Father's Day Top 5 Movies: From Compassionate Gregory Peck to Sociopath John Gielgud

Father of the Bride with Steve Martin and Kimberly Williams: Father's Day Movies. Top Five Father's Day Movies? From giant Gregory Peck to tyrant John Gielgud What would be the Top Five Father's Day movies ever made? Well, there have been countless films about fathers and/or featuring fathers of various sizes, shapes, and inclinations. In terms of quality, these range from the amusing – e.g., […]

Lilli Palmer + Gay Icon Silent Treatment & 1 of Greatest 'Conservative' Movies Ever?

Lilli Palmer in Beware of Pity: Paraplegic baroness discovers the difference between pity and love in purported Soviet Union box office hit. German-born Lilli Palmer (1914–1986) never quite became a top Hollywood name, but for nearly three decades she was a well-regarded international star in movies made in Britain (Thunder Rock, The Long Dark Hall), Germany (Fireworks, Mädchen in Uniform), France (The Lovers of Montparnasse, […]

Pioneering Woman Screenwriter Suso Cecchi D'Amico Dies: 'Bicycle Thieves' + 'The Organizer'

Suso Cecchi D'Amico, the only top female screenwriter in the post-war Italian cinema, died today in Rome. She had turned 96 on July 14. According to reports, no cause of death was given. Chiefly among Cecchi D'Amico's screenwriting contributions – nearly 120 of them – are those for Vittorio de Sica's Oscar-winning neo-realist classic Bicycle Thieves (1948) and Cannes Film Festival co-winner Miracle in Milan […]