Best British Movies of All Time?

Best British movies of all time: Michael Caine in 'Get Carter.' Best British Movies of All Time? Ten years ago, Get Carter, starring Michael Caine as a dangerous-looking London gangster, was selected as the United Kingdom's very best movie of all time according to 25 British film critics polled by Total Film magazine. To say that Mike Hodges' 1971 thriller was a surprising choice would […]

'The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse': Blockbuster Among Best Movies of 1920s

Alice Terry and Rudolph Valentino in 'The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.' 'The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse': Rex Ingram's blockbuster – one of the best movies of 1921 BEST FILM The Affairs of Anatol The Conquering Power The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Nobody   BEST DIRECTOR Cecil B. DeMille The Affairs of Anatol Rex Ingram The Conquering Power Rex Ingram The Four Horsemen […]

'The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari': Expressionistic Classic Among Best Films of 1920

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari with Lil Dagover, Conrad Veidt, and Werner Krauss 'The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari': Robert Wiene's expressionistic classic is one of the best movies of 1920 BEST FILM The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari / Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari Conrad in Quest of His Youth The Last of the Mohicans The Mollycoddle What Happened to Rosa?   BEST DIRECTOR Tod Browning […]

'Broken Blossoms,' Lillian Gish & Richard Barthelmess: Best Movies of the 1910s

'Broken Blossoms': Lillian Gish and Richard Barthelmess star in D.W. Griffith's 1919 melodrama about doomed interethnic love and dysfunctional family relationships – one of the best movies of the 1910s BEST FILM Broken Blossoms The Hoodlum The Italian Little Pal Old Wives for New A Romance of the Redwoods Sold for Marriage   BEST DIRECTOR Reginald Barker The Italian Reginald Barker The Wrath of the […]

Best Films of…

Best Films of… (Image: Poster art for Krzysztof Kieslowski's Three Colors: Red / Trois couleurs: Rouge, with Irène Jacob) Alt Film Guide's “Best Films of …” lists, which we'll be updating and reposting in the coming weeks, consist of highly personal and highly eclectic suggestions of films, oftentimes lesser-known titles, you might want to check out – or avoid like the plague, depending on how […]

Michael Caine 'Get Carter': Best British Film Ever?

Michael Caine in 'Get Carter.' Michael Caine 'Get Carter': 1971 gangster thriller the Best British film ever made? Get Carter, Mike Hodges' 1971 thriller starring a young Michael Caine and some scary-looking weaponry, was selected as Britain's very best movie ever according to 25 British film critics polled by Total Film magazine (Oct. 2004). To say Get Carter was an offbeat choice – what, not […]

Best Films 2003

A painter and his househelper-turned-subject find an unexpected spiritual and sensual bond by way of their mutual sensibility to light and color. A fictionalized account of the creation of one of Johannes Vermeer's most famous paintings, Peter Webber's Girl with a Pearl Earring perfectly evokes the 17th-century Netherlands of dark brick buildings, dirty streets, and perennially gray skies. In addition to Olivia Hetreed's literate adaptation […]

Best Films – 2002

A man is dead. Who among the greedy, ruthless, amoral singing-and-dancing suspects stuck in the snowbound countryside mansion has done it? 8 women is an acquired taste, bien sûr. What seems silly the first time around becomes increasingly wittier and funnier – though no less bizarre – with each repeated viewing. Beautifully shot by Jeanne Lapoirie and chock-full of bitingly sardonic lines and situations (adapted […]

Best Films – 2001

FILM Gosford Park d: Robert Altman; scr: Julian Fellowes Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India d: Ashutosh Gowariker; scr: Mulholland Dr. d, scr: David Lynch   CHECK THESE OUT The Curse of the Jade Scorpion d: Woody Allen Monster's Ball) d: Marc Forster; scr: No Man's Land d: Danis Tanovic; scr: ACTOR Woody Allen (The Curse of the Jade Scorpion) Gael García Bernal (Y […]

Best Films – 2000

While most film directors struggle – and fail – to create screen magic, Laurent Firode succeeds beautifully with his romantic-existential comedy Le Battement d'ailes du papillon / Happenstance. The key is Firode's lighter-than-air touch. Even Ernst Lubitsch would have been impressed. Audrey Tautou, however, looks somewhat puzzled. She has been having problems with her roommate, she has been fired from her job, she has broken […]

Best Films – 1995

A mysterious con job that seems to be a cover for something ominously more dangerous forms the basis for director Bryan Singer and screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie's complex suspense thriller The Usual Suspects. Had the film been released after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, pundits would be describing it as the inevitable artistic offspring of The New World Disorder. But since this is a 1995 […]

Best Films – 1994

One of the masterworks of world cinema, Trois couleurs: Rouge / Three Colors: Red is the final segment of Krzysztof Kieslowski's Trois couleurs trilogy – the other two being Bleu / Blue (1993) and Blanc / White (1994). Each film is supposed to represent (quite loosely) the three colors of the French flag: liberty, equality, and fraternity. But regardless of what director-scenarist Kieslowski and cowriter […]

Best Films – 1993

Jane Campion's hauntingly beautiful The Piano is one of the rare successful attempts to bring the Gothic sensitivity of the Brontë sisters to the screen. Holly Hunter is superb as the Scottish widow Ada, a (self-imposed) mute and mother of a strange little girl, who finds herself stranded both physically and emotionally in the wilds of 19th-century New Zealand. Ada's piano is her means to […]

Best Films – 1992

Forget Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction and anything else he and his myriad imitators have done. C'est arrivé près de chez vous / Man Bites dog is the real thing. Directed by Benoît Poelvoorde, Rémy Belvaux, and André Bonzel; written by this trio plus Vincent Tavier, and starring Poelvoorde himself as the coolest serial killer in film history, C'est arrivé près de chez vous is a […]

Best Films – 1991

Before he set out to make only ugly, tedious trash like G.I. Jane (1997), Gladiator (2000), and Black Hawk Down (2001), Ridley Scott directed at least three cinematic gems: Alien, probably the best monster movie ever; Blade Runner, one of the very best science-fiction films; and the character-driven Thelma & Louise, which leaves most road movies biting the dust. Callie Khouri's perceptive screenplay was a […]

Best Films – 1990

A film by one of the world's best directors, Gianni Amelio, the Academy Award-nominated Porte aperte / Open Doors tells the harrowing story of an assistant judge who tries to save a murderer from the death penalty in 1937 Palermo. As a bonus, the picture offers outstanding performances by veteran Gian Maria Volonté, as the judge, and by the lesser-known Ennio Fantastichini, as the condemned […]

Best Films – 1985

Winner of the 1985 Best Foreign Language Film Academy Award, Luis Puenzo's La Historia oficial / The Official Story is deeply disturbing in its unflinching depiction of the evil lurking inside respectable members of society. Paradoxically, this Argentinian production is also deeply moving in its unsentimental portrayal of the human struggle for justice, however painful the outcome. Set circa 1983, at the crumbling of the […]

Best Films – 1984

Despite a not too convincingly debauched Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, played with itsy-bitsy-cutesy flair by Academy Award nominee Tom Hulce, the visually stunning Amadeus is an intriguing treatise on the coexistence of heavenly talents and earthly desires within the same human mind. F. Murray Abraham is an impressive Antonio Salieri, the self-important but morally corrupt second-rank composer who, as written by Peter Shaffer (from his own […]

Best Films – 1983

Cinematographer Carroll Ballard's second directorial effort (following The Black Stallion in 1979), Never Cry Wolf is a stunningly beautiful meditation on nature and on life itself. Based on the true story of Canadian researcher Farley Mowat, this semi-documentary tells the story of a scientist who is sent to the far north to study the “dangerous” behavior of wolves. While struggling to survive in that inhospitable […]

Best Films – 1982

Costa-Gavras made a reputation for himself as a director of provocative, controversial political thrillers. His 1969 anti-Greek junta film, Z, became the first non-English language film in more than thirty years to receive an Academy Award nomination as Best Picture. Missing, Costa-Gavrass' first film in English, also garnered a Best Picture nod – and deservedly so. The picture is a powerful indictment against government and […]

Best Films – 1981

A superb cast that includes Academy Award nominee Fernanda Montenegro (Central do Brasil / Central Station) brings to life the conflicted characters of Eles Não Usam Black-Tie / They Don't Wear Black-Tie, director Leon Hirszman and star Gianfrancesco Guarnieri's adaptation of Guarnieri's own play about a working-class family torn apart by labor struggles. During a strike, the father, a union leader, sides with the laborers. […]

Best Films – 1980

Once upon a time, before becoming involved in bloated mainstream Hollywood productions, Jonathan Demme directed a little gem called Melvin and Howard (as in Hughes, the oil millionaire-turned-film producer-turned-total nut that has been incarnated by Leonardo DiCaprio in Martin Scorsese's The Aviator). Bo Goldman's witty, funny, and poignant screenplay dealt with the search for the ever-elusive “American dream”: One dark night in the middle of […]

Best Films – 1975

1975 is the only year in which all films nominated for a Best Picture Academy Award also figure in our Best of the Best list. The five films are: Barry Lyndon, an 18th-century morality tale; Dog Day Afternoon, a very 20th-century tale of media irresponsibility, urban violence, and inner angst; Jaws, the gripping tale of a shark addicted to yummy human meat; Nashville, a mordant […]

Best Films – 1974

“You may think you know what you're dealing with,” one character admonishes sleazy private detective Jake Gittes, “but believe me, you don't.” Released shortly after the end of the Watergate hearings, Chinatown is Roman Polanski's masterpiece and arguably the best mystery thriller ever filmed, a ruthless amorality tale about a putrid society in which corruption, violence, and degradation lurk under a veneer of wealth and […]

Best Films – 1973

Throughout most of his career, Greek-born director Costa-Gavras has set his sights on political themes. With the Academy Award-winning Z (1969), he attacked the right-wing military junta that seized power in his native country; with L'Aveu / The Confession (1970), he attacked the totalitarian ways of the Communist regime of Czechoslovakia; and with État de siège / State of Siege, he attacked the right-wing military […]

Best Films – 1972

Musicals tend to be either vacuous and light as air (e.g., An American in Paris) or vacuous and heavy as lead (e.g., Doctor Dolittle). Cabaret fits into neither category. Set at the dawn of the Nazi era, Bob Fosse's best film is a socio-political-psychological musical. If it's not the first of its kind, it surely is the best – written by Jay Presson Allen, adapted […]

Best Films – 1971

Veteran actress-screenwriter-playwright Ruth Gordon enjoyed a major film career renaissance following her Oscar-winning devilish turn in Rosemary's Baby in 1968. In Harold and Maude, the 75-year-old Gordon had her first starring role in a motion picture. Her offbeat performance as the free-spirited Maude helped turn this quirky, anti-establishment comedy into one of the major cult films of the 1970s. Bud Cort (Brewster McCloud) plays Harold, […]

Best Films – 1970

Quite possibly Bernardo Bertolucci's best film, Il Conformista / The Conformist is a first-rate psychological thriller that associates fascistic tendencies with repressed sexuality. Politicians everywhere should take a good look at it. Bertolucci, who also wrote the screenplay from a Alberto Moravia novel, focuses on the story of a Fascist-in-the-making, brilliantly played by Jean-Louis Trintignant, whose lust for power and control has its roots in […]

Best Films – 1965

Set in the amoral Swinging London of the 1960s, Darling is a morality tale that holds up surprisingly well. Julie Christie plays a beautiful model who sleeps her way to the top of London's fashion world, while juggling along the way both Dirk Bogarde and Laurence Harvey. At the end, the young lady gets more (or less) than she bargained for. Some have accused the […]

Best Films – 1964

On paper, there is precious little that is innovative about Jacques Demy's Les Parapluies de Cherbourg / The Umbrellas of Cherbourg. It's just your usual story of a handsome boy and a beautiful girl who are madly in love, and who are eventually separated by the outside world – in this case, both the Franco-Algerian war and the girl's mama. On film, everything seems new […]

Best Films – 1963

[Photo: Claire Bloom, Julie Harris The Haunting.] After Jack Clayton's The Innocents (1961), Robert Wise's The Haunting is the best haunted house story ever filmed. But is the house really haunted or is everything taking place inside the head of sexless, neurotic spinster Julie Harris? The stage-trained Harris (East of Eden, The Member of the Wedding) delivers a phenomenal tour de force, creating a woman […]

Best Films – 1962

Lawrence of Arabia is generally the most admired motion picture released in 1962, while The Manchurian Candidate is the most admired strictly political film to come out that year. We, however, find the former much too long and the latter much too outlandish. We, however, much prefer Wendell Mayess' literate script (from Allen Drury's novel) about political backstabbing and blackmailing in the American Congress; the […]

Best Films – 1961

Possibly the best ghost story ever filmed, Jack Clayton's The Innocents, an adaptation of Henry Jamess' novel The Turn of the Screw, offers spooky apparitions, demented religiosity, repressed sexuality (in an adult), emergent sexuality (in pre-teenagers), and incest in a manner that is funny, poignant, and unforgettably creepy. It is perhaps no wonder that Truman Capote (Breakfast at Tiffany's, In Cold Blood) was partly responsible […]

Best Films – 1960

Better known for his early neo-realist films Ladri di biciclette /The Bicycle Thief (1948) and Sciuscià / Shoeshine (1946), Vittorio De Sica created a harrowing portrait of the horrors of war with his filmization of Alberto Moravia's La Ciociara / Two Women. A deglamorized Sophia Loren (in a role intended for Anna Magnani) plays the loving mother of a teenage girl, both of whom flee […]

Best Films – 1955

The guilty pleasure of all guilty pleasures. An unabashedly sentimental story about East meets West, a bland performance by leading man William Holden (Sunset Boulevard, Network), an awful (and awfully long) title. That's 20th Century Fox's Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing. Yet, the film does offer gorgeous locations (Hong Kong and surrounding areas), superb color cinematography (Leon Shamroy), a rousing, romantic score (Alfred Newman), several […]

Best Films – 1954

Considered by many one of Joseph L. Mankiewicz's lesser films, The Barefoot Contessa is a classy, intelligently written, and generally well acted morality tale. Inspired by the life of Rita Hayworth (née Margarita Cansino), the film's plot revolves around the tragic fate of Maria Vargas, a great, earthy beauty who becomes a Hollywood movie star. Besides Jack Cardiff's beautiful cinematography and Mario Nascimbene's melancholy score, […]

Best Films – 1953

Jacques Tati in Mr. Hulot's Holiday FILM The Bandwagon d: Vincente Minnelli; scr: Adolph Green, Betty Comden The Big Heat d: Fritz Lang; scr: Sidney Boehm Blowing Wild d: Hugo Fregonese; scr: Philip Yordan Calamity Jane d: David Butler; scr: James O'Hanlon Gentlemen Prefer Blondes d: Howard Hawks; scr: Charles Lederer How to Marry a Millionaire d: Jean Negulesco; scr: Nunnally Johnson I Confess d: […]

Best Films – 1952

Georges Poujouly, Brigitte Fossey in Forbidden Games FILM El Bruto / The Brute d: Luis Buñuel; scr: Luis Buñuel, Luiz Alcoriza Carrie d: William Wyler; scr: Ruth Goetz, Augustus Goetz Casque d'or / Golden Marie d: Jacques Becker; scr: Jacques Companéez The Crimson Pirate d: Robert Siodmak; scr: Roland Kibbee 5 Fingers d: Joseph L. Mankiewicz; scr: Michael Wilson High Noon d: Fred Zinnemann; scr: […]

Best Films – 1951

FILM Ace in the Hole / The Big Carnival d: Billy Wilder; scr: Billy Wilder, Lesser Samuels, Walter Newman The African Queen d: John Huston; scr: James Agee L'Auberge rouge / The Red Inn d: Claude Autant-Lara; scr: Jean Aurenche, Pierre Bost The Day the Earth Stood Still d: Robert Wise; scr: Edmund H. North The Man in the White Suit d: Alexander Mackendrick; scr: […]

Best Films – 1950

Simone Signoret, Gérard Philipe in La Ronde FILM All About Eve d, scr: Joseph L. Mankiewicz Annie Get Your Gun d: George Sidney; scr: Sidney Sheldon Caged d: John Cromwell; scr: Virginia Kellogg, Bernard Schoenfeld Harvey d: Henry Koster; scr: Mary C. Chase, Oscar Brodney King Solomon's Mines d: Compton Bennett, Andrew Marton; scr: Helen Deutsch Madeleine d: David Lean; scr: Stanley Haynes, Nicholas Phipps […]

Best Films – 1949

Spencer Tracy, Judy Holliday, Katharine Hepburn in Adam's Rib FILM Adam's Rib d: George Cukor; scr: Ruth Gordon, Garson Kanin The Heiress d: William Wyler; scr: Ruth Goetz, Augustus Goetz I Was a Male War Bride d: Howard Hawks; scr: Charles Lederer, Hagar Wilde, Leonard Spiegelglass On the Town d: Stanley Donen, Gene Kelly; scr: Betty Comden, Adolph Green The Passionate Friends d: David Lean; […]

Best Films – 1948

Joan Fontaine, Louis Jourdan in Letter from an Unknown Woman. FILM Anna Karenina d: Julien Duvivier; scr: Jean Anouilh, Guy Morgan, Julien Duvivier Cry of the City d: Robert Siodmak; scr: Richard Murphy Johnny Belinda d: Jean Negulesco; scr: Irmgard von Cube, Allen Vincent Key Largo d: John Huston; scr: Richard Brooks, John Huston Ladri di biciclette / The Bicycle Thief d: Vittorio De Sica; […]

Best Films 1947

FILM Black Narcissus d, scr: Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger Cheyenne d: Raoul Walsh; scr: Alan Le May, Thames Williamson Crossfire d: Edward Dmytryk; scr: John Paxton Down to Earth d: Alexander Hall; scr: Edwin Blum, Don Hartman The Ghost and Mrs. Muir d: Joseph L. Mankiewicz; scr: Philip Dunne Life with Father d: Michael Curtiz; scr: Donald Ogden Stewart Miracle on 34th Street d, […]

Best Films 1946

Rita Hayworth, Glenn Ford in Gilda. FILM Anna and the King of Siam d: John Cromwell; scr: Talbot Jennings, Sally Benson The Best Years of Our Lives d: William Wyler; scr: Robert E. Sherwood Cloak and Dagger d: Fritz Lang; scr: Albert Maltz, Ring Lardner Jr. From This Day Forward d: John Berry; scr: Hugo Butler, Garson Kanin Gilda d: Charles Vidor; scr: Marion Parsonnet […]

Best Films of 1945

FILM Blithe Spirit d: David Lean; scr: Noel Coward Boule de suif / Angel and Sinner d: Christian-Jaque; scr: Henri Jeanson Brief Encounter d: David Lean; scr: Noel Coward, Anthony Havelock-Allan, David Lean, Ronald Neame Dead of Night d: Alberto Cavalcanti, Charles Crichton, Basil Dearden, Robert Hamer; scr: John Baines, Angus MacPhail Les Enfants du paradis / Children of Paradise d: Marcel Carné; scr: Jacques […]

Best Films – 1944

John Hodiak, Tallulah Bankhead in Lifeboat FILM I Bambini ci guardano / The Children Are Watching Us d: Vittorio De Sica; scr: Cesare Zavattini, Vittorio De Sica, Cesare Giulio Viola, Adolfo Franci, Margherita Maglione, Gherardo Gherardi Crime by Night d: William Clemens; scr: Joel Malone, Richard Weil Dragon Seed d: Harold S. Bucquet, Jack Conway; scr: Jane Murfin, Marguerite Roberts Laura d: Otto Preminger; scr: […]

Best Films – 1943

Set in a 17th-century Danish village, Carl Theodor Dreyer's masterful Vredens dag / Day of Wrath is a stark, but deeply felt indictment against religious fanaticism and intolerance. Moving performances by ingénue Lisbeth Movin and accused witch Anna Svierkier add a touch of humanity to the horrors shown on screen. It is not a coincidence that Vredens Dag was made in 1943, a time when […]

Best Films – 1942

Alan Ladd in This Gun for Hire FILM Bambi d: David Hand; scr: Larry Morey and others The Black Swan d: Henry King; scr: Ben Hecht, Seton I. Miller Casablanca d: Michael Curtiz; scr: Julius J. Epstein, Philip G. Epstein, Howard Koch Johnny Eager d: Mervyn LeRoy; scr: John Lee Mahin, James Edward Grant The Magnificent Ambersons d, scr: Orson Welles The Major and the […]

Best Films – 1941

Orson Welles in Citizen Kane FILM Cheers for Miss Bishop d: Tay Garnett; scr: Sheridan Gibney, Adelaide Heilbron Citizen Kane d: Orson Welles; scr: Herman J. Mankiewicz, Orson Welles The Devil and Miss Jones d: Sam Wood; scr: Norman Krasna Dumbo d: Ben Sharpsteen; scr: Joe Grant, Dick Huemer and others The Great Lie d: Edmund Goulding; scr: Lenore J. Coffee Here Comes Mr. Jordan […]

Best Films – 1940

Henry Fonda, The Grapes of Wrath FILM The Blue Bird d: Walter Lang; scr: Ernest Pascal The Grapes of Wrath d: John Ford; scr: Nunnally Johnson Kitty Foyle d: Sam Wood; scr: Dalton Trumbo The Letter d: William Wyler; scr: Howard Koch The Mark of Zorro d: Rouben Mamoulian; scr: John Tainton Foote, Garrett Fort, Bess Meredyth Pinocchio d: Hamilton Luske, Ben Sharpsteen; scr: Ted […]

Best Films – 1939

The Rules of the Game by Jean Renoir FILM Gone with the Wind d: Victor Fleming; scr: Sidney Howard Le Jour se lève / Daybreak d: Marcel Carné; scr: Jacques Viot, Jacques Prévert Midnight d: Mitchell Leisen; scr: Billy Wilder, Charles Brackett Mr. Smith Goes to Washington d: Frank Capra; scr: Sidney Buchman Ninotchka d: Ernst Lubitsch; scr: Billy Wilder, Charles Brackett, Walter Reisch The […]

Best Films – 1938

Lionel Barrymore, James Stewart, Jean Arthur, Edward Arnold in You Can't Take It with You FILM The Adventures of Robin Hood d: Michael Curtiz, William Keighley; scr: Seton I. Miller, Norman Reilly Raine Bringing Up Baby d: Howard Hawks; scr: Dudley Nichols, Hagar Wilde Dramatic School d: Robert B. Sinclair; scr: Ernest Vajda, Mary McCall Jr. L'Etrange Monsieur Victor d: Jean Grémillon; scr: Albert Valentin, […]

Best Films – 1937

Robert Taylor, Greta Garbo in Camille FILM The Awful Truth d, scr: Leo McCarey Camille d: George Cukor; scr: Frances Marion, James Hilton, Zoe Akins The Hurricane d: John Ford; scr: Dudley Nichols, Oliver H. P. Garrett The Last of Mrs. Cheyney d: Richard Boleslawski; scr: Leon Gordon, Samson Raphaelson, Monckton Hoffe Lost Horizon d: Frank Capra; scr: Robert Riskin Night Must Fall d: Richard […]

Best Films – 1936

Sacha Guitry, The Story of a Cheat. FILM Follow the Fleet d: Mark Sandrich; scr: Dwight Taylor Fury d: Fritz Lang; scr: Bartlett Cormack, Fritz Lang Libeled Lady d: Jack Conway; scr: Maurine Watkins, Howard Emmett Rogers, George Oppenheimer Mr. Deeds Goes to Town d: Frank Capra; scr: Robert Riskin My Man Godfrey d: Gregory La Cava; scr: Morrie Ryskind, Eric Hatch Le Roman d'un […]

Best Films – 1935

Jean Harlow, Wallace Beery, Clark Gable in China Seas FILM Alice Adams d: George Stevens; scr: Dorothy Yost, Mortimer Offner China Seas d: Tay Garnett; scr: Jules Furthman, James K. McGuinness The Gay Deception d: William Wyler; scr: Stephen Avery, Don Hartman A Tale of Two Cities d: Jack Conway; scr: W. P. Lipscomb, S. N. Behrman The Whole Town's Talking d: John Ford; scr: […]

Best Films – 1934

Norma Shearer in The Barretts of Wimpole Street FILM The Barretts of Wimpole Street d: Sidney Franklin; scr: Ernest Vajda, Claudine West, Donald Ogden Stewart The Count of Monte Cristo d: Rowland V. Lee; scr: Philip Dunne, Dan Totheroh, Rowland V. Lee The Gay Divorcee d: Mark Sandrich; scr: George Marion Jr., Dorothy Yost, Edward Kaufman Hide-out d: W. S. Van Dyke; scr: Albert Hackett, […]

Best Films 1933

Greta Garbo in Queen Christina FILM Baby Face d: Alfred E. Green; scr: Gene Markey, Kathryn Scola The Barbarian d: Sam Wood; scr: Anita Loos, Elmer Harris Dinner at 8 d: George Cukor; scr: Frances Marion, Herman J. Mankiewicz, Donald Ogden Stewart Gold Diggers of 1933 d: Mervyn LeRoy; scr: Erwin Gelsey, James Seymour, David Boehm, Ben Markson I'm No Angel d: Wesley Ruggles; scr: […]

Best Films – 1932

FILM Beauty and the Boss d: Roy del Ruth; scr: Joseph Jackson Blessed Event d: Roy del Ruth; scr: Howard J. Green Jewel Robbery d: William Dieterle; scr: Erwin S. Gelsey The Most Dangerous Game / The Hounds of Zaroff d: Ernest B. Schoedsack, Irving Pichel; scr: James Ashmore Creelman The Old Dark House d: James Whale; scr: Ben W. Levy, R.C. Sheriff One Way […]

Best Films – 1931

Willi Fritsch and Lilian Harvey in Congress Dances FILM À nous la liberté / Liberty for Us d, scr: René Clair City Streets d: Rouben Mamoulian; scr: Max Marcin, Oliver H. P. Garrett, Dashiell Hammett Daybreak d: Jacques Feyder; scr: Ruth Cummings, Cyril Hume, Zelda Sears Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde d: Rouben Mamoulian; scr: Samuel Hoffenstein, Percy Heath Five Star Final d: Mervyn LeRoy; […]

Best Films – 1930

Made at the dawn of the sound era, All Quiet on the Western Front remains the best war film ever made. Despite some brave (and not so brave) attempts by other filmmakers ever since, no other motion picture I've seen has captured the horrors of war with the honesty and the poignancy of Lewis Milestone's rendition of Erich Maria Remarque's pacifist novel. Lew Ayres plays […]

Best Films – 1929

Alexandra Schmidt in Mother Krause's Journey to Happiness FILM Eternal Love d: Ernst Lubitsch; scr: Hanns Kräly; titles: H. H. Caldwell, Katherine Hilliker The Last of Mrs. Cheyney d: Sidney Franklin; scr: Hanns Kräly, Claudine West The Love Parade d: Ernst Lubitsch; scr: Ernest Vajda, Guy Bolton Lucky Star d: Frank Borzage; scr: Sonya Levien; dialogue: John Hunter Booth; titles: H. H. Caldwell, Katherine Hilliker […]

Best Films of 1928

Evelyn Brent and Emil Jannings in The Last Command FILM The Crowd d: King Vidor; scr: King Vidor, James V. A. Weaver; titles: Joseph W. Farnham The Docks of New York d: Josef von Sternberg; scr: Jules Furthman; titles: Julian Johnson The Last Command d: Josef von Sternberg; scr: John F. Goodrich; titles: Herman J. Mankiewicz Sadie Thompson d & scr: Raoul Walsh; titles: C. […]

Best Films – 1927

Ramon Novarro, Norma Shearer in The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg FILM Breakfast at Sunrise d: Malcolm St. Clair; scr: Fred De Gresac, Gladys Unger The Enemy d: Fred Niblo; scr: Willis Goldbeck, Agnes Christine Johnston; titles: John Colton The Student Prince in Old Heidelberg d: Ernst Lubitsch; scr: Hanns Kräly; titles: Marion Ainslee, Ruth Cummings The Unknown d: Tod Browning; scr: Waldemar Young; titles: […]

Best Films – 1926

Mary Pickford in Sparrows FILM Dancing Mothers d: Herbert Brenon; scr: Forrest Halsey Don Juan d: Alan Crosland; scr: Bess Meredyth; titles: Walter Anthony, Maude Fulton Kid Boots d: Frank Tuttle; scr: Luther Reed, Tom Gibson; titles: George Marion Jr. The Scarlet Letter d: Victor Sjöström (a.k.a. Victor Seastrom); scr: Frances Marion The Show d: Tod Browning; scr: Waldemar Young; titles: Joseph W. Farnham Sparrows […]

Best Films – 1925

Ramon Novarro and May McAvoy in Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ BEST FILM Ben-Hur d: Fred Niblo (assisted by Christy Cabanne, Alfred L. Raboch, B. Reeves Eason); scr: Carey Wilson, Bess Meredyth, June Mathis; titles: Katherine Hilliker, H. H. Caldwell The Big Parade d: King Vidor; scr: Laurence Stallings, Harry Behn; titles: Joseph W. Farnham Her Sister from Paris d: Sidney Franklin; scr: Hanns […]

Best Films – 1924

ZaSu Pitts, Gibson Gowland (center) in Erich von Stroheim's Greed BEST FILM The Enchanted Cottage d: John S. Robertson; scr: Josephine Lovett; titles: Gertrude Chase Greed d, scr: Erich von Stroheim; titles: June Mathis He Who Gets Slapped d: Victor Sjöström (a.k.a. Victor Seastrom); scr: Victor Sjöström, Carey Wilson The Thief of Bagdad d: Raoul Walsh, Douglas Fairbanks; scr: Douglas Fairbanks, Lotta Woods   CHECK […]

Best Films – 1923: Ramon Novarro, Alice Terry, John Gilbert, Eleanor Boardman, Lon Chaney

Ramon Novarro, Alice Terry in Rex Ingram's Scaramouche Best Films – 1923: Film, Cinematography BEST ACTOR John Gilbert Cameo Kirby Ramon Novarro Scaramouche   BEST ACTRESS Renée Adorée The Eternal Struggle Eleanor Boardman Souls for Sale Mae Marsh The White Rose Edna Purviance A Woman of Paris Alice Terry Scaramouche   Lon Chaney in The Hunchback of Notre Dame BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR Lon Chaney The […]

Best Films – 1923: Charles Chaplin Drama 'A Woman of Paris' & Rex Ingram 'Scaramouche'

Edna Purviance (left) suffers in style in Charles Chaplin's A Woman of Paris BEST FILM Cameo Kirby d: John Ford; scr: Robert N. Lee Scaramouche d: Rex Ingram; scr: Willis Goldbeck The White Rose d, scr: D.W. Griffith A Woman of Paris d, scr: Charles Chaplin   CHECK THESE OUT Souls for Sale d, scr: Rupert Hughes   Alla Nazimova in Salome BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY G. […]

Best Films – 1922: 'Nosferatu' & John Gilbert

Ok, so Max Schreck (literally, Max Fright) was not romantic leading man material, but he did quite well for himself as the creepiest vampire of them all, Nosferatu. Those who think of director F.W. Murnau as the creator of film poetry in pictures such as Sunrise and Tabu should realize that Murnau was equally adept at creating sheer horror. No other vampire movie I've seen […]