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Constance Cummings: From Harold Lloyd to Eugene O'Neill

Constance Cummings: Actress went from minor, long-eyelashed Hollywood leading lady in Harold Lloyd and Frank Capra movies to starring in West End plays by Eugene O'Neill, Noël Coward and William Shakespeare. Constance Cummings: Vastly underrated actress should be better remembered Actress Constance Cummings, whose career spanned more than six decades […]

'Pixels' Movie Box Office: Adam Sandler Beaten by 'Ant-Man'?, 'Trainwreck' Theater Shooting

Pixels movie with Adam Sandler. 'Pixels' movie weekend box office: Adam Sandler vs. 'Ant-Man' Despite its underwhelming domestic box office debut last weekend, Marvel's Ant-Man may turn out to be the winner in North America this weekend, July 24–26, thanks to another underwhelming debut: that of the Adam Sandler Pixels […]

Ann Savage: 'Detour' Cult Film Noir Actress Notable for Unglamorous Psycho Villainess Has Died

Ann Savage: the 1940s glamour look. Unlike Joan Bennett, Barbara Stanwyck, Lizabeth Scott, Veronica Lake, Jane Greer, Claire Trevor, Hedy Lamarr, Lana Turner, Lauren Bacall, and other so-called film noir “femme fatales” – who, whether playing dangerous bad girls or endangered good ones, always had to look glamorous – there […]

Richard Quine at Columbia: LACMA Movie Series

Although he directed a number of popular comedies and dramas at Columbia in the 1950s and 1960s, Richard Quine's name barely registers today. That is unfortunate, for Quine, who will have a mini-retrospective at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art from August 8-16, was a capable actors' director, handling […]