Anita Page & Bessie Love in 'The Broadway Melody': First Best Picture Talkie

The Broadway Melody was one of the biggest box office hits of the 1920s. Released by MGM in early 1929, the musical melodrama about two show-biz sisters in love with the same man, rode the wave of the all-talking, all-singing, all-dancing craze of the period. However pedestrian its storyline, The Broadway Melody even went on to win the first best picture Academy Award given to […]

Silent Film Actress Anita Page Turns 98: Starred in First Talking Best Picture Academy Award Winner

Silent film actress Anita Page turns 98: Featured in first all-talking Best Picture Academy Award winner Author Allan Ellenberger, currently working on a biography of Miriam Hopkins (Best Actress Academy Award nominee for Becky Sharp), pays tribute to Anita Page, The Last Surviving Silent Film Star. Page, among whose leading men were William Haines, Ramon Novarro, John Gilbert, Buster Keaton, and Lon Chaney, turned 98 […]

Anita Page: The Last Surviving Silent Film Star

  Back in the late 1920s, Anita Page could never have dreamed that eight decades later she would be a celebrity of sorts: The Official Last Surviving Silent Film Star. In truth, Anita Page was never a star in silent movies. She appeared on screen later in the decade, right at the time when the part-talkie The Jazz Singer was revolutionizing the industry. In those […]