Stockholm Film Festival Awards + British Independent Film Award Winners

Writer-director Courtney Hunt's Frozen River takes place in the days before Christmas near a border crossing on the Mohawk reservation between New York State and Quebec, where two single mothers – one white, one Mohawk – in dire straits dive into the border-smuggling underworld. Melissa Leo (above, with Michael O'Keefe), who has recently won best actress honors at the Marrakech Film Festival, stars.

Bronze Horse for Best Film: Frozen River by Courtney Hunt (above)

Best Directing Debut: Steve McQueen for Hunger

Honorable Mention Best First Feature: Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire for Johnny Mad Dog

Best Actress: Zuzana Bydzovska for Country Teacher

Best Actor: Michael Fassbender for Hunger

Best Scr.: Erik Hemmendorff and Ruben Östlund for Involuntary

Best Music Award: Krister Linder for Downloading Nancy

Best Cinematography: Divis Marek for Country Teacher

Best Short Film: Megatron by Marian Crisan

Charlotte Rampling

Stockholm Lifetime Achievement Award 2008: Charlotte Rampling (image: Sara Shahbazi)

“For her impressive portrayals of some of the most memorable female characters in modern cinema. Some might be strong-willed, others more vulnerable, but they have all been depicted with intelligence and a precise feeling for their lives within. Few actors enter the big empty screen and inhabit it with the same grace, naturalness and confidence.”

Wong Kar Wai

Stockholm Visionary Award 2008: Wong Kar Wai (image: Mattias Lindbäck )

“Mr Wong Kar Wai is a visionary director that has moved audiences in every corner of the world with his cinematic language. He has a unique abilty to cast the creatures of the night in a romantic and moody light while capturing the beauty of the fleeting moment on the silver screen . It is an honor to present Mr Wong Kar Wai with the Stockholm Visionary Award for his continuous exploration of the labyrinth of the human heart in a search with no boundaries in time, space or form.”

Rising Star 2008: Malin Crépin


FIPRESCI (International Film Critics) Prize: Better Things by Duane Hopkins



Star! Audience Award: Involuntary by Ruben Östlund

1 km film 2008: Alexandra Dahlström for Come Here

Honorable mention 1 km film: Levan Akin for The Last Things

ifestival winner: Little Things by Karolina Pajak


Bronze Horse Jury: Jorn Donner (chair), Elin Klinga, Sharon Swart, Karin Mamma Andersson, and Erik Richter Strand

FIPRESCI Jury: Anjelika Artyukh (Russia), Jan Olszewski (Poland), and Marco Spagnoli (Italy)

2008 British Independent Film Awards

2008 British Independent Film Award nominations: October 28, 2008

2008 British Independent Film Award winners: Old Billingsgate Market in London on November 30, 2008 

The romantic fantasy Slumdog Millionaire (above, top photo), about a poor young man (best newcomer winner Dev Patel) who gets a chance to become a millionaire on an Indian TV game show, was the top winner at the 2008 British Independent Film Awards, bagging trophies for best British independent film and best director (Danny Boyle).

The Douglas Hickox award for debut director went to Steve McQueen for the Anglo-Irish political drama Hunger (above, lower photo). Hunger also won awards for actor Michael Fassbender, who plays real-life Republican leader Bobby Sands, and cinematographer Sean Bobbitt in the technical achievement category.

Surprisingly, American Vera Farmiga was named best actress for the Holocaust drama The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (instead of favorite Sally Hawkins for the feel-good Happy-Go-Lucky), while Martin McDonagh won the best screenplay award for In Bruges that films sole win.

Last year's big BIFA winner, Control, was all but ignored by the (generally speaking) Hollywood-centric US critics and other voting bodies in the United States. Considering the Oscar buzz surrounding Slumdog Millionaire, this year things will quite likely be different.

In Bruges
Man on Wire 
* Slumdog Millionaire
Somers Town 

The Diving Bell & The Butterfly 
I've Loved You So Long 
* Waltz With Bashir 

A Complete History of My Sexual Failures
* Man on Wire 
Of Time and The City 
Three Miles North of Molkom

Mark Herman – The Boy in the Striped Pajamas 
Steve McQueen – Hunger 
* Danny Boyle – Slumdog Millionaire
Shane Meadows – Somers Town
Garth Jennings – Son of Rambow 

James Watkins – Eden Lake
Rupert Wyatt – The Escapist
* Steve McQueen – Hunger
Martin McDonagh – In Bruges
Eran Creevy – Shifty 

* Vera Farmiga – The Boy in the Striped Pajamas 
Samantha Morton – The Daisy Chain
Keira Knightley – The Duchess
Kelly Reilly – Eden Lake
Sally Hawkins – Happy-Go-Lucky 

* Michael Fassbender – Hunger
Colin Farrell – In Bruges
Brendan Gleeson – In Bruges
Riz Ahmed – Shifty
Thomas Turgoose – Somers Town 

Emma Thompson – Brideshead Revisited
Hayley Atwell – The Duchess
Kristin Scott Thomas – Easy Virtue
Sienna Miller – The Edge of Love 
* Alexis Zegerman – Happy-Go-Lucky

Ralph Fiennes – The Duchess
* Eddie Marsan – Happy-Go-Lucky
Liam Cunningham – Hunger
Ralph Fiennes – In Bruges
Daniel Mays– Shifty  

Asa Butterfield – The Boy in the Striped Paamas
* Dev Patel – Slumdog Millionaire
Ayush Mahesh Khedekar – Slumdog Millionaire
Bill Milner – Son of Rambow
Will Poulter – Son of Rambow 

Enda Walsh, Steve McQueen – Hunger 
* Martin McDonagh – In Bruges
Simon Beaufoy – Slumdog Millionaire
Paul Fraser – Somers Town
Garth Jennings – Son of Rambow 

The Daisy Chain
* The Escapist

One Day Removals
* Zebra Crossings

Wardrobe – Michael O'Connor – The Duchess
* Cinematography – Sean Bobbitt – Hunger 
Editing – Jon Gregory – In Bruges
Music – Harry Escott, Molly Nyman – Shifty
Cinematography – Anthony Dod Mantle – Slumdog Millionaire 

Alex And Her Arse Truck
Gone Fishing
Love Does Grow On Trees
Red Sands
* Soft  

THE RICHARD HARRIS AWARD (for outstanding contribution to British Film)
David Thewlis 

Michael Sheen 

Joe Dunton

The nominations are selected by a committee composed of 70 members.

Winners Jury: Producer and Chair, Simon Relph, Actresses Anne Marie Duff and Eva Birthistle, Actors Mark Strong and Christopher Simpson, Director Joe Wright, Photographer/Director Rankin, Writer/Director Paul Andrew Williams, Writer Abi Morgan, Producers David Lawson, Gina Carter and Cat Villiers, Xavier Marchand Distributor (Momentum), Casting Director Shaheen Baig, Agent Tor Belfrage and Col Needham, Founder and Managing Director of the Internet Movie Database.

Threatened Sundance boycott

Jay Hamburger reports in The Park Record:

“Mayor Dana Williams acknowledges he is “certainly concerned” with the prospects of a boycott of Utah by gays and their allies, saying Park City could suffer even though the city had little to do with the gay-marriage ballot measure in California.

“Park City has a tradition of acceptance of gays, he says, but the city could be swept up in a movement by gays against Utah based on Proposition 8. Williams says gays are welcome in Park City.”

“It's too bad that we could potentially take the brunt of an issue we didn't participate in,” Williams says, adding he is worried about the effects on the ski season and the Sundance Film Festival.”

“A festival official recently told The Park Record Sundance has received phone calls and emails from people wanting the festival to abandon the Holiday Village screening rooms. The people tie Cinemark Theaters to the ballot measure. Sundance plans to continue showing films at Holiday Village.”

Hamburger adds that “the Mormon influence in Park City through the city's history has been limited compared to the role the church has played in other Utah communities” because Park City was founded by silver miners, and the region's mines attracted workers from various parts of the world. More recently, Californians, New Yorkers, and others have been moving into the area.

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