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On the Road Again: Kristen Stewart Resurfaces & New Film Clip

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On the Road movie cast Kristen Stewart Garrett Hedlund
On the Road movie trailer UK.
Ramon Novarro Beyond Paradise

Aug. 22: Walter SallesOn the Road, a film adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s ’50s novel, premiered at the Cannes Film Festival 2012, where it was greeted by mixed reviews. Ultimately, Salles’ On the Road movie failed to win any Official Competition awards at Cannes, despite widespread praise for Eric Gautier’s cinematography and for the performances of its three leads – Garrett Hedlund, Sam Riley, and Kristen Stewart. Please scroll down to check out the new On the Road trailer for the British market.

On the Road movie box office

To date, On the Road has been screened in a handful of countries. The film has performed modestly in The Netherlands ($423,000), Belgium ($249,000), and Sweden ($34,000), but it has done relatively well for a stream-of-consciousness “arthouse” movie in both France ($2.7 million), where the film was generally well received (here are a few review samples), and in Salles’ native Brazil ($1.24 million).

Jack Kerouac may be an icon in the United States, but elsewhere the On the Road movie’s key selling points will likely be Walter Salles’ reputation as a filmmaker and the fact that the film features TRON: Legacy‘s Garrett Hedlund and Twilight‘s Kristen Stewart.

IFC Films / Sundance Selects will release On the Road in North America on December 21 (updated). British audiences will be able to check out Salles’ film beginning Oct. 12.

On the Road movie cast

In addition to Garrett Hedlund, Sam Riley, and Kristen Stewart, On the Road features Viggo Mortensen, Tom Sturridge, Danny Morgan, Amy Adams, Alice Braga, Elisabeth Moss, and Kirsten Dunst. The Motorcycle Diaries screenwriter José Rivera penned the adaptation, while Francis Ford Coppola, who bought the rights to the novel more than three decades ago, is listed as one of the film’s executive producers. Brokeback Mountain‘s Gustavo Santaolalla composed the music score.

On the Road movie cast members Kristen Stewart, Garrett Hedlund, Danny Morgan, Elisabeth Moss, Amy Adams, Sam Riley, Viggo Mortensen photo: IFC Films.

Kristen Stewart On the Road Marylou

Kristen Stewart at Toronto Film Festival

The David Cronenberg / Robert Pattinson collaboration Cosmopolis likely benefited from the media circus erected atop the Kristen Stewart & Rupert Sanders “cheating scandal,” which became world news in late July. An offbeat, uncommercial film, this past weekend Cosmopolis opened to solid figures in the United States, collecting $70,339 at three locations, boasting the highest per-theater average on the North American box office chart: $23,446. Expect a similarly enthusiastic reception when Walter Salles’ On the Road is screened at the Toronto Film Festival in September, as Kristen Stewart will be attending the event. If reports are to believed, that’ll mark her first “official public appearance” since the scandal. [Photo: On the Road Kristen Stewart as Marylou.]

Starring Garrett Hedlund, Sam Riley, and Kristen Stewart, On the Road premiered at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, where it drew mixed reviews. For quite some time, the film, which was shot in 2010, had no North American distributor – despite its stellar cast, On the Road‘s stream-of-consciousness narrative was deemed too uncommercial. Eventually, IFC Films / Sundance Selects picked it up for a sum “in the low seven figures.” On the Road opens in the U.S. on Dec. 21, clearly for awards-season consideration.

Kristen Stewart 2012: Free Spirited Marylou

In a way, the “cheating scandal” might actually help people’s take on Kristen Stewart’s performance as the free-spirited Marylou, who discards both her clothes and society’s moralistic restrictions with equal ease. In On the Road, Stewart appears naked and has what amounts to a three-way with Hedlund and Riley’s characters.

Twilight‘s Bella Swan might have been shocked at the thought (or maybe not, considering her Jacob vs. Edward dilemma), but Stewart has shown time and again that she and Bella have about as much in common as Edward G. Robinson and Little Caesar‘s Rico.

‘Kristen Stewart is a trampire’ hypocrisy

Will Ferrell recently got laughs and free publicity for his new comedy, The Campaign, by announcing on TV that “Kristen Stewart is a trampire.” On the Road‘s Marylou would also have been called a “tramp” by hypocritical prudes and moralists – and by opportunists eager to make a quick buck at her expense – both six decades ago and now. Would she have cared? Free spirits don’t care about that kind of shit.

Instead, Marylou would likely have shown Ferrell and his ilk a mirror. That would have shut them up. We’ll see if Kristen Stewart’s On the Road performance achieves the same results. In fact, though hardly a sure thing, don’t be too surprised if Stewart’s name pops up in Best Supporting Actress citations during awards season. Her early reviews have mostly been quite strong. [Check out: Great Kristen Stewart On the Road picture.]

On the Road cast

In addition to Kristen Stewart, Garrett Hedlund, Sam Riley, On the Road features Kirsten Dunst, Amy Adams, Viggo Mortensen, Alice Braga, Tom Sturridge, Danny Morgan, and Elisabeth Moss. Both Hedlund and Mortensen have been announced as other Toronto 2012 guests.

Walter Salles’ The Motorcycle Diaries collaborator José Rivera wrote the screenplay adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s 1951 novel (published in 1957). Brokeback Mountain‘s Oscar winner Gustavo Santaolalla composed the score, while Francis Ford Coppola is one of the film’s executive producers.

Kristen Stewart On the Road picture (Stewart as Marylou): Gregory Smith / Jerry Leider Company.

On the Road movie Garrett Hedlund Kristen Stewart Sam RileyOn the Road movie reedited for Toronto screening

Aug. 28 update: Based on Jack Kerouac’s ’50s novel, Walter Salles’ On the Road movie adaptation starring Garrett Hedlund, Sam Riley, and Kristen Stewart (photo) will be screened at the upcoming Toronto Film Festival. We all knew that. What we didn’t know is that TIFF 2012 will unveil a new cut of the film (via indieWIRE), which premiered last spring at the Cannes Film Festival to mixed reviews.

The 2hr20 million drama has been downsized to approximately 125 minutes. That’s an interesting development, as On the Road has already been screened in several countries, with varying degrees of box office success: $2.7 million in France, $1.47 million in Brazil, $423k in Belgium, $248k in The Netherlands, $160,000 in Finland, and $51k in Sweden.

On the Road movie reedit hardly unique

On the other hand, different cuts shown in different countries is hardly something new. Whether as a result of poor critical/box-office reception, (perceived) local sensibilities, and/or censorship, the movie you watch in, say, Canada isn’t necessarily the exact same movie watched by someone in Singapore, Suriname, or Sweden – even though they may have the same title, director, screenwriters, and actors.

The new cut is clearly a move to make On the Road more “commercial” in the United States, where IFC Films / Sundance Selects will be opening the film for awards consideration on Dec. 21.

IFC Films “honcho” Jonathan Sehring (quite diplomatically) explains below (via indieWIRE), what has taken place:

“The response at Cannes was that some people loved it and some people were respectful of it, like some people loved the book. And Walter took a lot of that to heart. … He’s added certain things that weren’t in the cut that was in Cannes. He has been in New York and Rio and L.A. working on it the past couple of months, and it’s going to be very wet when it gets to Toronto.”

On the Road movie cast

In addition to Garrett Hedlund, Sam Riley, and Kristen Stewart, On the Road features Viggo Mortensen, Tom Sturridge, Danny Morgan, Amy Adams, Alice Braga, Elisabeth Moss, and Kirsten Dunst. The Motorcycle Diaries screenwriter José Rivera penned the adaptation, while Francis Ford Coppola, who bought the rights to the novel more than three decades ago, is listed as one of the film’s executive producers. Brokeback Mountain‘s Gustavo Santaolalla composed the score.

On the Road box office figures via Box Office Mojo.

On the Road picture: Gregory Smith / Jerry Leider Company.

Sept. 6

Kristen Stewart style Toronto Film FestivalKristen Stewart style: Making a flowery, see-through fashion statement at the Toronto Film Festival.

Kristen Stewart makes Red Carpet comeback: ‘On the Road’ Toronto Film Festival screening

Kristen Stewart made a flowery fashion (and, however indirectly, personal) statement – now, here’s a movie star – on the red carpet at the 2012 edition of the Toronto Film Festival. The TIFF premiere (Sept. 6) of Walter Salles’ new cut of On the Road marked Stewart’s first official public appearance since the “cheating scandal” involving the actress and her (married) Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders.

Best known as the emotionally torn human Bella Swan in the Twilight movies – vampire or werewolf for tea? – Stewart had been keeping a low profile since images showing her being physically “intimate” with Sanders surfaced in late July.

For the record, although Snow White and the Huntsman – universes away from On the Road and its characters – failed to crack the $400 million mark at the worldwide box office, it got close: $238.97 million internationally (up to Aug. 28) plus $155.12 million in the U.S. and Canada for a grand total of $394.1 million.

‘On the Road’: Mixed reviews for film, cast praised

IFC Films will release On the Road in North America on Dec. 21. Adapted by Salles’ collaborator José Rivera (The Motorcycle Diaries) from Jack Kerouac’s iconic 1950s novel, On the Road has already been released in several countries, including France, Belgium, and the director’s native Brazil. Box office grosses have been mixed: France and Brazil have been – relatively speaking – particularly good markets.

In addition to Kristen Stewart (who plays the free-spirited Marylou), the On the Road cast includes:

Garrett Hedlund. Sam Riley. Amy Adams. Viggo Mortensen. Kirsten Dunst. Tom Sturridge. Danny Morgan. Alice Braga. Steve Buscemi. Veteran Michael Sarrazin (They Shoot Horses Don’t They?) in a cameo.

A longer cut of On the Road premiered at the Cannes Film Festival last spring. Reviews for the film itself were mixed, but Kristen Stewart and Garrett Hedlund, who plays the Marlon Brando-ish Dean Moriarty, were generally singled out for praise.

Kristen Stewart fans post-scandal supportKristen Stewart fans show their ‘post-scandal’ support.

Kristen Stewart: Awards season chances?

Although attacked and ridiculed in countless media outlets – including a below-the-belt mockery by comedian Will Ferrell – Kristen Stewart remains a potential Best Supporting Actress contender this upcoming awards season, including for the Academy Awards.

Her chances will chiefly depend on three factors:

  • How strongly the usually laissez faire IFC Films pushes the film.
  • Whether critics’ groups and/or the Hollywood Foreign Press Association singles her out at year’s end.
  • On the Road doesn’t immediately bomb at the U.S. box office.

Now, if one good thing has come out of the Kristen Stewart-Rupert Sanders scandal, is that it has helped to fuel interest on Stewart’s two upcoming releases – Breaking Dawn – Part 2 is the other one – much like the scandal helped to fuel interest in Robert Pattinson’s Cosmopolis.

Three weekends ago, David Cronenberg’s bizarre comedy/drama opened to solid figures in the United States. Since then, however, the film’s box office returns have gone fast downhill.

Kristen Stewart ‘appreciation’ society

We’ve received lots of pro & con comments regarding our “Kristen Stewart appreciation” articles, which were written around the time the scandal broke, and in response to the self-serving, holier-than-thou attacks on Stewart.

Had it been the other way around, i.e., Robert Pattinson and Rupert Sanders caught making out in a car or behind the bushes, and the ensuing fire and brimstone that would inevitably have been hurled at them, we would have posted a “Robert Pattinson appreciation” article instead.

Update: The Alt Film Guide editor was called (via email) a “poisonous snake” – unclear whether cobra, viper, or asp – by an irate Pattinson fan because of the paragraph above.

Making it clear for the dim-witted out there: No poisonous reference or mockery was intended. That’s the whole obvious point of the “appreciation” bit.

‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2’ trailer

While Kristen Stewart attends the Toronto Film Festival, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner will be unveiling a new The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 trailer at the MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles.

Breaking Dawn – Part 2, the fifth and last installment in the overextended Twilight Saga movie franchise (there are only four books), opens on Nov. 16.

In addition to Stewart, Pattinson, and Lautner, the Bill Condon-directed movie features:

Elizabeth Reaser. Dakota Fanning. Michael Sheen. Peter Facinelli. Kellan Lutz. Ashley Greene. Nikki Reed. Jackson Rathbone. Booboo Stewart. Maggie Grace. Rami Malek. Mia Maestro. Christian Camargo.

Kristen Stewart Red Carpet photo via Just Jared, which has several other such images as well.

Kristen Stewart fans’ image via Pop Sugar.

Note: This is a reedited “combo” post; an amalgamation of two articles about the Kristen Stewart Red Carpet Comeback that had been originally posted a day apart.

Sept. 10

Kristen Stewart Garrett Hedlund
Kristen Stewart, Garrett Hedlund On the Road TIFF 2012 interview.

On the Road stars Kristen Stewart and Garrett Hedlund were interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter‘s Scott Feinberg at the 2012 Toronto Film Festival a.k.a. TIFF 2012. Stewart, Hedlund, Kirsten Dunst, and director Walter Salles were in Toronto to present a new, tighter edit of Salles’ film adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s autobiographical 1950s novel. (A longer version of) On the Road had its world premiere last May at the Cannes Film Festival, where the film was greeted by mixed reviews – though its cast members, particularly Stewart and Hedlund, received overwhelmingly positive notices. [Image: Kristen Stewart, Garrett Hedlund On the Road TIFF 2012 interview.]

Kristen Stewart and Garrett Hedlund became attached to On the Road – as, respectively, Marylou and Dean Moriarty – long before they became stars. In fact, Stewart hadn’t even started filming Catherine Hardwicke’s Twilight, in which she plays the now iconic Bella Swan, and which became a sleeper blockbuster in November 2008. The sci-fier TRON: Legacy was in Hedlund’s future as well.

On the Road ‘boot camp’

During the interview, Kristen Stewart and Garrett Hedlund discuss how/why they became actors, their early career choices, and their On the Road casting and experiences. Salles, who apparently handpicked both Stewart and Hedlund, had his actors immerse themselves in their respective roles, an approach that included extensive discussions and rehearsals prior to filming (which was done in 2010).

Kristen Stewart (on playing the free-spirited Marylou): “The character I’m playing is doing things for the first time as well. I really did get to live sort of carefree for a bit. Not every second, obviously. There were a few times when I was like, ‘I hope I’m not being photographed right now on the set.'”

Garrett Hedlund on On the Road‘s “boot camp”: “For four weeks prior to starting filming … all of us every morning until night [got together to] just live and breathe [On the Road] … We got to sit with biographers … who offered us to listen to tapes of LuAnne Henderson [Stewart’s Marylou in the film] … It was just wonderful.”

On the Road cast

On the Road has already been screened in a handful of countries, including France, Brazil, and Belgium. In addition to Kristen Stewart and Garrett Hedlund, the cast includes Sam Riley, Viggo Mortensen, Danny Morgan, Tom Sturridge, Alice Braga, and Elisabeth Moss.

IFC Films / Sundance Selects will release On the Road for 2012/2013 awards season consideration in the U.S. on December 21. Oscar chances will chiefly depend on the film’s marketing push and (American) critical reception.

Kristen Stewart and Garrett Hedlund’s upcoming movies

Kristen Stewart will next be seen in Bill Condon’s The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2, the last installment in the Twilight Saga movie franchise co-starring Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. Breaking Dawn – Part 2‘s extensive cast also includes Elizabeth Reaser, Dakota Fanning, Peter Facinelli, Kellan Lutz, Michael Sheen, Jackson Rathbone, Billy Burke, Nikki Reed, Maggie Grace, and Ashley Greene.

Garrett Hedlund’s upcoming releases are Joel Coen and Ethan Coen’s Inside Llewyn Davis, with Carey Mulligan and Justin Timberlake, and Andrew Levitas’ Lullaby, with Amy Adams.

Kristen Stewart and Garrett Hedlund photo via

Nov. 4

Kristen Stewart On the Road AFI FESTKristen Stewart, Garrett Hedlund: AFI FEST 2012 On the Road red carpet

Kristen Stewart and Garrett Hedlund, two of the leads in Walter Salles’ On the Road, and producers Charles Gillibert and Rebecca Yeldham were present at Los Angeles’ AFI FEST Saturday screening of Salles’ film adaptation (written by José Rivera) of Jack Kerouac’s iconic novel. The On the Road screening – and U.S. premiere – was held at the equally iconic Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, L.A.’s preeminent site for movie premieres since superstar Norma Talmadge accidentally stepped in the forecourt’s wet cement back in 1927. (Please scroll down to check out a video of Stewart, Hedlund, Gillibert, and Yeldham being interviewed on the AFI FEST’s On the Road red carpet. Photo: Kristen Stewart at AFI FEST 2012.)

Kristen Stewart: Marylou ahead of her time then and now

Kristen Stewart: “I think I was 16 … maybe freshly 17 when I met Walter for the movie, and at the time I’d have done craft service for On the Road. I’d have done anything. I’d have followed them in a caravan just to be like a groupie. It’s a funny way to put it: I “agreed” to the job when I was that age. I was so not ready to play that part [of the free-spirited Marylou]. So I think the process of getting a little bit older, getting to know the woman behind the character, it all helped me to play somebody so sort of … She’s not out of reach. It’s just that she’s … She was ahead of her time then, she’s ahead of her time like now.”

Check out: “Kristen Stewart cast in ‘Focus’?”

Garrett Hedlund: Walter Salles and ‘guerrilla filmmaking’

Garrett Hedlund, for his part, says a couple of curious things: “I remember looking up online to see who’d be directing [On the Road] if it was adapted into a movie, and it said ‘Francis Ford Coppola.’ So, I just said, ‘Shit! I’ll never get a chance at this.”

Regarding the filming of On the Road with someone other than Coppola at the helm – that would be Walter Salles – Hedlund elaborated: “You know, it was pretty much the journey of a lifetime because – just the way that he films … They have a term, ‘guerrilla filming [sic].’ Most of the films that he does down in South America are two handfuls of crew members and one handful of non-actors [e.g., Gael García Bernal and Diego Luna in The Motorcycle Diaries; Brazilian heartthrob Rodrigo Santoro in Behind the Sun; grand dames of the Brazilian stage, film, and television Fernanda Montenegro and Marília Pêra in Central Station] and he ends up making these magical films with them. … Over the last five years, Walter has become one of the greatest in my eyes and will always be.”

Besides Kristen Stewart and Garrett Hedlund, the On the Road cast includes Sam Riley, Amy Adams, Viggo Mortensen, Tom Sturridge, Kirsten Dunst, Danny Morgan, Alice Braga, and Elisabeth Moss.

Kristen Stewart image via AFI FEST’s YouTube page.

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KristenManiac -

I am now, and will always be her greatest fan. I own every movie she has been in.

lil -

No questions about the scandal?It seems the madia are more sympathetic to her then were to Pattinson during Cosmopolis promo in August.

durtyrob4ever -

So happy to see #OTR at the AFI Fest last night! Kristen looked gorgeous as usual! Loved to see all the fans still supporting her! Can not wait to see Kristen, Garrett, Sam, and the rest of the cast in #OTR! Thanks Andre for posting a positive article about Kristen! I have always been and will always be a Kristen Stewart fan!

Chloe -

I think she was great in the movie. Her performance we so natural and uninhibited.

Liz -

This interview was one of the best even though the lighting was terrible.

mainegirl -

i think KRISTEN ,looked great here, yes she very beautiful,. but way to thin, i do like this young woman, shes a beauty. yes its time to forget her last few months

Peace -

In my opinion, many people seemed to miss Mr. Ferrell’s untimely satirical joke, which I took to aim at the tabloids’ ridiculous made-up word, “trampire” and perhaps even the media’s and some people’s over-reactive and over-investment in someone else’s personal and private life. I even admit that I giggled at his stint because of how I interpreted his intention as a comedian. Now, I don’t know for a fact if that’s what he intended because I’m not him, but my interpretation works because it allows me to give him space to be a comedian. However, I don’t necessarily agree with his timing, as I did say his joke was UNTIMELY and even tactless in my experience. If we take what ensued afterward his stint, you’ll find that the backlash was horrifying. (It sounds like you’re still experiencing it.) I feel like the majority of the audience’s listening was through certain filters set up to collect evidence for their judgments towards Kristen and the then-current situation. There still is quite a bit of backlash since then because many people seem to come from the mentality that “Well, Will Ferrell thinks she’s a trampire, so since he announced it, it must be true!” What’s sad is that since then, the amount of bullying on social media has increased, (I’ve experienced some myself), mean-spirited t-shirts were made and are being sold, the general media has been vicious towards Kristen and I have never heard or seen so many people and media outlets use such horrifying misogynistic language. That, along with the increasing hate/bullying I’ve seen on Twitter/Tumblr is the most alarming for me. So needless to say, Will Ferrell’s “joke” ultimately wasn’t that funny and in my view, hurt vs. helped the situation. He would have done better to leave it alone. Your articles aren’t to me as Kristen-biased as they are perhaps respect-biased. Recently, Kristen, has been through the ringer via the media and general public, and what I enjoy about your articles is that in my experience, you’ve been neutral and funny, yet you choose to speak up for a professional in the film industry, (who happens to be Kristen Stewart at the moment and whose professional life in my opinion, should be the only thing the media covers.), which is admirable. (By the way, I feel this way about all and any celebrities/public figures.) In my perspective, not many media outlets have the courage to do what isn’t popular.

Danny -

Well well crazy Robsessed still angry to Kristen, shame on you cougar mama!!!

Daisy Kenyon -

Kelsey: Many people didn’t like her true, but why? Many people liked her also. Can’t blame a girl for wanting to have a career. Never bashed Lilo and never flipped the bird on the RC.

ashley -

she is looking ugly …sexy rob is well rid of her !! OTR does not interest me !!

apsara -

Kristen looks anorexic ….loosing some of her beauty ….she is looking like an empty shell

rsd -

Rob is the coward?!! I tell you what cowardice is: cheating instead of breaking up a relationship you no longer want before you cheat (hopefully with a single man), then using your scorned boyfriend to gain people’s sympathy by publicly apologizing to him, thus admitting to a relationship that you denied for 4 years, therefore further humiliating him in front of the world, his fans, co-workers, his family and his friends who embraced you as one of their own. All before going into hiding for 6 weeks while he (Rob) has no choice but to face the public and media scrutiny not even 2 weeks after being publicly humiliated without having any say on it. Sad…

Freya -

The most biased Kristen Stewart site I have ever met. Don’t pretend and change your name. Box office figures have nothing to do with your interpretations, we can go to BoxOffice Mojo. Now your audience is acne-prone immature girls.

Angel -

Terrible actress and bad off-screen personality! Here is Kristen Stewart fan-site, how much are you paid to restore her image?

Bee -

No wonder she ditched that ugly Rob. She’s too hot. She’s a bog moviestar!!!! Even directors like Rupert are chasing her.

Jo -

Can you FINALLY shut the F up about Will Farrell? He was mocking the New York newspapers for starting “Trampire” and the crazy fans. He didn’t start it but it were the newspapers. It’s time for you to LET IT GO. Your hate for Farrell is disgusting while you defend the hate against another actor.

Andre -


His name is Will Ferrell, not Will Farrell.

Danny -

Iam looking for OTR sorry BD2, she looks gorgeous so find a real bf Kristen you deserve the best not a coward man!!!

KStew Krew -

Beautiful!!!! You go girl! Eat your heart out Rob.

KStew Krew -

Funny article! Liked a lot, especially when you had to remind some clueless fans on your true point, lol! What would you expect of mindless/brainless Robsessed and Twihard fans? Rob is just jealous because Kristen beat him with the Ruperv hookup….Rob wanted him first and Kristen stole him right out under his nose…lmfao! Did you see how fabulous Kristen looked in Toronto? Eat your heart out Rob…

Double Standards -

She’s very lucky she didn’t get it as worse as Robe when he was promoting Cosmoplis. Her publicist didn’t let her do any interviews without Garrett so that they wouldn’t ask her about the cheating scandal and had everything set up there before she arrived. Rob was asked to sign a bunch of Us Weekly and People tabloids with Kristen cheating on him as headlines while he was in NYC and was constantly asked about the affiar when in fact he was the victim. The only person who got it bad was Rob and it’s funny you refuse to acknowledge that.

tina -

What a great article, just loved it! People forget Rob is not Edward and Kristen is not Bella, Rob really doesn’t even care for the Twilight movies which was so obvious watching the VMA. She was absolutely gorgeous on the red carpet in Toronto and he looked like a angry drunk, should they try together again… I would say yes, they both will regret not working through this problem. He is to proud to look at what he might have done to caused her to look to another, he would never admit he wasn’t there for her but she should have confided in him instead of finding comfort in another. Both are at fault and usually in failed relationships one will shine and one will just fade away, can you guess who will shine?

Kelsey -

The fame had gone to Kristen Stewart’s head and she was bashing Lindsay Lohan, her other young peers for selling themselves and beig fake (she’s sold her image for 35 magazine covers and is selling a perfume now), etc. She was startin to have a holier than thou attidute which came to bite her in the arse. She’s not so anti Hollywood anymore is she? I think she just liked rolling her eyes and flipping the bird on the red carpet and stuff. She was never very well liked before this scandal and that’s why she got so much heat for cheating. I still remember Tiger Woods was dropped for over 20 endorsement deals and still gets booed at gold competitions which is sad. I hope Kristen has learned something from this and doesn’t think she can get away with anything because she’s a big moviestar who makes millions.

Amy -

She looks great and she looked great in the BD2 clip, too. :) I can’t wait to see both movies. :)

Sal -

I agree that her work in OTR should be the focus not her personal life. However, men run Hollywood so she may have a tough time. Kristen has been working since a young age so nothing has been handed to her, and she has taken on roles that many young actresses would not dare to take. I am sure that Kristen has grown a lot emotionally during this scandal and would come out a better young woman. I am glad she is in Toronto for her movie and that she took time to meet the fans. I support her. Congratulations to OTR and the rest of the wonderful cast.

Jane -

She indeed looks stunning. I hope people at the Q&A don’t ask her about her personal life tonight.

Darcy -

She looks gorgeous !!!!!!

Liz -

I truly hope her personal life is set aside and On the Road is put front and center. She did a grand job as Marylou so that is what should be focused on when it comes to her and the film.

Jay -

Yeah, you aren’t biased at all are you. Rolls eyes.

Chrissie -

Here’s a thought. Why don’t you only report on Kristen alone and become a fansite. Everyone will be happy.

Vicky -

Best improvement possible would be to take Stewart out of the film at this point. She royally screwed (literally) her professional commitments with her behavior.

Nin -

The reviews were not as bad as some of you are stating. The acting was consistently praised. For what I read, the movie was very true to the scrolls and the published book but was lacking a bit of cinematic. Granted, a 2 hour and 20 minutes movie is rather long but if it was reduced to one hour and 25 minutes that’s just too much lost. Too bad indeed if that much was deleted to turn it into a commercial movie.

bluez -

The film got horrible reviews at Cannes. I wonder how much they could have cut from the film so they can get good reviews after TIFF.

nina -

what I go t from the original article is that Walter Salles was pretty saddened by the poor reviews in Cannes. And let me tell you that, the reviews in Cannes were BAD. OTR and Paperboy were the two worst films of the festival :/ That said, I admit i’m not expecting much to change with the critics reviews, mainly because the length of the film wasn’t the only problem they spotted…

Liz -

Now that they’ve cut more scenes than they’ve added, I am hopeful that the film will get more better reviews.

Nadia -

All I can say is that not that many young actresses would have taken on the role of Marylou. Further, too much focus has been on Marylou’s sexual freedom but of all the female characters in the movie Marylou is the one that goes through a range of emotions not just the sexual freedom. She is lonely, wants a family of her own, gets abandoned, shows kindness and gets her life together at the end. Kristen captures all of that.

Mia -

She probably would not want a nomination so that people would not think that it was because of the scandal. Too bad because she made the movie in early 2010, and her performance has received strong reviews. The movie itself received mixed reviews in Europe because they don’t related to the book as well as some us do in America. Like this article said, the movie is not made to be “commercial” with tons of special effects and the like. The movie is heavy on narrative which young people probably can’t stand nor understand. I cannot wait to see OTR. Reviews indicate a strong screen chemistry between Kristen and Garrett.

Liz -

She absolutely deserves an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress at the very least

nt -

I think it’s very possible that she could get a BSA nomination and it would be great for her.Looking forward to seeing OTR in Dec!

pearl -

I think she very well deserves an Oscar for that role… She’s an amazing actress and I think people are biased because of her role in Twilight. On the road is a good movie and she did justice to the character.

Deena -

srsly, people what is wrong with you? why do you have to start every article about Robert and Kristen with the cheating scandal? you sound like a gossip trash mag! I have no desire to read this article. I’m here for the movies. Don’t care about their personal life!

Andre -

But you keep coming back, don’t you? What a pest…
Next time, before you harass us again, make sure to check out the word “context” in the dictionary.
The personal affects the professional, in case you didn’t know.

Matt -

Let’s not lie about reviews, it’s too easy to furnish the evidence. The Cannes critics hated OTR, they rated it 20th out of 22 films there. US critics don’t like it, either. She’s not getting a nomination, her PR team is just working overtime to salvage the career she herself trashed.
1 “HOLY MOTORS(Leos Carax)”
2 “IN ANOTHER COUNTRY(Hong Sangsoo)”
3 “LIKE SOMEONE IN LOVE(Abbas Kiarostami)”
4 “MOONRISE KINGDOM(Wes Anderson)”
5 “COSMOPOLIS(David Cronenberg)”
6 “AMOUR (Michael Haneke)”
8 “MUD (Jeff Nichols)”
9 “IN THE FOG (Sergei Loznitsa)”
10 “BEYOND THE HILLS(Cristian Mungiu)”
11 “PARADISE : Love(Ulrich Seidl)”
12 “KILLING THEM SOFTLY(Andrew Dominik)”
13 “REALITY(Matteo Garrone)”
14 “POST TENEBRAS LUX(Carlos Reygadas)”
15 “LAWLESS(John Hillcoat)”
16 “RUST AND BONE (Jacques Audiard)”
17 “AFTER THE BATTLE(Yousry Nasrallah)”
18 “THE ANGELS’ SHARE(Ken Loach)”
19 “THE HUNT(Thomas Vinterberg)”
20 “ON THE ROAD(Walter Salles)”
21 “TASTE OF MONEY(Im Sangsoo)”
22 “THE PAPERBOY(Lee Daniels)”

Andre -

If the list below is taken as absolute fact, that would mean Michael Haneke’s “Amour” was “less well-liked” than “Cosmopolis,” “Like Someone in Love” and “In Another Country.”
Or that “Cosmopolis” was almost universally liked, when in truth David Cronenberg’s film received wildly mixed reviews.
There were more than 30 or 35 critics at Cannes, and numerous top critics aren’t included in that roster.

Mi -

If she is such a free spirit she should be a single and not cheating on her boyfriend publicly.

Luacheia99 -

Kristen Stewart should get a nomination for her support acting for this part! But I don’t see it happening because the hipocrisy, the bias vision and the Twilight negative hipe.

The academy is very reactionary and bias…. Also it is all about politics and money in marketing campaign for the awards…

Lets see the American movie critic reviews of the movie…. If the movie is not in the graces of the critics… Its actors don’t have chances… (I don’t expect excellent reviews from the Americans. Most of them like indie “weird” movies or action or horror or “formulac” movies. They don’t like silence and simple character driven movies )

Luacheia99 -


People should stop to say it got mixed reviews because the French critics are not the only ones….

The French reviews were great, very good, and good mostly, just a few were bad. Depend on the system, it could be rated as very good (not great).

The Brazilian reviews were mostly excellent or very good, just one was not good. It was amazing! They really got the movie. The same is happened with the Aussie and New Zeland reviews from the festivals. Lets see the Brittish reviews but the few that popup after the premiere last week were good.

This movie is based in a very difficult and controverse book and everyone envolved was waiting the same for the movie.

But one thing is the same in all critics… The praise for the acting! Mostly all reviews praise Kristen Stewart and Gerrett Redlund!

The thing is… The movie is not based on the standard book! It is not the transcription of the scrool version also…. It is Walter Salles vision! It is a mix of the scrool version + a lot of interviews with people who is still alive + 9hs of tapes of LuAnne interview with the Kerouac biographer + a view of what the pos war generation was feeling, seeking and creating. Beside it has a lot of improvisation! So… If you just read the standard book and is expecting it in the screen you will be disappointed! If you are expecting it be a movie with a frenzy moviment… You will be disappointed! Because it was the way you idealized… The scrool book is not “frenzy”! It is slow and very episodic!

The book is episodic, so the movie is also episodic! But the movie goes more ahead… Showing and transmiting not just the madness and craziness but also the beauty, the flaws and sadness that is living life as a young and after the move on of the grow part of what is life. The movie shows in an amazing way… The craziness of be young and the wanted of live all at extremes, the creative angst, the pulse of a pos war time where every artist (musician, painter or writer) was lost, without reference, seeking for new way to express their feelings). The movie also shows the ugly side of the characters, their failures and dark side. It is not all hipe but also sadness… Life! Real life! This about a time not the book! Salles vision and interpretation of that time!

Some people will feel it is a little long but I can assure you… Each scene and take is important and essencial! You can’t take out of the movie some little scenes or episodes with key support characters…

It is not an easy book… It is not an easy movie…

Amy -

This would be great! To see the difference in her acting from “Bella” to “MaryLou” is amazing. I think she deserves some recognition for her range. She’s getting great reviews and the whole cast is stellar.

Lill -

She was fantastic in this film !!!!
Did not think she had it in her to show so much range. Wouldn’t be that surprised if she gets nominated for any award this season . Some movie websites and critics have already considered her as a possible candidate .

No Snow White -

She won’t get an Oscar nomination, in the first place, the movie got a lukewarm reception at Cannes, it’s Rotten on RT, most of the critics haven’t liked it, the US critics will say not a lot of acting was required for her to play an amoral sex-crazed girl, and it’s scheduled to be released on VOD at the same time as it’s in theaters, a sign that the distributor has no faith in it.

None of that addresses the elephant in the room, her cheating scandal with a married director an father of two, twice her age. The Academy is made up primarily of men over 40, they are not going to reward her for putting a sleezeball male director in the spotlight, or for making actresses look like tramps in real life. They’re trying to elevate the art, not drag it through the gutter. Wake up and smell the coffee, she’s ruined her reputation, shown no remorse and done nothing to earn any respect now. ORT isn’t going to help her image at all, it’s probably the worst timing ever.

Me -

Totally agree, BSA nom would be welcomed and overdue.
The girl can act and has done some great stuff too.

Kelly -

She has been getting mixed reviews so I doubt she will get any supporting actress awards. Jennifer Lawrence in Hunger Games received far more praise for her performance and she has a higher chance if we are talking based on reviews.

Liz -

I wouldn’t be surprised if she did get nominated for Best Supporting Actress; she deserves it.


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