Joan Blondell Bio: Warner Bros. Movies & Real Life Love Triangle + Condom Censorship

Joan Blondell biography. Joan Blondell. Those who have heard the name will most likely picture either a blowsy, older woman playing the worldwise but warm-hearted saloon owner in the late 1960s television series Here Come the Brides, or a lively, fast-talking, no-nonsense, and unconventionally sexy gold digger in numerous Pre-Code Warner Bros. comedies and musicals of the early 1930s. Matthew Kennedy's Joan Blondell: A Life […]

National Film Registry Adds Fast-Decomposing 'Star Wars' Sequel & Demon Possession Rarity

McCabe & Mrs. Miller with Warren Beatty and Julie Christie: Robert Altman's anti-Western (a.k.a. “revisionist Western”) is one of 25 movies added to the Library of Congress' National Film Registry this year. Set in the small town of Presbyterian Church, Washington, at the dawn of the 20th century, the deliberately paced McCabe & Mrs. Miller stars Best Actress Oscar nominee Julie Christie as an opium-addicted […]