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Natalie Wood: From Losing Her Mind Over Warren Beatty to Stripping Like Gypsy Rose Lee

Natalie Wood movies. Natalie Wood movies: From going crazy over Warren Beatty to stripping like Gypsy Rose Lee Three-time Academy Award nominee Natalie Wood, one of the biggest Hollywood stars of the '60s, is Turner Classic Movies' “Summer Under the Stars” performer today, August 18, 2013. TCM is currently showing […]

Robert Culp Dies: Bill Cosby 'I Spy' Costar + 'Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice' Spouse-Swapping Husband

Elliot Gould, Natalie Wood, Robert Culp, Dyan Cannon in Paul Mazursky's Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice Robert Culp, best known for the 1960s television series I Spy and for the 1969 spouse-swapping comedy Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, died Wednesday morning after a fall at his […]