Brad Pitt 'Glory Days' Costar Nicholas Kallsen Dead at 48

Brad Pitt co-star Nicholas KallsenNicholas Kallsen: Brad Pitt 'Glory Days' co-star.

Brad Pitt 'Glory Days' co-star Nicholas Kallsen dead at 48

Nicholas Kallsen, who was featured opposite Brad Pitt in the short-lived television series Glory Days, has died at age 48 in Thailand according to online reports. Their source is one of Rupert Murdoch's rags, citing a Facebook posting by one of the actor's friends. The cause of death was purportedly – no specific source was provided – a drug overdose.*

Aired on Fox in July 1990, Glory Days told the story of four high-school friends whose paths take different directions after graduation. Besides Nicholas Kallsen and Brad Pitt, the show also featured Spike Alexander and Evan Mirand. Glory Days lasted a mere six episodes – two of which directed by former Happy Days actor Anson Williams – before its cancellation.

Roommates vying for same 'Thelma & Louise' role

The Murdoch tabloid also claims – citing some vague “Hollywood Legend” – that Kallsen and Pitt were roommates at one point, and that both were vying for the role of the handsome hitchhiker picked up by Geena Davis in Ridley Scott's Thelma & Louise (1991), co-starring Susan Sarandon. According to this “legend,” Kallsen overslept and missed his audition. Pitt did show up for his, got the role, became a star.

Not that things would have necessarily turned out any differently – in case the story isn't totally made up – had Nicholas Kallsen slept a little less. Thelma & Louise or no, Brad Pitt just happens to have been – and to remain – a lucky exception to the rule of dead-ended Hollywood careers.

Nicholas Kallsen movies

As found on the IMDb, Nicholas Kallsen was seen in small roles in a mere two films:

  • The comedy-drama …Say Anything (1989).
    Dir.: Cameron Crowe.
    Cast: John Cusack. Ione Skye. John Mahoney. Lili Taylor. Jeremy Piven. Bebe Neuwirth. Eric Stoltz.
  • The low-budget adventure drama The Seventh Coin (1993).
    Dir.: Dror Soref.
    Cast: Alexandra Powers. Navin Chowdhry. Peter O'Toole. John Rhys-Davies.

Kallsen's only other TV credit is the 1998 episode “Gambler” or the anthology series CBS Schoolbreak Special.

* The IMDb lists the date of Nicholas Kallsen's death as April 27, '15.


Nicholas Kallsen Glory Days image: Fox TV.

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