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Claudette Colbert movies on Turner Classic Movies: From 'The Smiling Lieutenant' to TCM premiere 'Skylark' (image: Claudette Colbert and Maurice Chevalier in 'The Smiling Lieutenant') Claudette Colbert, the studio era's perky, independent-minded – and French-born – “all-American” girlfriend (and later all-American wife and mother), is Turner Classic Movies' star of […]

Claudette Colbert & Alla Nazimova, Marion Davies & Charles Boyer: Cinecon

Director Allan Dwan, actor George O'Brien, cinematographer George Webber, East Side, West Side Are you a movie lover in Los Angeles, unable to travel either to Venice or Telluride? Don't despair. L.A. has its own glamorous film festival this weekend. It's called Cinecon, now in its 47th year. What's more: […]

Claudette Colbert Career & Lesbian Rumors: Q&A with Veteran Author James Robert Parish

Claudette Colbert, Paramount star Those who remember Claudette Colbert, Turner Classic Movies' “Summer Under the Stars” featured player today, will likely picture a woman raising her skirt so as to hitch a ride in Frank Capra's 1934 Academy Award-winning comedy It Happened One Night. After all, Colbert's left leg immediately […]

Colbert Movies: From 'It Happened One Night' to 'Parrish'

Mostly a Paramount star, Claudette Colbert hasn't been a frequent presence on Turner Classic Movies – that is, apart from reruns of her relatively few movies at MGM, Warner Bros., and RKO. Unfortunately, TCM's “Summer Under the Stars” day dedicated to Colbert – Friday, August 12, 2011 – won't rectify […]

'It Happened One Night' Review: Frank Capra Directs Clark Gable, Claudette Colbert to Oscars

Clark Gable, Claudette Colbert, It Happened One Night It is a very rare thing when a light-hearted comedy, something that is quintessentially the stuff of a “good movie,” breaches into that territory where the term “good film” can also be applied, but Frank Capra's It Happened One Night (1934), adapted […]

Claudette Colbert, Miriam Hopkins & Gloria Swanson: Cinefest

William Gargan, Miriam Hopkins, Jack La Rue in Stephen Roberts' The Story of Temple Drake Cinefest 2011, a four-day festival of rare American films, kicked off earlier today in Syracuse, NY. According to organizers, Cinefest features “great films … from the vaults of the world's greatest libraries and obscure specialties […]

Greta Garbo and Claudette Colbert: Getty Museum Movies

Alla Nazimova, Salome (top); Greta Garbo, Ramon Novarro, Mata Hari (bottom) Alla Nazimova's Salome, Claudette Colbert's Cleopatra, Hedy Lamarr's Delilah, and Greta Garbo's Mata Hari are the four temptresses featured in the “Ornament and the Enchantress” film series presented by Los Angeles' J. Paul Getty Museum. Charles Bryant's Salome (1923); […]

'The Misleading Lady': Claudette Colbert & Edmund Lowe in Early Pre-Code Talkie

While hardly a cinematic masterpiece, Paramount's 1932 romantic comedy The Misleading Lady (filmed at New York's Astoria studios) is an amusing romp that makes no special demands on its audience and has no pretensions about having something “profound” to say. Although the premise – taken from Charles W. Goddard and […]

B Film Noir + Theda Bara Documentary + Carole Lombard & Claudette Colbert Radio Days

Theda Bara in 'Cleopatra': 'The Woman with the Hungry Eyes' screening at MoMA Theda Bara: 'Cleopatra' Star Featured in Documentary The Woman with the Hungry Eyes, about the life and films of Theda Bara, will have its New York City premiere at the Museum of Modern Art at 8 p.m. […]

Glamorous Actresses Carole Lombard & Mae West & Marlene Dietrich + Cecil B. DeMille DVD Sets

“Glamorous actresses”: Carole Lombard and Fred MacMurray in True Confession. One of the highest-paid stars of the studio era, Carole Lombard was a top-notch light comedienne usually wasted in below-par dramas and comedies. True Confession, in which she's partnered with unappealing leading man Fred MacMurray (who, curiously, would excel as vile villains), […]

Pre-Code Paramount Movie Series Features Claudette Colbert & Mae West + Gary Cooper

Claudette Colbert & Mae West + Gary Cooper: Paramount Pre-Code classics at Film Forum “Paramount Before the Code,” consisting of more than 40 classics, semi-classics, and forgotten gems from Hollywood's little-remembered Naughty Age, will be screened at New York City's Film Forum from June 24 to July 21. The program […]