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Joan Collins Quotes + Greek Attorneys vs. Gay Alexander the Great

Joan Collins in Dynasty. Joan Collins quotes have been media fodder for decades, as the British actress has been around since the early 1950s. Half a century after Decameron Nights, The Slasher, and Our Girl Friday, Collins continues to be quoted, this time after weighing in on the multifaceted controversy […]

Alexander the Great Movie: 'Gay Hero' (?) Colin Farrell in Muddled Historical Epic

Alexander the Great movie: “Gay” Colin Farrell travels far and wide. Whether because of Alexander's wavy, blond hairdo or his haphazard, wishy-washy depiction – gay? bi? bored? – Irish actor Colin Farrell looks visibly uncomfortable as Oliver Stone's fetishized version of the 4th-century B.C.E. Macedonian prince who created the first […]