A Double Life (1947): Articles

Ronald Colman Actor: From Mad Killer to Lovestruck Amnesiac & Should Humankind Be Spared?

Updated: Following a couple of Julie London Westerns*, Turner Classic Movies will return to its July 2017 Star of the Month presentations. This evening, July 27, Ronald Colman can be seen in five titles from his later years: A Double Life, Random Harvest (1942), The Talk of the Town (1942), […]

B Film Noir Actress More Frightening Than Bette Davis? + The Savage Doppelgänger

B film noir Detour with Tom Neal and Ann Savage, looking more like your usual femme fatale. In the U.K., the Monthly Film Bulletin reviewer thoroughly dismissed Detour – but not Ann Savage – writing, “This very poor story has little to commend it. It tries the unusual by interspersing […]