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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Kissing, ‘Weirdo’ Twilight Actor Dream Casting

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Ramon Novarro Beyond Paradise

While Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart fall in love in this midsummer day’s dream, director David Slade is busy at work on the Twilight Saga: Eclipse score. On his Twitter page, he tweeted the following on April 15: “In London overseeing the film score with Mr Howard Shore and enjoying all the gossip flying around. Onwards to the Eclipse!!”

I’m assuming the gossip Slade was referring to has nothing to do with rumors that paired poor Robert Pattinson with Gossip Girl‘s Leighton Meester, when Pattinson wasn’t even in the country – and Pattinson and Meester have apparently never even met.

The flying gossip Slade mentioned is probably the one that took wings yesterday. According to that tale, the Eclipse director had been at odds with Summit Entertainment and was refusing to (or being prevented from) direct(ing) reshoots for Eclipse a mere few weeks before the film opens on June 30. Chris Weitz (New Moon) or Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight) might then be called in as replacements.

Shortly after that rumor began, it was officially explained that the work to be done in Vancouver had been planned a long while ago, that shooting would be very minor – “pickups” – and that Slade was definitely going to be behind the camera handling Pattinson, Stewart, and whoever else is needed.

Schedule issues may have been a concern simply because Robert Pattinson has been busy working on Bel Ami throughout Europe. He’s been in London and Budapest, where he was besieged by numerous highly enthusiastic fans. Pattinson took it all in stride, signing autographs and even speaking a few words in Hungarian.

Eclipse Twilight movie Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
Eclipse: Twilight movie Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart meadow scene photo. When I read reports that the meadow scene in David Slade’s The Twilight Saga: Eclipse would have to be reshot I found that hard to believe. The sequence, as seen in the released Eclipse movie images and teaser trailer, looks flawless in terms of ambiance and romance. True, you can’t discern the level of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s acting just by looking at the photos, but the Edward Cullen-Bella Swan chemistry feels “genuine.”

Edward and Bella’s on-screen chemistry is even more palpable in the brief meadow clip found in the Eclipse movie trailer, when Edward promises Bella he’ll love her for all eternity. (As far as I’m concerned, Jacob Black / Taylor Lautner’s promise to fight for Bella until her heart stops beating sounds more creepy than romantic. But some people may be into that sort of stuff.)

Eclipse meadow scene not to be reshot?

Now, a Summit Entertainment representative has reportedly dismissed the claim that parts of the meadow sequence would have to be reshot. The rep also added that David Slade, not rumored replacements Chris Weitz (New Moon) and Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight), would direct the brief – and, according to Summit, long pre-planned – Eclipse reshoots (or rather, “pickup shots”) some time in the next few weeks.

Adapted by Melissa Rosenberg from Stephenie Meyer’s novel, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse opens on June 30. Meyer’s Twilight Saga novels, I should add, are #5 among the “most challenged” books of 2009. “Challenged” as in books that some would like to have removed from libraries.

Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Those photos of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart at play in the fields of the Twilight are quite eye-catching. What I most like about those images is that the “pretty” scenery isn’t just “pretty” – it’s not even “just” beautiful. The lighting, the green, the different hues of the flowers all add up to something almost otherworldly – much like the romance between a human being and a vampire.

I’m not a twihard, a tweenie, a twit, or totally twisted person into interspecies affairs. What attracts me to the Twilight stories and the romance is their “forbidden” aspect; that innate fear of giving all of oneself to another being – whether he has fangs or regular canines; and even if he looks like Robert Pattinson.

I’m taking Stewart/Bella’s point of view here because that’s basically how the story works. But things aren’t easy for Pattinson/Edward, either. I never quote Shakespeare, but I think the little verse “the course of true love never did run smooth” applies here – as in life. Unless you’re very, very lucky.

Well, no wonder the beautiful image above could have come straight out of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. (Javier Aguirresarobe, who also shot New Moon, is the Eclipse cinematographer.)

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in bed together in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. There was a time, a long, long time ago, when my (and perhaps your) great-grandparents were around, probably in diapers, that a scene such as the one pictured above would have gotten movie censors foaming at the mouth.

Whether the foam would be the result of erotic desire, religious terror, or a mixture of both no one can tell. But what’s known is that such a scene would never have made the film’s final cut. That’s probably the way it still is in certain parts of the world, where a man and a woman displaying affection or desire for one another is considered abhorrent, sinful, disgusting, or worse.

But really, unless you’re a total, out-of-control prudish freak, you’ll find this Robert Pattinson-Kristen Stewart photo totally harmless. That is, unless Pattinson’s Edward Cullen decides to bite Stewart’s Bella Swan’s neck and drain all her blood. But that’s not gonna happen.

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and a few others back for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse reshoots in Vancouver sometime “in the next few weeks” when Eclipse is supposed to open on June 30 – which happens to be ten weeks away? Does that spell trouble? Well, keep on reading.

The source for this bit of news is a site called Lainey Gossip, which I was totally unfamiliar with until I read reports elsewhere quoting from it just now.

The author of the piece – there’s no byline – claims that “multiple sources have confirmed to me” that the sequences to be reshot are those showing Edward and Bella in the meadow (a great-looking scene; why would they have to reshoot that?) and “a few fight sequences.”

The article also asserts that David Slade had priorly been at odds with Summit Entertainment – now, that would be easy to believe, considering that Slade’s editor Art Jones was replaced several weeks ago by Nancy Richardson, who had edited the original Twilight film.

So, as the story went, with Slade possibly out of the picture, New Moon‘s Chris Weitz and the original Twilight‘s Catharine Hardwicke were approached to tackle the reshoots, which have been delayed because of Robert Pattinson’s schedule. Pattinson has been filming Bel Ami in Europe for the last several weeks.

In order to accommodate Pattinson’s work on Bel Ami, what initially would be shot in one week would have to be crammed into three days, with the crew working 18 hours a day. That would all take place in Vancouver.

Having said all that, another site with the name Gossip on it – and that I was just as unfamiliar with until now – Gossip Cop to be exact, says that although there will be Eclipse reshoots the rest of the story found on the other Gossip site is false.

According to The Cop, a Summit representative has stated that “the reshoot was planned for months, like it is with the majority of films.” The representative added that David Slade will be directing the reshoots and that “none of the meadow or action scenes are being reshot.”

The shoot should indeed last two-and-a-half to three days, but that’s because “very little” will be redone.

As for the rumors, The Cop quotes the Summit rep remarking, “Reports much like the one earlier today are ploys to drive traffic without any merit and without any support from the studio on what is actually going on or true.”

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart kissing Chaste love affairRobert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart kissing in ‘Twilight’: Chaste love affair for the PG-13 crowd.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart kissing: Fans’ ‘Twilight’ highlight

The image above showing Edward and Bella kissing in Twilight is a follow-up to the one posted earlier. As I explained in that article, the Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart kiss was selected as one of the 50 Greatest Movie Kisses ever in a Los Angeles Times magazine article that included films released from 1896 to 2009.

Now check out the Twilight clip below.

Similar Pattinson, different Stewart

Apart from the images of Robert Pattinson in Declan Donnellan and Nick Ormerod’s Bel Ami, he hasn’t changed much in the last two years – in terms of looks, that is. Well, except perhaps his hair style, which varies depending on when and where you see him.

But Kristen Stewart has changed a lot. Though partially obscured by the light coming from behind her in the clip above, Stewart’s Bella looks like a child in Twilight, but not so in New Moon.

‘Weirdo in the best sense’

New Moon director Chris Weitz’s most revealing remark in his brief Time essay about Robert Pattinson, one of the magazine’s 100 Most Influential People of 2010, was the following:

And though I am continually impressed by the aplomb with which he handles the hysteria, I occasionally think he would take it all back if given the chance. Because essentially, Rob, 23, is a reserved, bookish sort of specimen, a guy who’d rather spend the night at the corner table in the pub with friends – a bit of a weirdo, frankly, in the best sense.

Perhaps that’s why Pattinson was able to incarnate Edward Cullen, another “bit of a weirdo in the best sense,” so believably.

‘New Moon’: DVD hit

In the video clip above, Pattinson talks about Edward – particularly his relationship with Bella (Kristen Stewart) – in New Moon, which has recently become the second biggest DVD hit of 2010, right behind James Cameron’s Avatar.

“Edward, I think, throughout the whole series is continually making mistakes,” Pattinson begins. “He thinks he’s doing the right thing by leaving, and then I guess he realizes it’s such a stupid idea to try and run from the thing which you want, just through technical reasons.

“And trying to be reasonable and logical about love; it doesn’t really work at all. And he knows that he can’t live without her, without Bella. I think he realizes that in the end. He has a lot more strength in his faith in himself.”

The world premiere will be held at the Nokia Theatre in downtown Los Angeles on June 24. The talent involved in the film is expected to attend the event.

Eclipse Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner Bella and Jacob intimate momentEclipse with Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner: Bella and Jacob share an intimate moment.

‘Eclipse’ pickup shots: Actors in Vancouver

Speaking of Eclipse, photos of Robert Pattinson in Vancouver for the film’s pickup shots have already surfaced online. According to reports, both Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner have also arrived in town from Los Angeles.

The reshoots are supposed to last only two or three days. A Summit representative dismissed an earlier report that the stunning-looking meadow scene featuring Edward and Bella would have to be reshot.

Director David Slade, who at one point was rumored to have been ditched from the project by Summit Entertainment, flew from Britain to Canada to work on the film.

“Arrive safely on Canadian soil,” he tweeted on April 22. “The Ash Cloud Apocalypse abates.”

Howard Shore music

In a previous tweet, Slade informed his followers (with accompanying photo):

Howard Shore composer and conductor at Abbey Rd Studios with Orchestra. Our sound score recording is complete and there are no words to describe it. The film just got more exciting.

Image of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart kissing in Twilight: Summit Entertainment.

Clips of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart making out in Twilight and Pattinson discussing Edward in New Moon: Summit Entertainment.

Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner Eclipse image: Kimberley French / Summit Entertainment.

Robert Pattinson Edward Cullen Eclipse confrontation Taylor Lautner Lotsa dramaRobert Pattinson as the vampire Edward Cullen in Eclipse: Confrontation with Taylor Lautner as the werewolf Jacob Black = lotsa drama.

Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner confrontation in ‘Eclipse’

Robert Pattinson a.k.a. Edward Cullen is confronted by Taylor Lautner a.k.a. Jacob Black in one emotional moment in David Slade’s upcoming The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

“You have to consider the idea that I might be better for her than you are.” The “her” here, of course, is Kristen Stewart a.k.a. the adolescent Bella Swan, who, in order to become one with the centenarian vampire Edward, will have to undergo a radical transformation.

Needless to say, Edward isn’t too happy about what Jacob has just told him, but at the same time it’s clear that he believes – at least to a certain extent – that what he has heard has some truth to it.

Lots of vampire-werewolf-human drama ensues.

Will Edward allow Bella to become a vampire? Will Jacob allow Bella to become a vampire? Will Bella allow either Edward or Jacob to decide what is best for her?

Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart Eclipse consequencesRobert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in Eclipse trailer: Serious ‘consequences’ in case Bella Swan becomes a vampire.

Edward knows best

“I know the consequences of the choice you’re making.” That’s what Edward Cullen tells Bella Swan in a good scene found in the Eclipse trailer.

What makes this intimate moment between Robert Pattinson and fellow player Kristen Stewart so effective is that the actor, in a few seconds, quietly whispering one brief, single line, is able to convey both his deep concern and his boundless affection for the person lying next to him.

And he doesn’t even look all that great in the scene because of all that white powder on his face.

Razzie nominee

Robert Pattinson is only in his early 20s, and many have derided his acting abilities. He was even up for a Worst Supporting Actor Razzie Award earlier this year for his performance in Chris Weitz’s New Moon. (A good way for the Razzie guys to get some publicity.)

I’ve mentioned before that Kristen Stewart has matured as an actress and will probably surprise those who have found her “bland” before. I believe the same will happen when Pattinson is seen in Eclipse.

‘Eclipse’ surprise?

Also, I must admit that I’d love to see Twilight naysayers – who hate it because they see it as “chick lit” and/or “chick flick” – bite their collective, prejudiced tongues if Eclipse and its actors turn out to be at the very least moderately well-received by film critics.

If the final, official, end-all Twilight Saga: Eclipse trailer is an accurate sample of the film itself, Eclipse will be quite different from its predecessors.

While the teaser trailer released several weeks ago focused on the Edward-Bella-Jacob (Robert Pattinson-Kristen Stewart-Taylor Lautner) romance, the final trailer’s raison d’être is the war pitting the vengeful vampire Victoria and her army of new-born vampires against the Cullen clan and the werewolves. The complex romantic triangle gets short shrift here.

Clearly, that’s Summit’s marketing ploy to attract more male moviegoers; those who aren’t man enough to admit they enjoy love and romance as much as the giddiest of teen girls. And that’s most guys out there. (And, really, what sane human being doesn’t appreciate love and romance?)

Whether or not that marketing maneuver will work I don’t know. Twilight has gotten a reputation of being a “woman’s picture” (or even worse, a “girl’s picture”). Could that change by way of “sneak previews” and a trailer?

Perhaps David Slade’s name will make a difference, making the project sound more gender neutral.

One good thing about the trailer is that it does make Eclipse seem darker than previous installments. If more suspense and thrills can be added to the film, I’m all for it. On the other hand, I only hope that such an approach won’t push the drama aside. After all, the Edward-Bella-Jacob triangle is the very core of the tale. Else, Eclipse would merely be turned into an action flick like myriad others out there.

Whenever in the past I’ve expressed my hope that Eclipse would be a darker, more intense movie, I wasn’t thinking only in terms of atmosphere or a sense of dread. I particularly meant that the film should delve deeper into the darkness the permeates Bella and Edward’s love.

Hopefully, Slade, screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, and editor Nancy Richardson (who worked on the first Twilight) have managed to strike a good balance to create a profound love story that also thrills.

P.S. Someone should make a short movie about that: two closeted male romantics who accidentally meet one another at an Eclipse screening. They try to hide, horrified they will be discovered and become the laughingstock of all their beer-drinking, football-watching buddies. Before the final credits, however, they come to the realization that it’s perfectly okay to be both a guy and a romantic, whether or not they drink beer or watch football.

As seen on Access Hollywood, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson talk a little about Eclipse. Just a little. This isn’t exactly the most informative of interviews (at least in this clip; I don’t know what was edited out), as the couple of questions posed to them have nothing to do with the making of the movie, working with their fellow actors or with director David Slade, or how they would compare the Twilight movie adaptations to the Stephenie Meyer novels.

Now, credit (of sorts) must given to the interviewer for not asking Pattinson straight out if he and Stewart are an item. Instead, she takes a roundabout way that actually attempts to make a valid point: does the fact that millions of fans believe Pattinson and Stewart are off-screen lovers help the Twilight movies at the box office? What if it was revealed that Pattinson and/or Stewart was/were dating someone else? Would that affect the box office prospects of future Twilight entries? Would their on-screen romance feel less real?

Both Pattinson and Stewart reply to the question without actually answering it. (Come to think of it, we don’t get to see the wording of the question the interviewer throws at Stewart.) Stewart concluded her non-answer with the following statement: “It’s not like if I give the answer away it would make my life easier.”

Personally, I couldn’t care less whether or not they’re an item. What matters to me is what I see on screen. I just wonder if that evasiveness comes from themselves, or if they’ve been coached to act that way – neither giving out an outright “yes” nor an outright “no”; or flip-flopping here and there, if certain (usually dubious) sources are to be believed – for whatever (read: a very commercial) reason.

‘Eclipse’ cast

Besides Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, and Kristen Stewart, experiencing all this transformational drama are the following actors:

Bryce Dallas Howard. Xavier Samuel. Peter Facinelli. Elizabeth Reaser. Dakota Fanning. Kellan Lutz. Ashley Greene. Nikki Reed. Jackson Rathbone.

Billy Burke. Daniel Cudmore. Michael Welch. Jodelle Ferland. Cameron Bright. Booboo Stewart. Christian Serratos. Kirsten Prout.

Charlie Bewley. Justin Chon. Julia Jones. Alex Meraz. Sarah Clarke. Jack Huston. Chaske Spencer. Gil Birmingham. Kiowa Gordon.

Tinsel Korey. Tyson Houseman. Leah Gibson. Iris Quinn. Paul Jarrett. Justin Rain. Cainan Wiebe. Ben Geldreich. Alex Rice. Bronson Pelletier.

Best Supporting Actress Oscar nominee Anna Kendrick (Up in the Air, 2009).

Best Actress Oscar nominee Catalina Sandino Moreno (Maria Full of Grace, 2004).

Melissa Rosenberg (Twilight, New Moon) adapted this third installment of Stephenie Meyer’s bestselling literary fantasy series.

Dakota Fanning, not Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, or David Slade, will be the one introducing the final Twilight Saga: Eclipse trailer on Oprah on Friday, April 23. If there’ll be some other surprise guest, I’m not sure. But I wouldn’t be surprised.

Also, as most Twilight, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner fans probably already know by now, Teen Vogue is offering a”premiere sweepstakes” for fans to fly out to Los Angeles to attend the Twilight Saga: Eclipse premiere. (I didn’t see any mention of accommodations on the sweepstakes page, but I didn’t check out the rules and regulations section.)

Before I end this piece: James Cameron’s Avatar comes out on DVD today, Earth Day. It’ll be a big hit, I’m sure, but I’m ardently hoping that it’ll not sell nearly as many copies as The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

That’ll be a victory for “chick flicks” – I hate that term – and perhaps it’ll help to show Hollywood studios that women are not only an important but a crucial source of revenues for their movies. (Of course, I’m sure there are lots of guys who love Twilight, too, just like there are many women who loved Avatar. And I don’t mean just gay ones – in either direction. It’s just that the guys don’t have the guts to come out of the twi-closet. That’s how tough men are.)

Dakota Fanning, Kristen Stewart, The Runaways
Dakota Fanning as Cherie Currie, Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett, The Runaways.

Both Kristen Stewart’s The Runaways and Robert Pattinson’s Remember Me did better at the weekend’s box office than Sunday estimates indicated. True, neither movie starring the Twilight Saga: Eclipse lovers saw their revenues double or anything even close to that – but both added several thousand dollars to their totals. For smaller movies, that’s always welcome.

Starring Kristen Stewart as rocker Joan Jett and Dakota Fanning as Cherie Currie, The Runaways added $303K to its box office take – $18K (6 percent) more than initially estimated – according to final figures found at Box Office Mojo.

Directed and written by Floria Sigismondi, the biopic’s cume currently stands at $2.995 million. (Cost: $10m.) Though still low, the film’s per-theater average went from $1,214 to $1,250.

On the positive side, The Runaways‘s drop-off rate was a perfectly acceptable 35 percent. (Last week it had jumped a whopping 182 percent following the addition of dozens of theaters.)

Starring Robert Pattinson as an aimless, rebellious young man, Remember Me grossed $68.5K this past weekend – or $4.5K (7 percent) more than original estimates had it. Okay, so that’s nothing to write home about; but hey, if the distributors or exhibitors don’t want that money, I’ll be happy to relieve them of it.

Remember Me‘s per-theater average rose from $408 to $436. Still very low, but at least no longer the lowest per-theater average on Box Office Mojo’s chart. That dubious honor now belongs to a movie ironically called Ca$h ($98 per theater).

To date, Remember Me has grossed a total of $18.824 million at the North American box office. The romantic drama was directed by Allen Coulter, and co-stars Emilie de Ravin, Pierce Brosnan, Chris Cooper, Lena Olin, and Ruby Jerins.

Remember Me will be out on DVD on June 22.

The mighty James Bond may have gotten blind-sided by MGM’s financial woes, but apparently nothing can stop Taylor Lautner’s Stretch Armstrong. Universal, which had two major flops this spring – namely, the Paul Greengrass-Matt Damon Iraq War drama Green Zone, and the Jude Law-Forest Whitaker futuristic actioner Repo Men – is moving forward with the project.

Variety reports that Forgetting Sarah Marshall‘s Nicholas Stoller has been called in to rewrite Steve Oedekerk’s original screenplay, while Monsters vs. Aliens’ Rob Letterman will be the director of this film “version” of the Hasbro toy.

Stoller and Letterman had previously worked together on the critical and commercial bomb Gulliver’s Travels, which stars Emily Blunt, Jason Segel, Jack Black, and Amanda Peet. Gulliver’s Travels is scheduled to open in Dec. 2010.

Imagine Entertainment and Hasbro are producing Stretch Armstrong, to be distributed by Universal.

Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart romantic picture
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart romantic picture: Eclipse.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart share a quality moment in a gorgeously sunlit meadow in David Slade’s The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. The photo above is very similar to the very first one Summit released several weeks ago. There’s also a third image set in the same green field.

I believe that’s the moment when Robert Pattinson’s Edward tells Kristen Stewart’s Bella: “Isabella Swan, I promise to love you every moment forever.” Only a complete fool would want anything else out of life – whether finite or everlasting.

Javier Aguirresarobe, among whose credits are the Viggo Mortensen vehicle The Road, Woody Allen’s Vicky Cristina Barcelona, and Milos Forman’s Goya’s Ghosts, was responsible for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse‘s lush cinematography. Aguirresarobe also shot The Twilight Saga: New Moon. (Elliot Davis was the original Twilight‘s cinematographer.)

The images found in Eclipse, as seen in photos online and in the film’s trailer, look incredibly beautiful. Could that mean an Oscar nomination for Aguirresarobe in 2011? Considering the outstanding quality of his previous work, that would be some well-deserved recognition.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart share a romantic interlude in the upcoming The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. The picture above is sort of like a sequel to the previous two photos Summit released of Pattinson’s Edward Cullen and Stewart’s Bella Swan hanging out in the fields of love & romance.

Javier Aguirresarobe shot Eclipse (and The Twilight Saga: New Moon). It’s no wonder the scene looks so gorgeous, as Aguirresarobe is an excellent cinematographer.

Kristen Stewart, I should add, is on a roll. And I don’t mean rolling with Robert Pattinson and getting all covered with flower petals and grass.

Floria Sigismondi’s The Runaways, in which Stewart co-stars with fellow Twilight player Dakota Fanning, has expanded to 204 theaters. Expansions generally means more money overall, but a markedly lower per-screen averages. In the case of The Runaways, however, it meant both more cash (a 182 percent jump) for distributor Apparition and a surprisingly higher per-screen average (close to up 20 percent). That’s really good news for Kristen Stewart (and her fans) even if the expansion wasn’t nearly as wide as initially planned.

Also, Kristen Stewart was one of the worldwide trending topics on Twitter a couple of days ago thanks to her 20th birthday.

Robert Pattinson was trending too, with some announcing that he’d been handpicked by Courtney Love to play Kurt Cobain in a planned biopic of the late Nirvana performer, while others were announcing that the casting reports were untrue.

The video above contains “official” photos and screen grabs showing Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Bryce Dallas Howard, and other Twilight Saga: Eclipse actors.

Eclipse will have its world premiere at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Blvd. on June 24, 2010. The announcement – or at least one of them – was made via TheLAScene’s Twitter account about ten days ago:

“BREAKING NEWS! We have confirmation from Hollywood CofC that ECLIPSE movie premiere will be at GRAUMAN’S CHINESE THEATER 6/24/10!!
On June 24-25, Hollywood Blvd between Highland Ave. & Orange Dr will be closed, specifically for @Twilight Saga: #Eclipse premiere.”

CofC is the local Chamber of Commerce. The Chinese Theatre is right next to where the Oscars are held each year. They’ve been hosting Hollywood premieres since the late 1920s.

Update: The Eclipse world premiere will be held at the Nokia Theatre in downtown Los Angeles on June 24.

If you’re a Twilight, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, director David Slade, author Stephenie Meyer, Edward Cullen, Bella Swan, Jacob Black, vampire, werewolf, etc. etc. fan, follower, or enthusiast – or if you’re just curious to see what the fuss is all about – make sure to get there early.

Ah, a partial lunar eclipse will take place on June 26, the first of two lunar eclipses in 2010. It’ll be visible in parts of Asia, Australia, and North and South America.

The Twilight Saga Eclipse Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in bed
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in bed. Above are The Twilight Saga stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in bed in David Slade’s upcoming Eclipse, the third installment in the Twilight movie series. This picture of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen lying together is quite a bit more intense than the others we’ve seen so far. Well, maybe not that intense. Bella looks pretty well covered up, while Edward has his T-shirt on.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse: More male-oriented?

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is supposed to be a darker, more complex take on the Bella-Edward-Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) story. There are weird deaths in Seattle, while the mean-spirited vampire Victoria (Bryce Dallas Howard, replacing Rachelle Lefevre) is out to get Bella, who, for her part, must decide between the vampire Edward and the shapeshifting werewolf Jacob. Either way, war may break out between vampires and werewolves, and/or between good vampires and bad vampires. Not to mention the fact that the fearsome Volturi Clan may be after the kindhearted Cullen Clan as well.

Best known for Hard Candy and 30 Days of Night, David Slade is supposed to have brought lots of action to The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, as Summit Entertainment wants more guys in theaters.

Bryce Dallas Howard Victoria Twilight
Bryce Dallas Howard Victoria: Twilight Eclipse. Last year, Bryce Dallas Howard, the star of Lars von Trier’s Manderlay and Jodie Markell’s The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond, replaced Rachelle Lefevre in the role of Victoria in the upcoming The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. According to reports, Lefevre left the franchise because of “scheduling conflicts.”

Victoria, a role originally offered to Howard in the first, Catherine Hardwicke-directed Twilight movie, is the vindictive vampire out to get Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart). But why Bella of all people? Because Victoria blames Bella’s “boyfriend,” the lovestruck vampire Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), for the death of her boyfriend, the cruel vampire James (Cam Gigandet). A neck for a neck, as the old saying goes.

Bryce Dallas Howard replacing Rachelle Lefevre

“We are incredibly happy that Bryce has agreed to come into the franchise,” Summit Entertainment’s Erik Feig was quoted as saying at the time Howard joined the Twilight Saga troupe.

“Rachelle brought Victoria to great screen life and Bryce will bring a new dimension to the character. The franchise is lucky to have such a talented actress as Bryce coming in to fill the role.”

According to screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, Howard initially declined to play Victoria because she felt the role in the original Twilight was too small. But Victoria has been beefed up quite a bit since.

While doing promotion for The Runaways back in March, Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning talked about the on-the-set differences between The Twilight Saga: New Moon, directed by Chris Weitz, and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, directed by David Slade.

All two films and the first installment, Twilight, directed by Catherine Hardwicke, featured Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner.

“I feel like the difference on the third one is that we all are so used to going back to this story that we fell right back into it,” Stewart told Cinematical. “… We were so comfortable with these characters that we have established a dynamic with the cast and the producers, and we would just sort of do our thing.”

Fanning says she spent about three days working on each installment of the Twilight Saga franchise, appearing at the end of filming in both New Moon and Eclipse.

In The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Kristen Stewart has to deal with a lot of difficult stuff, from being the object of desire of both a loving vampire (Robert Pattinson) and a determined werewolf (Taylor Lautner), to worrying about graduation while keeping her neck unbitten and in place – as there’s a vengeful vampire (Bryce Dallas Howard) out to get her.

Stewart, as attested by her reviews for both Welcome to the Rileys and The Runaways – not to mention Adventureland – has clearly matured as an actress. Many have complained that her Bella Swan is “mopey” and “bland,” but I do believe that those who have put her Bella down in the past will be surprised when they see her next in Eclipse.

At least in Hard Candy, Eclipse‘s David Slade has shown himself a fantastic actors’ director. Ellen Page, in particular, received raves for her performance in that film. It’s hard to judge just by looking at the teaser trailer, but to me Stewart’s Bella sounds more mature – even if her look is the same as in previous films.

My only fear for Eclipse is that Summit may opt to keep things as they’ve been because they believe that that’s what their (target teen) audience wants. I think that could make any successful franchise go stale.

But perhaps I’m wrong, after all the Harry Potter movies continue to be as successful as ever even though they’ve generally maintained the same look and feel. Personally, I believe that a little more darkness, a little more depth, and a little more mood would enhance the next Twilight installment.

Taylor Lautner shirtless in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse helps to advance the film’s plot in a number of ways: a) you can see why Kristen Stewart’s Bella may wonder if a werewolf might be more enticing than a vampire b) it shows that Lautner’s Jacob represents earthiness and sexual desire while Robert Pattinson’s thin, white-faced Edward represent etherealness and spiritual love c) it shows that Jacob may be young but he’s a man. In other words, you can lust after him without feeling guilty.

Lautner was the recent favorite movie actor winner at the Kids’ Choice Awards held in Los Angeles last weekend. He also shared with Kristen Stewart the best on-screen couple award.

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner fans will be able to watch the final version of the Twilight Saga: Eclipse trailer on Friday, April 23. On Oprah.

The announcement was made via Twitter by the official Twilight Twitpage. After watching the final preview of Eclipse on Oprah, Twilight fans have been invited to “visit our social networks … to chat live with surprise guests from the cast! More details to come…”

I don’t know what’s this deal between Oprah and Twilight. Last November she got Stephenie Meyer to talk about the series. And as reported on, last week Oprah asked its viewers: “Are you or your kids obsessed with the Twilight series?… Tell us how the Twilight series has inspired you or your family!”

For the time being, it’s unclear who will show up on Oprah. But the woman seems to be so powerful she may well make the Icelandic volcanic ash dissipate just so David Slade (currently in England as per his last tweet) and Robert Pattinson (in London or Budapest or somewhere in Europe) will come pay their respects on her show.

Robert Pattinson Italian Vanity Fair

So, Robert Pattinson isn’t fit to play Kurt Cobain (see further below). I agree. On the other hand, I believe that Pattinson would be perfect for the role of Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights.

The anti-Pattinson, anti-Twilight crowd can laugh as much as they want. But nobody broods better than Robert Pattinson, and Emily Brontë’s Heathcliff is the broodingest of all brooding literature heroes. (Okay, so Pattinson is brooding above on the cover of the Italian Vanity Fair, but so what? One broods where one can.)

I’m assuming there’s absolutely no chance whatsoever that Andrea Arnold (replacing Peter Webber who had replaced John Maybury), currently working on another film adaptation of Brontë’s doomed love tale, will even consider Pattinson for the role of Heathcliff.

Too young? Too inexperienced? Too light-skinned? Too associated with Twilight? But with the right handling, I believe that Pattinson would be a brilliant Heathcliff. The intensity, the unpredictability, the danger are all there. True, his hair and features would have to be darkened some – but that’s what make-up artists are for. If they can make his face paler so he’ll look like Edward Cullen, they can also make it darker so he’ll look like Heathcliff.

Ironically, Robert Bernstein, one of the producers of the new film version, has actually told The Guardian that the new Wuthering Heights (adaptation by Olivia Hetreed) is getting off the ground thanks to the Twilight effect. (Wuthering Heights is one of Bella’s favorite books. “If all else perished, and he remained, I should still continue to be; and if all else remained, and he were annihilated, the universe would turn to a mighty stranger.”)

“It’s clearly in the zeitgeist,” Bernstein remarked. “Why is anybody’s guess, but people are absolutely obsessed with this doomed, romantic love that can only be achieved beyond death, or in the case of Twilight, by becoming a vampire.”

As per the Guardian piece, current possibilities to play Heathcliff’s love, the willful Cathy, are Abbie Cornish, Natalie Portman, and Gemma Arterton. I’d opt for either of the first two. (Kaya Scodelario will play Cathy. See below)

Gossip Girl‘s Ed Westwick was supposed to play Heathcliff, at least when Peter Webber was to direct the project. Nothing against Westwick, but is he (at 22) more mature than Robert Pattinson? Does he look more like Brontë’s dark – in spirit as much as in looks – hero? What about another previously mentioned possibility, Michael Fassbender? (Fassbender could actually be a good Heathcliff, too; that is, with the help of those talented make-up artists).

According to more recent reports, Arnold has been looking for an unknown – possibly of “gypsy” (Romany) origin. Personally, I believe looks are less important here than character, depth, and the ability to convey an enticing mix of passion and madness. After all, Heathcliff is a literary figure, not a historical one.

Former movie Heathcliffs include Laurence Olivier, Ralph Fiennes (did he look like Brontë’s hero?), and Timothy Dalton. Former Cathys include Merle Oberon, Juliette Binoche, and Anna Calder-Marshall.

Addendum: As a couple of commenters have remarked, Kaya Scodelario has been chosen to play Cathy. After the announcement in early April, Scodelario posted the following via Twitter: “im gonna be in the new Wuthering Heights film! as cathy! should probs read the book… start filming next month,cant wait!” Now, that really sounds like Brontë’s Cathy.

Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson kissing Twilight
Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in Twilight.

April 16 update: Courtney Love has told The Canadian Press that rumors about Robert Pattinson having been handpicked to play Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain were “stupid.”

“Isn’t that so stupid, who would cast him?” Love remarked. “That’s just wrong, no offence (to Pattinson).”

“I watched the Twilight stuff very, very recently and I get it, it resonates with the teenaged girl in me, I understand epic love of that nature; I write about it all the time.

“But isn’t that silly?”

Love then went on to say that she could see either Ryan Gosling or James McAvoy as Cobain.

Whoever lands the role – and in case the movie ever does get made – Love added that she would likely never get to see it because it would be too painful to sit through.

Robert Pattinson: From Spider-Man to Kurt Cobain to … The next rumor is unclear. Robert Pattinson as Lord Nelson? Othello? Woody Allen?

The Internet has been abuzz with rumors about the casting of the Twilight Saga and Remember Me star as the Nirvana lead. The source for the nonsense was, as so often happens, a British tabloid.

According to the tabloid, Kurt Cobain’s widow, rocker Courtney Love, had contacted Pattinson to play the her deceased husband. Love also wanted Scarlett Johansson (not Kristen Stewart!) to play herself. (That’s totally weird, since Stewart reaped loads of praise for her Joan Jett in The Runaways released last month.)

Love’s manager has denied the rumor about the Pattinson-Johansson casting, adding that “I’m not sure [Courtney Love] knows who R-Pattz is, but he sure is cute.”

Reportedly, Universal is planning to produce a Cobain biopic to be tentatively called Heavier Than Heaven. Casting remains a mystery.

Robert Pattinson Remember Me image: Myles Aronowitz / Summit Entertainment.

Robert Pattinson Twilight photo
Dakota Fanning Eclipse
Robert Pattinson in Twilight photo (or Eclipse photo, as per reports).

Is the Robert Pattinson photo above from Twilight or The Twilight Saga: Eclipse? The image was published in a French magazine (something purportedly called “Dark Magazine”? I couldn’t find it online), which featured an article about Pattinson, Remember Me (which opened in France about 10 days ago), and the upcoming Eclipse.

Note: The piece must have been published a while back, as the Pattinson photo’s caption text mentions the possibility that the trailer for Eclipse would be aired during the Oscar broadcast – which took place about six weeks ago.

The Pattinson image was scanned by ROBsessed, along with several other images including the French Eclipse poster. (In France, the film will be called Hésitation; as far as I know, the word for eclipse in French is éclipse. Not sure why it has been renamed hesitation, unless it’s giving viewers a hint about what Bella goes through…)

Anyhow, several commenters on another blog have remarked that the Pattinson photograph is from the original Twilight: first there’s the hair, then the car. Or vice-versa.

Moving on … The final Eclipse trailer will be shown today on Oprah. Dakota Fanning will be introducing it, though there may be other “surprise” guests at Oprah’s Twilight party as well. Kristen Stewart, perhaps? Or perhaps not.

And finally, according to several online reports, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn still has no start date (though fall of ’10 has been bandied about), no director (Bill Condon was the latest name “almost attached” to the project), and no one knows (as far as we know) if Breaking Dawn will be one or two movies, in 2D or 3D or some other yet-to-be-invented format.

Kristen Stewart seductive Eclipse posterKristen Stewart Eclipse poster: Seductive come hither look.

Kristen Stewart ‘Eclipse’ poster

Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan in her personal Eclipse poster looks just as serious as Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen in his personal poster. (See further below.) Bella, however, seems a little more blasé – or perhaps a little more lost – than Edward. It could also be that that’s her seductive, “come hither” look; what’s unclear is whom she is actually looking at/inviting: Edward or Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner)?

But then again, if you had…

  • A mean vampire who wants you very, very dead (Bryce Dallas Howard’s Victoria).
  • A handsome and caring lover who happens to be both a centenarian vampire and adamant that he will not have sex with you (Edward).
  • A “special friend” who happens to be both very good-looking and a hot-blooded werewolf (Jacob).
  • And, to top it all of, both your school finals and a whole bunch of bloodthirsty newborn vampires are fast approaching…

How would you look?

At least Bella is still standing. For now.

Robert Pattinson uncomfortable Eclipse posterRobert Pattinson Eclipse poster: Uncomfortable much?

Robert Pattinson poster

Robert Pattinson can be seen above in his own private Eclipse poster. Pattinson’s Edward Cullen looks none too comfortable, but if you had to fight off a bloodthirsty vampire (Victoria again) and her army of newborns, in addition to trying to keep a hunky, shirtless werewolf (Jacob) away from your human love (Bella) – whose life you may destroy because of that very love … Well, how would you look if you were in his shoes?

Perhaps a little less ashen-faced? Those people at Summit must learn to go easy on all that vampire mascara.

Ashley Greene Nikki Reed Elizabeth Reaser Eclipse She-vampiresNikki Reed, Ashley Greene and Elizabeth Reaser Eclipse character poster: She-vampires.

Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed and Elizabeth Reaser ‘Eclipse’ character poster

Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, and Elizabeth Reaser are the stars of the Eclipse poster seen above. They’re the three Cullen women, blood(-drinking) “relatives” of Robert Pattinson’s Edward Cullen.

Ashley Greene, who, along with fellow Cullen family member Kellan Lutz, recently caused a furor because of difficult contract negotiations, plays Alice Cullen. Alice is the family’s perky, clairvoyant, fashion conscious vampire.

Nikki Reed is Rosalie Hale, the snotty vampire who would give it all to be human again so as to be able to procreate, grow old, get some horrible disease, die, and turn to fertilizer. Rosalie both resents and envies Kristen Stewart’s human Bella Swan. (Well, things take a different turn somewhat in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.)

Elizabeth Reaser is Esme Cullen, the mother figure who was saved from death by being turned into a vampire. The pacifist vampire Dr. Carlisle Cullen (Peter Facinelli) “converted” Esme – and found himself a soulmate in the process.

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson together
Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson are both more mature and ready for Eclipse

Kristen Stewart, who turned 20 just a couple of weeks ago, has recently told Entertainment Weekly that Twilight‘s Bella Swan will be different in the upcoming The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

“I wasn’t as tortured as I was on New Moon,” Stewart explains. “Bella really knows what she wants in Eclipse. She’s not just a dumb kid talking because she’s in love.”

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about a “more mature Bella.” Stewart’s remarks (which, in all honesty, I’ve just read) seem to confirm my expectations. Also, there was an 11-month gap between filming Twilight in April 2008 and New Moon in early 2009. According to, Eclipse began shooting less than two months later.

Between the first and second Twilight films, Stewart worked on at least one project, Welcome to the Rileys; it must have been hard going from an abused, foul-mouthed pole dancer-sex worker back to Bella Swan in New Moon. The Runaways, which earned Stewart quite a bit of praise for her portrayal of rocker Joan Jett, was shot in summer ’09, after New Moon but before Eclipse.

It must have been equally tough for Stewart to go from Joan to Bella as well. But on the other hand, roles such as those in Welcome to the Rileys and The Runaways surely have made her become a stronger actress – and all that even before she turned 20. (Carey Mulligan has been announced as the probable Lisbeth Salander in the Hollywood remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, but I do wish that Stewart had gotten the role. Addendum: According to an online report, the Mulligan story has been denied by Tattoo producer Scott Rudin.)

Anyways, even with another, radically different role sandwiched between New Moon and Eclipse, a relatively brief hiatus – seven weeks – is excellent for an actor. It’s not as repetitive as doing a stage play every night, when you have to “freshen up” your character for every performance so it won’t come across as a mechanical creation. And it’s much better than playing the same character again months later, after the actor has gone totally “cold.”

Once that happens, it’d be like having to start things from scratch. The actor will have to find his/her character’s emotional/psychological place once again, and that can’t be too easy. Again, not that it was a piece of cake to go from Joan Jett to Bella Swan; but at least Bella was fresher in Stewart’s mind and, who knows, maybe she brought some of Jett’s determination to her Bella in Eclipse. That would be excellent, I think.

But once Breaking Dawn begins shooting in the fall, Stewart, Pattinson, and everybody else will basically have to bring back to life characters they left behind about a year earlier. Now, that must be tough. It’s a good thing the two leads are much more experienced now.

I expect the performances, especially those of Stewart and Robert Pattinson, to be much superior in Eclipse. Both have grown a lot as actors since the first Twilight was shot two years ago.

I believe Taylor Lautner will be better, too, but to date his only film work since Twilight has been a supporting role in the all-star Valentine’s Day. So, it’s harder to tell how much he has matured as a performer.

But I can tell for a fact that Lautner has certainly matured in terms of looks. He no longer looks like a boy. He looks like a man.

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, and Elizabeth Reaser The Twilight Saga: Eclipse images: Kimberley French / Summit Entertainment.

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Swarnima -

U wrote exactly what I thought after watching New Moon. I also think Bella is also stupid in that way that she believed him and said “u don’t want me anymore..!” I felt pity 4 Jacob if he let Bella talk 2 Edward on phone.. den she might be wid him…No probs! that’s why we’ve another movie in series. :D

Ur Posts are hilarious, interpretative, creative and interesting. TC :)

Barbie -

robert edward te iubesc

bettyel -

Robert Pattinson is the most gorgeous, sexy guy around today and a good actor besides. Even looking intense or unhappy, he is still quite a hunk. Between bedroom eyes, wish I could run my hands through hair and rugged features, he is a knockout. If I weren’t a grandmother and happily married for 48 years, I’d have the cutout of the above in my bedroom. But I’ll settle for the poster on my computer.

Mitch -

Oh my!i really really like the post of robert going crazy waiting the twilight eclipse to shown in all cinemas.

stephanie eltran -

I think they are starting to use to much white makeup on robert! Dont get me rong I love the twilight saga! but it makes him look old go back to the more natural look like in the first film! DONT LET MONEY GET TO YOUR HEAD TWILIGHT DIRECTORS!



nikki -

I remember that this site didn’t exactly agree with the negative reviews. Thinking back at these months, RM did great in Western Europe, considering the fact that it was realeased among some big 3D blockbusters and that it had a very controversal ending. It did better than other romantic comedies as Dear John and The bounty hunter. Of course I have the dvd and saw the movie many times and even like it more than the first time I saw it. I do hope it’s gonna be a sleeper.

jojo -

big fan your acting skills are amazing like it’s soo true you succesfully make us feel happy when ever you say or do something like you really mean it thanx for giving us that good feeling that special feeling that tells us there is still good people out there …. your biggest fan jOjO <3

miss m -

stretch, Taylor, stretch!!!

Alejandra Barriere -

you look hot in the movie you are the best

Alejandra Barriere -

Hi you look hot in the picture



Teresa Ann Martindale -

Thank u for the memories…i have thouroughly enjoyed the twilight saga…im a twihard fan. So sad it is over

Carol lamb -

I only watched the twighlight saga and breaking dawn one month ago. Also watched bel ami and water for elephants and think he is turning in to a great actor. He will keep getting better and better the more gritty roles he gets to play. I am a 42 year old woman and think he would make a brilliant christian Gray too.

Jessica Williams -

amazing! i loved her in this movie too. as well as breaking dawn. plz watch it

Chris -

You have to suspend belief to transcend it. Critics can knock all they want. The Twilight saga made billions, gave audiences some brand new faces, got Meyer out of the house at last and — more importantly, transported audiences away from the tragedy that is the Kardashians, and the appalling, numbing, opiate of mundanity itself.

Twilight et al brought to the fore genuinely, fresh, new talent and some beautifully nuanced performances from many in the cast. And yes, Robert Pattinson is one of them.

lil lill -

He is so hottie!!!!!!!!!

psycodelicaVix -

nooooo !!!! he should not be heathcliff !! that would be an abomination !!!!

???????? ?????? -

Cute **

patzi -

as i get older i love kissing and edward can kiss…..funny the things that are important…..i have enjoyed the books and pictures and wish all of them much success

Astrid -

I hate this. There are many many reasons why Pattinson shouldn’t ever play one of my favourite characters of all times. But the top two are:
1. Ruining the most beautiful novel in the history of novels. Twilight has ruined enough books for me to count, but ruining Wuthering Heights it’s a bit over the top.
2. If he does get this role, and even if he doesn’t, 99% of this world population will be watching this because they either want to see Pattinson, or because they mention this masterpiece in Twilight. I can just hear them saying “OMG! Bella and Edward’s favourite book!” Now, I may in fact only be 14 years old, but I know what Wuthering Heights is, and I won’t let Twilight ruin one more thing that’s actual literature .

marwa -

robert [No]

RockFan -

@Zoe – I so agree with you. The first movie is my favorite by far because of the feel and look of it and the flow of the story. To me, it’s art and the best of all by far. At this point, I still watch it 1-2 times a month. I also bought NM, but I’ve only watched it twice and may never watch it again. Of course, I’ll buy Eclipse, and I did enjoy the movie, but I doubt I’ll watch it more than once or twice because Edward is so obviously caked with that ridiculous white makeup. Who wouldn’t notice that? Edward was not caked with white makeup in the first film. Why in the world make him look like a caricature in the next films? Bella is naturally really pale herself. Edward is not much paler than she is–like in the first film. That’s how he should have stayed, with maybe a bit less bouffant to his hair. Robert Pattinson is already stunning–he doesn’t need pounds of makeup to pull off Edward. He proved that the first film. Please, please, please, I sure hope they don’t dip him in the powder vault for Breaking Dawn. That’s my favorite book of the series and I want to be able to watch the two movies over and over and over. TO BD PRODUCERS: 1) LOVE STORY IS PRIMARY (chemistry is obviously a given); 2) EDWARD IS STUNNING, PALE, & LUMINESCENT–NOT CAKED WITH WHITE POWDER. Thank you.

Zoe -

OH I agree the screenplay really butchered the book! I think Robert is perfect as Edward. my fav scenes of him in Eclipse are the tent scene (ooo self-sacrificial love) and the proposal scene (such passion yet such a gentleman!!) But they got to stop putting so much white powder on him! And shave his sideburns! this whole movie franchise got to go back to catherine hardwick’s bluish ethereal moody lighting and keep the tone of the first twilight movie movie. Eclipse has just become some silly action flick. The makeup and hair in Eclipse was just ridiculous (fire the team please and bring back their Twilight looks!) And how can Edward be beaten so easily like that, it’s ridiculous. New Moon was worse.

Gemo -

I loved Edward Cullen from the very beginning :D
I am so Team Edward when it comes to the books but when it comes to the movies… Well, it’s a toughie :)
Team Edward most of the way!

Btw: Books way better than movies and should’ve stayed that way! Books. Only!

Maeve -

Richard Armitage would be PERFECT for the role!

Bia -

It’s a joke, isn’t it? The people who believe Pattinson would be perfect for Heathcliff’s role make me laugh! =A= After playing in Twilight, this guy has become the love’s hero of all stories! Change your mind, please!! O___O

nikki -

live a little people stop staying stuck to the movies typcasting. enjoy you new found freedom from the series,go with who you want to go with. the fans are cool with it.

vero -

hey pattz dont feel obligated to come home to anyone you dont want to come home to ok,its your life,you dont have to cater to anyone,not even your oldtime friends. ok. we can live without your love and friendship,while your off growing up in the hectic biz,ok. we will always be your friends,dont worry.

nikki -

i think they are sick to make it a offscreen romance just to please the fans! they are single and should enjoy going out with whoever they wish to go out with,not just stay together for the media and the fans,bella should go with jacob black for real if anything,instead of the obvious of going with,but i guess thats the biz they are in,anything for the money,right?! how sick.

debbs -

Right On to your Grandma SEE your never to OLD to in joy love I am a grandma to And LOVE ROBERT PATTINSON and love him even more with KRISTEN And the movies COULD be better they left out to much E/B and put to much of B/J in it. The books about Edward and Bella not Bella and Jacob I hope that Miss Melissa gets her sh*T TOGETHER before B.D. and yes i have read the books more then 3 times all 4 of them and im reading B.D again right now

jenny -

…..and when asked about R n K being an item, she always say “of course sweetheart they are.” “How do you know?” we asked. She answered, “honey, you’re talking to a pro.” OMG! A TWIDEST!

jenny -

BTW, we named her the TWIDEST! The hardest and the oldest!

jenny -

whoaaaa!! Guys, forget about screenplay and everything! Let’s just watch our movie! Shall we?

Have the world really gone crazy over Robert Pattinson? My grandma wants a 42-inch plasma, so that she could have a giant HD version of Rob and Twilight!

dahlia anderson -

oh my god!!!! Edward and Bella are making me nervous i cant wait for eclipse to release these two are making me impatient!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yulia -

I luv robbert pattinson,when u come to indonesia? I like this picture so u

Trish -

Good point Sharon. In fact nothing would make me happier than Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart being replaced for the final two movies because I am so tired of their faces and names. I’m an oldie as well and the studios use to make their married stars show up at parties, dinners, dancing (without their wives) with their co-stars. I honestly believe these kids have messed around but now Summit uses them to get these little girls into a frenzy (I personally think Summit has screwed over all the other actors and is pimping out Krisen and Robert). I find it amazing that Taylor is so clean that he doesn’t get all this pyschotic stuff hapening to him. Taylor’s fans are better behaved as well
I personally don’t see any chemistry between Edward and Bella. I saw Twilight and I hadn’t read the book ( I have read all the books about four times now) and had to ask my daughter if Bella was supossed to like Edward. In New Moon the only chemistry I saw was with Jacob and that’s because Jacob actually has some acting skills.

heather -

Thanks Bettyel, you are not crazy for having robs pic above your desk your husband just might know the lust we all have will rob its ok. thats funny.

bettyel -

Belle, I too really wish Stephenie would complete Midnight Sun. Maybe she could cover more than just Twilight in Midnight Sun and extend it to also cover New Moon. She once said her Mother wanted her to finish it, but she was tired of the series. Then she comes out with a novella about Bree that will be published (and made free on the net) in early June. So, maybe there is hope for Midnight Sun. Wish there was a way to contact her and let her know how many fans are waiting for Midnight Sun.

caitlyn jepson -

I agree, although my word for most of their kissing scenes is unevidabley EPIC….

Belle -

I agree – just as an author has to think through the plot so that it is plausible and cohesive so should the script writer. Perhaps because they originally aimed Twilight at a young audience they thought these little details would go unnoticed. They didn’t allow for older, equally obsessed fans! Regardless of these shortcomings I still enjoy watching both Twilight and New Moon and am sure I will enjoy Eclipse as well. As to my favourite book in the series it fluctuates as there are key scenes and dialogue in each that I read again and again because they resonate with me. I wish we could somehow convince Stephenie Meyer to complete Midnight Sun and also write the rest of the series from Edward’s perspective. Imagine some of the intimate moments in his words, the confrontation with Victoria, Bella’s pregnancy, changing Bella to a vampire etc. It would be so interesting!!!!

bettyel -

You’re right about the Cullns at the prom. Also Edward should have been able to read Victoria’s mind at the prom and if he didn’t want to alarm Bella, he should at least have clued his family in to what she was thinking. No, Melissa Rosenberg used this to connect Twilight to New moon and I understand her doing this for the cliffhanger, but when you stray from the book, it still has to make sense in the context of the story. For example, she could have had Victoria somewhere else looking at a photo of Bella etc.

Belle -

Guys maybe we are overthinking and analysing this – maybe Victoria at the Prom was just a crowd filler and they thought none of us would notice her????? Considering how obssessed we all are that was a vain hope LOL. It’s either that or they didn’t think it through because the Cullens should have both seen her and smelt her!!!! They should have read the books more thoroughly – like we did………several times! LOL

bettyel -

Heather, forgot to tell you that Eclipse will debut in the US on June 30th at midnight. Rob, Kris, Tayler and Dakota will be on Oprah on May 13th and Rob will be on Ellen on May 19th. There will be many many more personal appearances scheduled in May and June to promote Eclipse in the near future.

bettyel -

Heather, I can’t decide whether my favorite book is Twilight, or Breaking Dawn. I love the wedding and both honeymoons in B.D., but I also love the getting to know each other in Twilight.I cannot reread any of the books without putting the actors’ faces on the characters. Rob and Kristen and Taylor are so perfect for their roles as are most of the other actors. I am so crazy about Rob’s looks (and acting) that I have his picture as the wallpaper on my cell, and a photo of him over my desk. My husband thinks I have gone crazy.

heather -

that makes sence. Mabye they did see her and didnt want to tell bella because that would worry her.
when is the Eclipse coming out? waht is your favorite book in the saga?

Heather Gawn- Miller -

that makes total sence. they should of saw her. thank you for pionting that out to me. I wonder if mabye they did see her but did not think she was a threat at that point and did not want to scare bella. i also do think that be are being to over reactive to the acting and the screen writer. that is the best thing out all of that on this web page. thanks. that doesnt make me feel like a total fool. what is your favorite book by the way? mine is breaking dawn. i hope the movie is just as good as the book was. LOL. Do you happen to know when they will release Eclipse? Please let me know.

?????????????????? -

twilight for sure

Belle -

Please don’t get me wrong – I love the movies and have watched each of them so many times it would be embarrassing to admit to just how many!!! And the fact that they will probably leave out or drastically alter some of my favourite scenes from Eclipse will not deter me from going to see the movie as I think both Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson embody their roles. It would be difficult to imagine anyone else in their parts now. In regards to Victoria at the Prom – shouldn’t the Cullens have been able to smell her?

bettyel -

Heather, you are right and that was why they showed Victoria at the prom. My problem is that it was ridiculous that neither Edward nor Alice saw her there. She was bending over the punch or food table first, and then she was shown on the stairs at the very end. If you are going to insert a scene that isn’t in the book, it needs to be plausible don’t you agree. I loved both movies (and all the books) and am eagerly awaiting the release of Eclipse. Overall, I think Melissa Rosenberg did a very good job of bringing the first two books to the screen. Too many people are way too critical of both her and the acting of Rob and Kristen, which I also thought was excellent.

Heather Gawn- Miller -

i think that the prom scene in th movie with victoria was put there for us to know that she was still around waiting for revenge. that makes the most sence right? i mean edward killed her love so of course she would be around to watch and see what the best way to avenge her love would be.

Heather Gawn- Miller -

why should there be a new screen writer? the movie was good no matter what was missing from it. do you not agree with me? i loved it.

heather -

they do show a lot of scenes thow that were important. does that not matter? i think the screne writer did great! the movie was just fine the way it was. yeah they did miss some stuff but wasnt the movie great altogether?

GShag -

I have to agree…I miss my favorit scenes in the book…I would have loved to see the bit where Edward holds Bella on his lap in Italy while the wait for the sun to go down before they’re allowed to leave…I would have loved to see Robert and Kristen portraying that love and longing…ahhh…sigh…as well as the bedroom scene after they come home from Italy!! Ooooh…that should have been in the movie..I can just imagine Rob and Kris…YUM!!!…

bettyel -

I agree with you and had never thought about that. The scene of Victoria and Riley having Edward in a headlock doesn’t even appear in the book. Another thing I have often wondered about takes place at the prom in Twilight. How come Edward (and Alice and Jaspar) don’t see Victoria at the prom? It never happened in the book, and made no sense in the movie except at the lead-in for New Moon.

Belle -

I have a different gripe with the screenplay – it really irks me that they have Edward bested in a fight against Felix of the Volturi. Edward’s character as written by Stephenie Meyer’s can read minds and knows the moves his opponent’s will make as soon as they decide to make them. He would, therefore, be very difficult to best in a fight. I’m hoping that still photo realised for Eclipse showing Victoria and Riley having him in a headlock is cut and doesn’t make it into the final movie.
The author has an advantage over a director or an actor – they can use as many words as they want to describe a look, character or scene whereas the actor or director may only have a moment of screen time to convey it. Still it’s hard when favourite scenes or snippets of dialogue from the books are omitted!!

Alt Film Guide -


Thanks for letting us know about the Hollywood Elsewhere report.

The original John Harlow article was posted in the “Sunday Times.” That *should* be a reputable (and reliable) source.

Addendum: Just read a Hollywood Elsewhere update. Apparently producer Scott Rudin says that the Carey Mulligan rumor is false…

to Ross -

If its so unappealing then why read it and comment at all? I love KStew. Only real actress in the cast..along with anna though too of course. I cant wait for her to be free of twilight. Its so poorly written.


Carey is not The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and there is no evidence that Kristen Stewart nor Carey Mulligan auditioned. The rumor about George Clooney being on board is also false. Brad Pitt is the new name for the male lead. Scott Rudin, the producer of the film has denounce the Carey Mulligan Casting. I just wanted to point that out so some snarky person won’t come here and bash you guys. I love this website.

CameronTipley -

You may not like Twilight, but it has cemented itself into the landscape of popular culture. It is a phenomenon all around the world. I recently went to Tokyo and there were grown men talking about Eclipse. Hollywood knows where the money is. The rumor is that Bill Condon, who is an Oscar winning writer, is going to direct the last movie. Summit has the money and prestige to pick from a list of highly acclaimed directors. No one is saying that Stephanie Meyers is the greatest author ever, but she did create a fandom that shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Twilight is no longer a joke. After the last film made over seven hundred million on a budget of fifty million, and then sold four million DVD’s in one day, Hollywood took extreme notice. Directors, studios, and writers even use the Twilight casts names to get their projects talked about. Kristen Stewart is an amazing actress. I have no doubt that she will do justice to Bella. Robert Pattinson is growing as an actor. He should be given points for spouting those cheesy lines while forced to sparkle and try to look menacing. Taylor Lautner seems like a good future action film star. He won’t ever be lauded for acting, but he’ll get butts in the theater seats. The Twilight films are the only movies that can turn haters into fans. David Slade once made fun of the franchise. A few years later, he got the job for this film and look how he talks now.

Ross Tipograph -

I find this article terribly unappealing, and I hope this won’t be flagged as “rude/crass remark” just because I am stating a reader’s opinion.

I doubt many fans of this organized, meticulous site will care much for how two of today’s most stale young leading actors will progress in the continuation of a movie series that is more or less known as one of the biggest jokes in the current filmmaking industry.

Perhaps this article is suited better for

Selene -

Fantastic article!

I agree 100% with you and also hope she has managed to bring a bit of Joan Jett’s persona for Bella. However, as we see the low level of work done in the first two films by the screenwriter Melissa, I don’t have hope that she has improved, allowing Kristen may have had more room to Bella interpretation in Eclipse.

Kristen’s Bella is magnificent, even admired by the author Stephanie Meyer. Bella is less weak, more resolute. Less helpless victim. Like Kristen said in an interview, Bella is who controls the relationship with Eduard. Until now Kristen has not had much to lean on to grow Bella’s persona.

It made me remember a small sign that stood in the living room in the house of couple of friends. He was retired Admiral and married for more than 50 years. The plate had written a short phrase that really reflected the union of half a century. “He may be the admiral, but I am the captain of this ship.”

JordanP. -

Bella has got some of Kristen Stewart’s hip action going in this poster. Is it wrong for a grown man to lust after a fictional character? Bella Swan is 18 so I won’t feel so guilty. Plus I hear she likes older men. I hope the same is true for Kristen.

alea -

soo purdyyy<3,(:,!

alea -


Mitch -

I really loved the photo of kristen and rob in love..on and off screen?all i say,is,.the best partner together.. I dont care all the humurs about rob.all i care is,i loved their m0vies together with kristen!

jessica -

i loveeeee edward culllen soooooo effffinnnn muchhhhhh

Heather Gawn- Miller -

Jenny and Bettyel, it really doesnt matter quit fretting. we all love the book and the movie why be pissed?

Top News Stories -

“Whenever in the past I’ve expressed my hope that Eclipse would be a darker, more intense movie.”

It will, if the screenwriter will make a good and creative editing in the original story. It is a really good story most especially the edward-bella-jacob triangle with an intense action.

bettyel -

Jenny, it was barely there and didn’t contain any dialogue with Bella not sure she wasn’t dead and Edward reassuring her of how much he loves her by comparing her to a comet etc.

Kate -

I hope the film delves into the darker side of Bella and Edward’s love too. I am tired of Summit trying to pimp out the movie as an action thriller. Yes, their is action, but there is never any doubt who will win the battle. Summit injects moments of Edward’s weakness as a fighter (New Moon anyone?) Victoria never lays a finger on Edward in the book so why do they release stills with Riley and Victoria capturing Edward?????????? Guys are never gonna like this series. They go because their girlfriends or wives make them!!!

kad -

Couldn’t agree with Sharon more. I too am getting up there in age and I said the same thing that you did. When you are in love, especially a new relatiionship, the excitement of it makes you want to tell the world; shout it from the rooftops. I got the impression it is Kristen that is playing these games of not telling. If it is just a friendship, then keep saying it over and over. Eventually folks will get the message. If it is more, then again just say so and we will wish you well. When they become more mature maybe then they will realize that the truth is always yhe best option.

jenny -

bettyel, it wasn’t omitted. I got Newmoon on both DVD and Blu-ray, and that scene was very much present.

Garde Parson -

This is definitely Rob in Twilight when he is waiting for Bella the first day he picks her up for school. THe silver volvo gives it away plus I do remember this sceen where she is looking at him from her bedroom window.

Amy -

The first pic is from Twilight and not Eclipse. Edward has a black volvo now from New Moon.

Cathy -

The pic is of Rob in Twilight, not Eclipse.

dominica madrid -


i -


AND YES! It would affect the Twilight Saga Franchise if they started dating someone else look at Kristen and Michael Angarano when they were dating…the chemistry between Bella and Edward/ Robert and Kristen were less rather than now the chemistry between them are more because kristen comfirmed that she broke up with michael angarano last year!!!

Mary Mary -

Alley is spot on. They are all young. Kristen is a good actress which was part of her draw for Rob. It appears through time that has grown for both of them. I think the coy remarks are understandable when you see the rumors and lewd remarks thrown at them on a daily basis. If you had someone you were building a relationship with would you want the world envolved? Nikki looks like a train wreck to me. If she and Rob were never serious then who is at fault? Kristen hardly? Michael moved on as he should, her only boy friend at a young age would. Let them be!

Sharon -

Ok, here’s the thing, I am acutally old enough to remember when Hollywood used to shove actors/actresses affairs down our throats. (I admit I am an old lady). People being people, it is like watching a train wreck. You’re intrigued for a while, but finally you find it discusting and have to look away.
The thing Summit should be concerned about is the later part of that statement. People get their fill and get enough, then become bored with it, and sometimes get irritated. Now this is where the actors themselves should get concerned. Fans are only going to play this game for so long, then you will loose them. Even Robert said on the Remember Me tour, (can’t remember which interview) that he is actually worried about over saturation. He is right to be worried. How do you sovle that problem? It’s touchy, but I would advise him to answer the damn question. He’s a smart guy, seems to be smarter than his female costar. No it won’t stop the rumours, but it will satify them. If they have a thing going, then what are they ashamed of? I know when I was young and in love I wanted to shout it from the rooftops, no matter if people wanted to hear about or not. Just start acting like normal kids. Don’t worry about all the other shit. You kids are listening to too much advice from hollywood types. Come clean. You will see that nobody really cares all that much. It’ll be a little painful, but it will blow over, and you will come out the honest winners. That is really all your fans want. A liitle honesty. Hell even John Lennon finally had to admit to being married,(yeah I remember that too) his fans didn’t desert him…..After all he was John Lennon.

jl -

As I’ve said before, I’m new to the “Twilight” phenomenon. But looking at the clip, it’s quite misleading.

Perhaps on the show itself they announced that the “Eclipse” clips would be interspersed with interview bits done for the “New Moon” tour.

But the editing sure makes it look — on purpose — as if it’s all brand new. (Though I should have noticed that when the interviewer asks Pattinson about the rumored romance, she talks about the “‘New Moon’ and ‘Twilight’ fever”; she doesn’t refer to ‘Eclipse.'”)

Satine -

Regarding the interview that was done during the New Moon publicity tour. Kristen was answering a question given by Ms. Robinson when she held up a picture of Rob and Kristen in Harper’s Bazaar showing I believe Rob on his knee proposing to Kristen. Ms. Robinson eluded with pictures like these does it propel people to speculate whether Kristen and Rob are dating. I do believe they are dating and this is New Hollywood. In the Golden Era of Hollywood, stars were owned by the studios and every move was to be certain that if there was chemistry between two stars that the studio system would capitalize on that chemistry to bring more people into the movie theater to see their films. Film stars of the past were protected and manufactured to make money for the studio. Today’s film stars, only if it is in their contract would pretend they are going out together for the sake of the movie. I think by both they answers Kristen and Robert gave to Ms. Robinson shows there was the beginning of a romance or it was already happening.

fabiog2 -

Jesus Christ, I really dont want to be a hater, but you need to get over this Pattinson fan crush. Its almost embarrassing by now. I get it the hole hype makes things a little blurry, He can be charming, He is a very good looking man, but when it comes to ACTING, pay attention to what you are saying. Ask yourself, has Pattinson EVER gave a performance that you could see him doing this well?

I am not talking just about the awful Twilight films, were he is unquestionably, one of the worst actors. I am talking about the rest of his resume, his work on Dally film was very bad, in some points almost laughable, in Remember Me he also was very uneven, some would say that he was better than what he did before, but that’s not asking much. Many still described his acting as wooden and immature.

Until this day, he never gave one single performance that could be considered great, so you want to give him one of the best and more complex roles in English literature?

Bess -

ALLEY, I loved your long comment and agree w/ all of it! Why do people hate KS so much? She is beautiful, successful, and in love w/ a hot looking guy! Yes that part is their business but their photos speaks volumes!! I do wish them the best and looking forward to June!!!

Jazmin -



i am going to see it on you tube at some point in time,every time i see dokata i think of cherry bomb sorry,i am not a lover of taylor but if it was even him would of been nice the girl was in the book like 2seconds she is not eclipse where is rob and kristen dokata aka jane HA!

Belle -

I have so enjoyed reading everyone’s comments. I agree with so many of your sentiments. Having read the series as well as Midnight Sun I fail to understand the way the critic’s have panned the portrayal of Edward and Bella by Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. I think they have embodied the spirit of their characters so well that I cannot imagine another actor or actress in the parts. I always feel sorry for films that are based on actual books as I feel the author has a huge advantage – they can take as many lines as they want to describe a moment, an emotion, a look or a scene where the filmmaker or the actor may only have a moment of screen time. And of course we the reader use our imagination to ascribe a certain look or expression to a moment or a character. Having said that there are so many beautiful scenes from the books that they either changed or left out altogether that I was a bit disappointed – scenes such as the meadow scene, the scene where Edward reveals that he has been visiting Bella almost nightly and listened to her sleep-talking, the waiting room of the Volturi and the flight back from Italy to the climax of Edward finally kissing Bella in her bedroom. I have one other problem with the films that I feel compelled to mention and that is the way they have Edward bested in a fight with Felix of the Volturi in New Moon and if the movie stills are correct he will be bested again in the fight with Victoria and Riley in Eclipse. Edward can read minds and is therefore almost unbeatable in one to one combat as he can see the moves his opponent will make as soon as they think it. To have him be so easily beaten is a true betrayal of his character as written by Stephenie Meyers and considering her huge input into the films I am shocked that she allowed him to be portrayed in this way. This won’t, of course, stop me from seeing Eclipse!!! Can’t wait for June!!
I think Robert Pattinson is a fine actor who is only just scratching the surface of his acting abilities. To compare him at 23 to Johnny Depp who I believe is about 46 is unfair – Johnny Depp wasn’t as good at 23 as he is now – go look at his start on 21 Jump Street!! With Robert the best is yet to come.

alley -

remember me did actually do well! despite all the haters out and camping out! he has almost reached 50 million and it only cost 16 million to film and this won’t include dvd sales which will definitely bring in the revenue! he is doing way better over seas and it has not even opened in asia and a few other countries yet. robert got the last laugh in all this and I appreciate how he has managed to stay above water with all the critical commentary and speculation into his love life, which has nothing to do with him as an actor. kristen haters should also stop because kristen did not take rob from nikki reid , nikki stated she was never in a relationship with rob they went out on two friendly dates. rob made it clear from day one his only interest in twilight was kristen and he has also stated she refused him a long time because she was in a relay when they met. Micheal and kristen were bound to break up because that poor girl should have never been in a serious relay in the 1st place at 14 yrs.old he was 16 and was 20 when she was 17 so good for her. she needed to experience more than just him, that was unhealthy from the start and im sure rob was the reason for the break-up because he made it damn clear he did not care about her boyfriend. so it’s not fair to judge her when she was the child among these grown men. what child do you know would not be facinated with advancements from someone that looks like robert? give me a break kstew haters! and as far as him dating her, he should! he traveled from london to do that casting for twilght just for her and they definitely have something that is out of the ordinary and unique or non of us would be writing comments on them now! plus, they both are similar in a lot of ways, taste in clothing, musical interest, and non pda type young adults. I luv it!

McMilliss -

I agree whole heartedly with the notion of feeling Mr Pattinson’s acting. I had not read the books before I watched Twilight, and I honestly wasn’t impressed with the movie; with the huge exception of Rob – he blew me away. I’m now a fan of the books as it really is a beautiful love story. I liked New Moon (a lot more than Twilight), but I agree with was has been said about the script and screenwriting; I find it soulless and bland at best, and cringe-worthy at worst.
Rob was spectacular in Remember Me (a film that I loved), and I can’t wait to see him with better material like that, like hopefully in Bel Ami and Water For Elephants.

Satine -

I absolutely agree with you on Twilight. I have read the whole series and what is thrilling is the forbidden aspect of the romance and the chemistry these two share that culminates into that kiss in the bedroom. I knew this kiss would win an MTV Best Kiss award once I saw it on screen. I hope Eclipe lives up to the hype and Melissa is more faithful to the book with her script. I do believe Robert is a “Diamond in the Rough”,I want to give credit to Jane from another blog, her words are so true. He has given good performances in How to Be, Little Ashes, and Remember Me. He has such great potential to be great like Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp and Matt Damon. I am looking forward to Bel Ami to see him perform again with Holly Grainger who he played opposite in The Mad Mother’s Handbook. It would be lovely to see him in another comedy, with that face that is lovely to look at, it also has such comedic expressions. The Twilight Saga will always be what Robert is remembered for and I am hoping Eclipse and Breaking Dawn has the fireworks that were so present in Twilight.

alley -

I had never read the books or even heard of them until I watched twilight. Robert and kristen chemistry is what made me buy the books and read them. I am totally in love with the series and I as well feel this saga could have been the best of all time if the screenwriter was not melissa!
she has done a terrible job with the script. so much more could have been taken from the books and delivered, which would have given them more than 1 or 2 to say in the movies! robert has depth when he is in character. I have seen him in several films. little ashes really shows how he can take on a character if in the right element and zone. I personally think twilight was magic only because of the sparks between rob and kristen. women can understand what is going on in that film because it is what we all want, unrealistic love! undeniable love! and that comes across in that movie and when you watch kristen follow rob actions in award shows and interviews and rob looking so intent and utterly confused about his emotions for kristen, you gotta love it! they appear to be real life soul mates, that is just my take on it, im sure alot of others will not agree. but I wish I could have that affection she gets from rob even if it is temporary, you know for the rest of your life that love is what you will cherish and share with others if you never say anything else good about that person. I myself prefer watching them in real life then on the big screen because they are so much like bella and edward in real life! I feel like aro from the volturi when he is reading edwards mind and makes the statment” it makes me thirsty” I am! and want to see more. kristen is a very serious actress right from the begining. she will do well in anything if she continues picking challenging roles for herself. I would love to see rob play a role like the joker character from batman or a johnny depp role as in alice in wonderland and of course a romantic film like dear john and kristen be the lead female in the story that will be rated r so that they can explore each other sexually this time around. kristen would do great in a tomb raider kind of flick or a kill bill type movie. I am excited to see we have new actors and actresses who are about the art and not so much about the entertainmnet side of it “PDA of affection in front of the media”.

RockFan -

The core of the entire series is LOVE CONQUERS ALL. The exquisite love story and romance between Bella and Edward is and has to be primary. The action is there to heighten the romance and emphasize the love. As long as the script is true to the story, it will be an amazing success. I personally think Kristen, Robert, Taylor, and the entire cast have done an excellent job portraying their characters correctly. It shows that they’ve all read the books, and it especially shows that Robert did his homework in reading Midnight Sun. I agree, and can definitely “feel” his performance as well as Kristen’s and Taylor’s. The chemistry between Bella and Edward is palpable, to the point that in some scenes it nearly makes me dizzy. I’ve truly never seen anything like it and commend these young stars for doing the story justice so beautifully in films that are destined to be classics for all time, probably even curriculum in future decades. Can’t wait to see Eclipse and truly can’t wait to see Breaking Dawn!

Pam -

@RomanceFan, I agree. I really hope that Summit doesnt try to make this an action film for men/boys. I mean that is their own problem but when men tend to see twilight they run away so really, what is the pont. It looks like it will have the romance but i hope that it is not too short! and mostly action. I did not fall in love with the series because of the action, the newborn, the vampires, werewolves, etc it was because of the lovestory and frankly i dont care if others epecially the male audience want action movies or think something has to go BOOM before it will be great or before they watch it. i just hope they do the book justice..just this once!

nola -

I love Eclipse already :)

Romancefan -

I agree with your assessment. I think that the actors have been given short shrift in this series, as they have been given little to work with. My objection is with the screenplays. It’s my opinion that much of the emotion and deep feeling between the characters has been stripped or moved around such that the impact is more “lowest common denominator” rather than the deeply meaningful way that Stephenie wrote the scenes (prime example…the “meadow” scene in Twilight). I don’t buy the “translation from book to film” excuse. Emotion can be carried through to a film…it just requires the right person to do the translation, and I really don’t think that Summit has found that person. I’m trying to be prepared for the emotional disappointment that Eclipse is likely to be as a result. I fear that Summit is trying to make these films too appealing to men (i.e., stripping out the emotions) and therefore making them lean more toward action films. When good actors are given poor material, they can only do so much with it. I applaud the series actors for their valiant efforts at making the most of the screenplays, and hope they get increased positive recognition for those efforts.

Satine -

I couldn’t agree with you more as to that particular scene. I know I will get flack for this but I did think Robert lost his way in New Moon. No chemistry between him or Kristen until the bedroom scene after they reunited. In Twilight that man made my heart palpitate like it hasn’t palpitated in so long. He has such magnatism and charisma oozes out of his pores. I was so disappointed in New Moon, but the leaked photos and the trailer for Eclipse has me longing to see this movie so much. In Eclipse it looks like Robert has less of the make-up as in Twilight and New Moon, praise the stars for that because I was getting fed up with him having more lipstick on than Bella. I am hoping more men appreciate Eclipse because it has more action for them and romance for us women and it was directed by David Slade. I love his 30 Days of Night. I think he will be able to satisfy most of the filmgoing audience while bringing new people into the franchise. I know for me personally I can hardly contain myself for two months to see the proposal and Edward’s bedroom scene, palpitations starting again. Thank you for writing the article.

Laís Tavares -

I agree with Joan about Robert Pattinson. He is a very good actor, has his own style of acting, his Edward is introspective, a sad young man, solitaire that has no friends. He has only the Cullens and now, Bella.
Rob has been doing a great job and most of people has been unfair in comparing him with other actors, more experienced than him. Robert did good films like Little Ashes and recently Remember Me, just to name a few but he is a newcomer, especially in the Hollywood scenario and some people love to forget this item.
Good directors who really like of directing actors and good projects will give Rob the maturity and experience that an actor with his talent deserves.

Donna H -

While Eclipse may be the most developed of the three Twilight Saga’s, it may not get the credit it deserves. Pattinson is a fine actor, and he is playing Edward, brilliantly. Those who criticise didn’t read the series, esp. Midnight Sun. Or they are jealous. Pattinson’s going to wow them all with Water For Elephants, and Bel Ami.

michelle -

still waiting the film, :(

Emm -

This is utterly wrong. Here are the facts:

1) Heathcliff is a very intense and complex personality. Regardless of the fact that Heathcliff was a very young man, only in his early twenties by the end of the first half of the novel, it is definitely a necessity to have a subtle and experienced actor with a bit of maturity to convey the proper depth. It is also true that by the end of the story, assuming you’re not going to cut the second half out, Heathcliff is closer in age to forty than twenty.

2) Disregarding all that, Heathcliff is very physically particular in his appearance, something I think that has never been properly shown on screen. He is tall and fairly lean, and dark in his face like a Romany man, with black eyes, and a savage quality which seems to be quite rare (and which Pattinson does not possess)

Unfortunately it is far too late for this to happen, but horror king Christopher Lee would have made a fine Heathcliff as a young man, check out his performance as the very Heathcliff-like Kurt Menliff in Mario Bava’s sublime “The Whip and the Body” (even though he is dubbed by a man with far-inferior vocals). Tall and lean, part Romany, with black eyes and a feral and creepy look about him, and he was well-accustomed to villainous roles and Gothic fiction.

Anyway, the chosen Cathy is a disaster, so it seems to be doomed from the start. And you could probably still do worse than Pattinson.

Jenela -

bettyel, not only was that a key point that was omitted but it reaffirmed their love for each other and how she told Charlie that Edward was part of the package.I think it made the story flow much smoother knowing that they were together and loved each other.

bettyel -

One of my favorite scenes in the book New Moon was omitted from the movie. That’s where Bella wakes up after returning home from Italy and cannot believe that she’s not dreaming and Edward is really there.

serindipity -

good film…the man can act

bettyel -

Web reports state that Remember Me will take in a total of more than $60 million world-wide before it goes to DVD. Not bad for a small film which cost $16 million to make. I have seen it twice and thought it was well enacted with a good script and left the viewer with a lot to think about. Robert Pattinson was excellent in it.

jlister -

>>>>>>>>>>>Heathcliff is not supposed to be mature! Heathcliff was only a teenager when he romanced Catherine! Westwick and Pattinson are a bit too old, and Fassbender is totally wrong, no amount of makeup could make him pass for a teenager.

Well, sure. If they decide to film only the initial section of the story. Heathcliff is no boy when Cathy dies. He’s no teenager when he seeks his revenge on Edgar’s heirs.

Fassbender would have been great as the more mature Heathcliff. As a teen, no. I agree with you there.

Kel -

Heathcliff is not supposed to be mature! Heathcliff was only a teenager when he romanced Catherine! Westwick and Pattinson are a bit too old, and Fassbender is totally wrong, no amount of makeup could make him pass for a teenager.

And Cathy was picked weeks ago, it’s Kaya Scodelario.

julia -

It’s too long for me waiting Eclypse on the movie.

jlister -


I’m not sure if Oprah is available online. Try doing a Google search.

Also, I’m sure that the ECLIPSE trailer will be available EVERYWHERE online right after it is shown on Oprah.

julia -


I’m from Indonesia.

I want to wacth Oprah’s talk show on April 23rd. I want to know the final of the twilight saga eclypse.

How can I watch it?

tulyanne gomes -

Nossa! Adoro vcs…
te amo robert!
Me mandem fotos e comentarios por favor…

melisa -

holaa… amo a taylor me gustaria q estubiera con bella o con kristen, o que robert sea gay..

Linda, Houston, TX -

He would be good as Heathcliff, but he would be sensatinal as Mr. Darcy, my fav. Much better than that horrible Keira Knighlty version. Of course, P & P must be done in a longer version. 2 hours just can’t capture the characters properly, the only good version is the famous BBC 6 hr. series with Colin Firth as Darcy. Rob reminds me a lot of a young Colin.

delle1 -

Well we know Rob won’t be there,he can’t fly out of the UK…………….

McMilliss -

A small note on the Vanity Fair cover shot; I would argue it’s not a brooding stare, but rather his trademark panty dropping sex-stare. :)

anonymous -

I am not watching the show unless Robert alone or together with Slade show up. I will catch on trailer when it will be on youtube. :)

Sean -

Um… Heathcliff is a sociopath. As is Cathy for that matter. Wuthering Heights is a poignant portrayal of the effects of abuse and the cycle it can create. Seeing Heathcliff as just a tortured guy and seeing WH as a love story is the image the public has molded Wuthering Heights into because of the 1939 film adaptation. Honestly, I don’t think anyone with a true understanding of what EB was trying to do when creating Heathcliff would ever think Pattinson was right for the part.

I agree with Claire, he’d be far more suited to the charming, mild mannered, foppish Edgar. That’s how he comes across onscreen and in person (Twilight excluded which he is awful in anyway and entirely unsuited to).

sam -

My heart skipped a beat when I read this title.

This needs to happen.

Camilla -

Kristen was beautiful in New Moon. A little too beautiful. She lost the plainness of Bella too much for me. And yeah, Bella is not a great character to begin with, and bad writing doesn’t make that better. Anyone who has read the Twilight series knows that Bella could be played much worse by a lesser actress. Kristen Stewart is getting praise for her roles in The Runaways and Welcome to the Rileys.

Edward looked really old in New Moon. They made him look even older by keeping him in that ugly jacket and slacks combo for most of the film. All that money and the studio can’t get these kids some decent clothes, makeup, and wigs.

I really believe that if Kristen Stewart had more creative control, the character of Bella would be played better. I hope Eclipse is better than the first two.

jlister -


I completely agree with you. Heathcliff is no sociopath, but a very hurt, very angry, very embittered person.

Robert Pattinson could make such a character empathetic so we, the audience, could FEEL his pain. Else, Heathcliff will just come across as some sort of vengeful wacko.

(And no, I couldn’t see Pattinson at all like the weaker Edgar.)

nikki -

Funny to read this. After the first viewing of Twilight with my daughter and her friend, I told them already that Rob would be perfect as Heathcliff. My daughter didn’t know the story of Emily Brönte, so I told her. She read the school edition in English (which isn’t our native language). We saw the British TV serie (2 parts) and the movie with Ralph Fiennes. And each time we came to the same conclusion: no other actor we know could deliver the ultimated Heathcliff as Rob would do. Heathclif isn’t a sociopath at all, he is very wounded, embittered and revengeful. The facial expressions and body language, needed to show these emotions are essential otherwise Heathcliff can indeed easily be interpreted as a sociopathic character. More than many other actors, Rob can give depth in his performances by the way he looks and his subtile expressions. Hair colour and stuff are side issues to be taken care of by a good make-up artist.
But another brooding role for him wouldn’t be very smart at the moment, I guess, as critics already complain and make stupid comparisons based on the level of brooding (Edward versus Tyler).
Anyway, as Heathcliff is ‘the broodingest of all brooding literature heroes’, RPattz is the broodingest of all brooding movie actors.

jenny -

Its fare to say that melissa got a strong grip on the plot. Its a movie afterall. If she has to put all d important keypoints of d story, how much time n money do you think would it caused summit?

Claire -

Also, just a little FYI, Andrea Arnold has picked her Cathy. She’s going to be played by Kaya Scodelario.

Claire -

No, absolutely not. I say this not because I dislike Pattinson or Twilight, but, because he’s completely wrong for the part. Firstly, Heathcliff isn’t brooding he’s a vicious sociopath. Something I don’t think Pattinson could pull off. Pattinson also lacks the hulking intimadating sceen presence that would be required for a part like Heathcliff. He also looks nothing like the character should. However, I do think Pattinson would make a very good Edgar Linton, Cathy’s husband. His boyishness and slightness would suit that part well.

Ruthie -

I was thinking about this the other day. I think Rob would be perfect as Heathcliff. He has everything the character needs. They should seriously think about this.



Kate -

@Lisa-woooow you sound pissed!They are cute together on and off screen. Off it is their private lives-but on screen it is ka ching ka ching as the $$ add up! That’s Hollywood!

HappySue -

They are in love or in lust, whichever you want to make it. You don’t travel overseas for the fun of it. Lucky they got to London at least as no travel because of the volcano ash. Love them…

Lisa -

I have been the number one non-believer of there relationship until two days ago and I realized something really important. Kristen Stewart is the only girl in Hollywood that would date him. Before everybody denies this realize you don’t have a Hollywood career most of these girls have worked hard to have some success and Robert Pattinson would be career suicide for them. All his little Twi groupies want him with Kristen only and will do whatever they can to make any other girl’s life miserable. I’m sorry but their are plenty of hotties who don’t come with that baggage. Then you have Kristen who was best friends with Nikki Reed and screwed her over for Robert and then Kristen screwed over Michael Angarano. (Which does make me wonder why all his suppossed fans want him with her unless once again all they see is Edward and Bella) Kristen is sticking with Robert no matter what because it’s the only thing keeping her from getting kicked out of Hollywood. Kristen is a user and Robert doesn’t want to be alone believe me you can quit worrying they are together.

Morgaine -

“A More Mature Bella in Eclipse?”

If they make her look any more “mature,” she’ll be fighting Betty White for roles!

It makes no sense to rush through the filming the movies, with the excuse of getting the films done now so there won’t be such a big age difference, film to film, if they keep aging the cast by a decade with each movie.

In New Moon both Bella and Edward looked 10 years older, and they made Alice look like she was Bella’s matronly aunt. I’m thiking a thinner Bea Arthur here. But that movie was such a train-wreck, aging the young cast way past the age they are in the story is small potatoes.

delle1 -

I don’t think he signed autographs on set as it was in his contract not to.The only ones he signed were when he was out after hours.

Liz Jacob -

I think most do realize that Kristen is not Bella and Robert is not Edward only in character at least I hope so. One reason I would like to see this be a true relationship is because they always look so happy together. It really appears that they are fond of each other. She seems to light up and he seems to laugh about everything and they do make a good looking couple. Well it remains to be seen. They are charismatic on the big screen as actors.

jl -

Quotation marks have been added to the “in love” part of the title.
Thank you, dear editor. See what you got me into…

jl -

>>>>>>>>>>>I’m definitely with “Anakin” on one point. All this endless speculation about their relationship is/could be typecasting them…that’s one of the reason’s REMEMBER ME disn’t fare so well at the box office even the the actors acted their butts off….what a shame….

I believe REMEMBER ME didn’t do as well partly because of an anti-Robert Pattinson backlash and partly because many people felt the ending was exploitative. The hero dies at the end. Is that the kind of movie Pattinson fans (from “Twilight”) would like to go see?

The backlash is a result of critics resenting Pattinson’s meteoric success as a teen (mostly girl) idol. That’s very common. And it has been that way for a long, long time.

As for Kristen Stewart’s and Robert Pattinson’s off-screen lives, well, people might want to live their own lives and let them live theirs.

jl -

>>>>>>>>>>Robert Pattinson hasn’t been to Paris this year, he has been in London and Budapest filming Bel Ami. The only European premiere for Remember Me he attended was in London.

I’m 100% positive I read a while back (some time in February) that he was (or would shortly be) in Paris and that his visit was related to “Bel Ami.”

Since I can’t find that source right now, I’ll remove Paris from the cities in the article — just in case you’re right.

>>>>>>>Your heading is also misleading (I know on purpose), it’s Bella and Edward who are in love. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson MAY be in a relationship but it’s wrong to try to confuse fans with the two. What ever happens in their personal life is their business alone. Fans are already spending too much time thinking they are REALLY Bella and Edward. This leads to typecasting and it’s not fair to both actors.

No need to lecture me on that. I can see your point, but I don’t write for retards who will think that an image from “Eclipse” means anything more than an image from “Eclipse.”

We’ve NEVER written a piece on “Are Kristen and Robert dating?” “Kristen and Robert Seen Together Swimming in the Indic Ocean” or “Kristen and Robert Caught Holding Hands While Riding Bycicles Without Helmets.”

Every single piece I’ve written related to the “Twilight” series — and this article is part of a daily series — or any other movie, for that matter, uses the names of the actors, not the characters.

That’s because I (and my editors) assume readers are intelligent enough to know we’re discussing movies, not idle gossip. (And of course, that makes it easier for them to find us as well. There’s **one** Robert Pattinson. There are a zillion Edwards out there.)

And it’s funny you criticize me for the title, which was supposed to have been “in Love in ECLIPSE Photo” but the editor decided that two “ECLIPSEs” in the title would be one ECLIPSE too many.

Also, our site has been around for a number of years. Our readers should know by now that we’re not into spreading rumors about love affairs, breakups, pregnancies, divorces, murders, sex tapes, and the like.

We write about movies.

Addendum: When we mention gossip, it’s to dismiss it. As in the piece above.

ariagirl -

I’m definitely with “Anakin” on one point. All this endless speculation about their relationship is/could be typecasting them…that’s one of the reason’s REMEMBER ME disn’t fare so well at the box office even the the actors acted their butts off….what a shame….

Anakin -

Robert Pattinson hasn’t been to Paris this year, he has been in London and Budapest filming Bel Ami. The only European premiere for Remember Me he attended was in London.

Your heading is also misleading (I know on purpose), it’s Bella and Edward who are in love. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson MAY be in a relationship but it’s wrong to try to confuse fans with the two. What ever happens in their personal life is their business alone. Fans are already spending too much time thinking they are REALLY Bella and Edward. This leads to typecasting and it’s not fair to both actors.

Renee -

ROBSTEN will go to Vancouver again…awww lucky couple!!!

Val -

I love the picture thanks for posting it. I love Rob! Glad he seems to be able to handle all the stupid rumors about him. Wish him the best.

Anakin -

Kristen Stewart’s role of Bella is limited by that rather drool source material written by Stephenie Meyer. She is playing Bella exactly as written. Bella is a dull, annoying, and whinny teenager. It’s not Stewart’s fault. Bella doesn’t doesn’t mature until she becomes a mother in Breaking Dawn.

gabs -

Its true she got great reviews for those films. She gets great reviews for everything except twilight movies which is so not her fault.Its poorly written. She cant do miracles.

I too hate when people compare her to others and go “shes no kate winslet” or “shes no meryl streep”. Its like, hello, it took them years of acting experience to get to that point. Stewart JUST turned 20. Give her time. And theres no need to compare. Shes unique.

I also hope David Slade didnt back down from his darker visions for eclipse. It gives me hope he directed this. Hard candy was great.

jl -

>>>>>>>>>>>>>OMG, she got OK reviews for Welcome to the Rileys&JoanJett film, come on already! Enough with pimping this girl!! If it wasn’t for the mopey Bella, nobody would know her! Jesus, She’s no Kate Winslett, so enough already!!

I’m not Kristen Stewart’s pimp or pimpette or pimpesse. Stewart got some ***excellent*** reviews for “The Runaways” and the same for “Welcome to the Rileys.”

Roger Ebert has even said he could now see her as Lisabeth in “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” remake.

True, Kristen Stewart is no Kate Winslet, but Kate Winslet is no Kristen Stewart. Both are very different talents. You may prefer one over the other; I admire them both.

nora -

OMG, she got OK reviews for Welcome to the Rileys&JoanJett film, come on already! Enough with pimping this girl!! If it wasn’t for the mopey Bella, nobody would know her! Jesus, She’s no Kate Winslett, so enough already!!

Liz Jakab -

With the new allegations that Robert Pattinson is seeing Leighton Meester (Gossip Girl) This just ruins it for me. With a couple that has such charisma on screen and you keep hoping that possibly they are fortunate enough to experience a love like that is special in real life is an amazing concept. Not everyone has that opportunity in life. But I guess it is impossible even for Kristen and Robert. Too bad. The saga has a black cloud over it now. I am just not as excited no matter what changes they make. Good Luck All.

Twilighterxxx -

I agree after reading the script (when it was leaked) i dont think its right that Bella just goes off with Jacob on the bike, right infront of Edwards very own eyes – she wouldnt do that!
And there are a few lines which are missing, but over all i think the script was very very very good!
Now about the actually article – well hopefully they dont have to re-do much! But it must be for a good reason..

Sarmo -

Bella runs away with jacob front of Edward

Jacob gives bracelet but Edward don’t gives the diamond heart

“I was born to be vampire”

“Edward, she found us”

all this stuff when Bella touch Jacob physically

These are absolutely wrong lines!

Tarika -

They better reshoot especially the scene where Bella runs away with Jacob on his bike right in front of Edward a complete wrong scene.
The meadow scene seems perfect though infact the best scene till now including the bedroom scene.
aleast now summit should consider bringing back Catherine Hardwicke for Breaking Dawn.


I do really really love their chemistry in filming ECLIPSE – and i believe they can do more than that, so i give my two thumbs for them, coz i’m one of their big fans, and i love romantic scene between them…..i love you (rob n krist) both…..always give teh best for us

zuleyca navarete -

i am a big big fan oftwilight the first day i saw it i fell in love with itso all you peeps that say that you love it dont lie because im the only onethat nows it better thn you i dontwant to sowned like a freak fan but i love twilight………

Twilighterxxx -

cant wait for eclipse 77 days to go!!

Val -

Love your comparisons in the photo. I am not a tween either but i really do like the Twilight books/movies/Pattinson/Stewart and the Shakespeare quote is perfect.

linda blevins -

I think the twilight series so far are awesome i just hope that pattinson and stewart do not get so caught up in the fame they forget who they r I am a huge fan

Jenela -

I loved the Twilight Series and have read the book and seen the movies several times and I realize not everything can be put in a movie…it’s the screenwriter’s job to follow the book as much as possible. In the Movie: Bella’s Birthday party is where she becomes almost dinner and then Edward takes her home kisses her good bye and the next day he’s gone. In the book Edward leaves after 3 days. In the book, Edward and Bella have said “I love you” to each other many times. In the movie, the “I love you” they exchange after Bella’s birthday kiss request is the first and only time this occurs in the first two movies. Bella says “I love you Edward” just before Laurent is about to kill her, but Edward is not there to answer. In the book Edward proposes to Bella in her bedroom after she has been voted in to become a vampire and this is where Bella tells Edward she wants him to change her. In the movie the ending is of course with Edward telling Bella he would change her if she marries him left us all going What???

In the book,When Alice returns because she thinks Bella is dead and stays the night she asks Bella what she has been doing and talks with Charlie about how depressed Bella was when they left. In the movie this doesn’t happen at all.

In the book. Edward is taking Bella home and she tells Edward that Charlie was probably staring at the clock and that he better get her home. When they arrive there he tells her that she is already in more trouble. The cause of it is that her motorcycle is parked in Charlie’s driveway. In the movie Jacob stops Edward’s car when Edward is taking Bella home and Edward reads Jacob’s mind, sensing that Jacob wants to talk to him. Edward and Bella go and Jacob yells at Edward for putting Bella in such danger. Bella tells Jacob not to make her choose between him or Edward, because she would choose Edward in the end. Jacob walks closer to them and Edward pushes him and Jacob transforms mid-air almost attacks Edward, but Bella calms the two down, letting Jacob run away. The motorcycle scene is omitted

I would of loved to of seen more of the trip to Italy and the conversation Bella and Alice had and the ride home. Bella thinking she has died and Edward telling her she is alive and when Bella tells Charlie that Edward is part of the package. I liked the book New Moon but wanted more for the movie.

Heather Gawn Miller -

I am in love with this movie…. why do you think the story needs a new screen writer. thats not fiar . mabye you should pay more attintion to the movie. that is bull the movie falls into place as it goes on. read the books.

Matt -

They should use Chris Waitt for this film. I saw him in the ‘Complete History of My Sexual Failures’ and he looks and sounds very similar to Cobain. Little bit of acting skill and he’d be way better than this guy.

annelisse -

i love them when act together
i hope they can be real couple in this world
may god blez robert&kristen

amy hall -

they belong with each other and they are the best

amy hall -

omg i love them but i want to meet robert pattinson he is so hot and i am in love with him.



mariana -

aaahhh they look so cute!!!
I wish I could meet them!!! is becouse I don`t think they are like the other celebrities that they don’t apreciet the fans and they don’t sinserly say that we are the motive to they but I think that robert and kristen they really aprecciate us and appart of other things we are one of the motives to kip going to get to others goal.
and thats why they are my best models and I aprecciet them not becouse they are pretty and beatiful(but they are) becouse they are sincer with us.
guys I really love you!!!! (in good sense)
I relly hope I can meet them sometime =D
sorry for my english :P
I love guyss!!!!! you are #1!!!! you are the best!!!

really thanks for being like you are!!! I love them!!! sincerly,mariana rivera

Sharon -

Why isn’t Robert Pattinson/Edward Cullen sparkling in the sunlight?
The most recent pictures that I have seen of him on the set of Bel Ami are far from sparkling. He looks very unhappy. Hopefully he was just having a couple of bad days, or he was supposed to look sad in the scene he was filming.

Jenela -

It would of been nice if Bella and Edward would of had the romantic bedroom scene and return from Italy in New Moon as well as the Friendship between Bella and Jacob–I think the screen writer needs to be replaced she is cutting out the guts and leaving a pinch of sauce. I am terrified what she is going to do with Eclipse. Thank goodness for the books.

Shoegal2547 -

Really need a new writer…Melissa sucks! Totally missed all the “I Love You” and intimacy statements in Twilight, and the return from Italy scenes in NW(would have rather spent more time on the return than the voting). Thank goodness the books exist!

Heather Gawn- Miller -

totally hot!!!!

Danavon -

I don’t think any of the twilight saga’s should be on 3-D but if it is it really doesn’t matter they will watch it anyways .It is awesome and has hot guys in it fighting what more could you want.

alley -

twilight really should get a new screenwriter!
Melissa is terrible. I think she could have focused more on the love triangle as this not suppose to be about a typical vamp story. I think they shoud get a new person to write the 4th/5th installment. new moon was not all that great to me. and why are they making Rob/edward look so weird and his hair is terrible in the 3rd film! why? he is the by far the best looking and most interesting looking one for me, and I think it sucks to make rob look a lot less to help the rest look better.

Sarmo -

In the book it is clear that sexy part belongs to Edward.
Why movie is so pimped Jacob?

Isabella -

hess so cute too bad hes my cousin

Isabella -

taylor launter is my best cousin i’m a chippewa cree and we love him all indians are related

Usman -

he is my age fellow bt he is soooo hot…nd in this pic he is looking great….

rosemary -


carla -

hes so cute i wish i can meet him

Dana -

That makes a lot of sense, good analysis. Summit entertainment should read your post:)


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