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A Legendary Love (2004)

A Legendary Love Tiara Jacquelina Puteri Gunung LedangA Legendary Love / Puteri Gunung Ledang with Tiara Jacquelina. Teong Hin Saw’s romantic period drama inspired by an old local legend became the most expensive Malaysian movie.

A Legendary Love: Romantic period drama based on old legend became Malaysia’s costliest film production

Directed by Teong Hin Saw from a screenplay co-written by Hin Saw and Mamat Khalid, the Malaysian epic period romance A Legendary Love / Puteri Gunung Ledang stars  (co-producer) Tiara Jacquelina as a 15th-century Javanese Hindu princess enduring the pains of a forbidden romance with a Malay Muslim warrior (M. Nasir).

Budgeted at a reported US$4 million, A Legendary Love is the most expensive Malaysian movie ever made.

Directed by S. Roomai Noor, a 1961 Singaporean version of the story stars Elaine Edley and Mazlan Ahmad.

Mythical Princess of Mount Ledang

The original title of both movies, Puteri Gunung Ledang, is translated as Princess of Mount Ledang (previously spelled “Gunong Ledang”) a.k.a. Mount Ophir, located in present-day Johor, the state covering the southern tip of the Malaysian peninsula. The mythical celestial princess is supposed to have lived on that particular mountain.

A Legendary Love, however, doesn’t appear to follow the exact “plot” of the old legend – which itself has various versions – opting instead to focus on the two lead characters’ Romeo and Juliet-like romance.

Yet included in the narrative are the seven outlandish demands to the Sultan of Malacca (Adlin Aman Ramlie) – so Tiara Jacquelina’s princess can dodge a marriage of political expediency imposed on her by her brother and king (Alex Komang).

A Legendary Love / Puteri Gunung Ledang (2004)

Director: Teong Hin Saw.

Screenplay: Hin Saw and Mamat Khalid.

Cast: Tiara Jacquelina. M. Nasir. Rahim Razali. Adlin Aman Ramlie. Sofia Jane. Khir Rahman. Alex Komang. Christine Hakim.

Tiara Jacquelina A Legendary Love / Puteri Gunung Ledang image: Enfiniti Productions.

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