’s looking for a way to give recognition at this little underrated masterpiece. Tips are welcome.
English isn’t my native language, sorry for mistakes.

jen -

After reading mh comments I must add to mine. I didn’t see anything Pattinson before going to this movie. In fact I didn’t know who he was. Iam not a twilight fan.My friends and associates that went to this movie aren’t either. I don’t follow any “STAR”.I just loved this movie. After seeing Pattinson in Remember Me I feel time will tell. Academy Award???? Yes! with this kind of talent..just a matter of time.

carolyn -

Remember me was a beautiful film. I was wondering where the director was in this one though? I thought Pierce, Rob & Emilie’s performances were excellent - but thought the director didn’t get everything out of Rob they could have… his sense of humor is missing in New Moon, but shows in Twilight-it’s a vital quality of Rob’s and must be shown - if directors are afraid to direct him already, to push him to get the most from him, - not good for his career. Rob’s a smart guy, he’ll succeed despite lack of direction, and hopefully, won’t get sucked into the ego/power trip of other actors and let them get these great performances from him - he’s only just begun.

LoveforTheRunaways -

I absolutely love The Runaways! I have seen the movie twice already. Kristen Stewart is amazing, gives the best performance of her career!! Michael Shannon and Dakota Fanning are brilliant as well. I would completely recommend this film.

mh -

>>>>>>>>>>Yes of course it’s the studio’s fault that the movie flopped

A $16m movie that has grossed more than $50m worldwide shouldn’t be considered a flop. Granted, in the US “Remember Me” was a box-office disappointment, but $19m doesn’t make a small movie — that’s what “Remember Me” is — a “flop.”

>>>>>>>>>>even though we the public were bombarded with everything Pattinson for months and months on end.

“Everyting Pattinson” doesn’t mean everything “adequate” or everything “smart” Pattinson. In other words, everything that would make people want to go check out “Remember Me.”

There’s a huge difference between a publicity blitz (mostly related to “Twilight,” in Pattinson’s case) and a dedicated publicity approach that carefully nurtures a “dificult” little movie such as “Remember Me.”

>>>>>>>Don’t worry I’m sure lover boy will make a movie with another studio that will flop and you can blame that studio too and the critics who just don’t understand his genius.

Do you wish Robert Pattinson’s movies will flop? I can’t understand why. Whether or not you appreciate his acting abilities (or lack thereof, as the case may be); why would you want him to flop? What is it about Pattinson or the diverse characters he has chosen to play that would merit one flop after another?

>>>>>>>>>>I’m sure his Oscar nomination for this film will also get lost in the mail, or so you will tell yourself.

If Robert Pattinson doesn’t get nominated for an Oscar for “Remember Me” — and he surely won’t — he’ll be in VERY good company.

Dorothy -

Yes of course it’s the studio’s fault that the movie flopped even though we the public were bombarded with everything Pattinson for months and months on end. Twilight fans are so overly dramatic. Don’t worry I’m sure lover boy will make a movie with another studio that will flop and you can blame that studio too and the critics who just don’t understand his genius. I’m sure his Oscar nomination for this film will also get lost in the mail, or so you will tell yourself.

Jamie -

Btw, the 50 mil stat came last week… hopefully RM would have been able to reach 54-55 mil this week…

pc -

“I hope Robert Pattinson does not make any more movies with Summit ever again.”

I second that.

Two crappy Twilight scripts wasn’t enough. Nope they had to ruin Remember Me too. To say that marketing of RM was awful is an understatement.

jen -

Iam so glad to see all the raves about Remember Me. To see such a fabulous movie bashed by critics is so WRONG!!It was only shown in my area two weeks. People were raving about how good it was. I so agree with pc and mh. So nice to know that other people see though the reasons for this movie not being presented in the reviews like it deserved. TOP TEN MOVIE!!!

jen -

Great Movie!!! The total box office is 50 million. Although this movie should have made alot more.It has taught me never to pay attention to critics. I don’t know what their problem was but they had decided before this movie was released to give it bad reviews. Everyone I know that saw Remember Me loved it. The cast,the story all was incredible.

Anna -

I’m thrilled that the box office shows that this movie was worth more than the critics expected it to be. I was disappointed that this tasteful, haunting and beautiful movie was not given the proper marketing it deserved. Thank goodness the international market has taken this movie and run with it giving it all the positive feedback it deserves. Kudos! to the writer of this movie, the directors and actors they were all great.

Alt Film Guide -


The post has been amended. Thank you for calling that matter to our attention.

amy -

Shouldnt’ the title say it crossed the 50m mark? The article’s a little unclear, because 50m is the total, and 19m is the US take only.

sara -

I am glad this movie made back its money, it was made so well. I think if the marketing plan actually HAD the actors talk about the movie and story, it would have gotten more people into see it. I hope Robert Pattinson does not make any more movies with Summit ever again. It is just really disappointing that because it was not marketed correctly, really bad movies like the “back up plan” will make more money domestically.

Angela -

I really hope that “Harry Brown” is going to open wider. I saw the trailer when I went to see “Chloe” and I was amazed by what Michael Caine could do!

renate -

How many Critics told everybody it will FLOP…They really need to get a new Job because most of them SUCKKKK. RM was a tasteful insight about an event that should remember those who woke up to a day like it was sussposed to be like ever other day and ended in this Tragedy. My Prayers go out to the family again

Tim -

There is nothing special about what Lady GaGa does.

Nothing is original, intelligent, or even remotely different about what she does, to everyone else.

Wearing HILARIOUS and RIDICULOUS costumes, does not make you talented.

I give it 12 months before she is laughed at and ridiculed daily on national television.

reney -

actually, the character of george duroy is in the same age range as robert pattinson’s actual age. Bel Ami is actually a quite good read and translates well into modern times.

Jayzee -

…He does look different for each part, I’m glad they’ll be shooting Breaking Dawn this year because they boy aint looking like a 17year old boy. Or perhaps they can ask whoever did his make-up on the first Twilight movie to do him, at least he was looking a bit 17nish..

Charles Cox -

i just found out that Lady Gaga is also a mezzo soprano. she really has a great voice and i love her style. :

Becca -

I love both Rob and Kristen and don’t think of their careers, or their movies, as a competition. Some people are too sensitive and get their panties in a wad over the stupidest things. I haven’t seen The Runaways, but loved Remember Me. Have already pre-ordered my DVD. I am sure that I will enjoy The Runsways, also. BTW, Rob doesn’t have a publicist, so I doubt that he has a PR team.

lynda -

i accept joe & yousef’s way of thinkin though not dier abuses & insults 2 d others. i’min support of shahrukh. i’ve watched his films, they’re all very inspirin & touches one’s life, even as i’m not frm india or asian. his life & background are also simple,down 2 earth & an inspiration 2 all. we need 2 vote him & b in support of goodness 2 make d world a better place.

nikki -

@mh (Alt Film Guide), I really appreciate your honest reply and I totally agree with you. I just can’t stand the rude and offensive language many reviewers (who, I assume, are ‘intelligent, intellectual’ people)have used while bashing Remember me. They exploited their power to manipulate their followers and so gave them ‘carte blanche’ to use the same language in their comments everywhere on the net. And I mention here deliberately the words ‘exploit’ and ‘manipulate’, used by these critics to describe the ending of the film. My daughter and I became fans of Rob, not in the first place because of his good looks, but because of his politeness, his self- deprecating and his respectful attitude. He doesn’t deserve ‘a lesson in modesty’, he’s more modest than those reviewers with their big ego’s.
You’re also so right concerning critics drooling over actors who doesn’t do a good job. When you want to, you always find shortcomings in acting: every human being is limited in his facial expressions and body language, also the ‘big stars’. But some actors obviously are getting more credits then others.
Getting of my soapbox now (me who never was a fan of whoever and never commented before). Sorry for the English mistakes.

just me -

mh, couldn’t say it better. and not, you’re not the only one, we all KNOW it for sure. they keep targeting him because he threatens some all-mighty divas that live in their personal bubble created by the industry. if i were that diva would i tolerate anyone who beloved by millions? would i forgive him such unexpected success? the answer is obvious.

Jamie -

Wow crazy how Kristen fans always ranting how rude Rob fans are…. and here they are attacking the person who just wrote the facts…

Kristen fans are just good in bad mouthing… but when it comes to supporting Kristen’s project, they can’t do anything much…

With RM’s international success, the real Rob fans emerged as winners!!! thanks to all Rob fans around the world… btw, “real Rob fans” = NOT Kristen haters…

jen -

Remember Me is doing well because it is a great movie. Iam not a fan-girl. I didn’t know who R.Pattinson was until i saw the movie. I did see the Runaways. No Comment!

pc -

“Personally, I believe that “Remember Me” got a bad rap in large part because Robert Pattinson was the film’s star AND its executive producer. Some reviewers seemed to be targeting him personally. “That guy from “Twilight”???? I’m not going to take HIM seriously.”

“I find that unfair and dishonest, just like I find it unfair and dishonest when critics drool over someone who doesn’t do a good job, but who happens to be a “figure of respect” within the movie industry.”

OMG! my sister said the exact same thing last night. We were even naming names of actors/actresses (which I won’t do here)we didn’t think were especially great all the times, but critics are always drooling all over them no matter what they do. Critics will tell you those actors are great even if they were reading the phone book.

As I’ve said in previous posts they have zero credibility in my eyes.

pc -

@JPM you’re entitled to your opinion and your promotion of the Runaway cause you obviously loved it. Good for you. I might even check it out to see if I agree with you. However I’m always suspect of someone who needs TO DENIGRATE A PERSON IN ORDER TO PROMOTE ANOTHER. I’d probably take you more seriously if you recomended the Runaways without the ridiculous rant and hate on Rpatz.

I knew Rob could act when I saw him in How To Be, Little Ashes and yes Remember Me. He’s is great in Remember Me. A lot of people including some critics who don’t like the movie or its ending says He CAN ACT. Now you have the right not to like his acting, but coming on here like you’re an expert on acting and knows he’s not this or that is total BS.

Gabby -

DanRad is one talented young actor. All the HP actors: Dan, Rupert, and Emma are just absolutely brilliant and they deserve every penny that they’ve earned. They’re careers have gotten off to a magnificent start and I can’t wait to see what they do in the future.

just me -

what’s not to love in this movie? don’t even mention Robert’s brilliant acting… now i am just looking forward for getting the DVD.

mh -

>>>>>>>>>>> thanks for keeping us updated of the BO numbers of Remember me.

Thanks for writing, Nikki.

Personally, I believe that “Remember Me” got a bad rap in large part because Robert Pattinson was the film’s star AND its executive producer. Some reviewers seemed to be targeting him personally. “That guy from “Twilight”???? I’m not going to take HIM seriously.”

I find that unfair and dishonest, just like I find it unfair and dishonest when critics drool over someone who doesn’t do a good job, but who happens to be a “figure of respect” within the movie industry.

I know I’m not the only one who feels that way.

mh -

>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Runaway has done great for a film that never played on even 250 screens. It is rated R and there is almost no marketing. The fact that it’s kept up its numbers is amazing. How is it ‘fresher’. It came out a week after Remember Me, but Remember Me was still playing in wide release and The Runaways never really expanded. That’s a stupid argument.

Really, no need for rudeness.

I’ve already explained what I meant by “freshness” to a previous commenter.

Also, “The Runaways” didn’t do “great” at the box office. It’s been doing so-so to poor business. All you have to do is look at the per theater average. It has always been on the low side. (Max $3,300 on opening weekend at 244 theaters. That’s quite low.)

Had it done “great,” “The Runaways” would have expanded to 1,000 theaters or more earlier this month. Apparition (and exhibitors) knew the movie wouldn’t be able to sustain that.

That’s why its “wider release” remained very limited: 243 theaters to be exact.

And it hasn’t “kept up its numbers.” “The Runaways” grosses this past weekend were less than a third of what they were two weeks ago.

Even though it’s playing at only 34 fewer theaters than two weeks ago (-17%), its per-theater average has dropped by nearly two-thirds (-63% to be exact). That’s a sizable drop-off rate.

>>>>>>I’m sure the suits made their money back already and the DVD sales for this thing are going to be huge.

I wouldn’t be so sure about “the suits” and their cash. But the film could still make money at the box office if it opens in more theaters, in cities (or even states) where it hasn’t played, yet. THAT, by the way, is what I meant by “freshness.” “Remember Me” wouldn’t have that sort of luxury as it opened wide on its first weekend out.

But as I’ve stated before, I believe “The Runaways” will do much better on DVD/pay per view/cable, etc.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>I wanted to see this so bad at Sundance, but the tickets were sold out, so I saw Blue Valentine instead which is another amazing indie. Instead of drivel like Remember Me that tries to be indie and arthouse for the state of hipsterness, I would rather support films that actually are.

For those who are interested in finding out more about “Blue Valentine,” here’s the link on the IMDb:

Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams star.
Derek Cianfrance directed.

nikki -

@alt film guide: thanks for keeping us updated of the BO numbers of Remember me. Robert Pattinson has a big solid fan base who is really concerned about him and his work. When he or his work is judged in an unfair way his fans will defend him like a lioness defends her cubs (lol). So knowing that Remember me is doing quite well, gives a good feeling.

nikki -

In Belgium/Luxemburg, with only 10-11 million residents, Remember me has grossed almost 1 million. That’s really great but here the reviews were mild and the most reputable newspaper criticized the negative reactions of the American reviewers. I suppose we have a more open mind for little films who are different from the usual ones. It was defenitely Robert Pattinson who caused the appeal of the movie but after viewing many promoted the film to others not only because of Rob’s brilliant performance but also because of the beautiful story and the great cast.

dmartinez -

The Runaway has done great for a film that never played on even 250 screens. It is rated R and there is almost no marketing. The fact that it’s kept up its numbers is amazing. How is it ‘fresher’. It came out a week after Remember Me, but Remember Me was still playing in wide release and The Runaways never really expanded. That’s a stupid argument. I’m sure the suits made their money back already and the DVD sales for this thing are going to be huge. I’m assuming they are going to keep it playing for a while in a few theaters to try and cash in on Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart when the Twilight movie comes out. I wanted to see this so bad at Sundance, but the tickets were sold out, so I saw Blue Valentine instead which is another amazing indie. Instead of drivel like Remember Me that tries to be indie and arthouse for the state of hipsterness, I would rather support films that actually are.

renate -

I saw RM about 6 weeks ago and I still remember it like yesterday. It doesn’t play here anymore so I have to wait for the DVD. EXCELLENT Acting from Rob and Pierre also Caroline and Chris….

Sara -

Why is it that Kristem Stewart fans always take everything so personally and attack other actors, bloggers to defend her? This blog is not commenting on her acting but just stating the facts about how these two movies have performed. They were after all heavily anticipated. If she is such a great actress, this movie will just be a blip in her long career on Hollywood.

mh -

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>As for The Runaways’s numbers being ‘fresher’, I don’t know about that. TR, at its highest, was 244 theaters. When it expanded, it went to 204 and then to 243 then down to 170 and there’s been nearly zero marketing.

My point is that the film is “fresher” than “Remember Me,” in that it hasn’t exhausted its box-office “possibilities” for the very reason you provide in your comment: It hasn’t opened everywhere. Still. Whereas “Remember Me” had a wide opening right from the start.

Zuko -

Wow i’m soo glad the movie is doing well, who would’ve thought that the movie would even reach $40mil, its just go to prove that the critics are not always right.
Good work Will, Allen and Rob!!!


Even if The Runaways only made one dollar, it is still a billion times better than Remember Me. I work in films and frequently get free passes. I like Allen Coulter, but Remember Me was one of the worst movies I’ve seen in a while. Everyone was wooden and boring. Robert Pattinson, who I had low expectations for going in, was even worse than I thought he would be. His lines were forced and whispered in a bad impression of someone cool. Emile de Ravin was just kind of there. There was no chemistry between the two of them, despite scenes that should have been passionate. Pierce Brosnan was a wasted character that kept letting his accent slip. Then to top it off, the writer used 9/11 to try to add depth to this trainwreck. It was, in a word, awful. The Runaways, however, had a sleazy 70’s feel, great acting, and a script that left me wanting more. I do agree that the movie should have been about Joan Jett because she is the biggest star out of The Runaways. Kristen Stewart and Michael Shannon kept passing the ball back and forth for best acting. Sometimes they let Dakota Fanning play. I will never forget the movie. I already knew Kristen Stewart could act because of Adventureland and Into the Wild, but I thought she may have forgotten after Twilight. I was glad to be proven wrong. I never suspected Pattinson could act and I was proven right. The UK has sent us so many great talents over the years. They were due for a dud like wannabe Dean. And yes, I’m a guy. We all know Pattinson has zero male fans

McMilliss -

Excellent news! I absolutely loved the film and I can’t for the life of me understand what those critics saw (or didn’t see) that was so bad. I can’t wait to see Rob in his coming (non-Twi) movies, Bel Ami and Water for Elephants.

Becca -

Loved this movie,and can’t wait for the DVD. Over 50 million for the little movie with the 16 million dollar budget. Beautiful, bittersweet film! All the cast did such a great job! Hope it gets more recognition in time.

puaena -

@pc: Summit does a lot of things badly but given how challenged R-rated films have done of late at the box office, you should be thanking them that they changed Remember Me to a PG-13 film. Without that PG-13 rating, RM’s box office take would probably be shaved about 30% down at least. Summit also aggressively marketed it and made sure it had a wide release which guaranteed that it would make back its production cost. So give Summit some credit for Remember Me.

As for The Runaways’s numbers being ‘fresher’, I don’t know about that. TR, at its highest, was 244 theaters. When it expanded, it went to 204 and then to 243 then down to 170 and there’s been nearly zero marketing. If people might want to see the film again, they find its gone. Not exactly optimal for repeat viewership. So TR has faced a challenging release. It should also be noted that TR hasn’t even played in all 50 states. My state has yet to see it.

solas -

I am so pleased to see it is doing well, the little movie that could.
I thought it was brilliantly acted and an excellent story, one of the best movies in ages, and have pre-ordered the DVD.

Lisa -

Glad to hear this movie has legs. I loved this movie and will be buying the dvd. The cast was great. Really enjoyed Rob, Pierce and the little girl. Yes, the critics are out of touch. They shouldn’t be in such a business if they can’t be objective. They were like a bunch of pre-schoolers who hated on Rob b/c of TW. Really a pathetic lot if you ask me.

mh -

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>This post will be ruled as irrelevant by tomorrow when actuals come out. Remember Me will probably have actual figures down at least twenty four percent.

Is that a joke?

>>>>>>>>>>It isn’t very smart to post things like this before the actuals come out.

Is that another joke??

Perhaps you should tell that to Box Office Mojo,,, the “New York Times,” the “Los Angeles Times,” “The Hollywood Reporter,” hundreds of newspapers and magazines around the world, etc etc.

Estimates are worthless, huh? True, they aren’t always on the up-and-up, but really…

(And box-office “actuals” — much like a movie’s costs — can be fudged with, too, in case you didn’t know.)

Vin -

This post will be ruled as irrelevant by tomorrow when actuals come out. Remember Me will probably have actual figures down at least twenty four percent. It isn’t very smart to post things like this before the actuals come out. She’s out of my League will play well enough in overseas market. It already made for two million on top of the thirty that it made domestically. It wasn’t a huge hit, but for a movie that had to go against 3D with no big name stars, it’s doing all right. Robert Pattinson is not a Hollywood star and probably will never be one. He is like the Mark Hamill of the new millennium. Okay, but nothing special. Once the looks go then so will the career

pc -

Yay and all those critics can suck on it. Every blogs and movie site I’ve seen the Viewers give the film A or A-. While the critics gave it C or D. If you ask me when you are that out of touch with the PAYING MOVIE GOING PUBLIC, YOU ARE USELESS. Bunch of self-important parasites.

pc -

@Daniel I think this film site has been fair in their reporting of films. It’s not their fault you have a hatred of RPatz for his success. They didn’t put a gun to your head and force you to click on it so quit your whining.

I love Remember Me and Summit is on my sh!t list for their screwing with the script to change it to PG-13 & the horendous marketing of that film. Frankly I’m surprized the film made any money. Every body I’ve told to see RM loved it and said they thought it was just a chick flick based on the marketing. They also were surprized how multi-layered and moving the film is. They also thought the cast was great. I’m glad it’s doing well overseas.

Oh & I love this site.

theraven -

Remember Me opened in over 2100 theaters across the U.S. and is produced by Summit, the formerly indie, now big league Twilight studio. The Runaways at its widest release didn’t even play on 300 theaters, hasn’t played internationally, is a small arthouse film by a new studio, Apparition, and is rated R. Why would any sane person compare these two films?

Remember Me did well because it played to the fangirls overseas who love Robert Pattinson. I honestly thought the domestic figure would be higher, at least around $40 million but the Twilight teenyboppers stayed away because of the subject matter or bad reviews.

Remember Me will do brisk sales at the local Wal-Marts and Target, and be seen as okay by some people. The Runaways will do good at film critics awards and be seen by a wider audience on DVD.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse will make hundreds of millions of dollars, get awful reviews, and go on to sell a bunch of DVD’s.

Now I hope that ends the fighting. Alt Film Guide does not hate Kristen Stewart and I doubt they are paid by Pattinson’s PR team.

Mercy -

I’m so very happy for the news about the movie “Remember Me.” The movie was really excellent. Robert Pattinson did a brilliant acting in the movie. He proves that he can come out in twilight. I don’t believe to the critics nonetheless i saw the film. The critics are very wrong with their reviews about he movie. Film critics of this movie should switch to another career. I think they have problem with their eyesight


Summit was really mean when they chose not to pick-up Kristen’s movie they have been great
to Pattinson though. I haven’t been able to see
it because it’s not in any cinema in my area I know that if it would’ve had a greater distribution it would’ve done much better. You suck Summit!!!

mh -

>>>>>>>>>> I’m looking at the numbers for “She’s Out of My League”, and I have no idea how that movie is going to sell in the oversea market. Therefore, between those 2 movies “Remember Me” might actually become a more profitable in the box office. How ironic is that?

Angela, Box Office Mojo only offers spotty international figures for “She’s Out of My League.” As of April 11, its foreign gross was $5.2m (in five territories). So, it’s hard to compare the two movies at this stage.

But I agree with you. I wouldn’t be surprised if “Remember Me” does better internationally, partly because generally speaking, Hollywood comedies without major stars don’t do as well overseas as they do domestically. And “She’s Out of My League” was no major domestic hit to begin with.

“The Hangover” (which made lots of money abroad, but 60% of its revenues came from the US/Canada) and the recent “Date Night” are cases in point. (Steve Carell and Tina Fey may be big in the US, but they aren’t big most elsewhere.)

:) -

Alt Film Guide is a Kristen Stewart hater! We will boycott! Hahahahaha!

mh -

>>>>>Let me get this straight.

Too bad you didn’t.

Alt Film Guide readers who have been following our daily (or even only our weekend) box-office reports know that we don’t say Robert Pattinson is superior to Kristen Stewart or vice-versa. We don’t put one down to make the other look better. That’d be infantile.

When “The Runaways” box-office revenues jumped 182% a couple of weeks ago, we let our readers know about it. When “Remember Me” dropped 60%, we also reported on that.

And everything you mention about R and PG-13 ratings, etc. has been mentioned before in my posts. I just don’t want to repeat myself each time.

Now, bear in mind that “Remember Me” is no longer a wide release. And that “The Runaways” expanded only two weeks ago. (It was supposed to have gone wide, but it just didn’t have the box-office stamina to do so.) Anyhow, in that regard, its figures are much “fresher” than those for “Remember Me,” which did open 7 weeks ago at more than 2,000 theaters.

“The Runaways” will be lucky if it ends up earning more than $4m domestically; “Remember Me” grossed $19m (plus another $31m or so internationally). Those are facts. But that doesn’t mean we love R-Patz and hate KStew. Please.

>>>>>>>The Runaways is the number 25 movie people and Remember Me is number 30.

Actually, no.

It’s true that “The Runaways” made more money than “Remember Me” this weekend, but that fact can be found in the piece. But those two movies are not #25/30. Box Office Mojo’s weekend estimates don’t include every movie out there. Final figures will be released tomorrow. Both will be (at least a notch or two) lower on the chart by then.

mh -

>>>>>>>>>>>>Michelle, that’s what I mean about the “adoration” a couple weeks ago. :)

LOL. I sure get your point…

But as our esteemed (sometimes not all that esteemed :p) Site Administrator says, we write about subjects our readers are interested in. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are two of those subjects.

And the article isn’t implying something that didn’t take place just so we can get hits.

“Remember Me” *did* unexpectedly jump 17% after adding theaters. I certainly wasn’t expecting that. I’m sure most people weren’t. Perhaps even people at Summit were surprised.

DorisP. -

Let me get this straight. The Runaways shaved off 73 theaters meaning it’s playing on 170 screens and is rated R to boot. Remember Me is a wide release and added 47 screens meaning it is playing on 204 and is rated PG-13, yet you find the Remember Me jump to be a surprise and had to outline the decrease of The Runaways shich still made more money on less screens than Remember Me. The Runaways is the number 25 movie people and Remember Me is number 30.

I’m a Joan Jett fan and glad I don’t depend on this site to get me movie facts. I only clicked because it was featured on IMDB.

anonymous -

Thank you for an updates on Remember Me BO.
It’s doing great considering the subject of the movie and unfavorable reviews from critics who missed to grasp main idea of the movie.
I saw the movie twice with different groups of friends and we all loved it. I am waiting for DVD release to add it to my collection.

Angela -

Daniel, you might want to look up the dictionary. “Objectionable” means causing disapproval or protest. I think you meant to say that Michelle was being subjective. Well… It’s about the eyes of the beholder, isn’t it?

Michelle, that’s what I mean about the “adoration” a couple weeks ago. :)

“The Runaways” is not my cup of tea. I’m looking forward to seeing “The Yellow Hankerchief”, actually.

On the other hand, I think “Remember Me” has proved that Robert Pattinson has the interntional appeals. I’m looking at the numbers for “She’s Out of My League”, and I have no idea how that movie is going to sell in the oversea market. Therefore, between those 2 movies “Remember Me” might actually become a more profitable in the box office. How ironic is that?

Alt Film Guide -

>>>>>>>>>>>>Using the Twilighters names to get hits again, Alt. Who cares? Both those movies have been out for over a month. You should have led with the new releases.

Actually, a lot of people care. Alt Film Guide is a business. We should lead using what’s important to most of our readers. If you have a problem with articles featuring Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, or the TWILIGHT movies — don’t read them.

And don’t fool yourself. The vast majority of movie sites pay NO ATTENTION WHATSOEVER to non-Hollywood entries. At least we do.

And who knows, because of the above post TWILIGHT, Robert Pattinson, and Kristen Stewart fans will discover something like THE SECRET IN THEIR EYES and give it a chance.

>>>>>>>>I guess Robert Pattinson’s PR team is paying you too much to actually be objectionable.

I hope Pattinson’s PR team — if they ever read your comment — will be laughing as much (and as loudly) about this ludicrous remark as we are.

Clara -

So far this year The Runaways is the best movie that no one has seen yet. Anyone associated with the making of The Backup Plan should be banned from Hollywood. My sister wanted a night away from ehr kids so we went to see it. As a woman I was offended. Is this what Hollywood wants us to watch? The Backup Plan and The Bounty Hunter should sweep next years Razzies.

Daniel -

Using the Twilighters names to get hits again, Alt. Who cares? Both those movies have been out for over a month. You should have led with the new releases. I guess Robert Pattinson’s PR team is paying you too much to actually be objectionable.

Kim -

Yay, go Remember Me! I’m so happy for it. It’s definitely got a good word of mouth/buzz here over in France. It was bashed by the critics - but the viewers love it and recommend it on all the blogs and threadq and it’s done rather well at the BO for a film in its category (about $2,800,000 in 2 weeks so far). It also attracts a larger male audience than I would have thought.

jan -

Loved the film. Watched it thrice and enjoyed each time more than the last.Robert and the excellent cast did VERY well and the early ‘bad’ reviews were really unwarranted.
This movie has legs..definitely.
Now I can’t wait to get the DVD/OST/score!

bettyel -

Couldn’t happen to a more deserving actor than Robert Pattinson. Loved the movie. Saw it twice and think the critics gave it a really bad rap. Good script, well enacted, and left plenty to ponder after it ended.

Ruthie -

that would be hardly. Sorry for the typo

Ruthie -

Hardlu a flop. Proves that with the right vehicle Pattinson can make money at the box office. I personally loved this litte film
Thought all the actors involved were terrific. I

nikki -

Robert Pattinson, Pierce Brosnan, Chris Cooper, they’re actors who take a part because they believe in the script, in the movie. They wouldn’t be part of a movie that has manipulative or exploitative motives. How is it possible that none of the reviewers considered this while judging the film? It doesn’t take that high intellectual level to understand their motives to believe in this story, so why couldn’t all these respectable reviewers try to get it? And what really makes me mad and sad is that magazines as EW and gossip sites as Eonline try to make hits of Robert by writing about him as much as they can. They know Rob, they know that he’s shy, humble and honest but they’r not ashamed to bash him and his film in an offending way. I call this hypocritical. When an actor isn’t good in your opinion you don’t try to make money of him. When you think he’s worth to be on your cover regularly that’s because you find him interesting or good in his job.
Whatever, I’m glad that Remember me gets better reviews in some European countries and that it’s quite succesful in Europe.
I’m quite sure that if there might be a poll at the end of the year about the most misunderstood and underrated movie, Remember me would win hands down.

anonymous -

I love this movie. It’s full of heart and soul. Chris Cooper is right. It is a love letter to New York. I can’t wait to add DVD to my collection.

Gabby -

Worsting casting rumor EVER unless they want the assassin to mumble her lines and bite her lip the whole time. They shouldn’t even bother making Wanted 2. No one will see it if Angelina, or at least an actress who can believably take over Angelina’s spot as lead female, is in the film.

Stu -

This is ridiculous. She’s a girl…as opposed to a sexy woman like Angelina. No offence.

alynn -

That’s odd. Replacement, hardly. Angelina Jolie’s character shoots herself in the last installment when she realized her entire life’s ethical code had been used for a nefarious profit making purpose and she was living in an unknowing sham. Yes, I said shot. Make that shot in the brain. Dead forever.

Her sacrifice spares James McAvoy’s character. The suicide (while taking out the entire twisted crew with one single arcing bullet) pretty much makes the movie and adds a layer of twisted poetry and romance to the otherwise masochistic car rolling stunts and baths of super-healing wax.

Why not get another sympathetic/romantic female character into Wanted? Jolie made the last one! Replacement is the wrong word. Stewart, maybe. Poor McAvoy won’t know what hit him. Lucky devil.

Anyway, I hope Stewart is busy filming The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo with Fincher by then…

hi -

LMAO…. what a replacement. How silly!

Tom -

I love Kristen, shes awesome, If I had a wish, I would want her to play a good witch in Supernatural, and be a regular character. That would be great for the final season - season 6

nola -

I love Remember me, Robert did awesome job

Val -

I absolutely loved RM!! I thought Rob definitely proved himself as an actor. I am so happy RM is in the “black” and making money. Hopefully DVD sales will be strong. So happy for Rob. The movie is wonderful a must see.

luvrob -

wow..remmber me rocks the world!!! gor rob!!!!!

anonymous -

Loved the movie. It’s very touching real human story. They need to make more movies like this one. They should have released it sooner in Europe though. It’s possible that this delay has affected foreign BO because usually pirate versions show up on line after a couple of weeks since opening day. Still the movie is doing pretty good in spite of everything. Apparently good WOM is working.

Kim -

It’s doing really well, despite the negative reviews. It’s got a good WOM which I guess is helping it. Here in my country (France) it started really well, last Wednesday which is the day of new releases it was #2 of the new releases, and it had to compete with Clash of the Titans. I’ve been to see it several times and the theater was always packed, and the reaction of the audience is generally very positive. The ending however still divides and stuns everyone, but it is at least perceived with more detachment and distance as in the US - it is not taboo here.

anonymous -


elsa -

. . . what a waste to open it this late to some of those countries, but this time, they probably had a “cam” of the movie circulating alredy.
They should have opened it within a week of two of U.S. showing.

anonymous -

I really loved the movie, Remember Me, and thought that Pattinson proved himself to be a good actor. I think this movie is doing quite well.

mh -

>>>>>>>>>>>Hi Michelle, I’ve been following the comments since the beginning… I have a hunch that this isn’t anymore about the box-office numbers of Remember Me. And that it’s much more about feelings of love or hate for this film (which I loved) and his lead…

I totally agree. Especially feelings of hate/love for Robert Pattinson. Had Matt Damon or Tobey Maguire or some other young actor starred in “Remember Me,” reactions would have been very different.

Particularly from those who *wanted* the movie to flop and insist on seeing it that way.

Kim -

Hi Michelle, I’ve been following the comments since the beginning… I have a hunch that this isn’t anymore about the box-office numbers of Remember Me. And that it’s much more about feelings of love or hate for this film (which I loved) and his lead… it’s rather amazing how this little film seems to generate tons of comments in its wake. Whether they love it or hate it, people talk about it, on all the threads I’ve seen. Good for it. I think it’s better than if no one talked at all about it. I think you are right though, a lot of it is due to Rob Pattionson’a presence in the fim. I doubt RM would have stirred so much reaction if the lead actor had been someone less known. A discussion about BO numbers should be rather objective, it’s all about numbers after all, but RM turns it into a heated debate which extends far beyond numbers. This is very strange… Thanks for your excellent blog anyway!

Saima -

Are you trying to be sarcastic? If you are, then stop acting snobby and stop trying to convey sarcasm through the internet, it just confuses the masses. If not, then you must be a very interesting person to talk to.

mh -

>>>>>>>>>>>It still has to make enough to cover its promotion budget, which means it needs to maje 45 mil.

Do you know how much the marketing/distribution budget was? How did you come up with the $45 million figure?

Actually, it could be that you’re right. In fact, I wouldn’t doubt it. But **no one** here has said that “Remember Me” is already in the black. Though I do predict it’ll get there, after foreign/ancillary revenues are tallied.

That’s how it works with the vast majority of Hollywood productions. If studios relied only on the box-office take of their films in North America, Hollywood would have gone bankrupt a long, long LONG time ago.

As of last weekend, “Remember Me” had earned $35 million worldwide, with more major markets to come. It’ll possibly surpass $45 million worldwide (though, of course, there are marketing/distribution costs to be added for the international market — I don’t know how Summit’s contracts were drawn up for each international territory in terms of cost/revenue splitting; usually, studios — at least the major ones — keep about 40% of international grosses).

And then there are DVDs and other ancillary sources of income (cable, network TV, pay-per-view, etc) worldwide.

>>>>>>>>>>>>Before you say it will make that in DVD’s you have to consider the cost of makibg the DVD’s and promoting it.

Do you actually believe studios spend nearly as much promoting and making DVDs (or cable/pay-per-view/network showings) as they do producing and promoting a movie?

Drop your anti-Robert Pattinson prejudice for a second, keep your cool, and use your head a bit.

>>>>>It looks like you need to do your homework before attacking someone who is only reporting the truth.

If there’s someone here who needs to do her homework, it isn’t me.

Have you looked at the other movies being made and how much they’ve grossed at the North American box office? Have you taken a good look at how much they cost?

The vast majority of them don’t recover their production/marketing costs at US/Canada movie theaters.

“Remember Me” is no exception.

But a true flop, a movie that’ll likely never be able to recover its costs (production or marketing or both), is something like “Green Zone” or “Nine” or (quite likely) “Repo Men.”

Not “Remember Me.”

Lisa -

A studio only makes 55% of the gross. So, the movie has to make 45 million to break even no profit just even! Box Office Mojo explains it well!

Nina -

It still has to make enough to cover its promotion budget, which means it needs to maje 45 mil. Before you say it will make that in DVD’s you have to consider the cost of makibg the DVD’s and promoting it. It looks like you need to do your homework before attacking someone who is only reporting the truth.

ana -

I really love Remember me movie. I know is good and Robert knows it. Otherwise he would not do it so I am happy.

Numbers are just numbers, I would be dissapointed if movie was bad and Boxx office was big.

youssef -

thanx joe grey for your agreement
thank you admin for you understanding

Alt Film Guide -

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>to admin iam an just an srk fan a die hard fan and the ethics shepherd

It’s perfectly fine to be a die-hard srk fan.

But it’s not fine at all to send us anti-gay remarks.

Those are unethical and ugly, and they have no place on this site. There are lots of sites where gay-bashing is accepted and welcome. This isn’t one of them.

joe grey -

i agree with youssef such people should not be influential at all otherwise the world will become messy an inluential should be aleader intellectual bookwarm like shahrukh humanitarian far reaching actually i met this person he is very honest moderate and loving and respectable father

youssef -

to admin iam an just an srk fan a die hard fan and the ethics shepherd

pc -

Oh I also wanted to say that I feel Remember Me honor the 3000+ victims of 9/11 more than any film I’ve seen. Those people like my sister walked out their homes & said goodbye to their families thinking it was going to be just another day. Each was a Tyler with hopes and dreams that were cut short. Lucky for us my sister was rescued, but we should ALWAYS REMEMBER the others.

pc -

I don’t think there would have been all this glee for this film to fail if Rob was not in it. People hate him b/c of hi fame from Twilight and they’re petty. What else is new? I mean the critics couldn’t wait to sink their teeth into him. First they said the ending comes out of nowhere? Lol Not if you were paying attention. My little sister put 2&2 together and you’re so called professional critics couldn’t.? Secondly the ending was all over the net long before the film opened. If they’d do some research they would have known. Oh and I love the hypocritical outrage at the “ending.” OMG! As if Hollywood has NEVER used a tragedy in movies before. They’re so phony and transparent it’s laughable.

How many war movies has Hollywood made for entertainment?. So weren’t those exploitative? The Oscars and Baftas were heaping praise on The Hurt Locker. Was that film an exploitation of U.S soldiers, the 1.2 million dead iraquis and the 4.5 iraqui refugees. If you remember Bush USED 9/11 as an excuse to invade Iraq who had NOTHING to do with 9/11. Exploitation anyone?Those critics are full of CRAP. They will never have any credibility in my eyes.

It would have been more credible if they just say they hate the film for whatever. The whole hoopla about the ending being “cheap” “exploitative” “a twist” “manipulative” is just PURE BS. My older sister almost died at worldtrade trust me I would have told you If I felt manipulated.

Val -

I love your Rob posts!! Don’t tone them down! I repsect him too. He is so unhollywood and down to earth and choosey about his post twilight rolls. I think he is definitely worthy of respect!
I loved RM - thought Rob was great in it too. i agree with your thoughts about it pretty much qualifying for indie status too.
I hope Rob has a great career ahead of him.

jen -

Remember Me is a Top Ten movie. Why all the bashing by the so called experts??? The story,the acting,the cast was incredible. People that have actually seen the movie are raving about it. I went to Remember Me without knowing who Robert Pattinson was.His talent is over the top…way over the top. The numbers aren’t in on the box office yet. By the looks of things its far from a failure.

Sol -

Love your thoughts about Indie Movies. On my opinion, If Rob is in it, I will, definetely watch. Period LOL :))
Love him!!

Alt Film Guide -

>>>>>>I thought name calling wouldn’t be accepted in this blog. Isn’t that what it says IN BOLD under the “Leave a Reply” heading?

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Also, this person Youssef calls Lady “Gag”, Robert Pattinson, Adam Lambert, etc all “trash” and “immoral.” Who the hell is he to be judging them? And isn’t that name-calling as well? Why were his bigoted comments allowed to be posted?

You’re absolutely right. We let that one pass accidentally, though we did delete one anti-gay comment by that same individual.

So, again:

****No name-calling or bigoted remarks will be posted. Repeat offenders will be banned from the site.*****

mh -

>>>>>>>>>By the way, perhaps it’s time to tone down the adoration from this blog towards Rob Pattinson. That might help the cause. :)

Well, I’d say it’s less “adoration” than respect. And in all honesty, my posts about Pattinson are some of my most popular. And I enjoy writing about his movies. So, it’s a win-win combination.

Angela -

Personally, I would consider movies like “The Hurt Locker”, “The Ghost Writer” and “A Single Man” indies because they were made without the backing of a studio. “Remember Me” doesn’t give me an indie feeling in terms of how this movie got the money to be made. But the theme? Yes, it’s an indie movie theme.

And the strange thing is that some people get upset/angry about the defination of an indie. For me, Michelle, I think some people just get offended because we keep saying that “Remember Me” is a good movie, and that despite the disappointment this movie would eventually make a profit.

By the way, perhaps it’s time to tone down the adoration from this blog towards Rob Pattinson. That might help the cause. :)

Suzan -

Lady Gag? LOL.

Promisus? Does that mean promising or promiscuous?
I thought name calling wouldn’t be accepted in this blog. Isn’t that what it says IN BOLD under the “Leave a Reply” heading?

Also, this person Youssef calls Lady “Gag”, Robert Pattinson, Adam Lambert, etc all “trash” and “immoral.” Who the hell is he to be judging them? And isn’t that name-calling as well? Why were his bigoted comments allowed to be posted?

I don’t care if he thinks Khan is the greatest. But there’s no need to put the others down in such a nasty manner.

youssef -

and this lady gag is very promisus and stripteaser also cant influence its just double voting wich served her if it was done through login she wont reach 100 voice

Deb -

Does something need to be high browed or of profound political or intellectual value to be considered influential?…I think not. The author of this article needs loose the snobbery(not sure that is a word, but you get my drift) Pop culture has been influential for a long time. I do not follow the Twilight culture, but I am an avid Adam Lambert fan, the author should listen to his music, he is sure to be iconic, and I just plain enjoy listening to it-you should try doing something just for the sheer enjoyment-it works, makes you happy, or sad, or whatever emotion you want to feel at the time..thanks for listening.

Jessica -

When my husband told me about some of the people on the list this morning I said “are you sure it is not a pop culture list of some kind?” I couldn’t care less about Lady Gag Me. Neither she, nor Adam Lambart, some skater from the Olympics, or even Robert Pattinson (who I like) have influenced me to do anything. This is ridiculous.

youssef -

shahrukh khan is the best no one can beat him

youssef -

my voice goes only to srk shahrukh khan because he is the most influenial others are only trash or immoral personalities except the korean kim
vote for shahrukh khan
Shahrukh Khan (Hindi: ??????? ????, Urdu: ??? ??? ???; born 2 November 1965), sometimes credited as Shah Rukh Khan, is an Indian actor and a prominent Bollywood figure, as well as a film producer and television host. Khan began his career appearing in several television serials in the late 1980s. He made his film debut in Deewana (1992). Since then, he has been part of numerous commercially successful films and has earned critical acclaim for many of his performances. Khan has won thirteen Filmfare Awards for his work in Indian films, seven of which are in the Best Actor category.

Val -

I agree my votes go to Robert Pattinson. I think he is very talented and different - unhollywood - picky about his new roles and down to earth. Really like him.

Belle -

I can’t comment on the level of marketing given to Remember Me in the USA, not being a citizen but I can say that it was not given much marketing in Australia. I am a regular at the movies and did not see it preview in the weeks leading up to its release, nor was there much print media coverage. I think it would have done better had it had a better marketing campaign. Everyone I spoke to about Remember Me came away impressed and a little surprised at its depth. I found myself thinking about it long after I had seen it and it will definitely be added to my DVD collection. I think it will do very well in the DVD market.

mh -

>>>>>>>>>>>This used to be my favorite blog but lately the articles have been weak.

Sorry to hear you feel that way. But please feel free to contact our editor to suggest articles you’d like to find at Alt Film Guide. Contact info can be found at the top of each page.

>>>>>>>>Some of the posters need to look up ‘indie’. … To be truly indie you need a budge of less than ten mil, not to ever open on more than 500 screens, and have less than three mil in marketing. From what i understand (honestly don’t really care) this movie had none of that. I just wanted to define what indie means.

Well, “indie” definitions vary widely.

Please check this out:

twihard -

Let me guess, you have never watched the twilight movies nor read the twilight books. Otherwise you would know that it is Kristen Stewart’s character Bella Swan who unites humans, vampires and wolves. The men from each species fall for her and the vampires and wolves later unite to protect her. So sounds like she should be on the list and not Robert Pattinson. Your information is simply wrong. Like the person above mentioned why write an article about things you have no knowledge about. Someone on this website must have a teenage daughter that you could have phoned for help.

Brian -

This used to be my favorite blog but lately the articles have been weak. Some of the posters need to look up ‘indie’. Me and my best friend make true indies and it’s hard getting them released. To be truly indie you need a budge of less than ten mil, not to ever open on more than 500 screens, and have less than three mil in marketing. From what i understand (honestly don’t really care) this movie had none of that. I just wanted to define what indie means.

Susan -

It flopped and flopped and flopped. Bad writing, bad acting, bad screenplay. Now sparkle boy can go back to Harry Pottie. Oh wait… At least America has Sam Worthington, the best import of the New Millennium.

Cindy -

I agree, Pattinson gets my vote. Guy’s got talent and is pretty darn fascinating too.

angie -

Patterson? How about the guy from Harry Potter?

Darron -

If you don’t know who some of the people are then you are not following pop culture,which does in fact have a huge impact on society. Lady GaGa has introduced a whole new artform to pop music. Her music is unique and she is a performance artist as well as singer. Something that has been lacking.

Adam Lambert is America’s first mainstream gay singer. A man who “came” out well before his debut CD dropped. By the way that is a first for America. The very few who have come out wait until they are well established in their career and usually because they were “caught”. He is changing the way people perceive gay men. He is an overtly sexual man by nature. Women in pop music have been sexual in nature and context for decades. He is the first sexaul gay male. He was brought up in a family that taught him to be proud of who he is. Think of having someone like that as a role model for the teens out their struggling with their sexual identity in a non-nuturing family (believe me there are plenty). A role model to show you it’s ok to like yourself and be proud of who you are.

It is not so much Robert Patterson but the whole “vampire, Twilight” hysteria that has gripped the world of late that gives this one an impact. Although perhaps not as big an impact on culture as the previous too a huge hit amongst teens and preteens.

I could go on and on but I will spare you. Before one knocks something and turns one nose up perhaps some research is needed

Kim -

Thanks you so much mh for the comments. It puts everything back in a clear, rational perspective. BO numbers do not lie, but it’s so annoying to see how some people have a knack of twisting them to have their way when they’ve decided to bash something. There are no “probable” numbers, there’s facts which have to be checked. Some commenters tend to forget that yes, others too can add up, and that yes, others also know much better than them how the biz works. Thanks for our great post anyway! :))

MR -

I am amazed that Remember me has done better over seas than in USA/Canada. It does reflect taste in movies. I guess a serious thought provoking movie reflecting USA’s tragic 9/11 and a beautiful love story done tastefully, does not appeal to Americans on the whole. It shows how shallow most people’s taste is here……probably wanting more sex, violence, and powerful cinematic effects, and now 3D.

erie -

Thanks mh for the numbers and arguments. They sound good.

mh -

>>>>>>>>>>>>Clearly the author doesn’t know how the biz works.

Do you? If the honchos at Sony, Universal, Paramount, or Disney or [fill in the blank with the name of your favorite studio] said they did, they’d be lying.

Else, a marketing-savvy guy like Harvey Weinstein wouldn’t have gambled on a dismal flop — and that *was* a dismal flop — such as “Nine.” Universal wouldn’t have touched “Green Zone” or “Repo Men.” Disney wouldn’t have suffered a steep financial downturn even before the economic crisis began.

>>>>>>At least $14 million was spent on marketing, probably more.

I haven’t seen those figures. Have you?

>>>>>>Summit Entertainment probably sold international rights for between $8 million.

When international rights are sold, studios/producers get a percentage of the grosses back. Usually 40%, but it all depends on the contract. Just because the rights have been sold, that doesn’t mean the movie won’t bring the producers a dime from overseas. Much to the contrary.

And where did you find that $8 million figure?

>>>>>>>>>>>>>That means that they have made around $26 million. They still need at least $4 million to be okay.

Have you heard of something called “ancillary markets”? That’s where most movies earn back their costs. Or would you call “The Bounty Hunter” a “dismal flop” as well.

Most movies don’t recover their cost at the US/Canada box office. Even “Avatar” would have been a disappointment if it truly cost (only) $200 million (or so says Fox) plus another $200 million on advertising and distribution fees.

James Cameron’s movie would need about $800 million in the US to break even. (Exhibitors keep about 50% of the box office grosses.)

North American box office usually accounts for about 25% of a movie’s revenues for the studios. That’s why movies still get made. Studios rely on foreign markets and ancillary markets, both domestic and foreign, for their profits.

>>>>>>The movie was a disappointment. It undoubtedly flopped despite being in almost every theater and having a supposedly big name star. An $8 million dollar domestic opening for a story set in New York is not good at all.

“Disappointment,” yes. “Undoubtedly flopped,” definitely not. “Green Zone” flopped. “Repo Men” flopped.

And I’m not sure where or how you came up with the idea that a movie set in New York City has to open BIG. Especially one that has a terrorist attack as its dramatic climax.

“Remember Me” is an indie — and a daring one at that — distributed as if it were a major studio flick because of the “Twilight” movies. The studio expected between $8-10 million on opening weekend. The “twist” ending had been revealed long before the movie opened. The hero dies. Reviews were mixed-to-negative.

“Remember Me” survived some pretty tough odds. Most other movies would have sunk without a trace.

mh -

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Remember me IS an indie film…not in terms of plot, but by definition. Summit was not banking on his name when he signed on….as Twilight was not even out in theaters yet.

I added the qualififer “in terms of plot” because I’m quite sure Summit spent much more on marketing and distribution than what’s spent on most indie films. Because by the time “Remember Me” opened, Robert Pattinson had become a household name.

But yes, “Remember Me” *is* an indie for all purposes. Even if it opened at 2,000+ theaters. It’s not a “studio film.” Certainly not a high-concept film. Or an “audience friendly” film.

JohnK. -

Clearly the author doesn’t know how the biz works. The movie cost $16 million to produce. At least $14 million was spent on marketing, probably more. We’re at at least $28 million for those of you that can’t add. Summit Entertainment probably sold international rights for between $8 million. That means that they have made around $26 million. They still need at least $4 million to be okay. The movie was a disappointment. It undoubtedly flopped despite being in almost every theater and having a supposedly big name star. An $8 million dollar domestic opening for a story set in New York is not good at all.

Jayne -

Remember me IS an indie film…not in terms of plot, but by definition. Summit was not banking on his name when he signed on….as Twilight was not even out in theaters yet.

renate -

It could rake in 60Mill and some would say it bombed!!! It was an Indie Movie with 16Mill Production Cost..get real ..It did very good.

Kim -

One of the commenters here should first check the numbers and learn how BO really works before saying something is a “dismal failure”. Check Green Zone: 100 $M budget, total domestic gross 33 $M; Repo Men: budget 32 $M, domestic gross 13$M and already down 82%… now those are dismal failures. Please do your research before you bash something. RM was originally slated by Summit for a worldwide final gross of 25-30 $M. So it’s doing quite well. The foreign numbers haven’t all rolled in yet and some which have are only updated till 03/28. Plus RM has not opened yet in several countries. It is clear that it will not blow the BO away but then it was never meant to be.

getreal -

All the R-Patz haters can’t wait to exclaim his demise. They’re salivating cause Remember Me didn’t break the US box office. Really! Were you really expecting this film to to make Twilight Money? SERIOUSLY. On opening weekend the experts only projected it to make 10 mil and it made 8mil. No matter how much you try to make RM sound like a 200 million dollar budget Blockbuster that fail, IT’S STILL A 16 MIL DARK INDIE DRAMA. NOT A TYPICAL AMERICAN FEEL GOOD MOVIE. This film requires its audience to think. Somthing Americans are NOT too big on.

mh -

For a $40 or $50 or $60 million studio film, “Remember Me” would have been a failure — perhaps even a “dismal” one.

For a $16 million film not distributed by one of the majors and starring an up-and-coming, unproven young actor, $35 million worldwide — and counting — isn’t bad at all.

One must also remember that “Remember Me” amounts to an “indie” production in terms of plot, even though it opened at more than 2,000 theaters in the US as Summit was banking on Robert Pattinson’s name.

After all, “Remember Me” is no “feel good” movie. For the type of film it is, it’s no flop. And certainly not a dismal one.

Dee -

it’s a dismal failure when one considers a decent average film opens with $21 million….of course a movie will pick up sales if you flood it in every country …but $35 million after a worldwide bo intake is laughable.

alice cullen -

I love this movie, it’s real shame that summit screwed up, having those god damn awful critic reviews putting the knife in,and having to go head to gead with blockbusters, it really didn’t have much of a chance,so many will be kicking them selfs not seeing it, i’ll definitly will be getting my own copy

erie -

Thank you very much for this good news. The gross of Remember Me almost doubles the movie’s cost. I am sure Remember Me’s number will be in black no mater now much they spent in marketing. I didn’t see much marking here in Canada. The movie theatre I went to watch this movie is the bigest one in my city and they didn’t even put out the post of Remember Me.
Apparently, people oversea have better taste that people in US/Canada. When can you get the number from Britain?

nikki -

Finally saw a pre-screening of Remember me here in Europe yesterday. I love movies about ordinary people and their ordinary lives but they’ve become so rare these days. Remember me is such a movie and it stole my heart. My 16-year old daughter was very touched by the story and she keeps thinking about it, which is good. We talked a lot about the themes of the film and she told me she understands now better the impact of the events and the emotions about it then when se saw films about it in school. So when a movie helps young people to realise important things in life and provokes interesting conversations between parents and children,how can this be a bad movie? Maybe the critics could have warned their audience for the ending but bashing this film was a big mistake. I’m glad I never listen to them because most of them have very big egos. Oh and, btw, the acting was really good in my opinion. Robert Pattinson is an extremely talented actor, I’m curious for his further projects. Sorry, English isn’t my native language.

kez cullen -

i agree about summit and their marketing strategy…(but summit seem not to know their demographic even for the twilight movies- its not little girls, or teenage boys. its grown women in love with the romance….which is why new moon was not as good as twilight…but i digress!)
‘remember me’ doesn’t fit into an obvious category or a particular genre- but it is a highly competent piece of movie making and as someone else commented, will sit well on my dvd rack for many years to come.

ana -

I agree with you marketing suck for this movie.

I am from Europe and I have seen movie, I am so happy Robert did this movie and everbody thought by the trailer ”It’s another stupid amrican teen movie” including me. I admit I was wrong, I love Remeber me!

Diane -

I agree with the previous comment, Summit relly did screw up the marketing with this movie. What with all the leaks of the script all over the internet and then the Eclipse trailer being put out the day before the movie opened, it was one disaster after another - you are right they should all be fired. Despite all this and the relentless and unfounded negativity from the critics, Remember Me has done really well - because it is a great movie and Rob is fantastic in it. Box Office Mojo reports over 70% viewers rated it a grade A, pretty darn good I would say.

Patti17 -

That’s good news. Loved the movie - but completely mystified but Summit’s marketing. I am so buying the DVD when it’s released on June 22 (in the US, don’t know about other places).

Belle -

I feel sure Remember Me will do well in Europe as it has a bit of a European look to the film - more realistic and less “prettified” than most American movies. I also think it will do well on DVD - I will certainly be adding it to my collection. I thought it is a great movie and I was very impressed with all the key cast members as they all inhabited their characters. I found myself thinking about it days after having viewed it and actually went back for a second look where I found I got even more out of it.

Kim -

It’s a beautiful, profound little film and I hope it will do very well at the end of its career. Reviews and a bad marketing almost killed it but it finally survived and it’s got a very, very good word of mouth. I think the rest of the world will welcome it better than the USA. I can only say one thing : go and see it!

Sia -

Remember Me was an ok movie. Remember Me just doesn’t appeal to people.

Barbara -

Rob and cast superb in this film. Agree that the marketing for this film is deplorable.Posters a day late in one cinema and one poster present on the day itself in another.Every other film well promoted.No Eclipse trailer on the late showing.I recommended one older lady with her teenage son go see the film in the queue as they couldnt get in to a blockbuster.They thanked me afterwards as they thought RM was a RomCom and would not normally have given it a look but they enjoyed it so much they will recommend the film to their friends.

rsd -

I agree that marketing did suck! And the budget does not include marketing, it’s what I heard. I’m quite sure the movie is going to do well in the UK, though! Keep your fingers crossed. If the movie turns up a profit, we will see more Rob movies than if it ends up in the red…for sure!

ece -

remember me is amazing !!!!!!!!!!! you should go and watch it

i wonder -

I didn’t realize how much Summit Screwed the marketing of RM until I went to see it. If you want an example of Crappy marketing, this is it. Although I have to wonder if they did it on purpose. Rob after all is one half of their profitable Twilight Franchise couple. Don’t want to mess with that Right Summit.

Does anybody know if the budget amount include marketing? It would be sad if they paid a lot of money for the marketing of this film. They should all be fired.

Erie -

Thanks for all the detailed box offic reports for Remember Me. I love this movie and hope it is successful in business. I check your page almost every day. Your page is the only place I can get the figures and analysis. You are a devoted Rob Pattinson fan. He is very talented but it is challenging for him to have this huge fame at such young age. I hope he has more success in order to convince people that he desirves his fame. Please keep up the good work.
I am eager to learn the box office report from Britain. I hope his homeland supports him strongely.

Val -

Great movie. I hope RM does very well in the international market for Rob. I hope it ends well into the black. Loved the movie and Rob.

Lucy Salazar -

la he visto 2 veces, me parece una pelicula hermosa, con sentido y un hermoso mensaje..gran actuacion de Robert y todo el elenco..Hoy 31 de Marzo es el estreno en España y se que le va a ir bien en taquilla

Gail -

The movie was thought provoking and bitter sweet.
The acting was excellent I thought, from the entire cast. I would watch Rob hanging out the laundry, but that is not why I liked the movie. It was a good story, bittersweet as I said and thought provoking. I will also purchase the DVD when it comes out.
Go see the movie, you will be glad you did.

bettyel -

Does anyone know whose picture is on the door of Tyler’s apartment in Remember Me. It’s a print of a man with a long beard. The same photo/painting is show at the end when Pierce Brosnan and the little girl are at the Metropolitan Museum. Anyone?????

Julia Ormond -

I loved Remember me,,,,it was a grate move,,,The acting was great.The SCRIPT was .great go see it you will love it. Thank u 4 the love,,,,

bettyel -

I saw it today for the second time and liked it even more than the first time I saw it. It’s a wonderful movie and wish more people would go to see it.

ana -

I wath RM today, I cried! the movie is awesome!!!!!!

Wolves -


faiza464 -

I saw REMEMBER ME it is a great movie.The acting was GREAT.The SCRIPT was GREAT.go see it you will love it.

lori -

My husband and I both watched the film and loved it. He was actually surprised by how much he liked it (as I made him come with me) and has been telling people to go see it. It’s the type of film that stays with you. It’s nice in a time when so many materialistic mindless movies are the big hit to watch one such as Remember Me. It was very simple and moving and real. It’s truly a shame that more people didn’t see it for whatever reasons. I hope it does do better abroad it was a good movie.

Angela -

I just think that with this kind of movie it’s difficult to make a lot of money. Last year, Kristen Stewart was in a movie called “Adventureland”. It was a better movie than “Remember Me”, and it also had a guy who seems to be lost. It was a happy movie, and the critics liked it so much that it had a 80-something percent rating on Rotten Tomatos. But that movie did even worse than “Remember Me” in the box office ($17m world wide according to Box Office Mojo). So perhaps it doesn’t matter how good the movie is, the fact is that these coming-of-age movies are hard sell at this moment. Perhaps “Breakfast Club” wouldn’t become a classic if it were to be made today.

Anyways, I saw “Remember Me” twice in the theatre, and I will buy the DVD when it comes out. I like the movie.

Samantha -

I know it will make money and isn’t that all the suits want! Hey, with the right movie anybody can get the box office, but with this movie it is different! Every Twilight fan is not a Rob fan, I am and I didn’t want to see a sad film, but I knew Rob could act so I went to support him! I wasn’t disappointed “Remember Me is a fantastic movie and worth the time and money!

Matt -

The movie suffers from the overhype from fans and critics alike. Fans from expecting unrealistic B.O. numbers even though it’s clearly a tiny independent movie. Critics from unfairly knocking it down because they’re turned off by the Rob-mania. The movie is good, not great. It’s one I expect is almost tailor made for the dvd market, not the big screen.

bettyel -

Good to hear it will do well abroad. I am so sorry that more Americans’ didn’t see it because it was a really good movie. The acting was good, the script was good, and it was thought provoking and left one leaving the theatre with a lot to think about. If you haven’t seen it yet, do so. You won’t be sorry. BTW males and females will both enjoy it.


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