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'Crash' Movie Review: Several Excellent Performances in Contrived Ethnically Conscious Drama

'Crash' movie: Ryan Phillippe as a good white Los Angeles cop with subconscious 'racist side.' 'Crash' movie review: California tossin' and turnin' Screenwriter Paul Haggis' multiple award-winning directorial debut, Crash, is set in a Los Angeles that is part Quentin Tarantino, part Paul Thomas Anderson, part Spike Lee, part Bret […]

'Avatar' Gross: No. 3 All-Time Domestic vs. the Inflation Factor

'Avatar' with Sigourney Weaver: Worldwide box office milestone reached. 'Avatar' passes $2 billion milestone worldwide, to surpass 'Titanic' in U.S. & Canada – but not in ticket sales Jan. 31 update: Avatar's estimated weekend (Jan. 29-31) gross was at the higher end of expectations: $30 million at 3,074 locations. That […]

'The Dark Knight' Trailing Only 'Star Wars' & 'Titanic'?

'The Dark Knight' with Heath Ledger as The Joker and Maggie Gyllenhaal as Rachel Dawes: Latest Batman movie trailing only 'Star Wars' and 'Titanic'? 'The Dark Knight' has climbed to third spot on all-time domestic box office chart – or has it? Aug. 11, '08, update: The Dark Knight topped […]