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Movie Buff Passion Explored: Author Anthony Slide Discusses the Lives & Times of Film Fanatics

Valentino with Rudolf Nureyev and Michelle Phillips. Ken Russell's 1977 Rudolph Valentino biopic Valentino is based on the dubious 1966 bio (“Was he a great lover – or a sham?”) penned by Chaw Mank and Brad Steiger. A coal miner's son and self-proclaimed psychic, Mank was one of the most influential […]

'Godzilla' 1954 & Giant Black Ants + D.W. Griffith & Mickey Rooney: Eclectic Classics

Godzilla 1954. 'Godzilla' 1954 & giant black ants + Fascists & Mickey Rooney: Eclectic Packard movies in May Godzilla 1954, Mickey Rooney, military fascists, deadly giant ants, racing car drivers, and The Mishaps of Musty Suffer, a super-rare slapstick comedy series from the 1910s, are a few of the highlights […]