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Somber Thriller Tops Argentina’s Silver Condors + Maggie Gyllenhaal Drama Is Karlovy Vary Favorite

The Aura Ricardo Darín Silver CondorThe Aura’ with Ricardo Darín: Winner of six Silver Condor Awards.

‘The Aura’ movie wins six Argentinean Film Critics Silver Condor Awards

On June 26, the Argentinean Film Critics Association handed out its Silver Condor Awards at the Cine Gaumont in Buenos Aires. The top winner of Argentina’s most prestigious film prize was the recently deceased filmmaker Fabián Bielinsky, whose somber psychological thriller The Aura / El Aura won a total of six statuettes: Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor (Ricardo Darín), Best Original Screenplay (written by Bielinsky), Best Cinematography (Checo Varesse), and Best Sound.

In second place, Tristán Bauer’s Blessed by Fire / Iluminados por el fuego, the tale of a Falklands War veteran (Gastón Pauls) attempting to adapt himself to civilian life, won four Silver Condors, including Best Adapted Screenplay (Miguel Bonasso, Edgardo Esteban, Tristán Bauer, and Gustavo Romero Borri) and Best Supporting Actress (Virginia Innocenti).

China Zorrilla, ‘Sideways’ and ‘The Sea Inside’

China Zorrilla won the Best Actress Silver Condor for her performance as a vibrant but dying Argentinean who develops a relationship with a healthy but hypochondriac Spaniard (Manuel Alexandre) in Marcos Carnevale’s dramatic comedy Elsa & Fred / Elsa y Fred.

The Best Foreign Film was Alexander Payne’s Sideways, a road comedy-drama featuring Paul Giamatti, Thomas Haden Church, Virginia Madsen, and Sandra Oh, while the Best Ibero-American Film was Alejandro Amenábar’s The Sea Inside / Mar adentro, in which Javier Bardem plays a tetraplegic man fighting for the right to die.

The Best First Film Silver Condor went to Jorge Gaggero’s Live-In Maid / Cama adentro, a social drama about Argentina’s recent economic meltdown, starring two Normas: veteran Norma Aleandro (The Official Story) and newcomer Norma Argentina.

Full list of 2006 Argentinean Film Critics Silver Condor winners

* El aura / The Aura.
Tiempo de valientes.
Iluminados por el fuego / Blessed by Fire.
Elsa & Fred.
Como pasan las horas.

Cachimba, by Silvio Caiozzi (Chile / Argentina).
Crimen ferpecto / Perfect Crime, by Alex de la Iglesia (Spain).
El viaje hacia el mar, by Guillermo Casanova (Uruguay / Argentina).
* Mar adentro / The Sea Inside, by Alejandro Amenábar (Spain).
Whisky, by Juan Pablo Rebella y Pablo Stoll (Uruguay / Argentina).

* Entre copas / Sideways, by Alexander Payne (United States).
El cadáver de la novia / Tim Burton’s The Corpse Bride, by Tim Burton (United States).
El noveno día / Der Neunte Tag / The Ninth Day, by Volker Schlondorff (Germany).
La caída / Der Untergang / Downfall, by Olivier Hirschbiegel (Germany / Italy).
2046, by Wong Kar-wai (Hong Kong / China / France / Germany / Italy).

Bs. As. 100 Km, by Pablo José Meza.
* Cama adentro / Live-In Maid, by Jorge Gaggero.
Cautiva, by Gastón Biraben.
La suerte está echada, by Sebastián Borenzstein.
Whisky Romeo Zulu, by Enrique Piñeyro.

Tristán Bauer for Iluminados por el fuego / Blessed by Fire.
* Fabián Bielinsky for El aura / The Aura.
Jorge Gaggero for Cama adentro / Live-In Maid.
Damián Szifrón for Tiempo de valientes.
Inés de Oliveira Cézar for Como pasan las horas.

* Ricardo Darín for El aura / The Aura.
Gastón Pauls for Iluminados por el fuego / Blessed by Fire.
Diego Peretti for Tiempo de valientes.
Luis Luque for Tiempo de valientes.
Marcelo Mazzarello for La suerte está echada.

Norma Aleandro for Cama adentro / Live-In Maid.
Cristina Banegas for Géminis.
Valeria Bertuccelli for Hermanas.
Antonella Costa for El viento.
* China Zorrilla for Elsa & Fred.

* Hugo Arana for Cautiva.
Alejandro Awada for Whisky Romeo Zulu.
Pablo Cedrón for El aura / The Aura.
Claudio Rissi for La suerte está echada.
Luis Ziembrowski for Tatuado.

Jimena Anganuzzi for Tatuado.
Mariana Briski for El viento.
Susana Campos for Cautiva.
Lidia Catalano for Cautiva.
* Virginia Innocenti for Iluminados por el fuego / Blessed by Fire.

Jorge Gaggero for Cama adentro / Live-In Maid.
* Fabián Bielinsky for El aura / The Aura.
Marcos Carnevale, Lily Ann Martin and Marcela Guerty for Elsa & Fred.
Enrique Piñeyro for Whisky Romeo Zulu.
Damián Szifrón, in collaboration with Agustín Rolandelli and Nicolás Smudt, for Tiempo de valientes.

Silvio Caiozzi and Nelson Fuentes for Cachimba (from the novel Naturaleza muerta con Cachimba by José Donoso).
Guillermo Casanova and Julio César Castro for El viaje hacia el mar (from a story by Juan José Morosoli).
* Miguel Bonasso, Edgardo Esteban, Tristán Bauer, and Gustavo Romero Borri for Iluminados por el fuego / Blessed by Fire (from the book by Edgardo Esteban and Gustavo Romero Borri).
Pablo Pérez and Anahí Berneri for Un año sin amor (from the novel by Pablo Pérez).

Fabio Aste for Vereda tropical.
* Nahuel Pérez Biscayart for Tatuado.
Víctor Hugo Carrizo for Iluminados por el fuego / Blessed by Fire.
Juan Minujín for Un año sin amor.
Ignacio Rogers for Como un avión estrellado.

* Norma Argentina for Cama adentro / Live-In Maid.
María Abadi for Géminis.
Mercedes Funes for Cautiva.
Bárbara Lombardo for Cautiva.
Mirella Pascual for Whisky.

Lucio Bonelli for Tiempo de valientes.
* Checo Varesse for El aura / The Aura.
Ramiro Aisenson for Whisky Romeo Zulu.
Javier Julia for Iluminados por el fuego / Blessed by Fire.
Gerardo Silvatici for Como pasan las horas.

Guillermo Represas for Cama adentro / Live-In Maid.
Alejandro Carrillo Penovi and Fernando Pardo for El aura / The Aura.
* Alejandro Brodersohn for Iluminados por el fuego / Blessed by Fire.
Jacopo Quadri for Whisky Romeo Zulu.
Alberto Ponce for Tiempo de valientes.

* José Luis Castiñeira de Dios for Cautiva.
Lucio Godoy for El aura / The Aura.
Lito Vitale for Elsa & Fred.
Guillermo Guareschi for Tiempo de valientes.
Pequeña Orquesta Reincidentes for Whisky.

Marcela Bazzano for Cama adentro / Live-In Maid.
Mercedes Alfonsín for El aura / The Aura.
Margarita Jusid for El viento.
* Graciela Fraguglia for Iluminados por el fuego / Blessed by Fire.
Cristina Nigro for Whisky Romeo Zulu.

Ricky Casalli and Paola Delgado for Adiós querida Luna.
* Nereida Bonmatí for Elsa & Fred.
Beatriz Di Benedetto and Fátima Macera for Hermanas.
Julio Suárez for Iluminados por el fuego / Blessed by Fire.
Roberta Pesci for Un año sin amor.

* Abbate and Díaz for El aura / The Aura.
Martín Grignaschi for Iluminados por el fuego / Blessed by Fire.
Abbate and Díaz for Tango, un giro extraño.
Fernando Soldevilla for Tiempo de valientes.
Marcos de Aguirre for Whisky Romeo Zulu.

Sed, invasión gota a gota, by Mausi Martínez.
* Oro Nazi en Argentina, by Rolo Pereyra.
La dignidad de los nadies, by Fernando “Pino” Solanas.
Tango, un giro extraño, by Mercedes García Guevara.

Carmen Guarini for H.I.J.O.S., el alma en dos.
* Mausi Martínez for Sed, invasión gota a gota.
Rolo Pereyra and Jorge Camarasa for Oro Nazi en Argentina.
Pino Solanas, from an investigation by Alcira Argumedo, for La dignidad de los nadies.
Mercedes García Guevara for Tango, un giro extraño.

* Atrapados en el fin del mundo, by Eduardo Sánchez.
Dirigido por…, by Rodolfo Durán.
Grissinopoli: El país de los grisines, by Darío Doria.
Pepe Núñez, luthier, el oficio de vivir, by Fermín Rivera.
Vida en Falcon, by Jorge Gaggero.

* Viaje a Marte by Juan Pablo Zaramella.
Mi primera salida by Juan Schnitman.
María by Martin Desalvo.
Mi nombre preferido by Matías Risi.

Actress Elena Lucena.
Actor Jacques Arndt.
Editor Antonio Ripoll.
Journalist Fernando López.

Sherrybaby Maggie Gyllenhaal Karlovy Vary‘Sherrybaby’ with Maggie Gyllenhaal: Karlovy Vary Film Festival winner.

‘Sherrybaby,’ Maggie Gyllenhaal win Karlovy Vary Film Festival awards

Laurie Collyer’s Sherrybaby, starring Maggie Gyllenhaal as a woman who returns home after spending three years in jail, won the Crystal Globe for Best Film at the 41st Karlovy Vary Film Festival. The winners were announced on July 8, ’06.

Maggie Gyllenhaal herself was selected as Best Actress for playing Sherrybaby‘s former convict, while Andrzej Hudziak took home the Best Actor Award for his performance as a geeky writer in the Polish social drama Several People, Little Time / Pare osób, maly czas.

A number of other Central European films were found on the list of 2006 Karlovy Vary winners, including the two Best Film runners-up: Special Jury Prize winners Christmas Tree Upside Down / Obarnata elha, a German-Bulgarian co-production directed by Ivan Cherkelov and Vassil Zhivkov, and Jan Hrebejk’s Czech comedy-drama Beauty in Trouble / Kráska v nesnázích, about a woman (Anna Geislerová) torn between two men.

Joachim Trier was Karlovy Vary’s Best Director for the Norwegian psychological drama Reprise, in which two competitive friends and writer wannabes follow divergent life paths: one (played by Anders Danielsen Lie) becomes successful and suffers a nervous breakdown; the other (Espen Klouman-Høiner) finds success elusive, but maintains his sanity.

Full list of 2006 Karlovy Vary Film Festival winners

Best Film: Sherrybaby, dir.: Laurie Collyer (U.S.).

Special Jury Prize (ex-aequo): Obarnata elha / Christmas Tree Upside Down, dir.: Ivan Cherkelov and Vassil Zhivkov (Bulgaria / Germany) and Kráska v nesnázích / Beauty in Trouble by Jan Hrebejk (Czech Republic).

Best Director: Joachim Trier for Reprise (Norway).

Best Actor: Andrzej Hudziak for Pare osób, maly czas / Several People, Little Time (Poland).

Best Actress: Maggie Gyllenhaal for Sherrybaby (U.S.).

Special Mention: L’Enfant d’une autre / This Girl Is Mine, dir.: Virginie Wagon (France).

Best Documentary (longer than 30 minutes) (ex-aequo): Life in Loops (A Megacities RMX), dir.: Timo Novotny (Austria) and En el hoyo / In the Pit by Juan Carlos Rulfo (Mexico).

Special Mention: Iné svety / Other Worlds by Marko Škop (Slovakia / Czech Republic).

Best Documentary (shorter than 30 minutes): Views of a Retired Night Porter, dir.: Andreas Horvath (Austria).

East of the West Award: Maimuni prez zimata / Monkeys in Winter, dir.: Milena Andonova (Bulgaria / Germany).

Special Mention (ex-aequo): Fehér tenyér / White Palms, dir.: Szabólcs Hajdu (Hungary) and Sutra ujutru / Tomorrow Morning by Oleg Novkovic (Serbia).

Award for Outstanding Contribution to World Cinema: Andy Garcia, U.S.; Robert K. Shaye, U.S.; Jan Nemec, Czech Republic.

FIPRESCI Prize: Valkoinen Kaupunki / Frozen City, dir.: Aku Louhimies (Finland).

Audience Award: Iné svety / Other Worlds, dir.: Marko Škop (Slovakia / Czech Republic).

The Ecumenical Jury Award: El destino / Destiny, dir.: Miguel Pereira (Argentina / Spain).

Special Mention: Shab Bekheir Farmandeh / Goodbye Life, dir.: Ensieh Shah-Hosseini (Iran).

Don Quijote Prize (I.F.F.S. - International Federation of Film Societies): Reprise, dir.: Joachim Trier (Norway).

Special Mention: Valkoinen Kaupunki / Frozen City, dir.: Aku Louhimies (Finland).

Europa Cinemas Label: Valkoinen Kaupunki / Frozen City, dir.: Aku Louhimies (Finland).

Czech Television Award - Independent Camera: Play by Alicia Scherson (Chile / Argentina /France).

2006 Karlovy Vary Film Festival juries

Karlovy Vary Official Competition Jury: Goran Paskaljevic, President of the Jury, Serbia; Bent Hamer, Norway; Liela Hatami, Iran; Coleman Hough, US; Laurence Kardish, Canada; Juliusz Machulski, Poland; Karel Roden, Czech Republic.

Documentary Jury: Fabrizio Grosoli - chairman, Italy; Jana Boková, Argentina, Czech Republic; Tine Fischer, Denmark; Marek Hovorka, Czech Republic; Guntis Trekteris, Latvia.

East of the West Jury: Gulnara Abikeyeva - chairwoman, Kazakhstan; Stefan Kitanov, Bulgaria; Michaela Pavlátová, Czech Republic; Ray Privett, US; Svetlana Sikora, Germany.

FIPRESCI Jury: Atilla Dorsay – chairman, Turkey; Jan Foll, Czech Republic; Marita Nyrhinen, Finland; Fawzi Soliman, Egypt; Christina Stojanova, Canada.

Ecumenical Jury: Elena Jecu Dulgheru, Romania; Jan Eliás, Czech Republic; Jos Horemans, Belgium; Julia Laggner, Austria; Milos Rejchrt, Czech Republic; Kai Voigtländer, Germany.

I.F.F.S. Jury: Michal Durícek, Czech Republic; Marianne Körver, Estonia; Joe McMahon, Ireland.

Europa Cinemas Label Jury: Ivo Andrle, Czech Republic; Kirsten Dalgaard, Denmark; Katrin Rajasaare, Estonia; Thomas Settje, Germany.

Independent Camera Jury: David G. Filipi, USA; Michael Málek, Czech Republic; Rui Pereira, Portugal.

List of winners via the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival website.

Maggie Gyllenhaal Sherrybaby image: IFC Films.

28th Moscow Film Festival Awards - 2006 Golden St. George

The Best Film Golden St. George was given to Othman Karims Swedish drama Om Sara / About Sara, the ten-year saga of a young woman (Linda Zilliacus) and her lovers. The Grand Jury Prize went to Jeremy Brocks British dramatic comedy Driving Lessons, starring Silver St. George Best Actress winner Julie Walters as a retired actress who befriends a shy teenage Christian boy played by Rupert Grint.

The Best Director was Bertrand Blier for the French comedy Combien tu maimes? / How Much Do You Love Me?, starring Monica Bellucci and Gérard Depardieu. (Depardieu was given a special prize “for Achieving Perfection in Acting and for Loyalty to the Principles of the Stanislavsky Method.”)

Best Actor honors went to Jens Harzer for his role as an insurance salesman in Bulent Akincis atmospheric German drama Der Lebensversicherer / Running On Empty.

The 28th Moscow Film Festival Award was held between June 23-July 2, 2006.

Grand Prix, Golden St. George - OM SARA / ABOUT SARA, Director: Othman Karim, Sweden, 2005

Grand Jury Prize, Golden St. George - DRIVING LESSONS, Director: Jeremy Brock, UK, 2006

Best Director Silver St. George - Bertrand Blier, COMBIEN TU MAIMES? / HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE ME?, Italy / France, 2005

Best Actor Silver St. George - Jens Harzer, DER LEBENSVERSICHERER / RUNNING ON EMPTY, Director: Bulent Akinci, Germany, 2005

Best Actress Silver St. George - Julie Walters, DRIVING LESSONS, UK, 2006

Special Prize for Achieving Perfection in Acting and for Loyalty to the Principles of the Stanislavsky Method I believe it. Konstantin Stanislavsky: Gerard Depardieu, actor, France

The Perspectives Competition Prize: SPRING / CHASHMA, directed by Yolkin Tuychiev, Uzbekistan, 2006

The prize of The Russian Federation of Film Clubs for the Best Film of the 28th MIFF Russian Films program: NANKIN LANDSCAPE, Russia, 2005, directed by Valery Rubinchik

The prize of The Russian Federation of Film Clubs for the best film in Competition: KLIMT, Austria / France / Germany / UK, 2005, directed by Raoul Ruiz

Special mention and a diploma of The 28th MIFF Jury of the Russian Guild of Film Critics: DER LEBENSVERSICHERER / RUNNING ON EMPTY, directed by Bulent Akinci, Germany, 2005

FIPRESCI (International Film Critics) Prize: KUBRADOR, directed by Jeffrey Jeturian

Los Angeles & Slovakian Film Festival Awards

Film Independent’s Los Angeles Film Festival came to a close this past Sunday. According to festival organizers, more than 80,000 people came to the screenings.

Although I missed a few films I wanted to watch - François Ozon’s Le Temps qui reste / Time to Leave, Hans Canosa’s Conversations with Other Women, and Andrucha Waddington’s Casa de Areia / House of Sand - I did manage to catch several good movies. (Before posting my full reviews, I’ll be adding short commentaries on Kirby Dick’s funny - and revealing - This Film Is Not Yet Rated, and on Géla Babluani’s well directed but bleak and utterly absurd 13 (Tzameti).)

Also, the winners of this year’s edition of the Los Angeles Film Festival were announced at a Sunday night awards ceremony.

The Israeli documentary Bubot Niyar / Paper Dolls won the International Feature Competition. Tomer Heymann’s film depicts the difficulties encountered by gay Filipino immigrants who work as caregivers in one of Tel Aviv’s most conservative neighborhoods.

The jury prize for Best Narrative Feature went to Steve Collins’ feature-film début, Gretchen, the story of a 17-year-old girl (Courtney Davis) obsessed with a “bad boy” at school. The Audience Award went to Robert Cary’s Ira & Abby, a feel-good comedy written by Jennifer Westfeldt (who also stars, along with Chris Messina).

In the feature documentary competition, the jury prize was given to Amy Berg’s Deliver Us from Evil, which covers similar territory to Kirby Dick’s Academy Award-nominated documentary Twist of Faith: Pedophile priest is abetted by the corrupt Catholic Church.

Jeff Werner and Susan Koch’s Mario’s Story, about the fight to prove the innocence of an East Los Angeles teenager sentenced to life in prison for murder, won the Audience Award for Best Feature Documentary.

An acting ensemble award was given to the cast of Mike Akel’s Chalk, a mockumentary that portrays the lives of high-school teachers.

Best Narrative Feature: Gretchen by Steve Collins

Best Documentary Feature: Deliver Us from Evil by Amy Berg

Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature: Ira & Abby by Robert Cary

Audience Award for Best Documentary Feature: Mario’s Story by Jeff Werner and Susan Koch

Audience Award for the Best International Feature: Bubot Niyar / Paper Dolls by Tomer Heymann

Outstanding Performance in the Narrative Competition: The ensemble cast of Mike Akel’s Chalk - Troy Schremmer, Janelle Schremmer, Shannon Haragan, and Chris Mass.

Best Narrative Short Film: Side Walls by Gustavo Taretto

Best Documentary Short Film: Gesture Down (I Don’t Sing) by Cedar Sherbert

Best Animated/Experimental Short Film: The Wraith of Cobble Hill by Adam Parrish King

Audience Award for Best Short Film: I Want To Be A Pilot by Diego Quemada-Diez

Spirit of Independence Award: Charlize Theron

Narrative Feature Competition jury: Giulia D’Agnolo Vallan (director), David Gordon Green (director), and Danielle Renfrew (producer)

Documentary Competition jury: Marie-Therese Guirgis (acquisitions consultant) and A. J. Schnack (director)

Short Competition Jury: Yareli Arizmendi, Jason Reitman (director), and Mora Stephens (director)

Los Angeles Film Festival website.

2006 Slovakian ArtFilm Festival Awards

2006 Slovakian ArtFilm Festival Awards: July 1, 2006

Blue Angel Awards

Best Director:
Shanghai Dreams, Wang Xiaoshuai, China

Grand Prix Art Film for Best Performance: 
David Dencik for En Soap / A Soap, Denmark / Sweden

Best Cinematographer:
Dreaming of Space, Jurij Klimenko, Russia

Jury: Head of the Jury John Irvin, director, United Kingdom; Richard Blech, film critic and historian, Slovakia; Ron Holloway, film critic and publicist, US; Zoltán Kamondi, director, Hungary; Antonín J. Liehm, film critic and publicist, Czech Republic; Jirí Stránský, writer, scriptwriter, and playwright, Czech Republic; Katarína ulajová, director, screenwriter, and actress, Slovakia; ivko Zalar, cinematographer, scriptwriter, Croatia

Golden Camera Award: Director Andrzej Wajda and screenwriter/director
Duan Hanák


Prix Art Film for Best Short Film:
Before Dawn, Bálint Kenyeres, Hungary

Prix Art Film for Best Documentary:
Even If She Had Been a Criminal, Jean-Gabriel Périot, France

Prix Art Film for the Best Animated or Experimental Film:
Vennad karusüdamed / Brothers Bearhearts, Riho Unt, Estonia

On the Road

Prix Art Film for the best creator or creators of the best student

Melodrama, Filip Marczewski, Poland

Non-Statutory Awards

Award of the Mayor of the City of Trencín:
Actress Isabelle Huppert for Gabrielle, France

Award of the Mayor of the City of Trencianske Teplice:
Screenwriter Szabolcs Hajdu for White Palms, Hungary

Award of the Artistic Director of the Festival
Andrzej Wajda School, Poland

I.F.F.S. Jury (International Federation of Film Societies)

Don Quijote Prize:
En Soap / A Soap by Pernille Fischer Christensen (Denmark / Sweden)

Special Mention: 
Vennad karusüdamed / Brothers Bearhearts, by Riho Unt (Estonia)

Argentinean Film Critics Association / Asociación de Cronistas Cinematográficos de la Argentina on Facebook.

Silver Condor Award winner Ricardo Darín The Aura movie image: Buena Vista International / IFC Films, via the blog Örök gyerek.

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