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Remember Me Box Office: Major Robert Pattinson Disappointment

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Remember Me movie Robert Pattinson 2010Remember Me movie with Robert Pattinson: Allen Coulter’s romantic melodrama, on which the Twilight Saga actor also received executive producer credit, has been a domestic box office underperformer.
  • Late winter domestic box office flops: Away from their hugely popular franchises, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart (Edward and Bella in The Twilight Saga), and Matt Damon (Jason Bourne in the Bourne movies) have failed to lure fans – and moviegoers in general – into theaters.
  • Starring Robert Pattinson, Remember Me has turned out to be a major box office disappointment; featuring Kristen Stewart, The Yellow Handkerchief has all but disappeared without a trace; starring Matt Damon, the costly Iraq War thriller Green Zone has had a disastrous debut.

Remember Me box office: Robert Pattinson melodrama fails to attract Twilight Saga fans – or domestic moviegoers in general

Ramon Novarro Beyond Paradise

March 12–14 weekend box office (cont.): The Summit Entertainment release Remember Me, Robert Pattinson’s first big-screen try-out as a human being since Twilight made him a household name, brought in $8.1 million from 2,212 North American (U.S. and Canada only) theaters, according to final studio figures found at

The Allen Coulter-directed romantic melodrama averaged a mediocre $3,656 per venue, or about $1,000 less than Green Zone, even though the Iraq War thriller starring the Bourne movies’ Matt Damon opened at about 50 percent more locations. (All things being equal, fewer theaters should result in higher per-theater averages.)

One key issue: Remember Me has been plagued by mostly negative reviews, which may help to explain why it debuted at the very low end of Summit’s already modest expectations.

At no. 5 on the box office chart, it trailed Tim Burton’s mega-budget fantasy Alice in Wonderland ($62.7 million); Green Zone ($14.3 million); Jim Field Smith’s She’s Out of My League ($9.8 million), a teen comedy with no stars; and Martin Scorsese’s hold-over mystery thriller Shutter Island ($8.1 million), featuring Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo.

Where were the fans?

One can safely assume that some Robert Pattinson/Twilight Saga fans showed up at this past weekend’s screenings, but not nearly enough of them to give the $16 million “little movie” the initial boost it needed.

In fact, Remember Me actually suffered a 20 percent drop-off rate on Saturday. That’s usually not a good sign.

Besides Robert Pattinson, Remember Me features Emilie de Ravin, Pierce Brosnan, Tate Ellington, Ruby Jerins, Gregory Jbara, Kate Burton, Meghan Markle, Martha Plimpton, and Justin Grace, in addition to Oscar winner Chris Cooper (Adaptation, 2002) and nominee Lena Olin (Enemies: A Love Story, 1989).

Will Fetters was credited for the screenplay.

Remember Me performed far better internationally

Update: On weekend no. 2, the Robert Pattinson drama Remember Me suffered the second worst drop-off rate among the Top Twelve movies on the domestic box office chart: 59 percent.

Ultimately, it collected a drab $19.1 million domestically and a far better – though hardly outstanding – $37 million internationally. Worldwide total: $56 million.

Depending on Summit Entertainment’s contractual deals, that should have been enough for the low-budget drama to – at least – break even at the box office.

Remember Me’s top international markets were the United Kingdom/Ireland ($5.5 million), France ($3.5 million), Russia/CIS ($3.5 million), Germany ($3.3 million), Italy ($3 million), Brazil ($2 million), Belgium ($1.5 million), Australia ($1.2 million), and Mexico ($1.1 million).

Note: Box Office Mojo’s figures for Spain are incomplete; Remember Me opened in that country with $774,000, so its total gross couldn’t have been $46,000.

Robert Pattinson & Matt Damon non-franchise appeal?

The Green Zone and Remember Me figures are disappointing for movies centered on Matt Damon and Robert Pattinson, the stars of the spectacularly successful Bourne/Ocean’s and Twilight Saga franchises, respectively. Yet that sort of comparison – Green Zone vs. The Bourne Identity, Remember Me vs. the record-breaking The Twilight Saga: New Moon – would be like sizing apples against watermelons.

From the get-go, the Bourne and Twilight Saga movies have enjoyed wide brand recognition thanks to the bestselling novels on which they’re based, while the Ocean’s movies are high-concept all-star concoctions. Besides, Green Zone and Remember Me are neither feel-good fare nor rollercoaster rides.

The former is set in what amounts to a war zone and features key American characters as politically motivated corrupt jerks – not exactly the sort of thing to whet the cinematic appetite of millions of popcorn-eating U.S. moviegoers. Remember Me, for its part, is a low-budget indie drama with a much talked about feel-dreadful Sept. 11 finale.

Something similar could be said about Udayan Prasad’s The Yellow Handkerchief (see below), a psychological indie drama that bombed domestically despite the presence of Twilight Saga costar Kristen Stewart.

Now, it remains to be seen whether Pattinson and Stewart will be able to succeed away from the Twilight realm. As for Damon, most of his recent non-Bourne, non-Ocean’s movies (The Brothers Grimm, The Good Shepherd, The Informant!, Invictus) have underperformed – with Martin Scorsese’s Best Picture Oscar winner The Departed, in which Damon is featured alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and Jack Nicholson, as the lone exception.

The Yellow Handkerchief Kristen StewartThe Yellow Handkerchief with Kristen Stewart.

The Yellow Handkerchief: Kristen Stewart indie about to disappear

Shot a couple of years ago, The Yellow Handkerchief is chiefly notable for its cast: Best Actor Oscar winner William Hurt (Kiss of the Spider Woman, 1985), A History of Violence leading woman Maria Bello, and Twilight Saga star Kristen Stewart.

Somewhat surprisingly – when one takes into account Samuel Goldwyn Films’ Stewart-focused publicity – the psychological drama has brought in a paltry $143,000 after three weekends out.

Also featuring Eddie Redmayne, The Yellow Handkerchief cost a reported $15.5 million. Needless to say, the indie drama will end up very much in the red.

Update: The Yellow Handkerchief ultimately collected $319,000 at the domestic box office. International figures – if any – are unavailable.

Remember Me Box Office: Major Robert Pattinson Disappointment” notes

Unless otherwise noted, “Remember Me Box Office: Major Robert Pattinson Disappointment” box office information via Box Office Mojo. Budget info – which should be taken with a grain of salt – via BOM and/or other sources (e.g., the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Screen Daily, The Hollywood Reporter, Variety,

Comments about Remember Me, Green Zone, The Yellow Handkerchief, and other titles being hits/profitable or flops/money-losers at the box office (see paragraph below) are based on the available data about their production budget, additional marketing and distribution expenses (as a general rule of thumb, around 50 percent of the production cost), and worldwide gross (as a general rule of thumb when it comes to the Hollywood studios, around 50–55 percent of the domestic gross and 40 percent of the international gross goes to the distributing/producing companies).

Bear in mind that data regarding rebates, domestic/international sales/pre-sales, and other credits and/or contractual details that help to alleviate/split production costs and apportion revenues are oftentimes unavailable, and that reported international grosses may be incomplete (i.e., not every territory is fully – or even partially – accounted for).

Also bear in mind that ancillary revenues (domestic/global television rights, home video sales, streaming, merchandising, etc.) can represent anywhere between 40–70 percent of a movie’s total take. However, these revenues and their apportionment are only infrequently made public.

Robert Pattinson Remember Me movie image: Myles Aronowitz | Summit Entertainment.

Kristen Stewart The Yellow Handkerchief movie image: Samuel Goldwyn Films.

Remember Me Box Office: Major Robert Pattinson Disappointment” last updated in September 2023.

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Dawn -

Remember Me did quite well actually. The budget for this movie was $16M and it made back over half that amount in its first three days of opening. It played in fewer theatres but still had a per theatre average of $3,657. It actually did better than Green Zone, which had a budget of over $100M and went way over even that amount and so far only has a per theatre average of $3,003. If you want to be critical of a movie, go start there.

mh -

>>>>>>>>>Remember Me did quite well actually.

No, it didn’t. It grossed a little over $8 million, when Summit was reportedly expecting between $8 and $10 million. In other words, the film opened at the lower end of already quite low expectations.

>>>>>>The budget for this movie was $16M and it made back over half that amount in its first three days of opening.

No, it didn’t. Box-office grosses don’t translate into studio earnings. Studios get roughly 50 percent of what a movie earns at the domestic box office.

>>>>>>>It played in fewer theatres but still had a per theatre average of $3,657. It actually did better than Green Zone, which had a budget of over $100M and went way over even that amount and so far only has a per theatre average of $3,003.

The fewer the number of theaters, the more likely it is for a movie to have a higher per-screen average. For an opening weekend, $3,657 isn’t good. Also, GREEN ZONE was **playing** at 3,003 theaters. Its per-screen average was $4,765, or more than $1,000 higher than that for REMEMBER ME.

>>>>>>>If you want to be critical of a movie, go start there.

I’m not being critical of anything. I’m just pointing out the facts.

Tina -

A very likeable movie–I thought Rob was great! He really is a very good actor. Hope to see him in a lot more movies!

Val -

Remember Me is a fantastic movie and Rob was great in it. I hope it does really well in the UK and then on DVD. In my opinion it is a must see movie. Up until now it has seemed to hold it’s own in the top 10 being out with big movies like ALice that was in many more theaters than RM. My family Loved the movie. GO SEE IT!!

luvrob -

Rob is excellent in remember me…he deserves much more praises and awards than he’s got…someday all people will realize his valuable talents…go rob!!!we love you!!!!!

JQ -

Remember Me is not a perfect movie but it is much better than many mindless movies that are playing right now. I liked the story but didn’t like slow pace of it however the acting was excellent and made you care for characters. Young actors held their own alongside such veterans as Chris Cooper and Pierce Brosnan. I recommend it to anyone who appreciates good acting and movies that make you feel and think afterward.

bettyel -

Remember Me was a wonderful movie. It has a good script, terrific acting, and a thought provoking theme which stays with the movie-goer long after exiting the theatre. Both males and females will enjoy it. Even though many of the critics gave it lukewarm reviews, the word of mouth has been excellent. I haven’t spoken to anyone who saw it and didn’t love it. Go see it before it leaves your neighborhood moviehouse. You won’t be sorry.

Sia -

It’s not Robert Pattinson IT’S THAT DUMB MOVIE. I’m sorry but that movie only appeals to the Rob fans. It just didn’t look good at all. Maybe another movie will get me to watch it.

Den -

Thank God for RPattz! He is a breath of fresh air. He has the ability to be so different and so good in the movies he’s been in and the movies to come. It’s a bonus he’s unconventionally attractive.

renate -

Mr. Pattinson is here to stay. He is different to all the pretty faces and buff Bodies..he is a real Person . We relate to him because he can be the Boy next door, the gentle lover we all grave the Protecter and the Friend we want. This is what dreams are made off… and he feeds them well. A Guy who is not scarred to show his goofiness awkwardness ..Ect. The Faces he had in RM were the ashtray scene or when he sprays Ally in the kitchen or the look when he talks to his sister absofeakenlutly….

Satine -

I don’t think Remember Me is a failure, I am uncertain what the expectations from Summit were about the film but I believe this film would have tanked if Robert was not in the movie. It is neither a feel good film or a drama with an ending to satisfy everyone but I believe it has heart and almost every person who has commented on the film takes away something different but profound. I truly believe this film will resonate with future generations and my only hope is that more people will appreciate the film once it is on DVD.

twmmy -

my bread and butter: my hobie and my 3 children. but i have to admit, i don’t like twilight too much, but the other movies of Rob Pattinson yes… they are amazing. And Rememer Me is a better movie for me than Love Story. Why ? Cause it makes the people thinking about theirs relationships with their familymembers, and about the life how they live it.And I don’tunderstand the perpetual debunking of the movie.By the way:have you seen the oscar winner another man made only 10 millions in 16 weeks?

ap -

If you touch people with your movie, you’ve done your job. The audience is not in film school so we don’t go to look for camera angles and all that jargon crap. You either like the film or you don’t. Every film has it’s audience. Some are more mainstream. You couln’d pay me to see a horror or sci-fi flick period. I don’t care who’s in it.

With the whole Twilight hype,a backlash is inevitable. (think Leo-post Titanic) that’s just how petty people are. It’s their nature & they can’t help it. I think Pattinson is getting the brunt of it. I mean people talk as though Remember Me cost 100 million dollars & if Pattinson fails, it’s all over. It’s a $16 million dark indie drama people. Get a grip. So the Twilighters are not flocking to it, big deal. I don’t think it’s their cup of tea anyway. Personally i think in the end that’s a good thing.


The audience does not have to be in film school to instinctively know what looks good, what looks confusing and what looks just bad.
If the whole film was shot at a medium shot the ENTIRE way through, no matter what film, we would be bored out of our minds. Avatar has more wide shots, some medium and closeups, but if everything were shot at the same level and no one ever sees up or down, just straight on and you can only see shoulders and above…well it’s like watching the news channel, informative but boring.

Couldn’t pay you to watch what? I care why?
Didn’t I already say we have to know who goes to see these films, who are the demographics? Why yes I did. Thanks for reiterating something I already said. You are a parrot. If you don’t watch the film or understand the concept of it through either the original (book usually) or the screen writer’s direction and couldn’t even be paid to see it, then don’t even bother to post about films at all.
I have to stomach to watch even the worst of films just for critiquing and understanding.

TWILIGHT HYPE…Since when did I ever care for any tweenies to watch the Robbert Pattinson film? Or are you talking to someone else?
Yes, anyone who reads a story called Twilight from a woman who said it was all her dream with a guy she found hot, and calls Shakespeare a misogynist (which is not true) and hating misogynists but making her own hot guy a misogynist has some issues to work out, but that’s their life mystery which has nothing to do Robbert Pattinson.

Film school? Did I say film school? Nope, not at all.
Art School, honey, not film school. We just have the film majors over here (it is a form of art).
AP, I was talking to everyone in general, but you should probably clarify who you are speaking to, because some of your own mess is found through the incoherence of your comment.
Your beloved dark drama isn’t as big a hype as you want it to be and it’s not because of prejudice or because of Twilight tweenies or adults or anyone against it.
I could tell you the main reason it didn’t do so well, but we’ll go with the one that probably won’t bog people so much in America.
It’s a poor film. Perhaps a great story, but poor quality in general.
“Crappy animation usually can’t save a good story, but really good animation can save the worst story ever.”- teacher who shall go unnamed.
If it isn’t eye catching or beautiful, then this film will go to the flops 90 percent of the time.
So that dark indie drama you think is a “beautiful” piece of “art” isn’t so beautiful after all.

Sol -

Hey I am 41 years old, and I love Robert Pattinson, “his movie “Remember Me” was great and Robert And Emilie DeRavin did an excellent job. I just love him and I annot wait for Bel Ami and Water for Elephants!!!!!! Good job Rob!!! :)

MR -

Remember Me is doing quite well. I think it will be around for a longer time than some of these other movies in the top ten. And that is, because the movie’s characters are such good actors and actresses and the script evokes emphathy,since it deals with more ordinary problems in life, is a good love story and ties together with a tragic event, 9/11.

Val -

I too was shocked at the negative reviews of RM. I love the movie! My whole family did. i hope Rob knows his fans gave RM great reviews. I thought Rob was outstanding in the film. I love Rob and hope he has a big career ahead of him.

Linda -

I loved Remember Me – i think it is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. I love Robert.I don’t mind admitting that I am close to middle aged and mildly obsessed with RP!

jen -

GEE. Not a Twilight fan. Not overweight. Not middle age. Loved “Remember Me”. As a matter of fact I didn’t know who Rob P. was until I went to this movie. GREAT MOVIE!!. Shocked at the negative comments but these comments are so easy to see though. They all seem to point at Mr. Pattinson.Why?His acting was incredible.IT is a great story. Very moving film. Great cast. It makes me question the people that are trying to make it a flop and put a negative view on it.And reporting things as fact that don’t exist.

an -

I’m 27, teaching at a music school and a fan of Robert Pattinson. I’m not married, nor overweight and not a Twilight fan. So where do I fit according to fanboy expertly knowledge?

%$@%!! refuse to admit that his film isn’t a flop.

Dee -

should be retitled … “Forget Me” …a mediocre film.

an -

Fanboy rents at it’s best.
Remember Me is an outstanding film and a surprising film among all the CGI crap and mindless comedies that are released.
Keep hating.
The film is not a flop, Green Zone is a FLOP as is your action hero Matt Damon.


Anything Robert Patterson, I am not moved by…honestly. And I hate Twilight just as much.
By the way I have no prejudice against a movie called Remember Me…I didn’t even know it was Robert Patterson until I read this thing.
I saw the trailer and went “Ugh…really? That’s already a stupid film.”
Sorry when you go to a school with film majors and one of your teachers pretty much teaches you how all stories in all movies go (there is an actual formula), then all movies become ruined.
We do not look at it the same way-we actually look out for camera shots, how long each shot was, what program was used for each, the sequential time for each shot to render… Shooting…everything. We even know the audience type that usually enjoys that too.
Repo Men’s performance was not embarrassing, but the ending truly bogged it down into making everyone think about the ending and only the ending and really not what the whole film was about.
As another film major said, “There’s almost never an ending that satisfies me.”
Repo Men was that ending. It just ended. Point plain blank.
There’s nothing about Remember Me that I can say I would truly ever like. The shot is already just…blegh.

ap -

oh please Remember Me had several things going against it. Several sites had leaked the Entire film including the effing ending long before it debut in theaters. Those twilighters love happy ending and they already found out their hero dies at the end. Are you really surprize they didn’t show up. The stupid critics were b!tching and moaning about 9/11 being exploited & plus they could not hide their hatred of pattinson no matter how hard they try. Combine that with Summits’ Horrible marketing campaign to pass it on as a chick flick which it isnt, I’m surprized this film made any money at all. It’s a very dark drama about familial relationships. Everybody I know who have seen the movie loved it and were moved by it. It’s a beautiful piece of art. It’s too bad most people won’t see it due to prejudice.

IK -

I agree with the first post. Instead of trying to defend Remember Me all of you RP fangirls should have gone out and watch it. With an over 2,000 screen release and the huge amount of promotion the movie had gotten, it did lousy at the box office especially compared to Twilight (it opened to what…a little over 8 Mio?). It cost 16 Mio to make and if it’s lucky it’ll make in the low 20 Mio… not a true flop but far from being a hit and definitely proof that RP can not sell a movie just based on his name unless it’s Twilight. I think RP is overexposed and overrated. A true indie hit doesn’t need close to 2,000 screens to make money…. like Paranormal Activity.

ViviLit -

Remember Me has made worldwide, until now, a little more than $ 19 million. And it still has to be released in UK and some other countries. So I guess tt will get the $30 million only with the total BO.

DVD will sell a lot, cause EVERY Robert fan that watched it and loved it will want it (and that’s a lot of people – according to BO Mojo 70% graded the movie A).

So, yes Summit will profit on it even with all the negative press propaganda and critic reviews. And let’s face it, that is mostly because of Rob presence. Without it the movie would probably be a major fail, like Green Zone (with acclaimed Matt Damon) and Repo Man (with Oscar winner Forest Withacker and acclaimed Jude Law).

Yeah, I guess we are learning that not the actor alone can make a movie a real success (If you have a very good ensemble you could be successful… But lately BO success has been more about effects and 3D than anything… Plot and acting? who cares about it when you can almost touch the pretty fake things on Alice or the pretty colorful plants and animals in Avatar :eye roll:)

Marcela -

Remember ME is an excellent movie!!!. It is definitely not a flop. The movie is beautiful and the performances are great.

Green Zone was a flop. It cost $100 million to make and according to “mh” the movie has to make what $150 million then to brake even, give me a break..

RM has already passed the $16 million figure and there are many countries that have not shown the movie yet like the UK.

So give Remember Me and Rober Pattinson a break. He was exceptional!!!!!

kes -

Why does Remember Me have to make $30mil when it only cost about $14mil to make?
It’s far from a flop it’s made it’s budget back already hasn’t it? And it hasn’t even opened in the UK and lost of other places yet.

It’s a beautiful movie with fantastic performances.

anonymous -

Remember Me is a beautiful film I hope more people go and see it cuz if they don’t there really missing out on a special movie and a terrific performance by ROBERT PATTINSON.

Sue -

You can’t count Remember Me out yet. It’s not done with all its premieres and considering how it’s done so far versus some of what else is out there it is a LONG way from a flop.

Nina -

Remember Mr still has to make 30 million to break even. That’s not gonna happen! The studios only bank around 55%. So, look at this way Summit spent 16 million and has made back around 8 million. All indications are that this is definitely a flop for Robert.

Andrea -

I really, really liked the movie, not going in expecting much but mushy romance, but I love how it wasn’t hyped up as the event to sell it, but the movie actually happened just like in real life, totally unexpected and i think about it several times a day now, how every decision that we make seems trivial but is consequential. i think it was exceptionally well done, and really brought the reality home.

bettyel -

Maybe word of mouth is getting around and people are now going to see Remember Me. It is an excellent movie, good script, well enacted, engrossing and it leaves you with lots to think about after you leave the theater. If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure you go soon before it is no longer playing. You won’t be sorry.

bettyel -

Those who haven’t seen it are missing a really good films in Remember Me. It is engrossing, well enacted and gives the viewer a lot to ponder after it ends. Go see it and take your male and female friends. I guarantee they will enjoy it.


I just saw Kristen and Taylor on the Oscars giving a presentation. It was a shame. Kristen would not smile at all. She look frowned up and mad. And of all things, she stopped in the middle of her one line and turned her head to “COUGH”!! Taylor looked like he wanted to slap her, he was soooo embarrassed.

I guess the disappointment of TYH just goes to show that it’s actually Robert Pattinson that is carrying the Twilight Saga and not her. I bet Remember Me is going to do just perfect at the box office.

Elle -

It’s sad that TYH didn’t do better but i think that just marketing Kristen wasn’t the best idea. However, I love Kristen Stewart and I will be seeing the movie next week.


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