Sean Young Pulls a Bette Davis

A few years ago, I saw Sean Young at a Santa Monica restaurant. She looked really good. Fast forward to Sean Young on The David Letterman Show, where Young literally – and I mean literally – begs for work. Tacky? Daring? Both?

Young, who'll turn 52 next November, went from James Ivory's Jane Austen in Manhattan to Ridley Scott's Blade Runner to David Lynch's Dune to Oliver Stone's Wall Street to Roger Donaldson's Now Way Out to Joel Schumacher's Cousins. Not all of those were box office hits, but they were certainly more prestigious than, say, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (admittedly, a domestic box office hit), Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde, Motel Blue, and Poor White Trash.

There was also the Catwoman issue when Tim Burton was making Batman Returns: Young had been replaced by Kim Basinger in the original Batman, but wanted the role back. And a nasty scandal involving her The Boost co-star James Woods, who sued Young for harassment in 1988.

Letterman seemed to think that Young's film credits ended in 1994 with Ace Ventura. She reminded him that she'd also appeared in The Amati Girls after that. In fact, Young has been keeping herself busy making movies, though mostly under-the-radar fare such as The Drop, Ghosts Never Sleep, and Parasomnia.

The offers are clearly there – Young has three movies in post-production. Apparently, they're just not coming from desirable places.

Young's unabashed pleading for work reminded me of an ad two-time Oscar winner Bette Davis – at one point voted the top female star in the United States – placed in Variety back in 1962.

Mother of three – 10, 11 & 15 – divorcee. American. Thirty years experience as an actress in Motion Pictures. Mobile still and more affable than rumor would have it. Wants steady employment in Hollywood. (Has had Broadway).

Davis later said she meant the ad as a joke. I'm assuming she was telling the truth, as that year she had been working on Robert Aldrich's What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?, one of her biggest hits.

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