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'Alien: Covenant' Review: 'Prometheus' Sequel Proves Ridley Scott Still Got It + Great Dual Michael Fassbender

Alien: Covenant review: Michael Fassbender plays android brothers David and Walter in this effective sequel to Ridley Scott's muddled Prometheus. 'Alien: Covenant' review: Recapturing 'some of the excitement, awe, and horror' of 1979 original Before we get to Alien: Covenant, a rant about its predecessor, Prometheus. The problem with Ridley […]

'Trust the Man': Julianne Moore & David Duchovny Sunk in Unromantic Comedy

Trust the Man with Julianne Moore and David Duchovny. 'Trust the Man': Stellar cast fails to save unromantic & unfunny romantic comedy Like social scientists who spend too much time with graphics and figures and not enough time out there in the world, numerous filmmakers refuse to depict human interactions as […]

'Stage Beauty' Movie: Billy Crudup Unsatisfying Gender Confusion

Stage Beauty with Billy Crudup in female drag. 'Stage Beauty' movie: Gender-bending play gets disappointing film version Despite elements in common with A Star Is Born, All About Eve, Farewell My Concubine, and the several versions of Victor Victoria, the movie Stage Beauty – based on the play Compleat Female […]